The White Staircase (archives)

The White Staircase
Donna arrived for her anatomy class just a few seconds after her roommate, and sat down next to her. “Don’t you hate the stairs in this building?”

“Not really, why do you ask?”


“Because the stairs have such an open design.”

“I kind of like the design of this building. It’s…” Crysta searched for a word, “spaceous.”

“Yes, it is, but all those spaces are taken up by boys looking up the stairs.”

“Looking up the stairs?” Crysta didn’t seem to understand the problem.


“Yes,” Donna said, “and looking up at me.” She thought she had made her point as clear as a bell.

But apparently, Crysta still didn’t get it. “You’re a beautiful girl. It’s only natural that they would look at you.”

Donna decided to try a different tack. “Do you know how desperate I am to wear panties? I would kill to have the chance to cover myself.”

Crysta looked down at Donna’s long legs, and her little white dress draped neatly over her lap. “You seem nicely covered to me.” Crysta picked up the edges of her tiny dress, to get a look at a little more of Donna’s legs.

Donna was proud of her beautiful legs, so she didn’t try to stop Crysta from admiring them. She knew Crysta like a book, though. If you give her an inch she’ll take a mile. She kept lifting Donna’s dress to look at more and more of her leg. Soon, Crysta was admiring Donna’s tight little ass. Her dress was too short to sit on, so her naked ass was planted on the seat.


“Are you quite done admiring my butt?” Donna asked, playfully. Crysta let Donna’s little white dress go, but it didn’t fall quite so neatly into place as it had been. In fact, Donna’s pussy was completely uncovered, and she didn’t seem to care. The truth is that Donna did care, but she knew her dress was really too short to cover her, so there wasn’t much point in fixing it. And there wasn’t much hope she would ever get Crysta to understand what she didn’t like about the stairs in this building.

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