Weekend at Home, Part 5


Hey! It’s Steph again. We’re almost through my story! But don’t come in now! Start at the beginning, found here: http://collegecodeofconduct.com/weekend-at-home-part-1

After a pretty intense Saturday, I was looking forward to just relaxing around the house on Sunday. No such luck. My Dad came into my room early Sunday morning.

“Are you ready for church?” he asked. I looked at him like he was crazy. “You expect me to go to church naked? It is one thing to go around the college naked, a lot of girls have to do that. I haven’t had to yet, but I probably will. It is another thing to go around town naked, even though you’ve made me do that. But I certainly can’t go to church naked!”

“Young lady, we go to church as a family in this house. And as long as you’re in this house, you’ll follow my rules. Besides, Pastor Jim isn’t like one of those old stuffy church guys. He’s hip, and with it! I’ve already called him, and he said there wouldn’t be a problem at all.”

This was true, what my Dad said about pastor Jim. I remembered when I was little, people coming to church with purple and spiky hair, dressed in mini skirts and leather boots, and so on. It was a ‘come as you are’ sort of church. But I still didn’t think it was a ‘come naked’ sort of church.

Nonetheless, my Dad wasn’t about to move his position. So I told him “yes daddy” and he walked out of the room.

The one good thing about going naked is it didn’t take me any time at all to get ready. I had a quick shower, brushed my hair and I was ready! My Dad drove Tim and I to church.

It was still early when we got there, and there were only a few cars in the parking lot. Good, I could get into a seat without drawing much attention, and hopefully fewer people would notice me.

Right as we pulled up, an old Lincoln Towncar pulled up next to us. I recognized the man driving; it was old man Mathers. I tried to duck under him and run into the church, but my dad grabbed both Tim and I by the shoulders and pulled us over to him.

“Walt, how are you? How’s Estelle?” Great, my Dad insisted on talking to him, and brought us over to talk to him too! He was like, in his sixties!

“Good, good. Estelle is out of town today, so I’m all alone. Are these your kids? Tim, right?” He extended his hand to Tim, who was looking at the floor. After what seemed like forever, Tim looked up and shook his hand.

“And of course, the lovely Stephanie. How are you my dear?” He forwent the handshake and gave me a hug, squeezing surprisingly hard for an old man.

“I am doing well, sir.” I knew my Dad would demand that I respect Mr. Mathers.

“Don’t be shocked by my daughter’s lack of attire. She’s being punished by her school.”

“Dad!” He had to say something about it, but did he have to tell everyone it was my fault?

“Ah, not to worry Bruce. I’m familiar with the college’s rules. After all, I taught in a high school for 35 years before I retired. I encouraged all my female students to go there. The education is top notch!”

“And it is a bargain, too. That’s how Steph convinced me to let her go there. It has been nice, having her home though. She is quite the cook.”

“Ah, that must be nice. With Estelle out of town, it has been t.v. dinners for me.” Oh no! I knew what my Dad was going to do now, but there was nothing I could do about it.

“Why don’t you come over to our house for dinner? I’m sure you could use the company.”

“Oh no, I couldn’t.” That’s right, you couldn’t! I don’t want you over there!

“I insist. In fact, why don’t you spend the day with us? Just come over after church. I’m sure we have plenty to talk about.” Mr. Mathers looked me up and down, taking in everything from head to foot before he answered.

“Alright. Would you like that, Stephanie?” He looked at me. Biting my tongue, I gave the answer I knew my Dad was expecting.

“Yes sir. I’d love for you to join us. I look forward to cooking for you.” My Dad smiled, and still with his arms around my shoulders, walked into the church and sat down on the very front row. He invited Mr. Mathers to come and sit next to us, which of course he accepted.

There still weren’t many people there yet, but most of the people there looked shocked to see a naked girl walking in and sitting down. Pastor Jim, however, came down and shook all of our hands. He was beaming when he came to me, but just shook my hand wordlessly and went back up to the front. From what I remembered, this was a pretty small congregation, so I guess it wouldn’t be too bad. This was a much larger building than we met in before I left for school, however.

I watched as the minutes ticked by and the seats started to fill. By the time the service started, the building was about half full. But the people kept flooding in, even while the choir was already singing. The song was over, and the pastor stood up, but the people kept streaming in. I kept watching for it to stop. It eventually did, fifteen full minutes after the service had started. Every seat was full, and there were even lots of people standing in the back. I nudged my Dad to ask how many the church held, and he said 1200.

I mainly dozed in and out of the service. Church had never been that interesting to me. I was halfway in some dream when Tim nudged me. “Steph, they are talking about you!”

I sat up straight and tried to pay attention to what pastor Jim was saying.

“And this young lady didn’t let anything keep her from church today. Steph, would you come up here?”

I froze in my seat. Surely he didn’t want me to stand up in front of all of these people? The whole room seemed to just stop and wait for me. Slowly, almost zombie like, I got up and walked to the front. Pastor Jim smiled, “no dear. Right up here by me.” I walked and stood next to him, every single eye in the congregation on me. He put his arm around my shoulder.

“This young lady was willing to come to church, even like this. And it makes sense. Are we not all ‘naked’ before the Lord? Just as Adam and Eve, we must be willing to stand before God, naked and unafraid! We ought to all follow this girl’s example in purity and simplicity!” Ok, you made your point. Let me go sit down. But instead, it turned into ‘interview Stephanie’ session. He asked me all sorts of questions about my life, and about my high school days, which made sense, since that was the last time he had seen me. He even asked about my cheerleading, even though I only did it for one year. He even made me do a routine, in front of the whole congregation! After that he let me finally sit down.

By this time, church was pretty much over. Pastor Jim told us we could go. I was waiting for the church to empty before standing up in front of anyone again, but no one moved. Tim nudged me again. “They are waiting for you to go, Steph.” What? Why me?

In answer to my unasked question, my Dad whispered to me, “Pastor Jim said that the congregation ought to follow you, and as a sign of that we should all follow you outside. You gotta go first, babe.”

I stood up from the sheer pressure of the room, and slowly trudged outside, as every eye followed me to the door. I stood outside the church for a minute or two, and pastor Jim finally came out as well. He grabbed me by the shoulder and pulled me to his side as he stood outside the doors. We stood there as every member of church came out, and they shook his hand. Pastor Jim told me to wait with him and greet the people as they left, since I was such a good example to everyone.

They may have been shaking pastor Jim’s hand, but me they gave full hugs to, most grabbing my butt, some opting for a post-hug breast squeeze. Finally my Dad, Tim, and Mr. Mathers came out of the church. “Ready to go, Steph?” my Dad asked.

We all piled into the car, my Dad driving, and Tim in the front seat, Mr. Mathers in the back with me. For some reason he sat in the very middle of the back seat, forcing me to squeeze next to him. He put his arm around me, and then put his left hand on my thigh. The car has really high seat backs, so my Dad couldn’t really see it, but Mr. Mathers put his hand right up to my pussy, letting his fingers brush it. Eventually he just started massaging my pussy lips with his hand, giving up all pretense. It made it really hard to focus on the conversation we were having in the car.

Eventually we got to the house. Everyone went in and sat around the table. Since it took so long to get out of church, it was already time to start dinner. I went in to the kitchen and started cooking. Another nice thing about being naked is I don’t have to wear an apron or anything, since if I get dirty I can just wash it off. Anyway, we talked while I cooked, and then when it was ready, I served everyone and we talked while we ate.

“So, Stephanie, how are you liking college?” I was mid-bite, so my Dad decided to answer for me. “Well, if her grades are any indication, she likes it quite well. Except physics. She seems to not like that so much. I think physics is pretty hard for her.”

“Dad, Mr. Mathers doesn’t need to know about that!” I felt my face flushing red.

“Well, Bruce, I did teach physics for 35 years. If you like, I could show the girl a thing or two.”

Oh no Dad, don’t do it! I can find a tutor my own age! “That sounds like a wonderful idea! But it will have to be tonight, she goes back to school in the morning. I hope that doesn’t interrupt your plans?”

“Nonsense. Education knows no schedule.”

So after dinner, Mr. Mathers and I went up to my room and I pulled out my physics texts as he closed the door. We spent an hour or two going over it, and it might have been pretty helpful, but he insisted on massaging my breasts and stroking my thighs and stomach while I sat down working. It was so distracting I couldn’t focus.

Eventually he said we could stop, that it was enough for today. But he didn’t leave. He started asking me questions about school, and about boys.

“Do you have a boyfriend?” he asked, with a little twinkle in his eye. These questions were so awkward! Although it was kinda like being asked things by my grandpa. And he had been nice enough to help me with my homework, so I decided to be open and honest with him.

“No, I don’t. The guys at the college are kind of intimidating, to be honest.” He smiled, and nodded.

“But surely there’s a boy you have your eye on?” I felt myself blush, as I nodded.

“Tell me about him.” I started to talk about him. I got a little lost talking about him, and eventually Mr. Mathers interrupted me.

“Um, Stephanie dear?” That brought me around.

“What is it sir?” He pointed down at my crotch.

“You’re pretty wet.” I looked down at my pussy, which was open and indeed quite wet. All this talk about the boy must’ve gotten me excited!

“I believe I’m familiar with your school’s rules. They indicate that it is now my obligation as an educator to give your body what it is asking for. And fortunately, my body is still up to being an educator.” He took off his pants, revealing a surprisingly large cock. But I didn’t want to have sex with him! He was so….old!

But he was right, I had no choice. And he was the only guy this week who actually had a legitimate claim; this wasn’t water or milk or sweat. So I resigned myself to it.

“Yes sir. Where would you like me?” He asked me to lie on my back, sideways on the bed. He then made me grab my knees and spread them as wide as I could. He stood over me for a few seconds, just staring at my pussy, which was still open and still wet.

“You certainly have matured into a beautiful young woman.” He pushed his way in, which despite how excited I was, was still kinda tough considering how big he was. He also had a surprising amount of stamina for such an old guy. I was just starting to enjoy it, when I felt him pull out and stop. He made me sit up, without unspreading my legs, and put his cock in my mouth. I tasted my own juices. I was wondering to myself why he needed things any wetter. He started massaging my pussy with his hand, moving up and down between my legs, all the way to my asshole. He had me lay down again.

“You know, Stephanie, the rules allow me to use your body any way I would like.” What was he getting at?

“And this is something that Mrs. Mathers never lets me do.” Realization set in as he started to push his way into my asshole.

I felt my face register a shocked face, as my jaw dropped open and my eyes opened wide. “I’ve never had a penis in my a-” I started, but he was determined and the shock of it stopped me mid sentence. I tried to focus on relaxing, and eventually he pushed all the way in. It was an interesting feeling, and I reminded myself to try this sometime, but with someone a bit smaller. He started pounding away, and I had to focus on keeping myself completely open. If I thought he had a lot of stamina before, this seemed like an eternity.

Just as I was about to beg him to try some other hole, I felt a few very hard thrusts as my bum filled with a strange wetness. He got up, and looked at me expectantly. I returned a confused look, so after a moment he said, “I know your Dad expects you to show respect to your elders.”

Understanding dawned, and I said, “thank you sir.” He motioned to his penis, so I sat up and licked it clean. He was right, I needed to respect my elders.

I went to lay back down, exhausted, but he made me stand up and come downstairs with him. My Dad was sitting at the table reading the paper, when Mr. Mathers said “I think I’m going to go now, but I’d like to get a picture with Stephanie here.” “Of course Walt. Let me get my camera.” My Dad got up and went to his room. I followed him in there. “Daddy, I don’t want to take a picture with him!”

“You’ll do as your told Steph. He’s a lonely old man who just wants to have something to remember you by. Now come.”

So we went out to the front yard to take the picture against the house. Mr. Mathers put his hand around my waist and pulled me close. Partly still startled from Mr. Mathers leaving a load in my butt, which was now dribbling down my leg, and partly from being upset with my Dad making me take a picture with him, right before the picture was snapped I turned to kiss Mr. Mathers on the cheek, while grabbing his crotch. He turned at just the right moment and it became a kiss on the lips. He even slipped his tongue into my mouth. Then the flash went off.

My Dad just stood there for a minute. He then apologized to Mr. Mathers and came over to scold me, telling me that was inappropriate to touch him in that way. Mr. Mathers came to my defense, telling my Dad it was only natural for girls my age to have healthy libidos, and not to worry too much about it. My Dad promised to get him the photo, and went inside. Then he handed me the keys, and asked me to take Mr. Mathers to his car, which was still at the church.

So I hopped into the shower quickly to clean up a little, and Mr. Mathers followed me in there. It was nice, because I found it exceptionally hard to clean up down there. I ended up bending over while he wiped down my ass. I gave him another “thank you sir” and we went down to the car.

I’m surprised we didn’t get into any accidents as he decided to fondle me the whole while there. He got out of the car, and I did too to tell him goodbye, as was polite. He hugged me, kissed me on the mouth, and then on the belly button, and then on my crotch, and told me goodbye.

“And Stephanie” he said with a smile, as he was getting into his car, “you’re welcome.”

I watched him drive away, and then got into my Dad’s car and started to drive back home. I certainly had quite the story to tell my roommates when I got back!

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    Given the pattern of this series, I was just relieved that Stephanie wasn’t going to be baptized that day in one of those places that do total immersion…


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