Weekend at Home, Part 4

Hi!  It’s Steph.  If you’re new to my story, please start from the beginning.  It’s here: http://collegecodeofconduct.com/weekend-at-home-part-1.

t was Saturday. Tomorrow would be Sunday, and on Monday I would go back to school, so I expected today to be my last big day of obligated nudity here in my hometown. The rest of the week had shattered my expectations, so I didn’t really know what to expect, and I was very excited to see how it would turn out.

I woke up pretty late, so I expected everyone to be gone by the time I got downstairs. Instead, in the living room were my Dad, Tim (my little brother), his two friends Nick and Bridget (who must’ve stayed the night) and three of my friends from high school, Sara, Ana, and Leslie.

I hadn’t seen them yet this weekend, though we had planned on getting together. I certainly was looking forward to seeing them. They were all very pretty girls, but Ana especially was gorgeous. Her Mom was from Ecuador, and she had the most delicious tanned skin and green eyes. I was so happy to see them that I ran over to hug them. They stood up, but hesitated to hug me.

“So it is true. What kind of school policy is this, that keeps you naked all the time?” Sara was the one who asked the question.

“Well, it isn’t all the time.” I looked over at my Dad, and then gave the answer I knew he would expect. Deep down, of course, I knew it was true. But I still didn’t like saying it. “I’m only naked because I violated the code of conduct for the school. I’m expected to be this way until the matter can be adjudicated.” They still had a puzzled look on their faces, so I continued. “This policy really is in the students’ best interests. And if they didn’t enforce it, no one would follow it.” They all knew this was true, as they thought back to their own high school’s dress code. There were rules, alright, but the school had no way of enforcing them, so everyone basically just laughed at them.

The room was silent for a minute, so I tried to break the awkward silence by asking, “who wants breakfast!” Despite the late hour, it seemed no one had eaten, so I went into the kitchen and began cooking furiously.

After I had cooked and we had all eaten, Tim and his friends had to go to an activity, so they left, and my Dad had some things to do at work, so he left, and it was just the four of us girls. We spent some time catching up, but it looked like they were getting anxious to go.

“So what do you guys want to do today?” I asked.

“I dunno. We need to have a lot of fun, though, like old times! We need to…go out on the town!” Sara said.

“Before we decide anything, I want to hear more about this dress code at your school.” Ana asked. So I took a few minutes to explain it. Once I explained it to her satisfaction, she said “I guess it makes sense. There’s just one thing I have a complaint about.”

“Oh yeah? What’s that?”

“Well, it is going to be really awkward, us wandering around town with you naked.” Ana had a mischievous look in her eye.

“Oh, it is no problem. My Dad has basically explained it to the whole town, and I’m used to it. It is actually quite liberating.”

“I was hoping that’s what you would say. But still, we should all be dressed alike. If we’re clothed, then you should be clothed too. But since you’re naked….”

Ana whipped off her top, revealing two medium sized, but very perky breasts- “we should be naked too!” In short order, Ana was completely nude. I tried to keep my eyes on hers, but I couldn’t help myself, she had the most beautiful pussy, cleanly shaven.

The other two took some convincing.

“I’ll explain it to you the same way an inspector explained it to me, the first time I was inspected. He said, ‘look, most people won’t care that you’re naked. They may look because it is a little unusual, but that’s all. And the people that do care, well, they are going to be undressing you with their eyes anyways, so what’s the difference?’”

They agreed. Soon the four of us were naked. “Well, what should we do first?” “Let’s go to lunch.”

So we got up and went to Sara’s car. I guess my Dad hadn’t left for work yet, because he was still outside working on the yard. He nearly collapsed at the sight of us! But we just walked out, got into Sara’s car, and drove away.

We decided to go to a little mom and pop sandwich shop across town. We pulled up and walked into the store, and realized one of the detriments of traveling nude. All of us had forgotten our wallets! Fortunately, a couple of guys there were kind enough to offer to pay for us, if we would take a picture with them.

We ordered sandwiches from the elderly couple at the counter. “Mom” seemed a bit disapproving, but “Pop” seemed very happy to see us. I think this made “Mom” even more upset.

After sandwiches, we went back to Sara’s car. We got in and tried to figure out what to do next. “well,” I said, after a long silence, “since we’re already naked, I have a suggestion.

“The pools at the school require all the female students to be naked, and let me tell you, you are missing out if you haven’t ever gone swimming in the nude. The way the water feels against your skin, there’s really nothing quite like it.” Ana and Leslie seemed skeptical. Then, to my surprise, Sara quietly said, “Yeah, it is actually really great.”

“Sara! You’ve been holding out on us!” I gave her a few tickles, and she started blushing.

So we drove to Sara’s house, since she was the one with the pool. It looked like her brother had some friends over in the back yard, and for a minute Leslie looked like she was about to chicken out. So we had to help her outside.

Sara’s family has a lot of money, and their backyard is huge. It has a big swimming pool, a basketball court, and a big grass field for playing other sports too. Sara’s brother was out in the back, as well as about a half dozen of his friends. They were playing football. We went out to the pool and all jumped in, splashing each other and horsing around. It looked like the boys tried to keep playing football, but it was easy to see they were a little distracted. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many missed passes and tackles. That gave me an idea.

When it looked like they were winding up for some final plays, we got out of the pool and came to the side to watch. Then, when the play started and Sara’s brother ran down field for the pass, we all started to do jumping jacks. He turned to look at us but kept on running, and ran right into the pool! He came up spitting and coughing, and the four of us started laughing uncontrollably.

He got out of the pool but looked kind of dejected. Sara whispered that she thought our prank might’ve been a little too harsh, so we went over and each gave him a hug. He went inside, and the other boys left, and we kept swimming for a bit. The girls seemed really curious about all the rest of the rules of the code of conduct, and we discussed them while swimming. Ana seemed to want to spend her time in the Jacuzzi, sitting on the jets. I think I converted her to the whole swimming nude idea.

We decided we were done, and then realized we had not brought out any towels. So Leslie and I were sent inside to get some. I went to look downstairs, and Leslie went upstairs. I saw a television on in the living room, and went in to ask about the towels. I saw Sara’s dad sitting there, and he turned off the t.v. “Steph, right? How are you?” He smiled broadly at me. Not that it mattered, but I wondered why he didn’t ask me about my nakedness. As if reading my mind, he said “don’t worry, your Dad called and explained all about it. I went online to read about your school, and now I’m familiar with all your rules and how to help you obey them.”

“Oh, ok then. Well, we just really needed some towels, where are they?”

“I’ll show you.” He grabbed my hand and led me down the hall to a bedroom.

“You keep your towels in a bedroom?” “No, there’s something else I needed to show you.” He rubbed his hand gently against my pussy.

“Yep, you’re all wet. According to your school’s rules, I’m obligated to fuck you.” He threw me down on the bed, as I tried to say “I was just swim-” but he was already fucking me. After all the exercise from the swimming, this was a great way to cool down! I would have to remember to do this more often after swimming. I felt the warm liquid inside me that meant he was done. “So, uh, towels?” “Yes, of course Steph. Let me get those for you. And thanks, I needed that.” I kept laying on the bed while he went to get the towels. No, thank you, I thought to myself, and smiled. He came back and handed them to me, and gave me a smack on the ass as I walked out. I couldn’t help myself, I giggled and smiled at him. I walked out with the towels and ran into Leslie. I recognized the same glow in her that I was probably exhibiting at that same moment.

“Did you….”

“Yeah. I guess Sara’s brother thought I was you, and was supposed to be following the code of conduct.” She smiled, in a very relaxed and pleased way.

We went back out to the pool to hand out towels. The best thing we could think of at the moment was to soak in the hot tub, so that’s what we did. “So, Steph?” “Yeah Sara?” “How exactly does one get into this school?”

I smiled. “Well, let me tell you…”

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    Love the whole series. Is this the end of it? Looking forward to seeing more stories from you, whatever you feel like writing.


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