Wet T-shirt Contest (archives)

Wet T-shirt Contest

One of the more enjoyable diversions on campus is the Wet T-shirt Contest, which is held at the Student Center on the first Thursday of every month.


This is a chance for girls to enjoy themselves, and cool off with a little water at the same time. One of the nice things about the Wet T-shirt Contest is that it’s all about the T-shirt. No nudity is required, for a change. It’s a welcome relief for girls to keep their clothes on, even if they do get a bit wet.


These pictures depict a typical outfit most girls wear for the contest — a t-shirt and panties. There is absolutely no need to pull your panties down, although sometimes a girl might pull them down briefly to get them good and wet.


And like your cute little pussies, your tits can stay nicely covered, too. That’s because this isn’t a wet titty contest, or even a wet pussy contest. It’s a wet t-shirt contest.


Sometimes during the judging, one or more of the items of clothing might get lost, but this is purely accidental. As you can see from the following picture, there is no need to take off your panties. Some girls do; others don’t.


After the judging is complete, there is no longer any real need to continue wearing the wet clothing. Many girls prefer to remove their wet items of clothing so they can be more comfortable. Again, this is totally optional. Each girl chooses for herself whether to keep her wet clothes on. Quite often, a girl will feel out of place if she is the only girl wearing clothes. So, for this reason, there is social pressure to remove your clothing, but it is totally up to each girl how to dress. That’s the real fun of the Wet T-shirt Contest.


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