The Parallel CCC Part 5 – Origins

Amanda woke up feeling wet and sticky between her legs. She hadn’t had much sleep because of two problems –
1: it had been quite a hot night (and she had to sleep naked).
2: as she was still getting used to the way things worked around this college; she could not stop thinking about the naked Sophie next to her or the third naked person in their bed, their Charge for that night, Jamie.

The moment Guardian Lily turned up with Jamie; Amanda thought it might be a problem for her. He was drop dead gorgeous and as member of the athletics team he was very toned and fit. Amanda was expecting more fun and games from Sophie (as they’d had with Louis) but as Sophie had had quite a tiring day, she just made sure Jamie conformed to the rules, got naked herself (as by then it was already clear it was going to be a scorcher of a night) and went straight to sleep. Amanda was left last to get into bed. Not wanting to sweat during the night, she stripped off too and clambered in.

So as the night went on, Amanda couldn’t stop thinking about Sophie and Jamie right next to her, naked and she started getting wet. It didn’t help when Sophie in her sleep half cuddled up to Amanda and she felt the warm contact of her skin against her back.

The morning eventually came and the three of them though sleepy were awake.

“Morning!” Sophie announced to the room.

The other two replied in like manner.

“Time for the first duty of the day,” Sophie said springing up from the bed, tearing the light summer duvet off Jamie, which had the side effect of removing Amanda’s part from her as well. Sophie didn’t give any thought to her own nakedness but Amanda was embarrassed being nude in front of Jamie. He was a little startled by the sudden removal of the duvet as well and as a reflex reaction, immediately tired to cover his dick with his hands.

“Ah, ah! No covering up!” Sophie said shaking her head.

Jamie removed his hands revealing a full erection.

“Morning Glory I see,” said Sophie. She grabbed his stiff dick, shaking it. “This better be gone shortly…”

“It will, promise!” Jamie replied.

Amanda took in the sight of this hunk Jamie naked with a mesmerising erection only inches away from her and aware of her own nakedness, she started to feel very wet again.

Suddenly, Sophie startled them both.

“What time is it?!” she exclaimed leaping off the bed in all her naked glory grabbing the clock on the wall. “Did anyone put this forward one hour?!”

The resounding silence meaning “no”. The three of them had forgotten it was the start of Daylight Saving Time.

“We’re going to be late! We still have enough time for now but we’re all going to have to share the shower to save time,” said Sophie.

Being a standard dorm room; although it had a large bed, the shower room was quite small. In fact, it comprised of just the shower with the WC having its own room.

The three of them squeezed into the shower. There really wasn’t much space at all. Their bodies were in constant contact with each other. They all lathered up shower gel and soaped themselves down. As per the rules, Jamie stated he was ready for one of the girls to wash his dick as he wasn’t allowed to do it himself. He already had it fully erect but neither of the girls were ready to do it yet as they were still washing themselves. As Amanda and Sophie kept moving to wash different parts of their bodies, they could feel Jamie’s ridged cock brush against and poke them a few times.

“Jamie!” Sophie exclaimed, “Your penis is getting in the way. You need to do something with it until one of use is ready to wash it.”

Sophie had noticed earlier that Amanda couldn’t take her eyes off Jamie’s body and then thought of something, “Amanda, why don’t you and Jamie wash each other’s backs simultaneously? If you both hug, you will both be able to reach each other’s. That will save time, give me more space and keep Jamie’s dick out my way too.”

Jamie was a little reluctant. He was barely coping with all the bodily contact there was at the moment and didn’t want to end up cumming by accident thus breaking the rules. He began to object but Sophie silenced him.

“Hush Jamie, you are our Charge. We say what is best. Besides, we can’t keep having your cock poke us. You got me in the belly last and you might do us serious injury,” Sophie said, exaggerating a bit Amanda thought.

With that Jamie obeyed. Soaping up their wash cloths, he and Amanda embraced in a hug wrapping their arms around one another to reach each other’s back.

Sophie sort to give them further instruction, “Amanda, open your legs a bit to give Jamie space so his dick doesn’t poke you in the stomach.”

Jamie’s throbbing dick was actually a bit uncomfortable against her belly so she lowered his cock, positioning it where it could naturally rest between her legs but this brought it into contact with her pussy. Amanda pulled Jamie closer hugging him tighter so she could reach more of his back. As she did so, she could feel the tip of his cock push passed her pussy lips and slowly slide into her. The heat of his dick was amazing. Jamie let out a sigh as he hugged her back tightly.

As they continued to rub and wash each other’s backs, the movements they were making increased the contact and friction of Amanda’s vaginal walls stimulating Jamie’s cock head. He was starting to grunt and began gently thrusting into her.

Amanda had been thinking about taking Jamie’s dick inside her ever since she saw him naked last night but knew that having sex with a boy was against the rules as the boys were not allowed to cum unless it was at their scheduled appointment in the Ejactorium. In this moment of bliss, however, Amanda forgot all about the rules and her duties as a girl in this college. All she could think about was this boys’ amazing cock plunging in and out of her and she loved it.

Hearing the moans Jamie was making, Sophie was about to remind him not to take advantage of the situation but she could see that Amanda was enjoying herself as well and for the sake of her friend’s pleasure, she let Jamie continue to fuck her.

Jamie’s thrusts got quicker and his rhythm took Amanda to the brink of orgasm. She started to tremble and closed her eyes and she let out an elongated moan as she came. She suddenly felt Jamie tense up as his thrusts intensified. He groaned loudly in her ear then she felt him relax as he pulled out of her. She became aware of what felt like his cum dribbling out her pussy as she realised Jamie had just cum too. The look of bliss on his face turned to terror as his orgasm subsided.

“Oh no, no no! I didn’t mean to cum. I’m so sorry. That was an unauthorised ejaculation!” he said panicking, fearing the worst from Sophie. Amanda was concerned too as she was still feeling a little guilty over what happened with Louis and didn’t want Jamie to end up the same way.

Although Sophie could be mean to the boys in a situation like this and put the full onus on Jaime, she had just seen him give great pleasure to her friend and she had a different tack.

“Relax Jamie, I’ll let you off this time.”

“How?” Amanda asked, “His ejaculation will have to be recorded otherwise not only will he be in trouble, we’ll be breaking the rules for trying to conceal an ejaculation.”

“I’m going to invoke Clause 69,” Sophie said with full confidence.

Amanda and Jamie both looked baffled.

“Let’s finish up and I’ll show you,” Sophie said.

They rinsed off and as they were changing, Sophie got her handbook, flicked to near the end and read:

‘Clause 69: Any female may invoke temporary Guardian status and allow a male to have an ejaculation legally if she deems it absolutely necessary, provided Clause 69 has not been invoked by the temporary Guardian OR on the male in question within the last 3 months. The use of this clause is to be noted on the male’s Ejac Chart. NB: the temporary Guardian should try to ensure that the boy receives the least amount of enjoyment from his ejaculation as possible as we do want him thinking we condone his perverted behaviour.’

Jamie breathed a sigh of relief.

“Don’t think you can take advantage of this though Jamie! You did enjoy your orgasm way too much which was an oversight on my part but I will not add that to the report. This was a one off and I expect you to be on your very best behaviour, with no following unauthorised ejaculations!” Sophie stated sternly.

“Understood,” Jamie sheepishly said.

The three of them finished getting dressed. Sophie and Amada filled in Jamie’s Charge Sheet noting that he had been a good Charge all night and the use of Clause 69 so a Guardian could update his Ejac Chart later.

“What reason are you going to add for the use of the clause?” Amanda asked

‘My friend was very horny!’” Sophie teased.

“They won’t accept that!” Amanda said alarmed.

“Just kidding Amanda!” Sophie joked. Then she read aloud what she was writing on the sheet, “‘While washing Jamie’s penis, I saw he had an extreme case of blue balls and thought he may have a dangerous build up of sperm and decided he needed an early release.’

“That’s a much better reason!” Amanda said with relief.

The three of them left the dorm room with just enough time to make it to their first lectures.


Later that afternoon, as Amanda and Sophie walked the halls, Amanda pondered on her time here at the college so far. Having been there for nearly a week now, she had experienced many new and strange things in this alternate reality – the inspections she had seen by the Guardians; the various Charges she and Sophie had looked after; other instances of Shower Duty she had taken part in;  the weird but entertaining punishments she had seen some of the boys get. She had even made several visits to the Ejactorium after her first, finding it fascinating.

Amanda paused at a statue she had seen around various parts of the college but had never really taken notice of. She took a closer look and read the inscription, ‘Chelsea, the first one.’

“Who is this?”

“She is the reason for all of this,” Sophie said. “This college wasn’t always like the way it is now. It used to be just like any other regular college filled with horny male students trying to prove they were the most macho and girls trying their best to attract the sports jocks. But none of them focused on their grades. This was way before I came here. Apparently, the story goes like this:

“One day, Chelsea arrived and she was different. She was pretty and athletic. She became very popular and quickly took over as head cheerleader. However, she was more into her grades than the attention of the guys. Chelsea was quite charismatic and wanting to uplift the plight of her fellow students she began to convince the girls they should care more about books than boys. Under her unofficial leadership, the girls were no longer taking notice of the boys and focused on their own improvement and their grades began to rise.
“Instead of trying to raise their own grades, the boys started to resent the girls and demean them seeing as they no longer had any influence over them.

“The behaviour of the boys towards the girls started to decline. They began to call the girls bitches and other names behind their backs. This escalated to them name calling within earshot. Over time, instead of using their real names, the boys were directly addressing the girls as bitches and other degrading names. They stopped seeing the girls as young ladies in their own right and started treating them as just pussies on legs.

“Then the groping started with the boys becoming bolder in their actions. They went from sneakily trying to cop a feel every so often to outright grabbing the girls’ tits openly, not caring who was around. They stopped trying to hide these obscene acts and didn’t really have to care because all the lecturers and college authorities were quite intimidated by the guys, especially by the football team who had now become like a gang that most of the other boys followed and looked up to, copying their bad behaviour. They were at the top end of the social hierarchy of the college.

“It was Chelsea’s resolve and guidance that gave the girls strength to ignore the bad treatment from the boys but she could see that things were getting out of hand and it wouldn’t be long before the boys began to touch the girls elsewhere or go even further. She had to do something.

“Meanwhile, the boys had come to the conclusion that if they could only break Chelsea, all the other girls would succumb. The boys piled lots of pressure on her claiming it was her duty as the head cheerleader to date the football captain Thad but of course he just wanted to bang her for trophy status. They even got the college staff to pressure her as well, telling her to conform and not rock the boat but the girls wanted her to remain strong knowing if she fell, it would be open season on the rest of them and an indication the boys could do anything they wanted with them.

“With the situation at braking point, Chelsea decided to announce in the college paper that Thad could finally have her and that she would be his bitch for all to see. She set a date and time at the college observation room. This room was arranged in such a way that it was a room within a room. The inner room was a large perplex chamber with the outer room housing a few rows of seats on balconies. It was generally used so that all the students had a clear view of whatever experiment or practical lesson was being demonstrated.

“The day had come and word spread around the college. The girls were distraught that their heroine was about to fall. The boys on the other hand were ecstatic. Once Thad fucked Chelsea, they could and would use any girl for their sexual desires.

“Chelsea had set up a table in the chamber with soft foam on top and beckoned Thad in. Thad announced to his fellow jocks, ‘this bitch has finally come to her senses and is about to give up that pussy!’ The boys had gathered outside the chamber and cheered while they girls sat in the upper balconies and were nearly in tears knowing nothing will stop the boys from having their wicked way with them now.

“Chelsea asked Thad to lie on the table and she discretely locked the door to the chamber. She told Thad, ‘I’m going to give you the best time of your life.’ Thad replied with, ‘That’s right! This bitch knows what she’s good for! Your only job in life is to make a man cum. In fact the only reason God gave you mouths was to suck cock! Talking was just a horrible side effect!’

“Thad lay on the table and slid his trousers down. He already had a huge erection in anticipation of what was to come. ‘Jump on top!’  he ordered. ‘Not yet baby, I want to build up your appetite first,’ Chelsea said faffing about with a sheet she was draping over Thad. What she was really doing was subtly putting restraints on his ankles and wrists restraining him to the table.

‘What the fuck?!’ he said when he realised what she had done. ‘Don’t worry, you’re going to REALLY enjoy this,’ she said reassuringly which put him at ease.

“Removing the sheet, she took a big bottle of lube out a bag, squirted it onto her hands and started massaging Thad’s stiff dick. ‘Ohhhh…! That feels soooo good!’  Thad exhaled.
“The on-looking girls were now in tears, their worst fears realised. Chelsea proceeded to give Thad the most amazing handjob, slowly sliding her hands all up and down his taught shaft and caressingly stroking over his cock head. Thad groaned and grunted occasionally muttering things like, ‘That’s right bitch, do your job.’

“Her technique was expert. She kept switching up her movements creating new and heavenly sensations. She would gently drag her fingers up and down his shaft then tease his coronal ridge with her finger tips then rub the underside of his cock head.  She then engulfed the whole of his dick head in her fist and twisted from side to side while stroking up and down, the ridges of her fingers in her grip creating a rippling sensation really bringing him to the edge. ‘That’s it bitch, you’re going to make me cum,’ Thad continued muttering.

“Hearing this, Chelsea applied more lube and used the index finger and thumb of her left hand to make a makeshift cock ring and held the base of this dick tightly. This made his cock swell even more. A gratifying moan escaped Thad’s mouth. With her other hand she paid attention directly on his cock head, pumping up and down.

“As his breath began to quicken, so did her hand movements. She tightened her grip even more  increasing the pure pleasure Thad was feeling from her silky soft hand sliding all over his dick head. As she pumped away, finally, he reached his threshold and moaned loudly, ‘I’m gonna cum!’ and he did – loads! His body though restrained to the table, convulsed and shook as he literally had the best orgasm he had ever experienced. Spurt after spurt of cum erupted from his dick while Chelsea was still tightly pumping away.

“As Thad regained his senses from the dizzy heights of orgasm, he could still feel Chelsea’s hands all over his dick. ‘That’s it bitch! You can stop now. I’ll fuck that pussy of yours later.’ Chelsea ignored him and continued jerking him. His cock head was now quite sensitive. ‘That’s enough bitch, stop!’

“Chelsea looked up at him with innocent eyes. ‘I can’t stop. This is all I’m good for remember?’  she said rubbing his overly sensitive dick head even harder. The handjob had now become very uncomfortable for Thad, which then turned to excruciatingly uncomfortable but as Thad was still restrained to the table all he could do was squirm while Chelsea continued her torturous massage.

‘Ok! Ok! Stop bitch! Stop!’ Thad yelped with the sensation of Chelsea’s hands rubbing his too sensitive cock head becoming unbearable. ‘No, I must do my duty as a brainless girl and pleasure you continuously.’

“And so it went for the next 5 minutes, Thad’s movements and jerks on the table became more and more explosive as each stroke of his dick Chelsea made had become agonizingly unbearable. It had become so intense all Thad could mutter between yelps was, ‘Too… too… s… s… sensitive!’

Ignoring him, Chelsea continued to furiously pump away at his dick. He was in absolute anguish. Eventually he started yelping, ‘P… p… please! I’m sorry! SORRY!’ all the while jerking around and bucking on the table.

“Finally Chelsea stopped. Not because she felt sorry for him but simply because her arm was killing her! At the relief that she had relented, Thad rested his head back on the table whispering, ‘I’m so sorry…’

The other boys were speechless and unable to get through the locked door. Chelsea stood up victoriously. She looked up at all the girls focused on her as if transmitting a telepathic message. The girls started to act restlessly. The boys could sense something changing and could hear the girls murmuring. The boys started to leave the room. The talk of the girls got louder until one screamed ‘GET THEM!!’ The boys ran. The girls gave chase. The uprising had begun!

“For the days following, boys were chased by hordes for girls, forcefully stripped and given the most amazing handjob. Some of the girls even decided to give the boys they’d caught incredible sensuous blowjobs. All the boys enjoyed this part immensely and had the best orgasms of their lives but knew that when they came, the post orgasm torment was to follow!

“Few boys escaped the wrath of the girls; only the ones that had previously treated the girls with respect and decency, which weren’t many. In the weeks that followed many of the college staff were replaced. The boys regretted their actions and new college rules were created which reminded the boys that the girls ultimately had the power and control over their dicks. These new rules were the basis of what we have today.”

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