Ultimate Outfit — White Minidress (archives)

Ultimate Outfit — White Minidress
Carrie has a good candidate as the ultimate outfit. She is displaying her white minidress to the other girls, trying to convince them, that she has found the ultimate outfit.

“Look at this white dress. It’s completely decent. Neither my breasts or my pussy is visible.” Carrie says.


The other girls are impressed, but not convinced that it is the ultimate outfit. Jane has her own favorite dress and is certainly not convinced that Carrie’s dress is the ultimate outfit “That’s right, you ARE decent standing up, but what if you sit down”

“Yes, when I sit down, my pussy will be on display, but knowing that, it is just a question of being careful”, Carrie says, and sits down and shows Jane.


Jane reluctantly agrees that being aware of the limitations of the dress, enables you to stay decent if you are careful. Jane, unwilling to agree that Carrie’s dress is the ultimate outfit, has another argument against it.

“Ok, so you are decent wearing this dress. Isn’t that a problem? Won’t you get singled out by inspectors too often, having to endure an inspection.” Jane says.

Carrie knows she is right, but has a response ready “Yes, I will get singled out, but is it really ever possible to avoid getting singled out by inspectors? Isn’t it better to just be prepared?”

Having said that, Carrie quickly strips in a matter of seconds.


“That’s it, I’m ready for inspection. Because it is so quick to undress, the inspection will also be quick and I can go on with my life.”

Jane and the other girls agree that Carrie has a good point. The ultimate dress must be prepared for inspection, because one can’t really be sure that they can completely avoid inspections.

Most of the girls agree, though, that this can’t be the ultimate dress. Even though it is prepared for inspection, the girls would rather avoid inspection altogether, or at least have it happen to them very seldom. They are convinced that this white dress will put them too much at risque.

And so the arguments of the ultimate outfit continues.

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