Ultimate Outfit — Holly’s Bathing Suit (archives)

Ultimate Outfit — Holly’s Bathing Suit
Holly has been quiet for some time, in the otherwise heated discussion of the ultimate outfit. She has been smiling when the other girls were demonstrating their dresses, knowing she has a dress that beats them all.

Without telling any of the other girls, she will be wearing her ultimate outfit at the beach the next day. All the girls have been looking forward to going to the beach, but Holly has been even more impatient, knowing she has something very special to show the other girls.

When arriving at the beach, all the girls are changing into their bathing suits. And with them, Holly.


Holly just changed into her bathing suit, a spectacular pink dress. Secretly, this is her contribution to the discussion of the ultimate outfit. She doesn’t want to make too big of a fuss about it, announcing it as the 7th wonder of the world, as the other girls have done. She wants them to discover it by themself.

The first one to notice is in fact Mary! Even though Mary hasn’t been enrolled at the college for too long, she is quickly learning everything, and is the first to notice Holly’s dress.

“Hey, Holly, that’s really a nice dress” Mary says.

Holly smiles and nods. This was the comment she had been waiting for. “I know”, Holly says, “It is transparent, but on the same time, my pussy isn’t really visible at all”.

The other girls heard Holly’s response, and understand what she is doing.

“Oh, so this is your contribution to the ultimate outfit?” Carrie asks.

Holly, getting ready to make her case, turns around and says “Yes it is – my pussy isn’t visible at all. Even from behind it is hidden in the shadow of the net dress”.


“Ok, I can’t actually see your pussy right now, but what if you actually move around as you would in a regular outfit?” Carrie asks inquisitorial.

Holly moves around a bit, not really compromising her decency. Carrie is dissatisfied, “Put your foot on that rock, and that foot on that rock”.

Holly does as Carrie tells her and stands in a pretty awkward position.


“Hah, I can see your pussy now”, Carrie says.

“That’s not fair” Holly says “I would never stand like that unless you had told me to.”

Carrie nods. It’s true, she did only expose her pussy when told to stand in a very specific position. Holly can stay decent if she moves around naturally. Even when she leans on a big rock, when a wave comes in, she succeeds in staying fairly decent.


“Ok”, Carrie says, “That dress does enable you to stay decent. But it isn’t really ultimate, is it?”.

Jane agrees and continues Carrie’s sentence. “Yeah, it is not likely you will get inspected, but if you do, you have to be able to take off your dress fast to get the inspection over with. You can’t when you are caught in a net, can you?”

Holly smiles. No verbal reply is necessary. In a matter of seconds she is stripped naked.


“That sure shut you up” Holly says to Jane and Carrie.

“There, I am naked. Ready for inspection.”


Holly was right. That did shut up Jane and Carrie. They are surprised, even. Not so much by having Holly standing naked in front of them. More by having run out of arguments against Holly’s dress as the ultimate outfit.

“Well done”, Jane says, and continues as if she is the judge in the competition.

“Your outfit IS the ultimate outfit. It enables you to stay decent. It is practical to wear. You can move around as you like. It doesn’t let inspectors speculate as to whether you are wearing panties or a bra. And last but not least, when inspection comes, you can strip naked in a matter of seconds.”

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