The Parallel CCC Part 3 – Shower Duty

Amanda opened her eyes expecting to see the familiar sight of her dorm room ceiling. When she saw the colour and texture was different to the one she knew, she sat upright in bed looking around the room and it all came flooding back to her; the mirror, the Guardians, the female Dean and Sophie.

She could hear water running in the shower so her new friend must have been in there. She got out of bed, strolled around the room looking out the window to survey the campus. It was a bright sunny day which gave her a feeling of optimism. There was a quick knock on the door. It was Guardian Stacy from last night.

“Good morning, hope you slept well. I can only apologise once again for the disturbing behaviour exhibited by Louis last night,” Stacy Said.

At the mention of his name, Amanda felt guilty again because really, it was her and Sophie’s fault he was in trouble.

“What happened to him, I mean is he alright?”

Guardian Stacy found Amanda’s concern for the welfare of a boy rather unusual.

“He got what he deserved,” she said flatly still thinking Amanda’s care was misplaced. “His behaviour was extraordinary so he received extraordinary retribution. I’m not at liberty to say what exactly it was but since he must have offended you greatly, the college is prepared to make amends by having you sit in on the punishment of another boy.”

Amanda was curious and apprehensive at the same time and didn’t answer.

“Anyway,” Stacy continued, “we can arrange this later. What I actually came for was to collect Louis clothes and tell you what I forgot to tell you last night when I was distracted by that whole ugly episode.
“One of the girls who was due to be on Shower Duty can’t do it today so we needed to arrange a replacement. The Dean thought it would be a good idea if you were to take her place to help you get integrated into the college. Will you accept?”

Amanda opened her mouth and raised her eyebrows in thought not knowing what shower duty was.

“Good!” Stacy said cheerfully. “I’m sure Sophie will fill you in, she’s done it before. We already have early Shower Duty covered but you’re scheduled to take the boy’s mid morning gym class. Bye!”

And she left the room bouncing down the hall. As Sophie was still in the shower, Amanda located her handbook and found the section titled ‘Shower Duty’.

“…As boys cannot be trusted to take a shower in privacy without succumbing to the urge to masturbate, the boys are only allowed in the open showers with the girls gallery attached. It is the duty of the girls in the gallery to observe the boys showering and see that none of them are masturbating. The boys must face the girls at all times. The other duty of these girls is to wash the boy’s penis for him thus further reducing the urge for him to masturbate. If he were to wash his penis himself it would be too much temptation for him. Under no circumstances must a boy touch his own penis while he is in the shower.
This is one of the few times when a boy is permitted an erection as it is much easier for a girl to wash a boy’s penis if it is fully erect rather than not, however, it goes without saying that any boy having his penis washed by a girl is not allowed ‘get off’ on the contact his penis has in the girl’s hands. In other words, the boy is not allowed to use the girl as a ‘wanking tool’. Under no circumstances is he allowed to orgasm or ejaculate and any boy using the situation to take advantage of the girl washing his penis will be in severe trouble with the Guardians…”

“Crikey!” Amanda thought.

Just then, Sophie emerged from the bathroom enquiring to whom it was she heard Amanda talking. Amanda explained and Sophie did indeed fill her in on Shower Duty details from her previous experience.

The girls headed off to their early classes agreeing to meet up later so that Sophie could take Amanda to the open showers as she was not yet familiar with the layout of the college.

Mid morning came but they were a bit early. Since they had some time to spare, Sophie decided to take Amanda the long way round and while traipsing along a corridor she’d never been down before, they passed the front of a room that looked like the entrance to a clinic. There were a queue of about 15 boys lined up outside and they all looked fidgety. She read the sign on the door and couldn’t help but be amused.

Ejactorium?! What’s that for?”

“Can’t you tell the sight of a boy suffering from blue balls? Look at them, they’re just dying to cum. You know how the boys are not allowed to ejaculate without authorisation? They can only do so at a predetermined point. So for instance one boy might be allowed to cum maybe, once a fortnight, some might be every three weeks. It all depends. When a boy first comes to the college, this is one of the things that are ascertained as part of his medical. Anyway, when their scheduled time to cum has come, this is where they come,” she said with a smirk.

Amanda looked at them more closely and realised they were all sporting huge erections in their trousers which were clearly aching them.

“Isn’t that against the rules,” she asked trying not to point.

“Ordinarily, yes but now that they’re about to go into the Ejactorium, it’s acceptable.”

Amanda saw one boy kept creeping his hand down to his stiffy, giving it a little squeeze then reluctantly letting go. He clearly wanted to whip out his dick and jerk off right there and then.

“What are they waiting for?” she asked.

“Come on, I’ll show you.”

Sophie led them into a neighbouring room to the Ejactorium which had seating and a large window between the rooms. Really, this room and the Ejactorium were one but for this windowed wall dividing them.

There was one boy standing in the Ejactorium with what looked like a college nurse who had her back to the two girls and a Guardian who was taking notes on a tablet computer.

“Only the nurse is allowed to perform the ejaculation.” Sophie said.

The nurse turned around to get something and Amanda nearly burst out laughing at the way she was dressed. From the back, she looked prim and proper but from the front, it was a whole other story. The nurse’s outfit comprised of an extremely low cut V neck top which was made worse by the fact that the nurse had enormously large breasts that also seemed to be hoicked together with a plunge bra giving her a seriously deep cleavage. Her boobs looked like they would bust out any moment and were so eye catching, Amanda couldn’t take her eyes of them. She hadn’t a clue how the boys managed.

Sophie heard her snigger and looked at her curious to what was up. Amanda thought it was obvious but Sophie honestly didn’t see anything wrong.

“Do all the nurses dress like that?” Amanda asked.

“It’s the standard uniform for any nurse performing ejaculations. It’s a visual stimulation which helps the boys cum quicker. She often has a lot to get through.”

The boy in the room could hardly stand still knowing that his time to cum had finally come. At a request from the nurse, the boy undid and pulled his trousers and boxers down. His mighty erection sprang forth lightly bobbing to the beat of his pulse. The nurse gently checked over his balls, giving them a squeeze to test the pressure and firmness. She then started to massage them with her fingers. Amanda could see the anguish on the boy’s face as he desperately wanted to cum.

The nurse switched her attention to his cock. She put one tiny drop of lube on the tip of the index finger of her right hand, held his dick in her left then lightly rubbed the little spot on the bottom of the tip of his dick. He started moaning instantly and starred hard at her cleavage. She wasn’t giving him very much stimulation but it seemed to be enough as after only a few rubs, his body language was clear to read that he was about to cum. The nurse continued to rub to give him just enough stimuli to send him over the edge but then stopped a moment before.

A second later the boy let out a deep groan and ejaculated a thick load of spunk onto the floor. However, he had the most disappointed look on his face which Amanda didn’t understand so once again, asked Sophie.

“Yeah,” she replied, “he physically ejaculated but the nurse didn’t give him enough stimulation for him to achieve a proper orgasm. That’s what the perverts would really like, but the nurse isn’t here to pleasure them. She’s only her to make sure they don’t suffer a dangerous build up of sperm. If she gave them a proper orgasm, well, that would be like saying we condone their perverted behaviour.”

The boy cleaned himself up and the Guardian announced, “Ok, so you’re next due at the Ejactorium in…,” she looked at her tablet and typed something in. “…three weeks time.”

He looked dejected and wanted to say something but thought better of it. The Guardian however had already noticed and sought to warn him, “Looking at your records, you’ve been a top notch student and haven’t been in trouble with us. Let’s just keep it that way Ok?” she said with a slight threatening tone. “No unauthorised ejaculations till then, got it?”

He solemnly answered ‘yes’ and made for the door. Having not had a proper orgasm, his cock was still rock hard which the Guardian saw through his trousers.

“…And you better lose that erection within the next two minutes…!” she added. He started reciting the 27 times table to get his mind to focus on something else as he headed out the door.

“Next!” the Guardian yelled and another eager boy came crashing into the room with a massive erection in his pants shifting from foot to foot. If Amanda didn’t know better, she would have thought he was desperate to go pee.

The Guardian took his ID card and scanned it into her tablet, reading the details of his last ejaculation which was four weeks ago. Before the nurse could finish asking him to drop his pants, they were already around his ankles with his erection standing proud, throbbing and oozing precum. His balls looked particularly enlarged which the nurse saw. She gave them a check over but unlike the previous boy, this one started moaning already and she hadn’t even touched his dick yet.

“Looks like he’s ready to blow already,” the nurse remarked to the Guardian who replied, “I don’t think you should stimulate him much more as he seems in danger of having a full orgasm.”

The nurse however was a professional at getting boys to ejaculate with the least orgasm achieved. Knowing any contact with his already sensitive cock head would bring an orgasm that he’d enjoy too much, she gently clawed her fingernails over his plump ball sack a few times, looked up at him and simply demanded, “Cum!”

His body shook, his eyes fluttered and he half moaned, half babbled incoherently and streams of hot jizz erupted from his dick.

The boy was still moaning for a few moments afterwards. He opened his eyes to see the Guardian with a slight angry scowl on her face.

“I think you enjoyed that a little too much!” she said and tapped away into her tablet. “Right, your next appointment here is in… six weeks time!”

The poor boy wanted to cry. Although he didn’t say anything, it was clear to Amanda what he was thinking, “Six weeks before I’m allowed to cum again?! OH NO!!!”

“Wow!” Amanda said, “Imagine not cumming for six weeks!”

“Luckily, we don’t have to. We’re allowed to cum pretty much any time we like,” Sophie said suggestively but then she suddenly leapt to her feet.

“Come on! You’re going to be late for the Shower Duty if we don’t move it! One of the few rules the Guardians have for us girls is that we must be punctual for our duties!”

They left the observation room racing for the open showers.

They arrived with a few minutes to spare as the boys had not yet finished their class.

These particular showers consisted of around ten cubicles that didn’t have any doors and opposite them, about ten metres away, was a wide area with plush comfortable chairs, each one face a cubicle. There were already nine other girls seated chatting away but they all stopped and greeted Sophie when they saw her come in.

She introduced Amanda to them all explaining she was a newbie to the college. As Sophie had a class, she had to leave and Amanda realised this would be the first time since arriving that she would be without her friend.

“Don’t worry, the girls will look after you,” Sophie said to reassure her.

“Yeah!” one of the girls, Kelly, said. “We’ll give you some pointers.” She and the rest explained some of the finer points of Shower duty and after a few moments, they could hear the sounds of the first batch of boys heading in their direction.

Ten fit muscular boys strolled into the shower room completely naked. They each chose a cubicle and started showering as if the girls weren’t even there. Amanda couldn’t believe how casually they took this but then realised that they go through this every time they showered so they must have been used to it.

Keeping to the rules, the boys stayed facing the girls at all times as the soaped up their bodies. After a moment, a boy in the cubicle opposite Kelly raised an arm and that was the signal meaning he was ready to have his penis washed. Kelly sprang up and dutifully saw to him. As she approached, she paused waiting for him to get hard. When he was fully erect, she squirted some of his shower gel into her hands, lathered it up and began sliding her hands all over his erect dick to wash it. She looked like she was being very thorough, using both hands simultaneously. He was pulling all sorts of uncomfortable faces. It looked like the silky feeling of Kelly’s hands gliding all over his cock was getting to him.

She was done in a few moments and he breathed a sigh of relief and rinsed off. He left the cubicle and another boy took his place. The first one however, didn’t leave the shower room straight away. He took a towel and hung it around his neck and just stood by the exit looking at Kelly. Every so often, Kelly would glance over at him in between watching the current boy in the shower. Amanda realised that the boy was waiting for permission to leave as he was not allowed to with an erection. When Kelly saw that his dick had shrunk enough she gave him a nod. He wrapped the towel around himself and left.

Another boy had raised his arm and the girl opposite went off to see to him. It wasn’t long before the guy opposite Amanda raised his hand. She took a deep breath to prepare herself then went to service him. As she got closer she saw his cock was semi erect so stood there not sure what to do. The boy looked down at his dick realising his non erection was the cause for the delay.

“I’m so sorry,” he said sheepishly. “I’ll have it ready for you…”

He pulled a strange face as if he was trying to concentrate and his cock began to rise and stiffen.

“There. I’m not in any trouble am I?” he asked.

Amanda realised the boy must have been new. He seemed to be afraid of her authority, an authority she didn’t know she had.

“Err… no,” she said then decided to add, “Just make sure it doesn’t happen again! We expect you to be fully erect by the time we come over to you!”

“Yeh, yeh, yes ma’am,” the boy stammered.

Amanda felt a twinge of guilt at putting the boy on edge but she also felt a surge of power rush through her. She took his shower gel, a green one that smelt like lime, and copying what she saw Kelly do, squeezed a dollop in her hands and smoothed it all over his hard cock. As she worked the soapy gel over his dick she couldn’t believe how hot it felt in her hands. Every time she slid her hands over his cock head, he would inhale sharply and hold his breath. She was actually starting to enjoy the feeling of his hot cock in her hands, the way she could feel every ridge the veins on his dick made and the contours of his plump cock head. She looked up at him and saw he was tensing his face quite a lot. She realised she was getting carried away and stopped declaring she was done. He breathed a huge sigh of relief, no doubt he was on the verge of cumming.

Amanda made a mental note not to get carried away next time. The boy rinsed off, stepped out and grabbed a towel, waiting for his erection to fade. Once it did, Amanda dismissed him. The last few boys from the gym class came into the shower room and she spotted one in particular who was paying a lot of attention to which cubicle he chose. She could tell he was studying the girls and when he saw Amanda, he chose her one.

She didn’t know what to make of this but saw that he was actually really buff and even more muscular than most of the other guys so she didn’t mind really. Another thing that struck her about him was that where the other guys generally just got on with showering themselves, he continuously stared right at Amanda not taking his eyes off her as he washed. She also noted that from the beginning of when he entered the shower room, he already had a super erection that he seemed proud of. He looked very confident and almost smug.

The time came. He raised his hand and Amanda went over to him. He kind of gave a cheeky smile and wink. She tried to remain stern faced and silently exert her authority over him as she did with the previous boy but it wasn’t working, his charm was breaking through. She took his cream coloured shower gel and dribbled it all over his raging erection. Using both hands, she rubbed his cock all over. To her surprise, as she soaped up his dick, he started thrusting back into her hands. She paused and looked up at him knowing full well that boys were not allowed to actively seek enjoyment from a girl washing their dicks.

He put on an innocent face and said, “What? I’m just trying to help you.”

She raised an eyebrow giving him a sarcastic look. “Can he really think I’m that stupid?” she asked herself.

She started again, lathering the shower gel on his dick and once more he began thrusting into her hands, this time grunting too but trying to make out he was clearing his throat. She decided she couldn’t be bothered to challenge him and was about to announce she was finished when he said, “I think you need more shower gel. And you just need to wash the tip a bit more.”

Amanda didn’t know what was going on. Was it possible that she was so deep in thought about his previous remark that she had not washed his dick properly? Despite all the evidence she decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. She squeezed an extra amount of his shower gel into the palm of her right, wrapped it around his cock head firmly and began to pump and squeeze the tip of his dick while holding his cock steady with her other hand. She felt his dick start pulsing. Shower gel began oozing from her hand that was still tight around his cock head washing it. She suddenly realised that it was not shower gel that was oozing but his sperm! He was ejaculating!

“Hey!!” Amanda yelled as she stood up shaking the gooey mess off her hand.

“What?!” the boy exclaimed. He was no longer full of confidence as he realised he might have been rumbled.

“YOU CAME!” Amanda screamed.

At that, every girl that wasn’t attending to someone surrounded Amanda’s cubicle. Kelly stopped the water so he couldn’t wash off the evidence and they all examined the boy’s still erect dick for proof.

“I didn’t cum! That was just the shower gel. It looks the same colour, see?” he said holding up the bottle.

Kelly took the bottle to examine it. One of the other girls grabbed his still fully erect cock and squeezed the shaft of it very firmly.

“Look what we have here.” the girl said still squeezing. A blob of spunk oozed from the tip of his dick. “GUILTY!!” she yelled.

“No… I… it’s not…,” he began to say.

SILENCE! A Guardian will decide your fate!” Kelly boomed and went to find one.

Half an hour later, Amanda was retelling her first Shower Duty experience to Sophie.

“…and it turns out that he has been suspected of doing this a few times before but none of the girls that had washed him previously thought there was something wrong until way afterwards. He saw I was new and thought that I didn’t know the rules so he’d be able to get away with it again.”

“Well done Amanda! I bet he’ll be sorry when he gets his punishment.” Sophie said.

“Yeah and guess what? I saw Guardian Stacy afterwards and she said that since I’m the one who caught him, I could sit in on it, though she didn’t say what it would be.”

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  1. cb

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    1. Slick P. Wraith Post author

      Even though there is no set uniform, most of the girls like to maintain a professional look, wearing crisp, tight, white shirts. Some claim the tightness of their shirts make wearing bras underneath uncomfortable so go without.
      I’m sure you can imagine what happens when the girls get a little too much water splashed on their chests…

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