Weekend at Home, Part 2

Hi! Steph here.  If you’re wondering how I ended up here, read the first part of my story before reading this part.  The first part can be found here: http://collegecodeofconduct.com/weekend-at-home-part-1

“Its time to get up, Steph.”

I opened my eyes to see my dad sitting on my bed. “Ugh. I’m on vacation. Can’t I sleep in?”

“We always have breakfast as a family.” With that he turned around and went out of my room. I slowly pulled myself out of bed and walked over to my closet. I was about to grab something to wear, and then I remembered. I certainly would be in big trouble if I came downstairs wearing clothes. Well, at least this would make it easy to decide what to wear this week! I went downstairs and saw my Dad and little brother Tim already sitting down and eating cereal. The box was sitting on the table and my Dad nudged it over in my direction.

“I don’t want cereal. I want a real breakfast.” I opened the fridge and it was bare. There was a jar of mustard and a few oranges that looked well past their prime. “Don’t you have any food in this house? What have you been eating?”

“We’ve… we’ve been eating fine.”

“Uh huh, sure you have.” I peered into the trash can, which was full of fast food wrappers. My Dad and Tim couldn’t cook to save their lives.

“Well, if I’m going to be doing the cooking while I’m home, I’m at least going to go shopping. Give me your credit card.”

My Dad looked at me with a guilty face. Then he handed me the card and his car keys.

I drove the ten minutes or so to the only grocery store in town. As I walked in the door, the manager of the store, who looked sorta familiar, a balding man in his early forties, was there to greet me.

“Steph! Don’t worry about a thing. Your Dad has already called us and informed us of your school’s rules. Feel free to shop as normal; all of our employees have been instructed to help you follow the code of conduct.”

He smiled at me like he was doing me the biggest favor in the world. Oh well, at least maybe now I could shop in peace. I had made a quick list before I came, so I grabbed a cart and began to wander the aisles.

It took some getting used to; it seemed the store had been majorly rearranged since I had last been here. I had a few items, and was just looking at some different loaves of bread when I felt two small hands on my butt. I flipped around to see a boy, no more than twelve, grinning at me from ear to ear. His mom was standing near him, apparently oblivious.

“Um, ma’am? Your son just grabbed my butt.” The woman took one look at me and went back to her shopping. I guess I had to take matters into my own hands. So I squatted down and got eye level with the kid.

“Look, uh, what’s your name?” “Billy.” “Yeah, Billy, you can’t just…” And then he planted both hands right on my boobs! I was about to swat them away, when I saw a store employee coming down the aisle. If the fondling rule applies to Tim’s friend, I guess it applies here too. So I let the kid squeeze for a few seconds. Then his mom turned and looked at us.

“Aren’t you going to do anything?” His mom waited a few seconds before responding. “If you’re going to go out of the house like that, what do you expect?”

We stood there awkwardly for probably another thirty seconds, me squatting down, Billy with his hands on my tits, and his mom looking down at us, before his mom finally grabbed his hand, gave me another dirty look, and walked away. Wow, was my whole stay going to be like this? A free fondle-fest for my whole town?

At least the next kid didn’t touch me. He looked about eight or so, and he was holding a gallon jug of milk. He just took one look at me and dropped the milk, mouth agape. It broke on the floor, soaking me from head to toe.

Another one of the employees, a cute boy who looked to be in his early twenties, saw me and made a call on his walkie talkie. “We need a cleanup on aisle 3” he said to some unseen person on the other end. “Here, I’ll help you.” He grabbed my hand and led me to a back room.

“Stephanie, right?”

“Yeah….Chad, right? We went to the same high school. But I was a freshman, and you were a senior. And yeah, Stephanie is my name, but everyone calls me Steph.”

“Ok, Steph. So you go to the college, huh?”

“Yeah, how’d you guess?” I looked down at my naked body that was still soaked in milk. Wow, it was cold! And if anyone didn’t know it was cold, my nipples were announcing it to the world.

“Well, we don’t get a lot of naked girls in here.” He half smiled at me. Boy he was cute!

“Here, let’s get you cleaned off. Hop up on this table.” I sat down on a table that looked like it was for prepping produce. It was long and wide, and had a spray nozzle on top of it and a sluice over a drain, with a garbage can on one end.

“Spread your legs please.” I did. His face was inches from my pussy, and he just stared at it for a few seconds. Then he grinned. “My boss said I had to make sure you follow the rules.” He put his hand on my pussy. “Yep, just as I thought. You’re all wet!” He dropped his trousers.

“But that’s just the milk—” It didn’t matter. He was already inside me. Oh well, he certainly was a lot cuter than Nick. And he had a lot more stamina. We were there for at least ten minutes. At least there was more privacy back here; we only had a few employees walk through our little back room. And the manager must have talked to all of them, because they only stayed to watch for a few minutes.

I was getting close to cumming myself when I felt him give one last hard thrust and my pussy filled with his juices. He withdrew, and then smiled down at me.

“Um, it was Chad, right? Could you, uh, could you finish me? I’m SO close.”

“Well, there’s nothing in the rules about that…..” he looked around. We were alone. “Ok, I guess I can be nice. But let’s clean you off first.” He grabbed the spray nozzle and hosed me down with it, paying special attention to the mess he had just made between my legs. I watched the cold water rinse off my body and sluice down the drain. Then he licked between my legs, starting slowly from my taint and working his way up to my clit. By the time he hit my clit, I was done. I moaned softly.

Another employee came around the corner with my cart. “So, uh, yeah, feel free to continue your shopping.” Chad motioned his hand to the door. I gave him a quick kiss on the lips and grabbed my cart. It took me a minute to find where I was on my list. Maybe this wouldn’t be such a bad trip after all!

2 thoughts on “Weekend at Home, Part 2

  1. bobby

    ok, not trying to complain or anything, this is a great story, but could you provide any pics by chance?

    1. Slick P. Wraith

      This story is quite specific so for donjuan to provide pics would be tricky considering the subject matter of a woman being naked in a grocery store.
      Pictures can be a great source of inspiration but fitting a story around them can be a bit limiting sometimes.

      But don’t worry bobby. I’ve got one with pics coming real soon…


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