The Long Dress Myth

Here’s Grace’s story of how she wears a long dress without fear of inspections…

There’s nothing wrong with wearing a long dress. Some girls seem to think you must wear a dress that only half covers your bum. That’s a myth. I’ve been wearing very long dresses all semester, and while I do get stop for some inspections, it is not nearly as many as some might lead you to believe. A long dress does not need to be a inspection magnetic. It is all in how you wear it.

I love a long wrap around dress. I, of course, do not fully wrap it around me. That would be silly. I cinch the belt high on my waist, and let the sides flare open.  This allows me to not over heat since some buildings have the thermostat set rather high. With the front open, I can take long or shirt strides. Nothing hinders my movement.

Now, I also know some inspectors are butt men. So a little twist in the fabric allows me to show a little butt cheek, and not get stopped for inspections all the time.

Then there are those inspectors who think every girl is wearing a bra. While I sometimes do wear a sexy bra, off campus, I never wear one on campus. So, to make sure those inspectors who might have spotted me in the herbal shop wearing a bra are perfectly satisfied that I am not trying to hide a bra, I can go for the off-the-shoulder look with my dress. No dress code violation here as they can plainly see.

With a bra at work off-campus that makes my boss happy:

Without a bra for school to make the inspectors happy:

So, you can see, a girl can wear a long dress without fear of constantly being inspected. you just have to pick the dress carefully and how you plan to wear it. When I wear it like this, the inspectors never hassle me.

Oh, there are times an inspector will stop me, and have me remove the dress. But those are the ones trying to get me to agree to go on a nude date to get back my dress…

All they had to do was ask.  I enjoy nude dates as much as the next girl.

It is just my employer at the herbal shop prefers me wearing a bra to avoid distracting him as he mixes the ingredients. So, if the nude date is before I have to work or just after I get off of work, I’m forced to go bottomless at work, which defeats the whole idea of wearing a long dress in the first place.

Grace Kim is Miss November 2008 Playmate. Images from top post galleries.

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