It’s a tradition, they say. At least a CP class tradition. Lucky me, I’m the first girl to turn 18 in the CP class this year, so I have no way of knowing if it’s a real tradition, or something our sexily evil teacher, Donna, just made up.

Like the way she made up the panties and t-shirt thing. Did you hear about it? All the girls were supposed to wear nothing but panties and a t-shirt to school, which is fine, no problem. But when we got to school, we found out we had to strip down to just one item. You know, tradition. Right. If I had known that, I would have worn a “medium” t-shirt, but that day I wore a small, because, you know, my tits look better in a t-shirt that’s a little tighter. Most of the other girls just took off their panties like it was no big deal. When it came to my turn, I was going to take off my panties like the other girls, even though my top was a little too short. The thing is, I’ve been shaving every day, and when I’m sitting with my legs together, there’s not much to see, so, well, listen. I’m not happy about it, but I’m willing to take off my panties. For the sake of tradition. My top is shorter than I would like, but actually not that much shorter than one of my micro-minidresses, so I’m ready to play along.

“Mandy,” Donna says, and I’m ready to take my panties off, when she continues in a way I didn’t expect, “you have such pretty panties!”

“Um… thanks?”

The class laughs. I’ve got my thumbs hooked through the waistband. I’m a little nervous because I’m wet. I’m not sure if other girls get wet when they have to strip in front of boys, but it’s a real problem for me. I not only get wet, but also my pussy kind of expands, and it fells like, it’s hard to describe exactly, but it feels, well, hungry. There you go. You’re laughing at me. I guess I’m the only one who feels that way, but anyway, it’s a little embarrassing for me because it’s kind of obvious that I’m excited. So I hesitate a few seconds, long enough to take a deep breath, before I start pulling down my panties.

“Wait,” says Donna.

Sure, I’m glad to wait, I’m thinking. I’ll wait all morning. Maybe some other girls would like to go next, you know, while I’m waiting.

“Are you sure you want to take off your panties?” Donna asks.

No, God dammit, I’m not at all sure. I would like to stay dressed, thank you very much. But I’m such a scardy cat. I just nod.

“Why don’t you take off your top?”

“Instead of my panties?”

“Well, just take off your top, and then we can talk about it, okay honey?”

Boys have told me that my tits are “cute” and “sexy”. But no one has ever told me they’re “voluptuous” or “big”. My mom says it’s because I’m too thin. My boyfriend says he likes small tits. Well, he said it once, and I slapped him. Since then he’s just told me how much he likes it when my nipples get hard. So here I was, standing in front of the class with adorable wet little panties and hard nipples, willing to take osff my panties, but scared to take off my top. Why did she have to spring this on me?

“I know you’re scared, dear. It’s okay. If you like, you can come up to the front of the room, and keep your back to the class while you take off your top.”

I don’t know why, but I felt such a relief as I walked to the front of the classroom. I knew everyone was looking at me. At my butt, and my pretty little panties peeking out from beneath my adorable little t-shirt. In a way, it was a relief to take off my shirt. The hard part was done. I’m topless. I wouldn’t be the first girl to be topless, nor the last, so it would be okay. Some girls even come to school topless. Of course, they usually plan it. I mean, they usually wear a nice bottom, like jeans or a skirt.

“Can I go back to my seat now?” Instinctively, my hands went to my breasts. I so wanted to cover them, but then I remembered what Donna taught us: It just draws attention to the fact you’re shy about being topless, and it’s even more exciting for the boys if you try to cover yourself. So just act natural, as if your breasts are just part of your outfit.

“Wouldn’t you like to take off your panties first?”

I was afraid of that. Donna always tries to use it against us when we offer to take off an item of clothing. I would have been happy to take off my panties if I could keep my t-shirt on… Well, not happy, exactly, but… Well, you know what I mean. If I could pick one item of clothing to wear, it would be my t-shirt, not my panties. So now, wearing just my panties I wasn’t at all happy to take them off.

“How about a compromise, then,” suggested Donna. “You get to keep your panties on, but you let boys tease you.”

“Tease me?”

“Sure,” said Donna. “you know how boys are. They’ll put their arms around you and the next thing you know their hands all over you. Your normal reaction is to playfully swat their hands away, and, usually, that’s that.”

“Uh huh,” I said, not sure where this was going.

“But today,” Donna continued, “if a boy teases you that way, you’ll let him do it. If he wants to touch your nipples, you’ll let him.”

“What about my pussy?”

“You let him touch it, if that’s what he wants to do. You’ll even let him pull down your panties.”

“But I don’t have to let him take my panties off completely?”

“Well, honey, play it by ear. Chances are, no boy will be so bold as to demand your panties. But if he does, I really think you should comply. I’ll leave that one up to you.”

“But now all the boys in this class know they can force me to take off my panties.”

“Good point,” said Donna. “Boys,” she said, looking at them one by one, “don’t abuse your special power over Mandy today, okay? I mean if you have a class with Mandy, it’s fine if you call her over during class, and ask her to sit on your lap. Mandy is a sensitive girl, and she’s shy about cumming in public, but I have confidence that she’ll live up to her part of this bargain, and give you the access you need. And this is why I ask you to please be respectful. If you don’t need to touch her pussy, then don’t touch it. If you don’t need to pull down her panties, don’t pull them down. Do I make myself clear?”

Some of the boys nodded solemnly. Others grinned and looked me up and down. Eww. I thought. I’ll be lucky if I still have my panties by lunch time. But I agreed to the compromise, and soon enough, the bell rang, and I was out in the “general population” of students, wearing only my panties.

In fourth period social studies, we played an American history trivia stripping game, the girls against the boys. To start the game, the girls take turns removing items of clothing and putting them on our desks until half our clothes are off or all the girls are down to one item, whichever comes first. Then, the boys and girls take turns answering questions, you know, like a spelling bee. Each time a boy gets a question wrong, the last girl who answered correctly gets to put on one of her items of clothing. Each time a girl gets a question wrong, she can either drop out of the game, forfeiting all the clothing she has removed, or take off one more item of clothing. In the freshman and sophomore classes, girls aren’t allowed to get completely naked, but juniors and seniors can strip completely, if they want to. A naked girl can still play, but when she gets a question wrong, she’s out of the game. When the bell rings, all the girls still in the game get to put all their clothes back on, so there’s a strong incentive for girls to try to stay in the game and continue playing, even when they’re completely naked. In fact, in the freshman and sophomore classes, girls often beg their teachers to let them take off all their clothes just so they can stay in the game.

I had fun in that class, and yes, I had to take off my panties, but I stayed in the game, and got them back in the end. In fact, only one girl dropped out naked. Most importantly, I got to wear my panties to lunch. But they didn’t last long.

At lunch, while I was holding my tray of food, a boy snuck up behind me and pantsed me. He pulled my panties right down to my ankles. This happens a lot at our cafeteria. You hear a squeal, and look up, and there’s a girl holding a tray, with her pants or skirt around her ankles. The poor girl usually has to step out of her bottom, find a place to put down the tray, and then bend over to pull her bottom back up again.

But in my case, it was worse. I don’t know if the boy who pantsed me knew I had made a deal with the devil (Donna, that is), but I did, and so I had to live up to it. I stepped out of my panties, and joined my girlfriends at our usual table without even looking back. Even though I kind of predicted to myself that I would lose my panties, I was really upset when it happened. Being topless was bad enough, but I really wasn’t prepared to spend the afternoon completely naked.

I was really scared to step into Mr. Taylor’s sixth period science class, because earlier in the year, Mr. Taylor made all the girls strip down to our underwear — just bras and panties. So, of course, we all did as we were told. Miraculously, all of us were wearing panties that day. Well, some girls were wearing thongs. All but four of us were wearing bras, too. Unfortunately, I was one of those four. He told us we were bad girls for not wearing bras, and do you know what happens to bad girls? That’s right, they get spanked. So all four of us had to take off our panties, and come up to the front of the room. It was so embarrassing. He made us bend over so he could decide which one of us had the best bottom for spanking.

He felt each one of us, telling us if we flinched, we would be spanked. I felt his grubby little hands on my cheeks, then on my inner thighs, and then along the top of my legs, and into my butt crack. It was awful, but I was such a good girl, you would have been proud of me. I almost came, but I never flinched.

In the end, he picked one of the other girls to spank, and he told us he would keep spanking that girl until all four of us came in front of the class. We all helped each other cum, even as I winced each time Mr. Taylor hit the fourth girl, and she cried out in pain. I crawled over to the poor girl, my pussy still throbbing from having been expertly sucked by one of the other girls, and kissed her, and stroked her hair as she was being spanked. The other girls tended to the poor girl’s belly, breasts, thighs, and, of course, her pussy until, eventually, she, too, came.

So, as you can imagine, I was very nervous setting foot in Mr. Taylor’s room completely stark naked. But he was all smiles and greeted me warmly. “I have something for you,” he said. He opened one of his desk drawers, and pulled out my panties. One of your classmates found this in the cafeteria. Such a nice man, Mr. Taylor.

“Can I put them on?”

“Oh, I don’t want you to go to any trouble,” Mr. Taylor said. “Why don’t you let one of the boys put them on for you. I’ll let you pick which one.”

A game, okay. I laughed. Billy was, by far, the cutest boy in my science class. We had even gone out on a date. I wore my shortest dress because I wanted him to like me. Okay, I’ll be honest. It was a top that I liked to wear as a dress. My mom is as enlightened as the next, but even she didn’t want me to wear that dress without anything under it, so, to please her, I put on a thong, and showed her. “See?” I said. She was happy, and so was I — It was a super sexy outfit because it just barely covered the waistband of my thong, so from the back you couldn’t tell if I was wearing any underwear at all. So when my mom wasn’t looking, I took off my thong, and threw it in the corner of my room. “Bye, mom” I said, without turning around (because from the front, my “dress” was so short you could see my pussy!)

Billy came around to the passenger side of his car, and opened my door. Such a gentleman! I came when I sat my bare butt down in his car, and stroked my wet pussy a few times. I know, but I couldn’t help it. It wasn’t until I snuggled up against him that he even put his hand on my leg, and even then, he pretended not to notice I wasn’t wearing underwear. Such a gentleman!

So here he was in my science class, the perfect boy to put on my panties. He motioned for me to sit on his lap, which I was happy to do. I came again, just like in his car, as soon as I mounted the sexy boy. And, like before, he just stroked my leg, staying clear of my pussy. But it was every bit as delicious as it was before, and I came again. He touched by breasts, and I came. He massaged my butt, and I came. He kissed me, and I came. The class was a blur in the background as I melted into my Billy. The bell rang, and he held me tight. I felt him inside me, pushing. Hard. “Hmmf” he said as he came inside me. “Mmmm,” I said, having completely forgotten about my underwear. I rested my head against his as the rest of the students filed out of the classroom.

“Tradition,” Mr. Taylor said.

“Tradition,” Donna agreed. They both laughed.

“Mmmm,” I said, kissing Billy one last time before he pulled out of me. “Tradition.”

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