There has been a hearing! (archives)

There has been a hearing!
“Did you hear?” Carrie asked Mary as soon as she came back. Mary had been home in the weekend and hadn’t heard what happened in the meantime.

“Hear what?” Mary responded, not realizing what she was indirectly encouraging Carrie to tell her.

“There has been a hearing!!” Carrie said with consternation and just a sense of excitement. “It was terrible. It was Halle, you know, from upstairs – she didn’t quite want to admit what she had done.”

Mary, being new at the college, hadn’t heard much about hearings, and listened to what Carrie had to say.

“Halle was really not being manageable. Even though the inspector had taken all her clothes. At the hearing she showed up fully clothed. This is a clear violation of the college code of conduct and she was naturally stripped and bound immediately, being treated as a hostile participant in the hearing”.

“Naturally”, Mary responded, understanding Carrie’s argumentation.


Even though Halle was bound, she was kind of smiling. Halle was a tough girl. Going against the rules like that is not for everyone. Halle is a rebel.

The judge noticed Halle’s attempts at modesty, and started the hearing “You are accused of going against the Fondling Rule in an episode in the dining hall. When eating lunch in the dining hall, a boy started touching your pussy, and you did not spread your legs farther to give him full access to it. In fact, you put your legs slightly together, making it difficult for the boy to take full advantage of the Fondling Rule. How do you plea?”

“Not guilty” Halle said. “I …”

Halle was interrupted by the assistant to the judge, shoving her to face the jury.


At a hearing, there is a judge, a jury of horny boys, and most of the boys and girls at the college.

Halle was finally allowed to speak.

“The touching of my pussy wasn’t in accordance with the rules. I was wearing a skirt that went below crotch-level” Halle said with conviction.

The judge was surprised that the defendant seemed to have a valid argument. This wasn’t usually the case. The assistant whispered something in the judge’s ear.

The judge nodded.

What the assistant had noticed was, that as Halle was speaking. she was kind of covering her breasts and trying to hide her pussy in shadow. As a hostile participant in the hearing, this was not allowed, and the assistant was instructed by the judge to restrain her further.


“These additional restraints will make it easier for you to comply with the rule not to make attempts at modesty at the hearing”, the judge said.

Halle was enraged and burst out! “What the h…. Why are you doing this!? I just told you, my skirt was below crotch-level. The boy wasn’t allowed to touch my pussy at all! What the h…”

Halle was gagged by the assistant.


“The defendant has been able to argue her case, and is now gagged for the rest of the hearing, to prevent her from disrupting any of the process”. The judge said, and continued. “I call the witness. The boy, Gary, who claims to have touched Halle’s pussy in accordance with the Fondling Rule”.

Gary stood up from among the audience and entered the witness booth. The judge nodded at him and made a wave forward with his hand, indicating Gary should start explaining himself.

Gary did.

“Let me start by saying that I am very experienced as to the details in the Fondling Rule, because I take advantage of it quite often. I know Halle is a tough girl, so I wanted to take advantage of the rule, even though Halle was wearing a skirt that went below crotch-level”

Halle mumbled something, but as she was gagged, the audience would have to guess that she tried to say “You see!”. What Halle had said seemed to be right – she was in fact wearing a skirt that went below crotch-level, but the judge didn’t seem to take too much notice of it.

“Yes?” the judge said, encouraging Gary to continue his story.

“I waited till Halle sat down to eat. What happens when a girls sits down in a skirt like that is, that her pussy is below her skirt. The skirt rests on her thighs and on the back of the chair. Her pussy is lower than any part of her skirt, and is up for grabs.”

Gary smiled. The judge nodded and said. “I see. Interesting. You found a loophole in the Fondling Rule that allows you to touch the pussy of most girls sitting down I guess we have to let the jury of horny boys decide whether you were allowed to take advantage of the rule like that”.

While the jury deliberates, they are allowed to “examine” the defendant, in case they feel it may help them in their deliberations. During this period, seeing as the defendant is a hostile participant of the hearing, the defendant is blindfolded.


One of the boys in the jury walks over to Halle. He gently stroked her pussy, suddenly inserting his finger. “So this was the pussy you touched?” he asked Gary. Halle moaned but didn’t exactly complain. (How could she, when being gagged).

After a while, the boys were done deliberating and Halle had her blindfold removed.

The foreman of the jury stood up and uttered the words Halle feared. “We find that the defendant is guilty of having prevented a fellow student from taking full advantage of the Fondling Rule”.

“Very well” the judge said and turned to Halle. “Choose your punishment”.

If the girl is found “indecent”, then she will be permitted to suggest a punishment for herself.  If the judge decides the punishment is sufficiently harsh, given the number of her prior offenses, and the severity of this offense, then he will allow it.  If not, he will ask her to suggest a more severe punishment.
– From “Punishment” in Pillar Two from The Four Pillars

Halle wasn’t comfortable with the situation. She knew she had been found guilty. There was no point in resisting. Even she could now see that she had violated the Fondling Rule.

She thought about it for a moment, and then looked down.

“Ok, I know you think will be appropriate in this case. I will let Gary rape me”.

“The punishment you have chosen is acceptable” the judge quickly said. “Restrain her”, he said to the assistant.

In front of most of the college and the entire jury, Halle was restrained and placed on a table. Such a public rape was certainly not what she had in mind.


The judge spoke to Halle. “As you have been a hostile participant in this hearing, your punishment will take place publicly in front of your class mates. In addition, afterward you will be exposed to the room, hanging a chain on your nipples. If the chain doesn’t fall down, it means your nipples are hard. This will be regarded as a clear sign of arousal and each jury member will be obliged to rape you afterwards.”

“You can’t be serious” Halle said, protesting. “That’s not what I chose”.

“I am serious” the judge responded. “This is the punishment you have chosen. As Gary’s actions could have been done by anyone at the jury, they could each be in his position. Now they will.”


Halle learned, again and again, that it’s not a good idea to be a hostile participant in a hearing.


It was good that Halle was punished, so that all the girls will learn te rules. Being a hostile participant meant that all the jurors could slide their horny young cocks in her holes, and after all those hard cocks in her pussy and asshole, I doubt she will try to get away with something like that again. Good for the school, and our school spirit too.
Comment By horny juror At 7/18/2007 4:29 AM

Ah yes, I remember that case. Halle seemed so stuck up during the proceedings that I was not at all surprised the jury of horny boys found her guilty, and it only seemed appropriate to reward them by allowing them all to rape her. I could barely stop myself laughing when that juror shoved his finger up her pussy and asked if it was the pussy in question! That same boy later took full advantage of her punishment, I recall, deciding to fuck her asshole. After lubing her ass, he lined up his young hard cock and said ‘Obey the code, Halle!’ before suddenly pushing his cock into her – I remember his cock sliding all the way into her on his first push, and the boy sighed with pleasure. Halle moaned, and then grunted with each thrust. Several boys were filming the punishment and I had to ask one for a copy, saying that it would be useful for an instructional film on the code.
Comment By the judge At 7/31/2007 9:51 PM

You think I don’t know how each hearing is going to turn out? This is easier than pretending to enjoy some lame movie and conversation at dinner. Fortunately, I got more than Gary’s little cock. Now that would have been real punishment!

I dare your inspectors to find me wearing my bra under my sweater.

Comment By Halle At 10/10/2007 1:54 AM

Does anyone have more pictures of Halle? I would love to examine her rebellious spirit more
Comment By Hearing Attendee At 6/30/2009 11:28 PM

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