The Minder (archives)

Knock, knock, knock.

Donna woke up slowly.  No one knocks here, the door is always open.  She opened one eye, and peered at the door.  A cute boy.  She smiled at him as she pushed her naked roommate off her, and stumbled out of bed.  “Hi,” she croaked, glad she was wearing a top.

“Hi,” he said, still standing just outside the open door.

“I’m sorry,” Donna laughed.  “Come in.”

He stepped gingerly over the clothes strewn on the floor, and glanced awkwardly at the naked body on the bed.

“How can I help you?” Donna asked, sitting on the empty bed.  She crossed her legs modestly, and wished her top were a tad longer.

It was past 9 on a Saturday morning, and it seemed like Donna and this cute boy were the only two people awake.  “I’m Brad,” he said, extending a hand, which Donna shook shyly.  “The College sent me to investigate how the students feel about living on campus.  They want to know about the social life, how the students feel about the College, whether there are too many rules, or too few, that kind of thing.”

“I see,” Donna said, tentatively.  But she didn’t really get it.

“If it’s OK with you, I would like to follow you around for a week, and get a feel for your situation.”  He bathed her with his adorable blue eyes.

“Are you a student here?”

“I was, not too long ago.  And now, if it’s OK with you…”

“So you’re going to follow me around and pretend you’re a student?”

“Well, yeah, if…”

“You’re gonna go to all my classes with me?”

“Um, I was thinking…”

“Will you hold my hand?”

“If you like.”  He smiled.

“If I kiss you, will you kiss me back?”

This was better than he had dreamed.  “Well, sure,” he said, beaming.  “if it would make a good cover.”

“So you’re going to pretend to be my boyfriend, and you’re going to follow me around wherever I go.”


“I’m not doing it unless you say yes.” Donna pouted.  When she saw him glancing at her pussy, she realized she had been forgetting to keep her legs crossed.

“Yes,” he said.

“Yes what?”

“Yes, I’ll pretend to be your boyfriend, and I’ll follow you around like a puppy dog.”

Donna held out a hand, and took his hand in hers.  She pulled him to the bed, took off his shirt, and kissed him.  True to his promise, he kissed her back.  He was a good kisser.  They both laughed.  This will be fun.

* * *

“Who’s your new friend?” asked Crysta.

Donna had fallen asleep, and at first it seemed like a dream.  “His name is Brad,” she said, dreamily.  As the cobwebs cleared, she realized she was naked, and felt around the bed for her top, but all she could find was his shirt, so she put it on.  “You should put on some clothes, Crysta.”


“Because…” Donna motioned to the sleeping boy on the bed, wearing nothing but his boxer shorts.

Crysta smiled, and pointed a finger at Donna, “you like him, don’t you!”

Donna chased her sexy roommate around their room for a second before pinning her on the bed they share.  “Maybe,” she giggled, and then kissed her.  “So put on some clothes, OK?”  Donna hadn’t bothered to button Brad’s shirt, so her breasts were an easy reach for Crysta.  Donna moaned as Crysta massaged them.

“Okay,” Crysta said, and got up from the bed.  She put on a half-shirt, and admired herself in the mirror.  The bottoms of her ample tits were out in the open, but at least her nipples were covered.

“What about wearing a skirt, too,” Donna suggested.

Crysta ripped off her shirt in a huff.  “Since when have you been so interested in how I dress?”  But she knew the answer: since Brad walked into Donna’s life.  She rummaged a little more, and found a baby-doll dress she liked.  It was pink and semi-sheer.  “How about this?”

“Can you wear the panties with it, too?”  They were sheer, so wearing them was really just symbolic.  With a sigh, she put on the panties.

“Thank you.” Donna wrapped her arms around Crysta, and gave her a kiss.  She glanced at Brad.  “Shall we wake sleeping beauty?”

“Wait,” Crysta said.  She crept over to the bed where he was sleeping, and gently traced his breast bone with one finger.  She leaned over him, letting her hair caress his chest, and then his face.  Then she kissed him ever so sweetly.  His eyes popped open, and then he smiled.

“Sleeping beauty awakes!” said the girls in unison, and then laughed.

“Let’s get some breakfast,” Donna said, pulling Brad up by one hand.  He looked around dopily for his shirt, and then realized Donna was wearing it.  He grabbed for it, but Donna pulled away.  “I’m wearing this shirt!”  She buttoned it up.  It came half-way down to her knees.

“Then what can I wear?” Brad asked, petulantly.

“You can wear what you have on, for all I care,” Donna said.

“You mean, topless?”  It sounded funny from a boy, but yes.  Donna nodded, and led the way out of their room.  Brad could have put on his pants, but he needed to fit in, so he just wore his boxers.  Like a puppy dog, Brad followed the girls down the stairs.

* * *

When they got to the dining hall, the girls flashed their student ids, but, of course, Brad didn’t have one, so the cashier asked him to pay.  Brad whispered something to him, but he didn’t seem to understand.  Crysta removed her panties, and offered them to the cashier, but Brad said that wouldn’t be necessary.

Donna laughed.  “You really want to get rid of those panties, don’t you!”

A supervisor appeared, and waved Brad through.  “Oh,” said Crysta, “VIP treatment!”

The threesome went down the ramp, and joined the food line.  Crysta recognized a girl from her calculus class.  “Hi, Helga”

“Oh, hi Crysta,” she squeaked.  Donna winced.  Helga meant well, though, and she always wore the cutest clothes.  Today’s outfit was a backless dress with a halter top, and nothing but two straps that crossed in the middle of her back.  Crysta patted Helga’s bare butt, and Helga returned the gesture.  “Panties, today, Crysta?”

Crysta sighed and glanced at Brad and Donna, who were kissing.  “Donna made me dress up.”

Helga laughed, and spread her legs as Crysta continued to rub her firm buns.

When Brad came up for air, he extended a hand to Helga.

“Enchantee”, she said, and then squeaked again.

“I like your, um, dress,” Brad said, awkwardly.

“Thank you.” She curtsied.  “I like these apron style dresses, because I can wear them much longer than an ordinary skirt or dress.”  She smoothed the front of her dress against her legs.  This one reached half-way down her thighs.

Brad seemed perplexed.  “Why can’t you wear an ordinary dress that long?”

Helga looked at Crysta and Donna, then back to Brad.  “Well,” she started.

Donna interrupted, “It’s the Dress Code, honey,” she said, stroking his cheek with one finger.

Brad still did not understand.

“The inspections,” Crysta explained.

“But there’s no shame in being inspected,” Brad parroted the company line.  “as long you’re following the Dress Code, that is.”

“Would you like to be stripped in public?” Helga asked, tugging on his boxers.

Brad reached for his waistband.  “Well, no, but…”

“Well, we don’t like it much, either.”

“But it’s necessary, because otherwise some girls will cheat the Dress Code.  A certain number of girls have to be inspected every day, just to keep the threat out there.”

“I know it’s necessary,” said Helga, “but I still prefer it if someone else gets inspected instead of me.”

Brad was still not getting it, but there was no time for chit-chat.  They had reached the front of the food line.  He watched as Helga leaned over to scoop out some eggs.

“It’s OK, Brad,” said Donna.  “You can pat her butt.  She expects it.”

Brad hesitated, so Donna showed him.  She patted her cheeks, and then traced the line of her butt crack from top to bottom.  Helga spread her legs apart out of habit, not even knowing who was fondling her.

“By leaving skin uncovered, girls invite fondling.”  Brad seemed surprised.  “It’s written in the Dress Code,” Donna explained.  She took his hand so that his palm was centered on her left cheek, and his fingers fit into Helga’s crack.  “It’s OK,” she said.  Helga spread her legs wider as Brad gently caressed Helga’s asshole, skirted her pussy, and then stroked the tender inner thigh of her left leg.

Brad smiled, “That’s kinda nice,” he said.

“You can feel a girl as long as you want, and she isn’t allowed to resist.”  Donna took Brad’s hand again, and placed it between Helga’s legs.  Helga kept her legs spread wide, and continued to lean forwards, even though she had finished scooping the eggs onto her plate.  With Donna’s help, Brad found the moist, tender, inner reaches of Helga’s crotch.

“She has to stand there until I’m done with her?” Brad asked.

“Yes,” Donna explained.  “It’s a rule designed to discourage girls from exposing too much skin.  You see, girls really prefer not to be fondled by strangers, so they will generally try to cover up as much as possible so they won’t be fondled.”

“I can understand that,” said Brad, still stroking Helga’s pussy.  “So then why do some girls leave their pretty butts uncovered?”

“I guess most of all, girls want to be pretty, and so we enjoy wearing sexy clothes.”  She just couldn’t bring herself to tell him the real reason, which is that an inspection is worse than an occasional fondling.

Helga was breathing hard and squeaking, her legs spread wider than ever.  She was bent over, bracing herself against the metal food case.  Her pussy was sopping wet, and her vagina was open.  Brad slid slippery fingers back and forth between her asshole and her vagina until she came with a number of loud squeals.

“Are you OK?” Brad asked her, wiping his fingers on her leg.

“Yes, I’m fine,” said Helga, regaining her composure, and moving along the line.

None of the students thought it was odd that a boy had just fondled a girl until she came.  This sort of thing was a regular occurrence on campus.  Girls who left their butts uncovered could expect to be brought to orgasm every now and then, and there wasn’t really anything they could do to avoid it, short of keeping their butt covered.

“Would you care to join us for breakfast?” asked Crysta.

“Oh, thanks, Crysta, I’d love to.”

* * *

Helga dried her pussy with a napkin and sat next to Crysta, as Brad and Donna sat opposite them.  “I can’t get over it,” she said.  “Crysta.  Wearing panties.”  She laughed and patted Crysta’s pussy through her sheer pink panties.

“Do you normally go without panties, Crysta” Brad asked innocently.

“Crysta is the queen of bottomless,” Helga laughed.

“That’s not true!” Crysta protested.  “Sure, I hardly ever wear panties, but that’s not the same thing as going bottomless.”

“Do you wear a skirt, then?” Brad asked.

Crysta laughed, “No, but I wear dresses that are plenty long enough to be decent.”

“How long does a dress have to be for you to feel decent?” Brad asked, innocently.

“Long enough, dear Bradley,” Crysta put on a fake British accent.  The girls laughed.

“Brad is fine,” he blushed.

After a few minutes, Helga announced, “I’ve got to go to the library and study.”

“I think I’ll take a shower,” Donna said.

“That sounds like fun,” Crysta said.  “Mind if I join you?”

“As long as you don’t mind Brad tagging along as well.”

“What?” Brad said.

Donna kissed him as a reminder that he was required to follow her everywhere.

“Oh, yes,” he cleared his throat.  “Let’s all shower together.”

Crysta giggled, and Donna smiled.

* * *

Back in their room, the girls stripped, but Brad was shy, apparently.  They waited but he still didn’t get the hint.  So they pantsed him, and admired his hard-on.  Donna patted his dick as she walked into the hall, stark naked.

“What about towels?” Brad asked.

“Don’t need ’em”, Crysta called out as she left the room.

With no other option, Brad joined the girls, naked in the hallway of the dorm, holding his dick in his hands, and praying he wouldn’t run into anyone he knew.

They went to the boys’ shower, because it was a communal style — one big tiled room with shower heads all around.  Brad was relieved that no one else was using the shower.  The girls turned on the water, and invited Brad to join them.  Donna soaped up Brad, paying special attention to his dick, which quickly became firm.  Crysta smoothed the suds all over Donna’s pretty body, and Brad took the opportunity to soap up Crysta — especially her enormous breasts.

As Donna continued to stroke Brad’s dick, Crysta made sure to wash his legs and butt.  Without warning, Brad erupted, barely missing Donna.  The girls hugged their new friend, and cuddled with him as the water slowly washed their suds away.

Donna noticed that Brad became soft and tender after he came, and she loved that about him.  They held hands as they walked back to their room.

“Do I still have to wear panties?” Crysta whined.

“I guess not,” Donna said, shaking her head.

“Goody!” Crysta said, as she put her baby-doll dress back on.  The smooth feminine curves of Crysta’s hips and butt were uninterrupted by panties, and Donna had to agree the dress looked quite a bit better without panties under it.

Brad and Donna both reached for Brad’s shirt.  He looked at her with puppy-dog eyes, and she laughed.  “OK, Brad.  I’ll let you wear your shirt.”  She began rummaging about, wondering what to wear.

Crysta suggested, “Why don’t you wear your guinea T?”

“Because it’s way too short to wear as a dress, that’s why.”

“Donna, we go through this every time.  And every time, I have to convince you it’s long enough.  It’s a great dress for you.  The length is perfect.

Donna didn’t say anything.  The fact is, Crysta harps away at Donna until Donna finally just gives in.  There’s no actual convincing going on here.  “OK, I’ll save you the trouble, and just wear it.”  She put found the skimpy thing, and put it on.  It was thin enough that her areolas and nipples were clearly visible through it, and that was actually a good thing, because it served to distract the viewer from the fact that her pussy was fully visible beneath the bottom of the tiny thing.

“Can you pull it down a bit?” asked Brad, helpfully.

Donna tugged at the bottom of her guinea T until it covered her, and Brad seemed satisfied.  But Donna knew it was only temporary.  The fabric had a lot of give to it, and seemed to always return to its natural size after a few minutes.  Brad watched Donna move about the room, and admired the way her micro-minidress covered the top part of her butt crack, leaving the majority of it available for his enjoyment.  She was thin, and her cheeks were firm, and so he was able to notice that her asshole was just barely covered by her dress, peaking out from time to time as she leaned forward.  Her legs were thin enough that her pussy was never completely hidden, but always barely visible between them.

“Can I ask you girls a silly question?”

“Sure, honey,” Donna put her arm around Brad, and stroked his chest.

“OK.” He wasn’t sure how to begin.  “I understand you’re not allowed to wear panties, because of the Dress Code.”  He paused to admire the beautiful long legs of his new girlfriends in their tiny dresses.  “But the idea was that you would wear longer dresses, knowing you would be naked under them.  So why do you still wear really short dresses?”

Donna looked at her roommate, and then at Brad.  She and Helga had tried already to explain this, but he didn’t seem to get it.  “It’s not enough to not wear panties,” Donna explained.  “It has to be obvious that we’re not wearing them.”

Brad still didn’t understand, so Crysta gave it a try.  “Some girls try to cheat the Dress Code by wearing panties,” she said.  “So when we go out in public, we don’t want people to think we’re cheating.”

Brad nodded, but it was clear he still didn’t get it.  “Come on, dear,” said Donna.  “Let’s go for a walk.  Then you’ll see.”

* * *

Donna took Brad by the hand, and Crysta with her other hand, and the three young beauties went down the stairs and out into the big bright campus.  Donna knew just where to go.  She reveled in her position between Brad and Crysta.  Each of them put an arm around her, each one grabbing one of her pretty cheeks.

Crysta laughed, “I know where we’re going — the Gauntlet.”

Donna agreed, “Yup.”

“The Gauntlet?” asked Brad.

“It’s the narrow path between the library and the student center.  It’s where we like to go to see girls being inspected.”

“You like to see girls being inspected?” asked Brad.  He knew inspections were necessary, to make sure they were following the Dress Code, but he had no idea it was a spectator sport.”

“Oh, yes,” Crysta said, “It’s a lot of fun, you’ll see.”

As they walked past the library, they came to a courtyard, where a number of students were relaxing.  At the far end was a gate, which is normally open, but it was closed at this time.

“Oh, good,” Donna said, “It hasn’t started yet.”

“What hasn’t started?” Brad asked.

“You’ll see.  Just watch.”

As if on cue, a young man signaled for one of the girls in the courtyard to stand on a particular spot, and she obeyed.

“Is this an inspection?” asked Brad

“So many questions!” laughed Crysta.  Then seeing Brad’s frustration, she softened.  “No, not yet.  He’s just trying to figure out which girl he will inspect.”

“How will he decide?”

“You’ll see.  He’s pretty good at finding the girl who has the most to hide.”

The inspector motioned for the girl to spread her legs, and raise her arms, which she dutifully obeyed.  She was wearing a short dress, but not too short.  She was still quite decent.

“Would you like to go over and fondle her?” asked Donna.

Of course he did, but he played it cool.  “OK,” he said.  The three students went over to her while the inspector looked for another victim.

“Do you think she’s wearing panties?” asked Crysta.

“How can you tell?” asked Donna, laughing.  The poor victim with her hands in the air didn’t think it was funny.  The three friends circled behind the girl, and noticed that her dress didn’t quite cover the bottom of her cute little cheeks.  “Brad, be a dear, and feel between her legs, and let me know what you find there.”

“Sorry, honey,” Brad said to the girl as he felt her thighs.  She spread her legs wider, causing her tight dress to ride up a bit.  Brad felt her pussy, which was already quite wet from her ordeal.  Feeling sorry for her, he patted her cute butt, and pulled her dress down around it.

Soon, the inspector brought another girl to the same spot.  She was wearing a blouse and skirt.  The blouse was thin enough to clearly see her little tits, and her skirt was not only short, but she had rolled up the waist so it barely covered her pussy.  The inspector told the girl she would be less likely to be inspected if she took off some clothes before raising her arms.  “Which one should I take off?” she asked, but the inspector didn’t hear her.  He was off looking for another victim.

Crysta suggested, “Why don’t you roll up your skirt one more time, and take off your top?”

The girl nodded, and started to unbutton her top when the inspector yelled at her, “hands up!”

So she put her hands up, and begged Crysta to continue taking off her top.  The girl was so cute, Crysta was happy to comply.  One by one, she undid the thin top, until the girl’s little mosquito bites were out in the open, her puffy little nipples erect.   “Can you roll my skirt, too?”

“Sure, honey,” Crysta said.  She rolled the girl’s skirt down once, and then again. and pulled it up so it just barely covered her pussy.

“Is my pussy showing?” she asked.

“No, dear,” Crysta said.  “You’re still decent.”

“Then could you roll it one more time?”

Brad interrupted.  “You want your pussy to show?”

“No, but I don’t want to be inspected,” said the poor girl.

Crysta rolled her skirt one more time, so there was really no skirt left — it was a rolled-up waistband with nothing hanging down from it.  Showing mercy to the young girl, she left it covering her pussy.  “There,” she said.  “I don’t think you’ll be inspected.”

The inspector came back with two more girls, both wearing t-shirts.

Now, with four girls, each standing on her spot on the ground, each with her arms in the air, the inspector made an announcement, “Gather around,” he said, “to witness an inspection, fair and impartial.”  Even though only one of the girls was topless, all four of them showed evidence of being either chilled or excited.  It was an exciting experience for the girls and Brad, too, knowing that within a few minutes, one of these poor girls would be stripped naked, and made to stand before the crowd as a deterrent to other girls who might consider violating the Dress Code.

The inspector approached one of the t-shirt clad girls, and felt her breasts to see if she was wearing a bra.  She didn’t complain, because she knew that would be the shortest path to inspection.  As he felt her breasts, he accidentally lifted her shirt above her belly button, but she pretended not to notice.  He touched her inner thighs, which she took as a cue to widen her stance.  Finally, he let her go, much to her relief.

The inspector turned next to the other girl in a t-shirt.  He asked her if he could look at her tits, to which the girl promptly lifted her shirt up, and showed him.  She was so relieved when he let her go, she forgot to lower her shirt.  She joined the audience still beaming at the two remaining girls.

“I think he’ll inspect the girl in the dress,” predicted Crysta.

“What makes you so sure?” asked Brad.

“Because she has the most to hide.”

“But we already checked her, and we know she’s in compliance with the Dress Code.”

“But he hasn’t checked her yet, and even though her dress is short, he doesn’t know whether maybe she’s got a thong under there.”

The inspector addressed the topless girl.  “What’s under that skirt?” he asked.  Flustered, the girl pulled her skirt right off, and showed him nothing was under it.  “I’ll let you go, then, he told her.”  The poor girl ran off, leaving her skirt on the ground.

The girl in the dress cried, and begged, “please, no, please, please” but it was no use.

“Why is she crying?” asked Brad.

“Some girls just don’t like to get inspected,” said one of the other spectators.  Brad looked at her, and saw she was a pretty brunette with slinky shoulders, and cute little tits in a halter top and loin cloth.  Brad smiled at her, and patted her on the butt.  She spread her legs, and pretended to ignore it when Brad fondled her.

The inspector produced a bottle of baby oil, and poured some into his hand.  He smoothed it into her breasts, and then her belly before attending to her most intimate areas.  With her legs spread wide, and her arms in the air, there was nothing she could do to keep him away.  Although she tried not to get excited, she couldn’t help it.  Then, to make matters worse, the inspector solicited members of the audience to help rub the oil all over the girl’s body.  Several students jumped at the chance to work on the girl, attending mostly to her breasts, pussy, asshole.  Before long, her excitement was clearly visible.  Her vulva was red, and her vaginal opening expended into a round hole, clearly visible to everyone.

Most of the people in the audience knew what would happen next, but Brad was surprised when the inspector asked for a boy from the audience to come forward to rape the oily girl.

“Rape her?” Brad asked, incredulous.

“Consensual rape, yes,” Donna explained.  “You see, she had the bad sense to become visibly excited in public, and that’s against the rules.”

“But people fondled her.  It’s not fair!”

“She brought it on herself,” Crysta explained.  “She really shouldn’t have allowed herself to become excited like that.”

“And now she’s excited, and in public.  She should be punished.” said Donna.

A boy came forward, having apparently removed his pants, and the inspector directed him toward the naked girl.

“Which entrance do you think he’ll pick?” asked Donna.

Brad replied, “This is insane!  That girl did nothing wrong, and now she’s being raped!”

“It happens,” said Crysta mater-of-factly.  “Just enjoy the show.”

The boy told the girl to get down on all fours, and then he poured some more oil between her cheeks, and then onto his dick.  As the audience craned their necks for a good view, the boy inserted his dick into her asshole, and pushed it in, grabbing her by her slippery tits as he pushed.  They both yelled as he came into her, and then collapsed onto her slippery back.

“How was that consensual?” asked Brad.

“By showing excitement in public,” Crysta explained, “her body was indicating readiness for sex.  All that boy did was provide what her body was asking for.  Consensual rape.”

Gradually, the crowd dispersed, as the naked, oily girl remained on all fours, and cried quietly to herself.

“Are you OK?” asked Brad.  He helped the girl stand up.  He looked around.  “Where’s your dress?”

“The inspector took it,” Donna said.

“Then maybe we can find something else for her to wear.”

“No,” said Crysta.  “She was cited for indecency.  She has to stay naked for the rest of the day as a punishment.”

“But she wasn’t guilty of anything!” Brad said.

Donna touched his hand gently.  “She hesitated before stripping,” she explained.  “The inspector thought she might be hiding something, so he cited her.”

“But she wasn’t hiding anything!”

“Calm down, Brad.” Donna was sympathetic. “You have to understand, inspections are voluntary.  A girl doesn’t have to strip if she doesn’t want to, until she’s cited for indecency.  This is to protect the girl, you see.  Most girls have nothing to hide, of course, because they are innocent.  And so they willingly strip right away, to show they are good girls.  But this girl hesitated, which made the inspector think she was hiding something.”

“What could she have been hiding?”

“Panties, obviously,” Crysta said.

“But she didn’t have any panties on.”

“Then why did she hesitate before stripping?”

“Maybe because she knew she would be raped.”

Donna sighed.  “You’re not getting it.  The inspector had no way of knowing the reason she hesitated.  The only thing he can do is cite the girl for indecency.  Then, once she has been cited, he has the authority to strip her if she doesn’t strip voluntarily.”

“So he stripped her, and found she was in compliance with the Dress Code after all.”

“Right.  Now you get it.”

“But she’s been cited for indecency and then raped.  How is that fair?”

Donna couldn’t believe how thick Brad was.  He looked into his baby blue eyes, and asked, “now are you starting to understand how things work at the College?”

Brad was silent for a long time, as he walked with Donna, Crysta, and the oily girl back to her dorm.  She kissed each one of them sweetly.  “I’ll be OK,” she said.  They watched as she made her way into the dorm.

* * *

Finally, Brad spoke.  “So, let me try to understand this.  Every Saturday, at about this time, we could go to the courtyard between the library and the student center, and we can watch a girl get stripped naked and raped.  Is that right?”

“Well, you can see a girl get inspected, that’s true.”

“Does a girl ever pass the inspection?”

“Oh, sure,” said Donna.  “Sometimes a girl passes the inspection.”

“But then another girl is usually inspected,” said Crysta.

“So he’ll keep inspecting girls until he finds one who fails the inspection?”

Donna nodded.  “What fun would it be to watch inspections if no one failed?”

“So you go to watch someone fail an inspection?”

Crysta explained, “It’s not so much to watch someone fail, as just the spectacle of it all.  It’s fun to watch the girls squirm when all eyes are on them.”

“What if it happened to you?”

“Oh, don’t worry about that,” Crysta said quickly.  “I don’t leave much to the imagination.”

The light bulb suddenly lit in Brad’s cute little head.  “So that’s why you wear such short dresses!”

“Duh!” said Donna, laughing.  She swatted him on the butt, and then ran away.  He chased her, and wrestled her to the ground.  She looked so pretty, lying there with her dress hiked up above her belly button.  He pushed her knees apart, and then took off his pants.  “Uh! Uh! Uh!” she wagged a finger at him.  “No sex in public.”  It was in the Code of Conduct.

Crysta helped him off with his boxers.  “But fondling is OK,” she whispered in his ear.

He pushed Donna’s knees to the grass, and licked her sweet nectar while she struggled to get free.  Before long, she was up and running, but not fast enough.  He grabbed a handful of her guinea T, and refused to let go.  This left her two choices: give in to him, or run away with only part of her top.  She ran, leaving him holding a handful of rags.

She ran all the way to the grassy commons outside the dining hall, her dress in tatters.  “Your bare bottom never looked cuter,” he said, when he finally caught up to her.  She was thankful he didn’t get too much of her dress.  It still covered her top, at least, and she was philosophical about the bottom: it never really covered her bottom in the first place.  He sat down next to her, and rested his hand in her lap.  She wrapped her hand around his erect penis, and spread her legs.  She rested her head against his, and they fondled each other quietly until they were both quite aroused.

“I guess I’ll have to rape you,” he whispered softly into her ear.

“I guess you will,” she agreed, looking up at him from the grass, the bottoms of her feet touching, and her knees on the ground.

She was so beautiful, he didn’t attack her right away.  Instead, he looked at her, admiring her for her beauty.  She turned her head, closed her eyes, and waited.  But instead of pushing his dick into her waiting pussy, he gently lifted her dress over her sweet breasts, and gently massaged them.  He kissed her cheek, and then her belly before kissing her moist pussy.  He raised her butt, and licked her below her pussy, taking in her delicious fragrance.  He turned himself around to get a better angle on her, spread her legs as wide as they would go, and licked her asshole.  She was wide open, and ready to cum any second, so he let her sit, and just watched her excitement grow.  Finally, when she couldn’t take it any more, he pushed into her like a wild animal, and came in an explosion of joy.  She lifted her hips and came with him, exploding together as one.

Still connected, they turned over, so she could rest her weight on his limp body, and they melted into each other.  Sharing their afterglow, Crysta gently picked blades of grass off Donna’s bare butt, and rubbed her from her asshole to her vagina, and then the part of Brad’s dick that was still visible, and then his balls.

“I guess you will,” Donna repeated, barely audible.

I can’t believe no one has commented on this story so far. This is great! Please continue it when you have the time.
Comment By Keith At 12/19/2008 9:14 AM

It is a great story, with one of the great examples of a college girl publicly facing the consequences of the Code, ending up oiled-up, ass-fucked and naked… If only there were some pictures which really illustrated it all for us, this would be truly amazing.
Comment By danny At 1/26/2009 4:16 AM

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