You must remove one item (archives)

You must remove one item
Here’s a fun game the girls play at the college. It’s called “One Item Removal”. The idea is that at random times throughout the day, a girl will be compelled to take off one item of clothing, until she has only one item left on.

Here’s Tanya, ready to play.


Tanya is wearing a shirt and a pair of jeans. Usually, a girl wearing a top and a pair of pants will take off her top. But some tops are long enough to be micro-minidresses, so in that case, it might be better to go without the pants. Even if the top doesn’t quite cover her, it might be better to go “semi-bottomless” than completely topless. After all, it’s quite common for girls to wear “baby doll” dresses about campus, which don’t really cover their cute little butts at all.


But Tanya’s top is very short — certainly too short to cover any part of her bottom — so why did she opt to keep it on? Because she’s getting her ID picture taken today. The idea of daring Tanya to strip down to one item today of all days was pure genius! Knowing, first, that Tanya was not the sort of girl who would back down from being dared to remove one item of clothing, and second that Tanya desperately had to keep her top on… Well, my hat is off to that person!


Walking around campus wearing just her top was, well, a little nerve-racking for Tanya. Let’s just say she got noticed. After her ID picture was taken, she realized that keeping her boobs covered was just drawing attention to her naked pussy. So she took off her shirt to take some of the heat off her bottom area.


Now, she’s ready for a sexy evening of fun about campus, without everyone staring at her pussy. Now they’ll have a couple of delightful boobs to look at as well!

My day with the ‘One Item Removal’ dare was calculated by my roommate. She set me up. Of course when the dare was made, I had to accept it. My roommate kept saying I was too chicken, and I never would accept it. That made me upset, so I tossed my tee shirt into the lunchroom trash without thinking ahead, like Tanya wisely did.

I didn’t need an ID picture taken. That would have been simple. how many people actually see you picture ID? okay a bunch, but only to check your birth date or verify you are student for discounts. No biggie.

I have Speech class that afternoon, and I was going topless. That is when it hit me. I was going to be video taped. Worse, they put our speeches on the servers for the other students to write critiques. That meant I was all over the internet in no time at all.

At least the critiques complimented my breasts rather than counting the number of times I said, ‘like you know’ and ‘ah’

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