The Parallel CCC Part 2 – Sleeping Arrangements

As Amanda followed Sophie to the Dean’s office, she couldn’t help but draw her eyes over her new friend. Sophie had an incredible figure, shapely in all the right places and she seemed quite toned. Sophie turned to say something and caught Amanda eyeing her body. Realising she had been staring; Amanda looked away a little embarrassed.

“Here we are,” Sophie said knocking on a door that could only belong to the Dean.

“Come, come,” a woman’s voice said. She followed Sophie into the room expecting to see the Dean and the secretary who called them in but there was only one person in the room sitting behind the desk and Amanda realised that the Dean of this college was a woman.

“I think I’m going to like it here,” she thought to herself.

Seeing Sophie, the Dean broke into a smile, “Oh Sophie, how are you?”

“Great, ma’am! I’ve found a new student who’s lost her newbie pack… I mean, introductory materials.”

“Why does this happen to so many new students?” the Dean asked rhetorically. She got up and headed to a cabinet. “I usually keep a few in here…”

She returned holding a bundle of booklets and leaflets. Amanda felt a bit overwhelmed which the Dean could see.

“Go though them in your own time, the most important one is the student guide hand book which includes the college code of conduct.”

Amanda looked at the cover of the handbook and unconsciously read the college motto aloud, “Turning perverted young boys into distinguished gentlemen.”

“Indeed!” the Dean said. “Something we are very proud of.”

Amanda must have had a look of doubt on her face as the Dean felt she needed to explain, “I’m sure you will find this place to be unlike any establishment you’ve been to before. You see, long ago we found that boys seem to have an inherent perverted nature. Not all display it but if remained unchecked it could lead to gross inappropriate behaviour towards women in the male’s adult life. Did you know that every male accrues an erection in the early hours of the morning? Some refer to it colloquially as ‘morning glory’. Its proper name is nocturnal penile tumescence. Do you know why this happens?”

Amanda shook her head.

“I’m not surprised. Not even the top anatomical or biological scholars know why. Perhaps it is just further proof of a male’s perverted nature. Anyway, we have turned out many distinguished gentlemen who have all been very grateful to attend this college realising the benefit they have received.”

The Dean went on to explain more about this college system then sent Amanda and Sophie to the admin department to get a new college ID card. Unsurprisingly, Amanda could not be found on the system but the admin staff insisted that it must have been an error on their part since she had made it passed security.

With a new ID card and class rota, a dorm had to be arranged and somehow, Sophie managed to fix it so that Amanda would be sharing with her.

Sophie opened the door to their dorm and pointed to the two other rooms that off shot the main room explaining one was the shower, the other the WC. Still in the doorway, Amanda noticed something a bit odd. There was only one bed. It was a big bed, Queen Size in fact but she was wondering about her bed.

“Where do I sleep?”

“There,” Sophie said pointing to the one bed.

“Where do you sleep?”

“There,” Sophie said pointing to the same bed.

It seemed a little unusual but Amanda figured that they were both girls so it wouldn’t be a problem.

She was actually quite exhausted with the eventful day she had just had. She was about to crawl up into bed when there was a knock on the door.

“Guardian Stacy here, I’ve brought your charge.”

A boy was ushered into the room and Amanda was more confused than ever.

“His name is Louis and I don’t think you’ll have to worry about this one as he’s been a good boy so far with no unauthorised erections, ejaculations or other misdemeanours.

Louis sat on the bed looking very timid. Sophie bid farewell to Guardian Stacy and saw the perplexed look on Amanda’s face.

“He’s our charge for the night,” Sophie said as if that would explain everything. When she saw it didn’t, she elaborated, “As the Dean said earlier, boys seem to have an inherent perverted nature. They cannot be trusted to be by themselves for a moment otherwise before you know it, their hands will be straight down their pants, jerking their dicks. As it is against the rules for boys to get erections and it is definitely against the rules for boys to masturbate, we have to watch over them. It’s all in the handbook.”

She picked up Amanda’s handbook, flicked through a few pages and began reading, “…every boy must sleep in a bed with at least two females to make sure he is not tempted to masturbate. This boy is known as a charge and is under the care of the females. The boy is not allow to wear any clothes in bed so that he cannot try to hide an erection or hide any activity he is not supposed to be doing under his clothing. Periodically throughout the night, the girls should take it in turns to fondle the boy to make sure he does not have an erection. During the waking hours of the morning, penile tumescence will be ignored provided it does not last longer than three minutes …”

Amanda was still trying to comprehend it all but then something occurred to her, “It didn’t say what we’re allowed to wear in bed.”

“Oh, we can wear anything we like but it usually gets quite hot so I generally sleep naked.”

“Really?! With a naked boy in the bed?!”

“You don’t have to worry about that. I’m sure he’ll be a good boy and mind his own business, isn’t that right little pervert?”

Louis looked even shyer and a little embarrassed, looking down at the floor.

Sophie directed everyone to get ready for bed. Following the rules, Louis stood up to take his clothes off but Sophie wasn’t happy with the way he was facing the wall. “Ah-hem, this way round Louis, we’d like to make sure you’re not getting an erection.”

As if Louis couldn’t be more embarrassed, he turned to face Amanda and Sophie and continued to strip. Amanda didn’t know where to look but as soon as Louis dropped his pants, Sophie stared straight at his lip penis not taking her eyes off it till he got under the covers.

Bold as brass, Sophie began to take her clothes off and now it was Louis who didn’t know where to look. Amanda discreetly changed into a nightshirt and though not prudish, she was thankful Sophie left on her vest and panties though  she couldn’t help eying her friend’s body again, noticing once more her hour glass figure which was sumptuously curvy.

After the three of them were settled in the bed, Sophie suddenly sprang up, “You know what? I don’t think I can be bothered to keep checking that Louis’s not masturbating and that his dick is lip during the night. I’ve got a different way to make sure he can’t jerk off.”

She got out and rummaged under the bed producing some rope. She made Louis lie on his back on the right side of the bed and tied his hands to the head board and bound his ankles to the foot end.

“There you go, now there’s no way he can fiddle about with his dick!”

Amanda could see that Louis wanted to complain but thought better of it. She lay on her back on the left side of the bed and Sophie lay in the middle very close to her. Sophie was so close that Amanda could feel her body heat and smell her natural scent on her skin. This was sending confusing signals through  Amanda’s body.
Sophie leaned up on one arm facing her and began a conversation which eventually got onto the subject of boys.
Amanda explained her bad luck with them and that because she was pretty, boys often sort to take advantage of her. She had had to build up a bit of a bitchy image to keep them at bay. Sophie understood having had some similar experiences in the past. “Us girls have to stick together,” she added.

The two fell silent and just stared at each other. Without warning, Sophie leaned over and kissed Amanda on the lips. Amanda instinctively wanted to pull back and break contact. She was tense but Sophie’s kiss felt so gentle and soft. She found herself giving in to it.

“This is crazy!” she thought.

With the way she had been brought up and the fact that she was expected to conform to social conventions, it felt wrong for her to be kissing Sophie. But it also felt so right. She wanted more. She parted her lips and let her tongue slide out not sure how it would be received. A little burst of joy flooded through her as her tongue was met with Sophie’s. She relaxed into the kiss and enjoyed it.

Suddenly, Sophie sprang up again and threw the covers off the bed looking at Louis’s dick which was now semi erect.

I knew it! Can’t two girls share an intimate moment without a boy perving on them?! We should call a Guardian!”

“N… n… no, I wasn’t! Honest! Please, I… please don’t call a Guardian! It will go away in a minute,” Louis begged.

Sophie looked at Amanda and a devious glint flashed across her face. “Okay Louis, we won’t call a Guardian, but in return we’re going to have a little fun.” It was obvious to Amanda that Louis didn’t like the sound of that but he figured it was better than the other option.

Sophie went into the bathroom and came back with what looked like a small bottle of lubricant. Amanda realised that Sophie wanted to re-enact what they witnessed earlier with the two Guardians testing the resolve of the boy named Simon Spencer.

With the exposure and the embarrassment he was now feeling, Louis’s dick had shrivelled up. Sophie went to his side of the bed, lubed up her hands and began to gently pull his soft dick in all directions for a few moments.

“Oh look, it’s growing,” Sophie said with a little chuckle as his erection started to form again.

She gave his semi erect dick a little squeeze and clear fluid oozed out.

Wait…, is that pre-cum?!” Sophie said giggling. “What a loser!” She burst into laughter.

Amanda felt a bit bad for Louis as he was clearly humiliated by all this but Sophie’s laughter was becoming quite infectious and she couldn’t help chuckling too.

Sophie threw more jibes in, “Look at his ball sack! It’s soooooo wrinkly!” Her laughter increased and she was having a good time. She continued to stroke his cock and it had now reached a full erection. “What a pervert!” she said. “It didn’t take him long, did it Amanda?” Sophie paused then added, “He’s very hard but is that all you’ve got Louis?” With that remark she erupted into more laughter unable to maintain her poise.

Amanda could see that Louis’s dick wasn’t actually that small but Sophie said that for effect. Sophie poured more lube over his dick and began stroking again continuing to make fun of him. Amanda was finding Sophie’s remarks and ridicule genuinely funny and after a while she began to join in.

“His dick got bigger but his balls got smaller!” Amanda said. Sophie really liked that one and the two girls squealed with laughter trying to catch their breaths.

Louis realised that if the girls made him have an unauthorised ejaculation, he would be in severe trouble with the Guardians so he started pleading, “Please don’t make me cum!”

Sophie already knew the gravity of the situation and said to him, “tell me when you’re just about to and I’ll stop.” She continued to pump his dick, making sure she applied lots of heavenly pressure on his sensitive cock head all the while poking fun at him and laughing. After a while, Amanda could see that Louis’s stomach was starting to undulate, his breathing stopped and started accompanied by grunts and groans.

“Listen to the stupid noises he’s making!” she said instigating more laughter from her and Sophie.

Suddenly, through gritted teeth, Louis yelled, “I’m gonna cum!!” Sophie immediately let go of his dick. He didn’t cum but his dick spasmed and jerked around back and forth hitting his belly several times. Both girls looked at each other and fell about with raucous laughter at the sight of his dick springing up and down.

“Look at it! Look at it! Boing! Boing! Boing!” Sophie hollered in excitement commentating on the actions of Louis’ cock.

A moment later, his dick began to settle down and the two girls recovered from their fits of laughter. With more lube Sophie picked up his member and began jerking it again, sliding her slippery hands all over his bulbous cock head. Louis’s grunting picked up once more.

“I bet he’s so perverted that he wishes this was more than my hands rubbing all over his dick,” she said.

“Yeah!” Amanda joined in. “I bet he wishes it was your lush, warm wet mouth,” she said thinking back to the kiss they shared.

“Is that right pervert? Do you wish that it was my mouth all over your cock instead of my hands?” Sophie asked as she continued to caress his dick. “Or maybe you wish that it was my tight sweet silky pussy sliding all over your cock?”

Louis couldn’t take anymore of the physical or verbal stimulation. He clenched his eyes and gasped, “I gonna cum!”

Sophie let go of his cock and once again his dick sprang and jerked about, jolting up and down as if it had a life of its own. This seemed even funnier than the first time and the two girls screeched with hysterical laughter, rolling about the floor, their eyes filling with tears.

They somehow managed to compose themselves and settle down a bit.

“I’ve got to do that one more time!” Sophie announced.

Louis winced and could not contain the horror he was feeling. “Please don’t, I might cum. I’m very close!” he implored.

She completely ignored him and began jerking his dick again. As he was very aroused, it only took a few moments before he started to moan and groan and before long, he cried out, “I’M GONNA CUMMMM!!!”

Instead of letting his cock go, Sophie wrapped her hand firmly around the base of his engorged dick and squeezed holding it tight, making the rest of his dick swell up even tighter and harder.

Amanda was amazed at how plump his cock head now looked and how all the veins on his shaft were protruding. She didn’t know what Sophie was aiming for, perhaps trying to help him not orgasm, but it had the opposite effect. He groaned and moaned louder and his body started to shake then a mighty spurt of cum shot from his dick ejaculating straight up into the air.

Sophie and Amanda couldn’t help but explode into laughter again with Sophie shrieking, “Ewwwww! That’s disgusting!” With the tightness she was holding the base of his erect penis, his cum didn’t spurt anymore but spunk continued to ooze from his dick trickling down his shaft over her hand. “Yuck! Look at it dribbling out!” she said still laughing.

When Louis caught his breath he said, “You promised you wouldn’t make me cum.”

Sophie shifted the blame. “Wasn’t my fault. If you weren’t so perverted you wouldn’t have cum no matter what I did.” He wanted to argue but just gave up. Sophie untied him so he could clean himself up but so that she could keep an eye on him, she made him stand in front of them by the bed while he did so.

There was a quick knock on the door and it swung open. It was Guardian Stacy again.

“Girls, I just forgot to mention…” She saw Louis standing by the bed, butt naked, dick in hand and cum all over him and drew her own conclusions.

I don’t believe it! Just because you hear me tell the girls that you’d be no trouble, you use the situation to take advantage of them and force them to watch you masturbate, using them as wank material! How dare you!!

“But I…” Louis tried to say.

“Silence pervert!” It is going to be a very serious punishment for you! Come with me pervert!” Louis went to grab his clothes.

“NO! You don’t deserve to wear them! A Guardian will fetch them in the morning. Come with me now!” She ordered a naked and sorrowful Louis out the door turned to the girls and told them she was very sorry about all this then left.

Amanda felt quite bad having helped gotten Louis in trouble. “What will happen to him?”

“I don’t know. There’s a whole range of punishments they can inflict on bad boys, from a paddle to their butts to a ball spanking.”

Amanda was aghast.

“Don’t worry, they’re not trying to make them infertile. They’re spanked on the balls very lightly. It doesn’t really hurt them, just makes them feel really uncomfortable. There are many other punishments of course. Some are top secret to keep the air of mystique and foreboding to frighten the boys into being good.” Sophie’s eyes stared off into the distance. “I love being mean to the boys,” she said thinking about what had just taken place.

Amanda lay on the bed and realised she had been highly turned on by the power she had felt over Louis while he was tied to the bed. Sophie slumped on the bed rolling close to her. “So… where were we before that boy got his erection?”

Amanda’s heart started to pound at the thought of kissing Sophie again. She really wanted to but didn’t want to be so forward as she was still apprehensive about kissing another girl. She needn’t have worried. Sophie leaned in and kissed her and it was even more beautiful than the first time.

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    1. base

      Side trips are fine. There are many different college campuses with varying Codes of Conduct. A well written story is welcomed here, too.

      I’ve always wondered about “CCC meets BSC” possibilities. Or introducing a bit of the Naked in School theme here, too.

      1. Slick P. Wraith Post author

        What’s BSC?
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          Here’s a description I cut and pasted from their Yahoo group:

          Blanke Schande College is a CMNF college. The college’s rules require all female students to be totally naked at all times while on campus. Male students dress normally. Female professors and staff are also usually naked—-to set a good example and because they like it.

          The following rules were designed by the college administration to enforce the required nudity of female students:

          1. Female students will remain naked at all times during their stay on campus.

          2. Any female student wearing clothes at any time on campus will be subject to penalties up to, and including, immediate expulsion.

          3. Female nudity will be required by students participating in academic and athletic activities at home and away from campus.

          4. The preservation of female modesty by covering the body or any similar act is totally inappropriate at any time while on campus.

          5. As expressed in the student contract: while on campus, a female student shall never purposely cover or conceal any part of her body, and she shall be required, whenever requested, to expose or reveal any part of her body (or assume an erotic pose) as may be necessary to assist other persons in having an unobstructed view of her naked body. [This practice is sometimes referred to casually as “presenting”.]

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    hey…… i have a question….not about this post……umm can sum1 please tell me the name of the girl on the logo with the yellow,blue and red top ? i’d very much appreciate it….

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    Is This a real place. If so than you people need to go back to highschool and relearn your human biology beacause sexual excitement is involontary. Sure it can be caused by volontary means, but it can also be caused by your situation. You see sexual exictment is caused by an impulse from the brain to your blood vessels. This impulse can ether constrict or expand the blood vessel. Your brain sends this impulses to multiple blood vessels so that a majority of your blood flow is directed to your genitals. This can be caused by a number of different things, it can even happen with something as small is a cold breeze. So STOP PUNISHING GIRLS OVER IT! Also I would like to point out that if one of you boys rapes a girl and that girl happens to have a baby because of it YOU JUST SCREWED BOTH OF YOUR LIVES you will have to take care of the child and that will take up a ton of your time, so much time that you will have to drop out of college at and up in a dead end job some where.

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      I’d like to invite you down to the college and give you a tour. You could speak to the students and hear their views on things. Once you’ve seen the campus first hand, I’m sure it will allay a few of your concerns and give you an improved opinion of the college.

      We could even extent the hospitality and do something very special just for you. We could let you take the place of an inspector and perform a punishment on a female student who has been caught sexually aroused in public. You could interview her while consensually raping her and she’ll be able to give you her genuine thoughts on her punishment and life at the college in general.

      Do reply with a suitable date and time and we can get this all arranged for you at your earliest convenience.

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    I wonder, after several nights like this, if sleeping next to two beautiful girls who periodically fondle him won’t give him an erection, then what will?


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