The competition (archives)

The competition

Donna isn’t too thin, although some say so. They’re just jealous of her beauty, I think. She has almond-shaped eyes with sweeping eyelashes — Guys melt when she bats them. She’s not overly tall, but she projects a tall image.

Part of it is her shoes, always very classy. Part of it is her well-shaped legs, which Donna doesn’t mind showing off. Sometimes she wears Daisy Dukes, which accentuate the tight roundness of her ass. Other times she wears skirts or dresses that just barely cover her ass, but she’s not slutty — she always wears panties, either bikini or thong style. Her hips aren’t very wide, although her figure is a whole lot more feminine than “boyish”. Her belly is flat and strong, from years of working out, no doubt. Her breasts aren’t as big as she would like — a size Donna calls an “A Plus” — but they are as firm and tight as her ass. And being small that way pays off in another way: she can get away without wearing a bra most of the time. Donna doesn’t seem to know it, but a big part of the reason all the guys find her so attractive is her perky nipples, which, on a cold day, stand a good half inch straight forward. One of the sexiest parts of a girl, Donna knows, isn’t what you might think; it’s her shoulders. Donna shows off her shoulders by wearing string tops and strapless tops.

This brings me back to her face, which is the most beautiful of any face that ever shone on the world. Her long brown hair is so dark it looks black. When she styles it, which is just about every day, her hair seems to have a life of its own, bouncing with gay abandon off her sexy shoulders. She walks in a head-up tits-forward way, and she never stops smiling. She’s a happy girl.

So outstanding is Donna’s beauty, and so long and sexy are her legs that it was natural that Tina would have noticed her. But while Donna always went for the sleek, sexy leggy kind of look, Tina went ultra-casual. Tina has striking blue eyes and short red hair. The short hairstyle looks good on her because she has a small, round face. She has a generally small frame, too, which makes it all the more striking that she wears extra-extra-large T-shirts as dresses. A big T-shirt on a little girl presents two problems: first, the neck hole is so big that the shirt slips down her chest. Luckily, Tina is well-enough endowed that the slippage ends long before wardrobe failure. The second problem is that the bottom of the T-shirt scrapes the ground, so she has to shorten it. She just cuts off her T-shirts with scissors to an “appropriate” length, which for Tina is more or less crotch level. It doesn’t matter to Tina whether her shirt is slightly below crotch level or slightly above it, because she always wears panties. In fact, when she gets dressed in the morning, her panties are almost always visible, but as the day wears on, her shirt slips down, and she can’t be bothered constantly pulling it back up around her shoulders.

One day, in Philosophy, a class Tina shared with Donna, the girls happened to sit next to each other, and Donna’s dress was extra-sexy: A tight black strapless stretch-dress, which she had to keep pulling down so her panties didn’t show. Tina watched as Donna sat carefully, to maintain modesty. This was the third or fourth meeting of Philosophy so far this semester, and Tina had finally built up the courage to speak to the gorgeous girl. “That’s a beautiful dress,” Tina said.

Donna smiled at Tina, and took in her oversized cut-off T-shirt and string bikini panties. She wanted to return the compliment, but she was at a loss. Several thoughts went through her mind. I like your panties? No. That is, she liked them — she liked them quite a lot — but the words wouldn’t come out as a compliment. In the end, she said simply, “Thank you.”

The professor was late, as usual, so there was nothing to do but sit and wait for him. The girls looked each other up and down. Tina said, “I have been admiring your legs.”

Donna was taken aback. She didn’t expect this kind of comment from a girl. Even so, she felt her pussy tighten in that warm way it does sometimes when she catches a boy admiring her. Fact is, she had noticed Tina’s “T-shirt and Panties” look before. One day, Tina’s shirt was so baggy that it slipped down to a point dangerously close to her nipples, and Tina didn’t seem to notice at all. Donna separated her legs imperceptibly to relieve the pressure that was building up inside her pussy. She realized she hadn’t replied to Tina’s compliment. “Thanks,” she said again.

“Do you think your dress is sexier than mine?” Tina asked, innocently.

There’s no question Donna did, but it would be immodest to say so. “Well,” she said, not knowing how to respond.

“I think we should have a competition,” Tina said without waiting for Donna to complete her thought, “to see whose dress is sexier.”

“How do you expect to–”

“We’ll let the boys judge, They can vote.” Tina said.

There were seven boys in the class, including me, so she just needed four votes to win. Donna was pretty confident her sexy shoes and tight dress would win out over Tina’s baggy old shirt, so she started to warm up to the idea. Assuming she would win, she asked, “What do I get when I win?”

Without losing a beat, Tina said, “you get to keep your panties on.”

The implication was clear: the loser strips off her panties. “Absolutely not!” Donna was firm, in two senses. She was resolute in wanting to keep her panties on, and her nipples were pushing mightily against the front of her tight little dress. As indignant as she was, the conversation was titillating her.

“Afraid of losing?” Tina asked, taunting her new friend.

Donna thought it over. Tina was right. She wouldn’t lose. This was Donna’s chance to teach Tina a lesson. And Tina had a whole lot more to lose than Donna — her T-shirt barely covered any of her panties. Donna, on the other hand, could, in theory, lose her panties, and no one would ever know, because her dress was long enough (though barely) to cover her. “Not at all,” Donna said simply.

“Well then, let’s put it to a test.”

Donna’s pussy was gushing as she thought about Tina losing her panties after mounting this absurd challenge. “You’re on,” she said, surprising even herself.

Tina stood up, and tugged her shirt down off her shoulders so it covered her little panties. In a loud voice, she announced, “Donna has challenged me to a sexy dress competition, and the boys are judges!”

“I didn’t challenge–” Donna protested, but Tina ignored her.

“The loser will have to take off her panties in front of the whole class, so you will know she is bottomless beneath her dress. We will take turns strutting our stuff in the front of the classroom, and then the boys will vote for the loser by secret ballet.” She paused, and looked around the room. “Let’s see,” she said. “Who will hold the ballets?”

Crysta spoke up. “I’ll hold them!” Everyone in the class turned to Crysta. She was wearing nothing but a shirt, which came several inches short of crotch-level — so short, in fact, that when she stood up, it was clear that she was fully shaven.

“Good,” Tina said, as she pulled her shirt down a little further. Then, she took off in a strutting manner, up and down the rows of desks, heedless that her shirt was slipping dangerously close to revealing her breasts. Then, as she passed one boy, she grabbed him by the ears, and pushed his face into her chest. Donna put her hand to her lips to hide the shock when she saw the widening circle of darkness in his pants, several inches north of his crotch. This would be a hard act to beat, she thought.

Now it was Donna’s turn. She shrugged her shoulders several times to allow her stretchy dress to ride up to the danger level, although she was sure her panties were still covered. In her high-heel shoes, she looked like a supermodel as she strutted between the horny boys. She giggled like the schoolgirl she was when they patted her on the butt. She hoped it wasn’t obvious, but she was getting really turned on by strutting this way. Emboldened by her reaction to their fondling, some of the boys reached under her dress. Donna even paused to let them feel the wetness between her legs. This would lock up the competition, she reasoned.

“Remember,” Tina said, “you need to write down the name of the girl who is the *least* sexy — the one who will have to take off her panties.” The seven boys each wrote down a name. Crysta got up to collect the names. All eyes were on her as she read the names silently to herself. When she had read them, she smiled. Donna took this to mean that victory would be hers, and she relaxed. She was looking forward to seeing Tina’s pussy.

Crysta assumed the role of an emcee, standing between the two competitors, and holding up their arms. “No matter who wins,” she said magnanimously, “these girls are both winners in my book.” This pronouncement was met with general hooting and hollering. “One of these girls is going to lose her panties,” she continued. “But she won’t lose them all at once.” The class was silent, waiting to see what Crysta had in mind. “I’ll read the votes one by one. Each time a vote goes against a girl, she will be forced to reveal a little bit. When the deciding vote is read, the loser’s panties will finally hit the floor. OK, Donna?” Donna hesitated, then nodded. “OK, Tina?” Tina nodded enthusiastically.

Donna opened the first piece of paper. “Donna,” it said. “Donna, you will need to reveal a little something.” Donna had no idea what her bottomless friend was up to, so she just looked at her. “Donna, why don’t you show us the panties you might have to take off later. Just lift your dress a little.”

Donna lifted her dress gingerly, revealing a tiny bit of her satin panties, hoping this would be enough. It wasn’t. Crysta wrenched her dress up above her belly button, and patted Donna on the back of her little panties. Donna covered her eyes in embarrassment while Tina laughed.

“Not so fast, Tina,” Crysta said. “The next vote is for you.” Tina lifted her shirt, but it was so baggy that it fell down again. Crysta read the next vote, “Tina again!” Donna was beaming now, because she was sure the rest of the votes would go her way. “Take off your top, Tina,” commanded Crysta.

“That wasn’t part of the deal,” Tina complained. Crysta wasn’t going to put up with any complaints, so she whipped the loose shirt off Tina’s well-proportioned body, leaving her topless. Instinctively, she reached toward her breasts to cover them, but then changed her mind. She wouldn’t be intimidated at this point, so she left her hands by her side, and let her high beams shine. Secretly, Tina was thankful for the tiny coverage afforded by her panties, and hoped the next vote would go her way. It did.

By this point, the girls each had two votes against them. Crysta lifted Donna’s dress over her head, and left it there, blindfolding her. Tina complained right away. “Why does Donna get to keep her dress?”

“You can keep your dress on the same way, if you like.” Crysta tied it around her head, blindfolding her, too, and leaving her somehow even more naked than before. “OK?” Crysta asked, in a mocking tone.

“Fine,” Tina responded, muffled by the shirt wrapped around her head. Then, sure she would win the next three votes, Tina said defiantly, “read the next name”.

Crysta said, “Before I read the next name, I want to tell you what will happen to the loser… You will walk, blindfolded by your dresses, among the desks, with your arms raised in the air, and each of your classmates will lower your panties a fraction of an inch. When you return, your panties will be around your thighs, revealing some or all of your pussy.” The girls gulped. This is much more than they had bargained for. But Tina was pretty sure she wouldn’t have to be subjected to the humiliation of having her panties lowered, so she waited patiently for her name. Crysta unfolded the paper and read the name: “Tina.”

Tina gasped. Then she moved hesitatingly forward, and crashed into a desk. “Let me guide you,” Crysta said. She placed her hand between Tina’s legs, feeling her ass through her panties, and guided her. One by one, her classmates took liberties by feeling around inside her panties, and then pulling them down just a bit. By the time the back of her panties had been pulled completely off her ass, Crysta guided Tina by stroking her naked ass. By the time Tina returned to the front of the room, her panties where halfway to her knees, and her pussy was sopping wet. All the extracurricular touching had excited her against her will.

Crysta read the next name: “Donna”. Then she made an announcement. “Now, Donna will need to have her panties lowered, but I want to make it interesting. So no one may use their hands. You may lower her panties using just your mouth. Grab them with your lips, tongue, and teeth, and pull them down. ” Then she added with a giggle, “Try not to lick Donna’s tender skin, though.” Crysta guided Donna from desk to desk. The girls were all very gentle with Donna, lowering her panties just a little bit. But when the first boy grabbed ahold of her panties, he lowered them right to her knees. The rest of the boys just stroked her gently, kissed her pussy, and the like. When she came to me, I made her spread her legs apart and bend over, so I could lick her asshole — I did it until she nearly came, and then I stopped just to tease her.

The girls resumed their places at the front of the room. Each girl had lost three times, and each girl stood blindfolded by her dress, and with her panties about her thighs. It was time for Crysta to read the final vote. She unfolded the paper, and had an attack of laughter. She took some time to compose herself, and then she finally read it. “Both girls,” it said. Everyone was shocked. How would this be decided?

Crysta, it turns out, had a plan. “This was supposed to be a test to see which of you was sexier,” she began. “And, it turns out you’re so close to equally sexy, that the voting was tied.” The class was paying her rapt attention. “So I have now devised a new test, called the ‘time bomb’ test.”

“Oh, no,” Donna said. She covered her pussy with her hands because she knew about this test. I knew about it, too, so I was ready. I knew what I would have to do to save Donna from the (further) humiliation of having to take off her panties in front of the whole class.

Crysta continued. “First, each of you will strip naked, but don’t worry — just temporarily, as a test of your sexiness.” The girls took their dresses off their heads, and then slowly lowered their panties to the floor and stepped out of them. “Then, you will each be blindfolded by your panties,” Crysta helped each girl position her panties over her head so they covered her eyes. Then, guiding them to chairs at the front of the room, she continued. “Then, facing away from the class, you will bend over these chairs, separate your legs, and wait.”

The girls assumed their positions, their cute little asses facing the class.

Crysta gently guided the girls’ legs apart, until their assholes and pussies were fully exposed. “Can I have a boy volunteer?”

This was my queue. I stood up, hoping no one would notice the tent in my pants.

“Excellent,” Crysta continued. “You will enter each girl just once, alternating until you cum.” Tina gasped when she caught on that she was about to be raped. Turning to me, Crysta said, “You may pick the girl you feel is sexier to start with, and when you cum, the girl you are in — or the girl you were in most recently — is the winner.”

That makes sense, I thought. The sexier girl is the one that makes a boy cum first. Crysta squeezed a good amount of K-Y jelly into her hands, and rubbed it all over each girl’s asshole and pussy while I stood behind Donna and unzipped my pants. I tried to get my dick out, but it was too hard, and besides, I was worried the grease all over Donna’s butt would get on my pants, so I pulled them down. Soon I forgot all about modesty as I contemplated Donna’s glorious bottom. I rubbed the tip of my dick against her asshole, and then under it to her vagina, but I didn’t go in either one. I pushed it past her vagina, and between her lips, teasing her clitoris. Meanwhile, I stroked her breasts, belly with my hands. I worked my way down to her smooth pubic mound — not even stubble, because she’d had her muff permanently removed. Finally, when I sensed Donna was as close to cumming as I was, I made my move. I pushed my dick into her asshole, and fingered her clit so we would cum together. Donna came alright, but she pushed me out of her asshole before I came.

Crysta was watching closely, and saw I didn’t cum yet, so she directed me to Tina, who had been waiting patiently with mixed emotions. On one hand, she hoped I would cum inside Donna, so she wouldn’t have to be raped herself, but then on the other hand, Donna would be the winner and Tina would lose her panties.

I wanted Donna to win, so I would need to go in and out of Tina, and save myself for Donna. That was my plan. I stood behind her, and bent my knees, so my dick would be at her pussy level, and slid into her pussy. Tina’s pussy was tight. It really felt good. I was thinking to myself, “I will not cum, I will not cum” when she reached behind herself, and grabbed my ass, shoving my dick into her that much harder. Then she clamped down on me with her pussy — I had never fucked a girl with such a strong pussy before! All of a sudden, her pussy started pulsing rhythmically, as if it was sucking the juice right out of me. She started screaming. She was cumming, and she wouldn’t let me go! I tried to pull out, but it was no use. She was too much for me, and I came inside her. I gave in to the impulse, and fucked her like a dog until I was dry.

“Sorry, Donna,” Crysta said. “But it seems that Tina won the competition.” I pulled my pants up, and went back to my seat. Crysta took the panties off the girls’ heads, and laid them on the podium. Tina fetched her dress, and was about to put it on, when the professor finally walked into the room. Tina was so surprised she sat in her seat, and draped her T-shirt over her lap. Donna sat down stark naked.

Looking about the room, the professor was angry. “Girls,” he said in a disappointed tone. He held up the clothes that had been left on the podium — two pairs of panties. “Whose are these?”

When Tina stood up to claim her panties, her dress slid off her lap and onto the floor. “Sorry,” was all she could think to say. Donna was about to get up to claim her panties, but Crysta reminded her she lost them fair and square. So Crysta claimed them as if they were her own. The professor looked her up and down, and then gave her the panties. “They’re so cold — why’d you have to get them so wet?” Crysta whispered to her naked friend as she put them on.
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