Virtues of the College

My name is Adam and I’m a third year student at the college. I won the student competition set by the Dean where the winner got to add a section to next year’s prospectus showing some of the highlights of the college from a student’s point of view. This is what I would like to add:-

The main prospectus already covers a lot of ground so I don’t need to mention the excellent sports facilities or the critically acclaimed research and development science department or the well funded arts centre.

I decided show some “hidden gems” and explode some common misconceptions.

What attracts a lot students to this college are the afore mentioned sporting facilities. But even sports that are not quite as popular as others are still well catered for.

As well as a top class football squad, we have an outstanding cheerleading team. Here are some of them in the middle of preparing a new routine.

Practice makes perfect” as the saying goes. This is something the synchronised swimming team know well and are always practicing hard. They were going over a few finer points of their new routine before testing it out in the pool.

The swim team is so dedicated that even when the pool is not available due to the time of day, it does not stop them practicing in their dorm rooms.

All our students like to keep fit and healthy and are free to use the facilities whenever they don’t have lessons. Melissa is one such student but the gym was fully occupied when she wanted to use it but while waiting for a free spot, she started warming up in an area nearby.

Do not mind her attire. She gets hot very easily and has modified her gym wear to make it ultra cooling. As you can see, Melissa keeps her great figure by using the gym regularly.

Erin was trying out Melissa’s idea by modifying her gym clothes too. She found it really did make a difference to how cool she stayed while in a strenuous workout session.

Girls do not have go feel shy about wearing Melissa and Erin’s type of gym wear if they too feel they get extremely hot working out. Some girls complain of excess sweating and prefer to remove all their clothes entirely when at the gym! Sensi is just one such girl.

She said that she was always sweating buckets when she worked out but one day, a thoughtful boy who was working out near her suggested she try it naked. At first she thought this was a cheap trick just to get her to remove her clothes so the boy could see her delicious body naked. But as she had no other ideas, she tried it out and found it to be a marvellous solution and apologised to the boy for insinuating that he was a pervert.

She told me that the worst area for her sweating used to be the area around her pussy but now that she works out naked, her pussy doesn’t sweat at all and she wanted to prove it.

She asked me to come back in an hour to see if that was still the case and when I did, she jumped off the cross trainer, onto the floor and showed me that her pussy was still sweat free.

As mentioned above, many of the students like to work out and keep fit. From time to time some are a little over zealous. This poor girl, Kagney, overdid it a bit and had some very sore muscles. However, one of the caring boys at the college offered to help her out by helping Kagney stretch out her tired muscles.

He told Kagney that it was important to stretch out her whole body to prevent anymore aching muscles later.

He also said a key part to relieving aching muscles was to get the body to relax and he had a special technique to relax her. She wasn’t too sure about what he was doing, or where his fingers were going, as this seemed a bit unorthodox.

However, by the time he was finished, she was so relaxed, she fell into a deep sleep.

Concerns about Inspections

One worrying aspect that must be addressed is that many young ladies coming to this college hear all kinds of wildly exaggerated rumours about dress and code of conduct inspections, before they come here. This leads them to feel anxious and on edge when they arrive. If you are one such lady, I can put your mind at rest by showing you that the inspectors you will meet are the most professional, conscientious, and responsible people you will come across.

This inspector in particular has gone out of his way to try to make the new girl he was inspecting feel at ease with her removing her clothes. He decided to remove some of his own clothes so she wouldn’t feel so embarrassed, and then he carried out his duty of checking her vagina for wetness to make sure she was not trying to hide a wet pussy behind her panties. Notice his special vaginal dipstick he is holding. Most inspectors do not need to use one but some carry one around just in case.

Unfortunately for her, he did spot her vagina glistening more that he thought it should and proceeded to investigate further.

Jenny was eager to show that she was being a good student; stopping for the inspector when he asked her, stripping, and then allowing him to inspect her pussy without causing a ruckus, she even smiled for this picture to show that she understands that the inspectors are “just doing their job”. They take their job very seriously. As you can see, he is closely checking her vagina, making sure she is in compliance with the code.

Female students can actually help in the inspections by getting into positions that make the inspector’s job easier, just like Amber is doing here.

Amber’s position allowed the inspector to have a really good look to see if she was sexually excited.

This next inspector is so highly experienced that he is able to check a girl for nipple arousal and vaginal wetness simultaneously, thereby saving time and allowing the girl to get to her next lesson quickly if he did not find her in violation.

Here are two more inspectors diligently checking girls for sexual excitement.

Every once in a while, even the most experienced inspector will come across a very difficult case and will not be quite sure if what he is seeing is sexual excitement or if the girl he is inspecting has a naturally juicy pussy. He may ask a fellow inspector for a second opinion.

The two inspectors in the next photo take a very disciplined approach. One tests her nipple and confirms that it is still soft. While the other checks her pussy. Again, notice how the inspector on the left has taken off some of his own clothes to make the girl feel at ease.

Both inspectors debate the matter and decide that with the evidence of her soft nipples, she is just naturally very wet.

In extreme circumstances, when two inspectors cannot agree, a third opinion is needed and this often falls to the college nurse.

She decided the girl in the above photo was not in violation of the code. Unfortunately, the nurse found the girl in the next photo to be in violation; she did not think her wetness was naturally occurring but due to sexual arousal.

It was quite hard to see as one had to look deep inside her, but the nurse did spot it and passed the information onto the inspectors who decided which one of them would take the appropriate action.

So, new female students reading this, I hope I have put your minds at rest regarding the inspections, and to all prospective students, if you do decide to apply to this college you can feel secure in the knowledge that you will receive a top class education no matter what you choose to study in.

4 thoughts on “Virtues of the College

  1. William Kazak

    This seems to be a very nice school to my way of thinking. The coeds are co-operative, athletic and nice to look at. Of course, my mom and dad and my girlfriend, her parents and I would like a campus visit before we sign up for any classes at this school. Will my mom , my girlfriend and her mom have to shave their pussies to tour the athletic department?

    1. Slick P. Wraith Post author

      Generally, shaving is not necessary as long as it is the only ‘bottom’ girls wear. However, I’m not sure if this applies to the guests you describe.
      Base could probably answer this one better than I.

      1. base

        Visitors can apply for a pass to avoid inspections. Come to the Admin Building between 6:48 and 7:02 am to fill out all the forms in triplicate. We suggest you be prompt as the queue for passes is usually long, and those not in procession of a visitor’s pass at 7:03 am are immediately subject to inspections. One unfortunate consequence is that those appearing prior to 6:48 am are subject to inspections.

        Please be prepared to be photographed for your ID pass. With so little time and so many applicants, we cannot wait for you to brush your hair and check your outfits. With Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays being the busiest, the Admin Office has found they can process more people if each is not fussing with how they look in the photo. So, to streamline the process, you should hand in your clothing with your triplicate forms and wait to be called for your photo outdoors in the sunlight. Your nude photo will aid the inspectors in recognizing you should a strip search be performed to verify that you are in fact carrying a non-forged visitor’s pass. On the other days of the week, stripping down while waiting in line is acceptable.

        Be sure to sign your forms in triplicate, and initial where you are authorizing the College to post your Visitor’s ID photo on-line to assist in the verification of your valid pass should an inspector doubt the pass you present. He may require you to strip to compare you to the on-line image.

        Some have complained about the need to use nude photos on the ID and on-line, but the reason is quite simple – you may change clothing from the time you got photographed for the ID and to the time you need to present the visitor’s pass to an inspector. Different clothing may cause confusion on whether you are the same person. However, you cannot change your nude appearance in the course of a day. (To answer your question, if your mother, gf, and her mother are photographed with pubic hair in the morning, we suggest she not shave later that day.)

        We in the admin office are happy to assist you in getting your family and loved ones visitor passes to have a trouble-free day on our beautiful campus. Please remember we take a quick break between 6:54 and 6:59 am each morning.


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