The Parallel CCC Part 4 – Punishments for Boys

Recap –
In Part 1 – Prologue, Amanda finds herself in a strange alternate college where the boys are subject to inspections and the girls rule. She meets the very beautiful Sophie and watches two Guardians (the female rule enforcement officers) perform a public inspection of a boy.

Part 2 – Sleeping Arrangements sees Amanda welcomed into the college by the Dean. She becomes roommates with Sophie and experiences looking after a boy for the night, known as Charge Duty. She and Sophie get a bit carried away having their own fun with him.

In Part 3 – Shower Duty, Amanda discovers the Ejactorium – the only place in the college a boy is allowed to cum, albeit at specified intervals. She also takes part in Shower Duty where the girls have to wash the boys’ penises (as it is against the rules for them to wash it themselves) and catches a boy doing something he shouldn’t.

[CAUTION: If you have not enjoyed the other stories in the Parallel CCC series, you probably won’t like this one.]


It was Friday evening. The day’s lectures and lessons had ended. Amanda and Sophie had just returned to their dorm room when there was a knock on the door, “Guardian Stacy here.”

“She must have brought our Charge for the night,” Amanda thought.

Sophie welcomed Guardian Stacy in but she was alone.

“Well done for catching that sneaky Xander on your Shower Duty,” Stacy said addressing Amanda. “Had he not been caught he would have continued to have unauthorised ejaculations in the showers! He is due to serve his punishment tonight and as promised, you are both welcome to witness it. So, if you’re ready, let’s go.”

A surge of excitement raced though Amanda. Since arriving at the college, she had heard mentions of the punishments boys received but they were top secret as to keep the boys in line and on edge. Even once a boy had been given a punishment, he was barred from ever revealing the details to another boy, with the penalty being him and whoever he told receiving twice whatever punishment he had been subject to.

They left the dorm room with Guardian Stacy leading Sophie and Amanda though different corridors of the now quieting college. As most of the other students were getting ready for bed and already in their own dorm rooms, the college had an abandoned eerie feel to it. As they continued, the surroundings became less familiar to Amanda as she realised they were travelling into the far depths of the college to which she had never been. Eventually they arrived at a large wooden door that had a very high tech lock on it. Guardian Stacy swiped her key card, the door opened but all Amanda saw were stone steps leading ominously down into darkness, to the basement of the college. Though still excited, a sense of creepiness crept into Amanda. Sophie wasn’t her usual confident self either. Though she had been at the college for a while, this was the first time she had experienced this too.

The steps lead to an arched stone hallway that had faint spotlights in the ceiling. As they progressed down the dimly lit area, Amanda realised they had been passing solid doors that looked like entrances to cells. As they approached one that was occupied, Guardian Stacy began to explain.

“We have a wide variety of punishments; tonight you will witness two of them. The college disciplinary board have established the key to punishing a boy is not physical pain but mental meaning we find that humiliating the boy serves as a far greater punishment than inflicting actual pain. We are not barbarians; however, I cannot lie and say there isn’t a little pain involved,” she said with a slight smile then continued, “These punishments are also part of a rehabilitation effort to stop the boys from being so perverted.”

Guardian Stacy opened the cell door and Amanda was surprised to see that although from the outside it had the appearance of a cell, inside, it was a very plush room. It was covered from floor to ceiling in a soft looking red fabric. There was warm delicate lighting that made the room look quite sexy.

“In this room, we have Chase,” Stacy explained, “He had been caught stealing the girls’ dirty panties from the wash room. He was illegally masturbating with them and then hiding the cum soaked panties back with the dirty laundry.”

Chase was strapped to an upright table with what looked like a transparent penis shaped capsule with a metal cap on the end which was fitted over his dick. There was a 50 inch monitor in front of him showing some very erotic pornography. There was another Guardian in the room monitoring Chase’s stats on her tablet computer.

Stacy continued, “This punishment teaches boys all about restraint and how to control themselves. The cap of the capsule is electrified. If he gets carried away with what is on screen and lets his perverted nature get the better of him, he will lose self control and get an erection, filling the capsule, and with the glands of his penis coming into contact with the cap, he’ll get a mild electric shock.

“Any transgressions Jessie?” She asked the other Guardian.

“No,” Jessie replied, “He had quite a few shocks in the first 15 minutes – each one making his dick go limp again, but no shocks for a while. He might be fully rehabilitated now.”

“Maybe,” Guardian Stacy said, “Perhaps you should perform a scent test to make sure he’s not going to relapse as soon as we release him.”

Guardian Jessie put her hand under her skirt sliding two fingers into her pussy. They came out slick, covered in her juices. She rubbed her fingers together under Chase’s nose. As the sweet scent of her juicy pussy wafted about his nostrils, he let out a little moan as the recognition of what he could smell got to him. His dick began to swell in the capsule. A moment later, a loud buzz emitted from the device followed by a yelp from Chase as his fully erect dick received a mild shock.

“I thought it was too good to be true,” Stacy said, “He’s overcome the pornography but needs more treatment with something stronger.” She nodded to Guardian Jessie giving her a silent instruction.

Jessie adjusted something on the side of the table and it slanted down low till it was horizontal, with Chase now lying on his back instead of being upright. She removed her skirt and produced a dildo from her utility belt that was still about her hips. She positioned herself so that she was standing over his head nearly facesitting him. Then she started talking to Chase, “You see my friend here?” She asked rhetorically, referring to her dildo. “I’m going to really enjoy having this inside me.” She licked it making it wet all over. “I’m going to have a great orgasm but you can’t, you poor thing,” She added sarcastically.

Chase groaned as he was trying really hard not to get aroused again but it was clear from the tube on his dick he was fighting a losing battle. Guardian Jessie slid the wet rubber cock into her moist pussy, pushing it in deep and letting out a satisfying moan. Her pussy was just inches from his face. Chase let out a moan of his own for different reasons. His dick was nearly fully erect again and he was anticipating the tingle of the electricity once more. Jessie slid the dildo out of her and sucked it. “Mmmm… bet you wish you could taste my sweet pussy!”

BUZZZZ! The electricity went off again with a yelp from Chase. Jessie slid the dildo into herself again and steadily fucked herself with it, building to a powerful orgasm. As she thrust into herself faster and faster, her vaginal juices began to ooze down the dildo, onto her fingers and dripping onto Chase’s face. The eroticism of Jessie’s pussy juice drizzling over him was too much to bear. His dick swelled up again and this time he was too aroused for the shocks to make him lose his erection.

BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! The device went off again continuously but the prolonged sensation of the electricity over his cock head added to the stimulation he was already feeling and he couldn’t stop himself, he came in the tube.

“Disgraceful!” Stacy exclaimed, “This boy is so perverted he can still fight thorough his punishment and orgasm! He’ll need at least another hour. Continue working on him Jessie!”

“Yes ma’am!’ Jessie said breathlessly as she continued fucking herself standing over Chase. Her hand movements got faster and she reached an epic climax of her own, evident by even more of her slippery pussy juices leaking all over Chase’s face.

Guardian Stacy beckoned Sophie and Amanda out of the room.

“After an hour or two of Guardian Jessie’s punishment, he won’t be able to think about getting an erection for a long while without remembering the sensation of the electricity on his dick!” Stacy said as she led the trio to the largest door at the end of the hallway.

“This is the main punishment room,” said she opening the door.

Amanda was surprised to see a large room that was full of about 10 girls and a Guardian. All the girls were dressed in sheer skimpy chemises or really short nighties or other revealing nightwear. They were quiet but acting very excitedly.

“Remember what I said earlier about humiliation…?” Stacy asked pointing to two boys in the room who were completely naked and blindfolded standing at one end. Before each of them was a narrow long bench with a row of twelve dildos along it. They varied in size; starting small, each one increasing and ending with a mighty knobbly one. Two girls went along the benches squirting lube on all the dildos.

The Guardian in the room, Cherry, welcomed the three arrivals in, “Just in time!”

Amanda recognised one of the boys. Guardian Stacy detailed what was happening, “This is the very interesting case of Xander and Trey, partners in crime. Thanks to you Amanda, we were able to catch Xander and his unauthorised ejaculations at shower time but upon further investigation, we found he and Trey were both at it and up to other nefarious activities.”

Guardian Cherry took over, “They had been secretly writing ‘erotic’ fiction which was very sadistic and degrading to women. We found a stash of their stories which featured themselves doing all sorts of despicable acts to unwitting girls. One bizarre range of stories was set in some ludicrous alternate reality of this college where girls had to obey some strange code of conduct which pretty much let the boys grope and finger the female students at whim.”

Amanda couldn’t help but laugh internally at the irony of that last sentence.

“Despite being caught,” Cherry continued, “neither of them will confess to who started the stories or whose idea the abuse of shower time was. Each boy is accusing the other. The only way we saw forward was to harshly punish them both hoping that one would eventually confess. Remove their masks!” she ordered.

As their blind folds were whipped off, Xander and Trey’s eyes widened as they saw the benches lined up before them, immediately realising where this was going.

At the boys’ reactions, amused chatter erupted from the on looking girls.

“Silence girls!” Cherry said, “Let us not punish these boys unjustly. We have already seen the evidence from the report by our dear Amanda over there who caught Xander in the showers…”

The other girls in the room gleefully applauded Amanda.

“…Here is evidence of the other charge against them written in their own hand: an excerpt from one of their filthy stories!”

Cherry began to read –

‘…Catherine hadn’t realised it was Xander who had tripped her up, thinking it was her own clumsiness. In the fall she had bumped her head slightly making her a little dazed.

“Are you okay,” Xander asked feigning sincerity.

“I’m a bit dizzy,” Catherine replied.

 “Oh dear! You might have a fever. I’m going to check your temperature. I don’t have a thermometer to put in your mouth but I’ve got another tool I can use instead.”

Before Catherine knew what was happening, Xander had pulled out his stiff dick, grabbed her head and thrust his cock straight into her mouth.

“Oooh yeah! That’s really good!” He said as he furiously fucked her face. “Her temperature seems okay to me Trey, but I need a more accurate measurement. You should take her temperature rectally just to be sure.”

Trey pulled out his hard cock, spat on it a few times then forced his dick deep into Catherine’s ass. Catherine tried to object and fight free but as Xander had a tight grip around her head with his cock in her mouth and Trey had both her arms in an awkward position behind her back, she was gagged and pinned.

As Trey sodomised her, he tried to join in with the pretence, “Her temperature is…. it’s…” but then he just gave up, “Damn! Her ass is soooo tight, I’m gonna cum!”

“Oh no!” Catherine thought, “Don’t cum inside me!” But it was too late; she felt the sudden influx of hot liquid in her ass as Trey groaned noisily cumming deep inside her.

“This can’t get any worse!” Catherine thought but right on cue, Xander started moaning loudly and her mouth was flooded with his gooey cum…’

Xander and Trey both had throbbing erections from listing to Guardian Cherry recite their story.

“What further proof is there that these boys are so perverted?! She asked, pointing at their hard dicks. “They continue to brazenly flout the rules with further unauthorised erections!”

The other girls all shook their heads, appalled at what they were seeing.

“Right!” Cherry exclaimed, “I no longer care who the main culprit was. You will both receive the same punishment but to make it interesting, the last one to finish will receive a ball spanking! Only two rules,” Cherry continued, “you have to sit on every dildo and your butt cheeks must touch the bench! Get set! GO!!!”

Not wanting their balls spanked, both boys ran forward to their benches, their dicks still erect, swaying around. They threw themselves down onto the first lubbed dildo which wasn’t much of a challenge but as they continued along the benches, with each dildo bigger than the last, the look of grit and defiance on their faces started turning to embarrassment and humiliation, all the while the girls jeered and mocked them.

“That dildo’s doing to you like what you’d like to do to us! Right in the ass!” One of the girls yelled, the rest laughing with the statement.

Xander tried to ignore the girls making fun of him but with each dildo increasing in size; it was getting more difficult to continue with gusto. He needed to focus on something else and just tried to think of happy thoughts to get him to the end.  He was still aroused from his co written story Guardian Cherry had recited and his mind went back to it, imaging his raging hard cock plunging into one of the girls who had just been teasing him. He was trying to concentrate on how good it would feel to explode his cum inside her ass.

Dildo after dildo the boys conquered and they were now more than halfway but were starting to really struggle. Meanwhile, the girls continued humiliating them with ridicule and mockery.

Trey had begun to fantasise about other things as well to help him get through this dreadful ordeal. He had noticed the skimpy nightwear the girls had on and as they were very animated, he couldn’t help but notice their lovely pert tits bouncing around sometimes falling out the their tops altogether. Some of them were wearing ultra short garments that kept exposing their pussies and although helping him to focus on something else, it was really making his dick ache.

Both boys continued along the benches, mounting each dildo to the bottom. Eventually, both boys had reached the final rubber cock at the same time – the big knobbly one. With the din of the girls ringing in their ears, they slowly sank down onto the monster, gritting their teeth trying to take it all in. Both were struggling to ignore the uncomfortable sensations they were feeling, with Xander imagining penetrating one of the girls and Trey focused on the bouncing tits and pussy slips he could see. But then something unexpected started happening. As they lowered themselves further, the other stimulations were too much for them. Their dicks began to twitch and bob.

“Oh no..!” they were both thinking, suddenly coming back to their senses from their fantasies, but it was too late, they both came.

All the girls erupted with laughter and more teasing and continued to taunt them, “They came with dicks up their asses!” “What perverts!” “They really enjoyed their punishments!” “Bet they’d love even bigger dildos!”

The embarrassment Xander and Trey were feeling was immense and unbearable.

Nether boy had made it to the bottom of the final dildo, both stood up exhausted.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk,” Cherry said shaking her head, “Erection violations, unauthorised ejaculations and failure to finish a punishment… Well, since the girls gave you a really hard time and neither of you could finish….”

Both boys held their breath thinking Guardian Cherry would announce they could leave as they had already suffered enough punishment and humiliation.

“….both of you will receive a ball spanking! Girls, tie them down!”



A special mention goes to Kamitora for partly inspiring this story.

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