The Joys of Shirt and Panties: A Tutorial for Shy Girls (archives)

The Joys of Shirt and Panties: A Tutorial for Shy Girls

One of the unstated objectives of the Dress Code is to allow girls to feel free and open with their bodies. It isn’t required for a girl to cover herself completely; just that she feel modest and secure in her choice of clothing. As you may have seen just walking about campus, some girls are able to feel that sense of modesty with less clothing than others. Like many girls, you may wish you could have that same feeling of freedom and joy that comes with wearing just a little less clothing than you normally wear.

This tutorial is for you.

Start in the morning. What are you planning to wear today? A shirt and blue jeans? A good choice. A dress? Another good choice, but don’t forget to leave your panties in the drawer, because panties aren’t allowed under a dress. If that bothers you, there’s another excellent choice awaiting your joyous discovery: A shirt and panties.


Yes, that’s right. You can wear panties as outer wear. Nothing in the Dress Code forbids it, and you will be happy to know you’re more fully dressed than most girls at the beach, as long as your panties aren’t completely sheer. If you have some semi-sheer panties, these are best for a couple of reasons. First, as the girl in the photo, above, is demonstrating, even semi-sheer panties cover just about everything a boy might want to see. Second, if a whisper of your pussy is visible through your panties, then if you have to take them off for some reason, it won’t be such a big shock to your system. So you should always wear panties (and any other clothes, for that matter) as sheer as you dare, but not more sheer than that. Go right to the edge of immodesty, but stay on this side of it.


A good pair of panties will have thin a rear strap that just barely covers your anus, so you will feel comfortable and secure in them. If you think about it, your anus really has no width; the skin around it closes it completely in, so there’s not really anything to cover. Do you wonder if that’s true? Good. Don’t just take my word for it. Ask a girl you know to take off her panties, and look at her backside. Do you see anything new? I didn’t think so. For the most part, panties just cover skin, and you’re showing plenty of skin as it is, so it’s pretty obvious that panties don’t really afford you as much protection as you thought. The flip side of that is clear: if you take off your panties, you don’t lose very much modesty. This is especially true if your panties were semi-sheer to begin with.

So if you decide to wear panties as outer wear, when you get dressed in the morning, you should pick a thong with a very thin strap. Not only are they sexy, which will make you not only look pretty, but feel pretty, too, but if you ever need to take them off, you won’t miss them as much — removing them won’t make you feel much of a decrease in modesty.


Once you feel comfortable in public wearing a shirt and panties, you can do some experiments to prove to yourself that your feeling of modesty doesn’t really come from wearing panties at all. That is, you feel covered down below because your mind tells you you’re covered. Logic tells you otherwise: your pussy is showing through the sheer front, and the strap covers nothing but a little skin. So lower your panties a little — not a lot, just enough to feel sexy. Are you any less modest? I didn’t think so. What if someone sees you with your panties at half mast? He might smile at you, but that’s only because you’re pretty. Soon you’ll realize you just don’t need your panties.


Here’s the same girl, posing the same way as before, but without her panties. Would you pose this way? I didn’t think so — you’re more modest than she is. But we’ve asked her to spread her legs apart to illustrate a point: her panties barely covered anything. Even in an extremely undignified pose, you have to look very closely at her to see even a suggestion of her asshole or pussy.


Once you take off your panties, you will feel a new sense of freedom. You will enjoy the snug feeling of your breasts inside your top as much as the cool breezy feeling of relief between your legs. You will realize there’s nothing to hide any more. The same pussy that people were straining their eyes to see through your sheer panties is still there for them to see. But what is your pussy, really? Just skin. The same skin you were showing on all sides of your panties, and through them as well. That’s why we recommended sheer panties. Because once you take them off in a public setting, you will realize there was no reason to keep them on in the first place.

Will you be able to experience this feeling of wild abandon on the first day? Maybe not. Many girls remain shy for several days, and find they can’t remove their panties in public at first. You shouldn’t feel like a failure if this happens to you. Take it slow and gentle. Showing yourself in public is not as easy for some girls as it is for others. Even a strong desire for freedom can be stymied by inhibitions. Sometimes a girl might find it easier if they let a friend lower their panties. One girl found that if she kissed her roommate deeply, she allowed herself to become lost in the sensual joy of the kiss, and didn’t notice that she was lowering her panties. The girls kissed for several minutes before this girl finally ended the kiss to find herself bottomless. With her panties gone, and with the afterglow of that delightful kiss still on her lips, the shock of losing them was more than compensated by the freedom she felt wearing just a top.

At first, when you wear just a top in public, you will feel a bit awkward. Part of that feeling comes from a sense of excitement you will feel as every breeze stimulates you. This is perfectly normal. When you are bottomless, you will imagine all sorts of things. Is he looking at my pussy? Can she tell I’m excited? You will have irrational fears, too. For example, because the Code of Conduct allows any bare skin to be touched by other students, will strangers come over to me and touch my pussy? In reality, bottomless students are fondled *less* often than their fully clothed classmates. Still, you will feel tempted to cover your pussy with your hands, especially when you are standing still — waiting for a bus, for example. Please resist the temptation to do this. Not only does it violate the CCC (shy girls are expected to wear modest clothing; allowing them to cover themselves with their hands enables them to wear clothing that makes them feel immodest; hence the rule) but it also draws attention both to your naked pussy and to your shyness about it.

You will naturally keep your legs together when you’re bottomless, which is fine. Most girls would need a crowbar to pry their legs apart on their first day bottomless. If you feel uneasy, here’s something you should try. Take a walk to the end of College Avenue, and go into the shopping mall. There, the clothing stores have lots of mirrors. Look at the other girls in the mall, and look at yourself in the mirror. Do you see what I mean? Not only will you feel more comfortable in that environment because so many other girls are also wearing sexy clothes, but you will see in the mirror that your butt cheeks cover your backside completely, and unless you’re very excited, your pussy closes naturally as well.

Whether you visit a shopping mall, or just hang around campus, all girls eventually get over their feelings of unease over being bottomless. Many get over it by just waiting them out. It takes varying amounts of time for different girls. Some girls find that a single day is enough, and after that they don’t need panties at all. Other girls get dressed in a top and panties every morning for weeks. They pick the most opportune (read: least inopportune) time to remove their panties, and suffer with feelings of humiliation on a daily basis before they very gradually get used to being bottomless. Our hearts go out to these girls, not only for having the intestinal fortitude to brave their own inhibitions for so long, but also for having the strong desire for freedom from panties that so many girls enjoy.

For these girls, there is one other trick that I will share. Some girls find this trick horrible, only making their bottomless humiliation worse, while other girls have found it very helpful.


While you’re wearing your shirt, and your boobs are all snugly inside it, people’s eyes naturally gravitate to your naked pussy. That’s not because they’re sex perverts or anything, it’s just because your pussy is pretty, and you’re a pretty girl, so it’s just natural. To see that’s true, notice that both boys and girls look at your pussy. If this makes you feel uncomfortable, take heart. There’s something you can do to ease the pressure on your pussy, and keep people’s eyes above your waist: take off your shirt. If you have cute little boobs, then you’re not showing anything more than a little skin, and you’re really taking the pressure off your lower quarters. Being naked has other hidden advantages: fewer clothes to wash, less time spent changing, and a nicer tan, to name just three.


Maybe you will feel you need to take off your top to take the pressure off your pussy, or maybe you will be able to leave your top on. Either way, you will gradually become used to going “commando”, and you will truly enjoy the warm breezy feeling of joy between your legs that a girl can only get while she’s bottomless. It won’t take long for you to embrace the joy, and revel in it. Rather than worry about whether a boy will see your naked pussy, you’ll hope he does. Just thinking about what he might do to you will open your pussy like a lovely flower, and with your legs spread wide, he will come over to you and do exactly that thing you would have dreaded just a few weeks earlier: he will stroke your soft inner thighs. When he sees your reaction of dampness, he may stroke your labia — first outer, then inner. The first time a boy does this to you in public, you may feel awkward, but the excitement of it all will overtake you as you spread your legs wider, and raise yourself up off your butt as you arch your back. You will present your girlhood ever closer to his lips in hopes he’ll drink from her. When he does, the waves of ecstacy will overpower your sense of decorem and you will shriek with utter abandon, neglecting, for the moment, your requirement under the CCC to refrain from public displays of sexual excitement. But it doesn’t matter anyway, because the punishment under the code is exactly what you want most: to be raped by him, hard and long. You’re beyond caring at this point whether he enters you from the front or the rear — he doesn’t have to flip you over; you’re up on your hands and knees, back still arched, ass in the air, waiting to be violated. Your shouts and grunts will have attracted an audience, but you don’t care except to the extent that a large audience only heightens your excitement. When he finally enters you, you cum again, and you keep cumming as his slippery dick slides in again and again. Please don’t cum yet, you beg him in your mind (because saying it out loud would only make him cum quicker) but he cums anyway. One last push, oh, it’s delicious. And a shudder. You love those. Stay in me for a little longer. You feel his arms on your belly for the first time as they loosen their grip on you. You feel the long sausage slide out of you for the last time as he stands up and leaves. The crowd disperses as you relax in the joy of the moment. You think to yourself: Ahh. *This* is what I’ve been missing all these weeks and months by covering my bottom around campus. A smile bathes your beautiful face as you bask in your own afterglow.


I no want to violate the rules. I sended all my panties back to Mother country. In facts, I sended all my clothing back to Mother country. I smile all the day. I no have laundry day, and people smile at me all the day.

If a boy should however touch me, as is his right to touch exposed skin, I engage him in his English language talk to better my speech in English. I find boys no like to talk politics as they rub, but real men do the talk as they touch.

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