The Parallel CCC Part 1 – Prologue

Amanda curled up in the corner of the dark cold room. To think that up till just last week she was having the time of her life at the college but things had gone downhill fast, culminating in today being the worst day of her life here and it had all began with Jason and his stupid demonstration.

She had always been an exemplary student, in grades and dress code, she’d never been fully inspected or been found in violation of the dress code. She always tried to help her fellow female students with the best way to follow the code but they seemed to think she was showing off rather than trying to be helpful. Ever since that demonstration, devious male students had been ‘trying it on’ with her, faking reasons to stop her for inspections. They knew full well they didn’t have a reason to suspect that she might be in violation but wanted to be on the highly exclusive list of boys who had ‘done’ Amanda, a list with only one member so far – Jason.

Earlier today, a group of boys who were too horny for their own good managed to corner her when she was on her own and there were not many people around. They insisted that she should strip for an inspection. Ordinarily, she would have obliged but in this case, she could see that all these boys wanted to do was screw her. She could tell that regardless of what they found, they were all going to lie and back each other up and claim that she got sexually aroused in public and say that they had to do their duty and consensually rape her. Knowing what the outcome was going to be, she did something that no girl has ever done in the history of the college when faced with an inspection, legitimate or otherwise.

She ran.

The boys chased after her spreading the word that Amanda was trying to evade an inspection which was severely against the rules. She spent the day on the run, briefly hiding out here or there. Every so often she managed to discretely get the attention of a friend who informed her that she had become the talk of the college. There was a ‘manhunt’ on for her. With every hour that went by, more and more male students were press ganged into helping find her. This had even reached the Dean’s desk and he was said to be furious, stating Amanda had to be apprehended no matter what the cost.

The college security had boys stationed at every exit so she couldn’t leave the campus. In her frenzied attempts of escape, she had found herself running through parts deep within the college that she never knew existed and wound up in this room. She had been hiding out in here for the past few hours and it was now late and dark outside and as if to add to the oppressive atmosphere, the night sky had clouded over hiding most of the moonlight that was trying to stream through the sole tiny window right at the top of the wall in the room she was in.

“Where exactly am I?” she wondered.

She looked around and judging by the position of the window, realised that she must be in a basement room. She noticed lots of shelving, books, different types of equipment and many other things and everything seemed to be covered in dust. She stood and wandered around the room thinking about what she was going to do. Running from those boys in an inspection situation was madness. She should have just stayed and endured it. But she could not let herself be subjected to being used like a sex toy. Then she suddenly thought that she should take her case directly to the Dean. With her reputation and good record he was bound to listen to her. Or was he? It was well known that in a dispute, he often seemed to take the side of the boy over the girl, no matter what the circumstances were. No, her instincts led her to do the right thing in running. But that brought her back to the pressing question: What was she going to do now?

She continued to walk around the room looking at the various abandoned dust covered objects. Her bare arm brushed against something that caught her attention. She was standing next to a large object that was about her height and was covered with a very soft plush material which felt like thick velvet. She dragged the material off the object and found herself staring at her own reflection in a very ornate and pristine mirror. The face of it was spotless. She stood back to look at the beautiful object in all its glory then sat back against the far wall opposite the mirror returning her attention to her current dilemma.

As she was deep in thought, the moon broke through the cloud. A beam of light hit the mirror and what seemed like an unnatural brightness radiated from it catching her eye. She instantly looked up at the mirror and what she saw perplexed her. She was looking at the reflection of the room she was in but in the mirror it looked like daytime. She then noticed several other things wrong. None of the objects looked old or dusty. They all looked new or currently in use. She suddenly realised that something was missing; her own reflection! She sprang up to get a closer look. The moon clouded over and the bright daytime reflection faded away, replaced with the dark night time image that one would expect to see.

“How odd!” she thought. Was the trauma of her day making her imagine things?

She dragged the mirror more in front of the window and tried to peek out to see when the moon would break again but couldn’t quite see from her position as the window was too high. She left the mirror where it was, stood back and waited. It felt like a very long time and she had just about convinced herself she was imagining things when the moon broke again and rays of light hit the mirror fading away the current dull reflection, presenting the bright, crisp one from before.

“This is too weird,” she said to herself as she approached it in disbelief. She stretched her hand out to touch the reflection and as her fingers made contact, she felt an unstoppable force attracting her, pulling her into the mirror.

She tried to pull back and resist but could not break free as she went tumbling through the mirror.



Amanda opened her eyes to find herself in a bright sunny but cluttered room. She looked around frantically and it seemed the same as before except it was now daytime. She looked into the mirror and saw herself staring back. It was daytime in the reflection too. Maybe she had just fallen asleep and had dreamt the whole thing.

She continued to look around the room which was fairly clean then looked at herself and realised that she had a fair bit of dust on her hands and clothes which couldn’t have come from anything in this room because nothing was dusty. Now she was very confused.

She looked at the only door to the room and decided the best way to find out what was going on was to step outside.

She slowly walked out. There was no one around but as she made her way to the main part of the college she could hear the hustle and bustle of college students. As she walked the halls, everything looked different but somehow familiar at the same time. The layout of the college was exactly as she knew but the posters and other things on the walls looked completely foreign to her.

As she reached the more populated part of the college, she noticed that the female students had an air of confidence about them as they walked around the halls and the boys she saw looked a little nervous trying not to draw attention to themselves. She came to a main intersection and stopped to observe.

There were two girls standing nearby but they were dressed differently from the rest, wearing what looked a bit like saucy police uniforms. One had some sort of utility belt on. She seemed to be the more senior of the two. The other was holding a tablet computer. They greeted and smiled at most of the girls who passed them by but eyed over any of the boys that crossed them suspiciously.

Many students moved through the intersection in the short time Amanda was watching. One boy came through the double doors that led to this area but when he spotted the two girls, he made a sharp U-turn and headed back the way he came.

“STOP!!!” the girl with the utility belt yelled. Every boy in the vicinity froze on the spot. All the girls acted as if they hadn’t heard the command and continued about their business.

“You, by the doors wearing the green sweatshirt,” the girl said describing the boy who did the U-turn.

He slowly turned around and headed towards the two girls. Every other boy slipped away as quietly as they could.

When the boy had reached them, the one who called him said, “We saw you try to evade us when you spotted us. What are you trying to hide?” The other girl took his ID card and scanned it into her tablet.

“Let’s see. Simon Spencer,” she read.

“Pull up his Ejac Record,” the senior girl said.

“Got it, Lydia. His last ejaculation was at the scheduled time and he’s had no unauthorised Ejacs since then.”

“So why were you trying to hide from us?” Lydia asked him rhetorically. “Could it be he’s trying to hide an erection from us, Jeanine? Let’s see if this pervert is hard. Drop your pants,” she ordered Simon.

Amanda watched on bemused as to what was happening. “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore,” she whispered under her breath.

Simon reluctantly pulled his trousers and boxers down and lifted his top so that his dick and balls were on full view.

“Hmm…,” Lydia said, “he doesn’t look hard. Let’s check to see if he was stifling one.”  To Amanda’s great surprise, Lydia grabbed Simon’s lip dick and started fondling him, gently pulling and stretching his cock this way and that way.

“Oh, looks like the pervert’s starting to get hard,” she said as his erection began to grow.

“What a disgusting boy he is,” Jeanine said as Simon’s dick reached full mast. “I’m going to log his erection violation,” she said tapping into her tablet.

By now, other girls had stopped to watch what was happening, most of them highly amused.

“Yes, the pervert has proved that it doesn’t take him much to get hard. We better do a Resolve Test. Get ready to start the timer,” Lydia said reaching for something on her utility belt that Amanda realised was a pump bottle. She addressed Simon, “if you make it… let’s say…, 60 seconds without ejaculating, then we’ll let you leave with just a warning.”

Simon gulped looking down at his stiff dick. Lydia pumped the bottle a few times getting a clear liquid on her hands. She smoothed it over then slid both her hands all over Simon taught cock.

“Ready Jeanine? Go!

Jeanine started the timer on her tablet and Lydia simultaneously started pumping Simon’s stiff dick with both hands. Every time her feminine hands slid over his penis head, he would let out a stifled grunt and looked like he was in anguish. Amanda could clearly see the strain on his face as he desperately tried to not enjoy the sensations of Lydia giving him a lovely hand job.

“30 seconds…!” Jeanine said. Lydia worked her hands faster, tightening her slippery grip on his cock, increasing the silky friction on his shaft and sensitive cock head. His legs started to tremble.

“15… “ Jeanine said. Lydia continued the hand job enthusiastically. Amanda was now aware of how much noise Lydia’s slippery hands were making on his cock. More girls had joined to watch, some of them snickered and giggled at the facial expressions Simon was making.

“10…. 9…. 8….,” Jeanine counted. Simon’s body began to tense. He threw his head back, squinted his eyes and gritted his teeth. He was trying so hard not to cum but with just 2 seconds to go, he let out a wail and copious amounts of spunk ejaculated from his dick.

Yuk! You’re right, Jeanine, this boy is disgusting! He’s so perverted that he couldn’t even last 60 seconds!”

“What punishment should I issue for him?” Jeanine asked.

“Book him in at the Punishment Room.”

Simon looked up at Lydia with horror. Absolute fear was in his eyes which Lydia could see. “Wait,” she said, “How long has he been at the college?”

Jeanine checked her tablet, “About a month.”

“Well then, he’s still new. We’ll give him a lesser punishment this time but there better not be a next time,” she said looking at Simon. “Mark down he’s to spend the rest of the day as a BOPP.”

Amanda saw a sigh of relief come over Simon’s face when it was established that he wouldn’t be sent to the Punishment Room but that relief turned to dread at alternative.

“Your trousers and boxers are confiscated for the rest of the day. You can pick them up from the Guardian’s office at 6 o’clock this evening,” Lydia told him.

He stepped out of his bottoms which were still around his ankles and Lydia scooped them up.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” she asked. “Move along!” she said giving him a very hard slap on his bare butt cheek, the shock of which made him jump. He walked off down the hall bottomless from the waist down.

As if things weren’t crazy enough for Amanda already, something even stranger happened next. As Simon made his way down the hall, she began to hear girls he passed laugh and saw them point at Simon’s dick and it seemed he wasn’t allowed to shield himself from view. She heard one of them say: “Look at his pathetic penis! Ha Ha!” Simon was so embarrassed, especially as his now semi lip dick was dribbling a little bit of cum still. Simon left Amanda’s field of vision and the laughter and mocking could still be heard.

“You must be new here,” a voice next to her said. Amanda nearly leapt out of her skin, she had no idea someone was standing right beside her. She turned to see a very beautiful girl looking back at her. As heterosexual as Amanda was, even she could see that this girl was strikingly beautiful.

“Hello, I’m Sophie. I could tell by the look on your face you’ve not seen that before.”

“Err… yes. I’m Amanda. What was that?”

“Those two girls are Guardians. They enforce the rules around here. That was a boy on public punishment – a BOPP. It’s in the handbook. Have you not read it yet?”

Amanda slowly shook her head.

“A boy is placed on public punishment for braking one of the many rules they have to follow. If you see a BOPP coming towards you, you must do your duty as a female student and point and laugh at him… and his penis.”

Amanda had a confused look on her face.

“It’s for his own good,” Sophie continued, “If the boy has broken a rule and has become a BOPP for the day, we must embarrass and humiliate him so that he learns his lesson and doesn’t offend again. It’s all in the handbook in your newbie pack. Where is your newbie pack?” she asked looking about Amanda realising that she wasn’t even carrying a bag. “Don’t tell me you’ve lost it. Typical newbie!

Amanda didn’t know what to say. She could hardly tell her that she’d just come through a magic mirror!

“Never mind. I’ll take you to the Dean and we’ll get you a new one,” Sophie said.

Amanda fell into step beside her as they made their way to the Dean’s office. She took in the strange sights of this new college and wondered what was to come.

15 thoughts on “The Parallel CCC Part 1 – Prologue

  1. evaluator

    A clever angle, similar to some earlier material that’s not from a totally misogynist perspective. But still pretty interesting, particularly when we wonder how the punishment might be implemented.

  2. No one

    There was a time when the CCC was not written from a “totally misogynist perspective.”? links?

    Anyways while this isn’t what I come here for, its very interesting. I’m anxious to see it continued. and please do finish it, I hate to see promising and well written series just die midway though the story.

    Also, congratz on making me feel empathy for Amanda. The CCC is normally too silly evoke actual feeling.

    1. Dragavan

      “There was a time when the CCC was not written from a ‘totally misogynist perspective.’? links?”

      I guess that would really depend on what you consider a “totally misogynist perspective”, but I agree that the early stories weren’t like recent crop of stories at all. I liked the early stories a lot, so I am partially saddened by this, but as long as people are enjoying them and they are well written (which many of these seem to be) I say more power to them. Go with what works and enjoy it.

      If you are interested in the older stories (and not just the ones found in the archives here, but the really old ones) you can find the original site still mostly intact over at Some of the image links are broken and the site seems a little sluggish at times, but you can still find the complete list of original stories there.

      I found the early Donna & Crysta stories to be light hearted and fun, without feeling more cruel and misogynistic at all (in my opinion). I still go back and read them occasionally. I will be truly sad if that site ever goes away.

      As Richard grew his series and evolved the rules of the school, it became more of what you see today, but that process of change took years and was a slow gradual growth that you didn’t notice at first. Then suddenly you realized that the storied you were reading weren’t the same kind you started reading, even though you couldn’t put your finger on why until you went back and read the early ones.

      And in case you are looking for history of this growth, it started with that site (, then moved to before finally moving to this site. But most (if not all) of the stories from the site are in the archive here, so there is no real reason to go there.

      And there I go with an overly long response to a simple question again… Go me.


      1. Slick P. Wraith Post author

        Thanks for the history lesson Dragavan. I’ve always wondered about the very first story.

  3. Anon Y. Mous

    TBH? Not super clear why the anti-CCC is showing up on the CCC site. I guess maybe if it’s a Star Trek kind of thing where eventually the good (well, “good”, anyway) side triumphs over the evil mirror universe and all is once more set right with the world, I could see it.

    Otherwise (if it’s just being done for the sake of doing it), then while different people certainly can have different conceptions of what this site means and what it’s for, I think “something at least pertaining to the actual CCC ideas and the ideas of the actual Campus” isn’t too stringent of a line to draw, if you follow. I don’t have an objection to you doing this sort of writing if you like it – I can see getting at least a laugh out of it myself, though I’m sure some would have …other reactions. But femdom/CFENM seems like it belongs on a different blog than this, if this blog means anything at all.

    Just one man’s $0.02, anyway.

    1. Anon Y. Mous

      Oh and also, in case it wasn’t clear enough yet that I’m kind of a pedant – while “sites”, meaning locations, actually is a perfectly valid word in this context (it’s certainly imaginable that this new campus might have some strange architecture or what have you), I’m pretty sure you were actually wanting “sights”, meaning things to be seen, there.

      1. Slick P. Wraith Post author

        Yep, my mistake, thanks for that.
        I appreciate all comments and can understand why some people wouldn’t like it, however, it’s not an anti-CCC series, just an alternative view or a ‘what it’s like when the boot is on the other foot’ kind of thing.
        Since this site won’t be flooded with this type of story I’m sure it’s fine to include it here.
        As for getting a laugh out of it, I think the next one in this series is quite funny but I’ll let ya’ll be the judge of that…

  4. William Kazak

    This is a marvelous story and I would like to continue reading this story. I always wondered why only the girls get manipulated and humiliated at school. After all, fantasy is entertaining, so if you don’t care for it, then don’t read it.

  5. evaluator

    Examples of material not totally misogynist? Not much, but there were two or three posts by “jim” and some of the Global Warming Wednesday posts involving the professor.

  6. Corruption Killer

    Is This a real place. If so than you people need to go back to highschool and relearn your human biology beacause sexual excitement is involontary. Sure it can be caused by volontary means, but it can also be caused by your situation. You see sexual exictment is caused by an impulse from the brain to your blood vessels. This impulse can ether constrict or expand the blood vessel. Your brain sends this impulses to multiple blood vessels so that a majority of your blood flow is directed to your genitals. This can be caused by a number of different things, it can even happen with something as small is a cold breeze. So STOP PUNISHING GIRLS OVER IT! Also I would like to point out that if one of you boys rapes a girl and that girl happens to have a baby because of it YOU JUST SCREWED BOTH OF YOUR LIVES you will have to take care of the child and that will take up a ton of your time, so much time that you will have to drop out of college at and up in a dead end job some where.

    1. base

      We may be needing a refresher in high school biology, because, I do not recall this subject ever coming up (pun intended). “Is This a real place”? Are you serious? Are you lacking a high school diploma?

      Of course it is real. These are real life accounts of real people. You read the stories yourself. Cannot you believe your own eyes?

      Some consider the response to public displays of sexual arousal as a punishment. Yet here at the college, we do not see it so much as a punishment as a learning opportunity. that is what college is all about – learning. No one argues that sexual arousal can happen, it is the public display of such. that requires corrective action.

      Pregnancies? condoms and birth control pills are readily available. The more experienced enforcers of the rules often have the big-“V”. Some backwater universities my not accept pregnant women in the student body, but here, we find the formation of life as a wonderful thing. We would never send a pregnant mother away. Plus, with dorms filled with experienced baby sitters, a single mother can find plenty of time to study. Breast feeding the baby is natural whether on campus or in the dorms. Some professors are even willing to test that your breast milk is sweet and not soured.


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