The Good Girl, 6/11/2011

I swear, I didn’t know I was violating the Dress Code. I would *never* intentionally wear an illegal combination of clothes! But here I am, wearing a dress with a pair of shorts under it. What a dope I was!

Listen, when I bought this blue top, I bought it as a top. I was in high school, and the rules were all different back then. In high school, we were supposed to wear bottoms all the time, even under a slightly long top like this one.

It’s understandable what I’m saying, isn’t it? I’m just a freshman. I just woke up the other day, put on this outfit, and ventured out into the day. My classmates gave me some odd looks, but I just thought they were staring at me because of my exquisite beauty! Not one of them warned me about what could happen…

…I stepped out of the biology building, and right into a trap. An Inspector made me strip naked, spread my legs, and fold my hands behind my head. I felt so vulnerable standing there, as a large crowd gathered to watch me. “Do you prefer to be fondled by boys or girls?” he asked.

I knew it was a trick question. The answer, of course, is boys, but boys have a way of turning me on, and then I would get raped, and it would be my own fault for getting turned on. So I said “Girls”.

By this time there must have been fifty or a hundred people gathered around me in a circle. The Inspector told me to keep my legs spread, and to grab my ankles, so I did as ordered, feeling even more vulnerable. He must have motioned to a number of girls, who gathered around me, and fondled me something fierce. I admit I got a little excited, but I never came, and I’m proud of that.

Before long, the Inspector dismissed the girls, and used some sort of lubricant on me. He slobbered it all over my asshole and pussy, and told me not to let go of my ankles. It seemed to take him a long time to smooth it all over my entire bottom. He was very gentle, I must say, and he seemed to take great care to smooth it evenly and liberally.

“Please don’t make me cum,” I begged.

“That’s entirely up to you,” he said. “Try to think non-sexy thoughts; I’m nearly done lubricating you for your rape.”

“My rape?!”

“Of course,” he said. “It’s a punishment you brought on yourself by getting so excited in public.”

“It’s the way you’re touching me,” I protested.

“And why are you in this position?”

“Because I violated the Dress Code,” I admitted.

“I rest my case.” He stepped away from me, leaving my most intimate of areas exposed to the crowd, which I could see upside down between my legs. I waited for a long time, trying to think non-sexy thoughts, I was so afraid I would cum in front of everyone.

Finally, a boy emerged from the crowd, unzipped his pants, pulled out his dick, which was enormous, by the way, and shoved it into me from behind while I was still bent over. He was strong enough to completely immobilize me, so even if I had tried to run away, I wouldn’t have been able to. He just pushed once, and came. Then he relaxed his grip on me, and rested his head on my back while gently fondling my breasts. And then, to my surprise, I came, too, while he was still in me.

The Inspector took my clothes, of course, and made me promise to stay naked for the rest of the day. He gave me a ticket, and I had to go to an “Indecency Hearing,” where I pled guilty, and threw myself on the mercy of the court. The judge told me I could spend a week completely naked, including the entire weekend. But I was planning to go home that weekend, I told him. He said I would have to stay completely stark naked even while I was home.

“Isn’t there any alternative?” I begged.

“What do you have in mind?”

I blushed, because I didn’t want to say it. I knew the judge wasn’t allowed to sentence me to be raped, but I heard that girls can ask to be raped.

“Go ahead, honey,” the judge said. “You can say what you have in mind.”

I gulped. “Can I be raped instead?”

The judge didn’t miss a beat. “How many times would you like to be raped?”

“Three,” I said. And then I was immediately sorry I offered my body so many times. Whatever made me blurt out that number?

In any case, the judge thought it was fair. “Very well. I will issue three rape tickets for you, which can be redeemed at any time during the semester, anywhere on campus. Here’s how it works: Without warning, a boy will strip you naked and rape you, and this will happen up to three times. Are you satisfied with this sentence?”

“Yes, your honor.”

“You asked me to sentence you to be raped, did you not?”

“Yes, your honor.”

He banged his gavel, and the bailiff returned just my top to me. I still have no idea what happened to the shorts. I put it on, glad not to be naked any more.

I realize now that my top is plenty long enough to wear as a dress. Even when I’m sitting with my legs apart, it covers most of my pussy — certainly enough for me to feel completely decent.

When I’m standing, it covers my front almost completely, and it even covers most of my butt.

I realize now how silly I was to wear shorts with this dress. The dress is a perfect length, and I think I look very pretty in it.

I’m still waiting for my first surprise rape. Part of me dreads being raped, but another part of me just wants to get it over with. I know it will happen any time, when I least expect it, so I try to be ready all the time. I never wear more than a single item of clothing, so I can be stripped quickly and easily when the time comes.

Girls, I hope this cautionary tale has helped you follow the Dress Code. I know you all want to be like me: a “Good Girl”.

3 thoughts on “The Good Girl, 6/11/2011

  1. base

    much prettier without the skorts. in fact, skorts should be completely banned as pants under a skirt built into one.

  2. William Kazak

    I am almost sure that, since you have learned your lesson, other girls in school will make you a role model and try to copy you. The dress code is important and it should not be flaunted with unnecessarily just so girls can “get caught” and be made to “hold their ankles”.


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