The Calculus Test

This pandemic is affecting us all differently. I’m Sarah Colson, and as a second-year engineering student at the ********* Institute of Technology, I wanted to talk a bit about some of the new experimental measures we’ve been putting in place to promote social distancing while still ensuring we can get a world-class education.

One of the easier problems to solve was showers. Obviously we follow the national model and have public outdoor showers for girls, because of how much easier that makes cleaning. What we’re doing now is each girl has an appointed time each day to clean herself, at whichever shower site is closest to her dorm. The times were algorithmically determined based on our class schedules, so I never have to choose between attending a virtual class versus scrubbing myself clean while a boy watches me through a protective visor.

Oh, yes, I should have mentioned. Because we’ve got appointed shower times now, *IT has to make sure we don’t stay too long and make it harder for other girls to shower after us. So *IT has assigned a team of boys to monitor each of the showers while wearing full-body protective gear. If you try to stay in the shower too long, the boy on duty is tasked with fucking you as a reminder to avoid staying late in the future. There’s a long tube in the protective gear for the boy’s penis, kind of like a built-in condom, except that when it detects the boy is ready to ejaculate, the end of the tube opens up to allow the boy to unload his cum directly into the girl’s waiting pussy. This makes it easier for the suits to be reused, and it helps us all relax by making life feel more normal… it’s not really college without a lot of random boys cumming in you every week, you know?

There is a loophole, though! The rules are designed to discourage girls from staying in the showers too long, because then they get fucked. But so far there’s nothing that says you can’t show up for your shower early! Some of us girls do like taking longer showers, especially if we’ve got long hair or big sensitive breasts, like me. Kissing each other in the showers isn’t allowed anymore, of course, but when you’re in the shower next to another beautiful naked girl, her entire body soaking wet and shining in the sunlight, it’s hard not to find your fingers wandering just a little. And of course we’re carefully looking away from each other, so it always comes as a happy little surprise when you find your hands suddenly wrapped around another girl’s soft breasts, stroking them all over to help them get clean from all the soapy water, and tweaking her hard nipples because… well, just for fun I guess. And then later in the shower she’ll probably return the favor too, and you get distracted from shampooing your hair because her hands feel so good as they play with your big breasts and roll them all around and you start moaning…

At that point, if she hears you moaning, it’s only polite for the other girl to kneel down a little and see if you need help cleaning your pussy too, which of course you do by then. Because we can’t kiss each other’s faces any more for fear of getting sick, a lot of girls like to do the next-best thing and kiss each other’s pussies in the shower instead, and also help rub it clean with their hands, both inside and outside. Sometimes if there are two girls who’ve arrived early for their showers, you can get both treatments at once, with one girl carefully massaging your glistening wet breasts and kissing your back to make sure it doesn’t taste dirty, and another girl thrusting her fingers in and out of your dripping pussy, until you can’t take it anymore and start cumming, over and over, from how good it feels to be really thoroughly clean.

The danger of these cleaning sessions, though, is that one of the girls may lose track of time and accidentally stay at the showers too long, and then it’s the boy’s turn to fuck her, and it’s expected that any other girls in the shower at the time will help out. Last week this happened to me, and as I was lying on the shower floor with the boy’s cock thrusting in and out of my shining clean pussy, the other girl in the shower sat down on my face to help keep me in position, and I buried my face in her pussy and licked it ravenously until all three of us came at once, the hard waves of cum filling up my pussy and inspiring me to thrust my face even deeper into the other girl’s crotch and lick her harder than ever before.

After your shower is over, and you’ve remembered to clean up the space between your legs from whoever or whatever gave you an orgasm just then, you head back to the dorm, still totally naked of course, to go about the rest of your day.

The showers are a special case because then you have to be naked for that, but the rest of the time, the college’s dress code still applies. Because boys aren’t wandering around the campus as inspectors anymore—we don’t have enough protective outfits for that—instead I helped design a new system that doesn’t let us out of our dorms, or back into them, unless we’re properly dressed. Here’s how it works!

Instead of our old student ID cards, which weren’t very safe because of how many people would touch them and how many surfaces they’d come into contact with, now each girl has a remotely activated vibrator, uniquely tied to her, which she has to remember to wear in her pussy every time she leaves her dorm. She stands in front of the door and scans her pussy to alert the door team that she’s ready to be inspected. (The scanners still need a little work before they can detect vibrators through clothing, so you have to slide down your bottom for this to work, exposing your bare pussy to the machinery, but you’re usually allowed to slide it back up again later.)

At that point one of the door inspection team, working remotely, turns on the cameras surrounding the scanner and looks at the girl’s outfit. There are a lot of cameras, so they work to construct a 3D model of her in whatever she’s wearing (or not wearing) at the time, and the inspection team worker is able to rotate the model around and check her out from various angles to confirm that what she’s wearing is in compliance with the dress code. If she’s doing anything wrong, he presses a button to remotely trigger her vibrator, and keeps doing that, at increasing intensities, until she’s made whatever changes are necessary for her outfit to be proper to wear on the *IT campus.

Some of the other people who helped design this system asked me to add a button to download the 3D model of the girl, especially the first version of the model when her naked pussy is still visible from when she activated the scanner. I wasn’t totally sure why they wanted that button, but it was easy enough to add, so now I guess if you’re on the inspection team you can hang onto as many detailed models of your female classmates as you want, in whatever limited states of dress they happened to be in that day. Maybe it’s useful having that kind of thing for statistical analysis or something, I don’t know.

Just about the only reason to leave your dorm at this point is to visit the cafeteria, so a similar system is implemented there! When a girl has made her food selections and is ready to pay, she stands in front of another scanner and once again moves aside any bottom she might be wearing so the vibrator in her pussy can be scanned accurately. This vibrator uniquely identifies her to the system, so the charges for her meal can be debited from her account. Each item she’s buying is confirmed by a separate period of turning on her vibrator, and the more expensive the item, the longer it’s turned on and the more it vibrates. A girl I know invented a game where you try to guess how much the vibrator will need to run before you cum, and then buy exactly enough food and drinks so that paying gives you an orgasm but you don’t go over.

But that’s not the only new system in place here at *IT! Obviously despite everything that’s going on, *IT is still a college, and the heart of a college is its classes. So today when I got back from my shower (there were three other girls there when I arrived, cleaning themselves early, and I came twice from how much they kissed and petted my big breasts in thanks for my letting them stay), I found that a new machine had been delivered into my dorm room that would help me take my calculus test that day.

The machine had two main parts: a large touchscreen display, which showed the test itself, and a soft seat for me to sit on, which had a thick rod sticking up in the middle. I sat down on the seat and sighed gratefully as the rod slid into my juicy pussy, which was still a bit sensitive from my adventures in the shower. The rod was surprisingly warm, and not too rough, and felt great inside of me. I tried moving myself up and down a little, to get the rod into just the right position, and felt myself getting wetter already. I was about to start massaging my breasts—I still hadn’t put anything on after the shower—when I noticed something new on the touchscreen.

It turned out the rod in my seat had lights and a camera inside of it! There on one side of the monitor was a live feed of the deepest insides of my pussy, already glistening wet from the rod’s presence, and as I watched, video of other pussies began appearing on screen as well, each of them with the name of one my calculus classmates! I realized that this must be *IT’s new anticheating program they’d been working on, because otherwise if you’re taking a test from your dorm room, it’s really easy to go over to a textbook or your computer and look something up. But if there’s a camera in your pussy the whole time, broadcasting every droplet and fold to your class, then the professor knows that you’re only paying attention to the test and aren’t wandering around your room and cheating.

A chill passed through my body and I shifted my position on the rod again, marveling at how my pussy’s image on the screen updated itself in response. I’d never had such an intimate view of myself, let alone of all the other girls in my class, and once again I felt my hand wandering up to my breasts, giving them a gradual, distracted rub and tweaking my stiffening nipples. With my other hand I started the test, which was a series of multiple choice problems.

The first three problems on the test I got right with no problem, but by the fourth problem, I think I must have gotten myself a bit distracted, and I chose the wrong answer. Immediately the camera rod inserted in my welcoming pussy thrust up into me in response, and again, and again, itself vibrating softly as I spasmed around it. The sheer shock of being fucked by the testing machine out of nowhere made me cum immediately, and I sat there gasping for several seconds even after the rod had stopped thrusting. With wide eyes I watched my delicious orgasm play itself out inside my pussy as it too was displayed on my monitor and broadcast to the rest of the class. Whatever that warm rod inside me was made of, a bit of pussy juice was clearly not enough to make it stop working. Shakily I returned to the test.

I spent the next few minutes working through more problems and picking the right answers, but I couldn’t seem to shake the memory of the problem I’d gotten wrong, and that rod shooting up into me and bringing me to instant orgasm. My pussy was still wet and streaming, and after a fierce internal battle on the ninth problem, I went for it and deliberately picked the wrong answer. Once again the machine sprung to life and began fucking me, longer and harder this time, the vibrations more intense, and I had to fumble to contain my breasts as they thudded heavily across my excitedly bouncing body. I’d just found my nipples and gotten ready to really pleasure myself when the machine quieted down, apparently assuming I’d had enough punishment from getting that problem wrong. Ha! I shook my head and immediately chose the wrong answer to the next problem too, inspiring the machine to roar back into action and fuck me harder than ever. I rode out my second orgasm of my test in pure bliss, bouncing up and down with the rapid, powerful thrusts of the rod buried in me as far as it could go. Sweat drops were already appearing on my body as the machine’s third punishment session came to a close.

As you can imagine, the rest of the test was a bit of a blur. I got a few problems right by accident—it was multiple choice after all—but mostly I rode that test machine as hard as I possibly could, feeling it get harder and faster every time I made a mistake, until my orgasms all blended together in a delicious void. The sight of my constantly bucking and aroused pussy on the screen for everyone to see, including my professor, was the final ingredient that put me over the edge again and again and again, and in my rare moments of lucidity when I was able to calm down and look at the screen, I could tell I was hardly the only one. Girl after girl in my class was showing off the most private possible views of their rapidly bouncing bodies and intense orgasms, even some of the most conservative girls, the ones who always seemed to wear tops and bottoms every day normally, and proper ones at that, the ones that actually covered their breasts and pussy. Well, not anymore! I watched hungrily as we all rode our test machines for dear life, cumming again and again and again until finally the test was over.

The display on the screen switched over to a message box. “Calculating score,” it said for a moment, and then: “8% of problems answered correctly. FAILED.” All at once that wonderful rod buried in my pussy began one final thrusting session and I screamed as somehow it came inside of me, what seemed like gallons of artificial semen filling me to the point of bursting, till I had to ease myself off the machine a little to let the machine’s semen and the juice from all my own orgasms pour out together in a sticky mass on the floor. I’d never felt so alive nor so exhausted, and I slumped onto my bed a sweaty, gooey mass of delight. I needed to write to *IT administration to let them know that their new machine was a huge success, but they should probably think about reversing the incentive system, or every girl on campus’s GPA would plummet spectacularly.

There I lay for the next several hours, too tired out to lift myself out of bed, though I can’t say my hands didn’t do some wandering as I remembered all the pleasures of the day. I petted my huge, sweaty breasts, and I fingered myself a little, marveling at all the fluids still pooled in my aching pussy, and I came once or twice, but it was nothing compared to what I’d felt during my calculus test. Maybe I needed to go back to the drawing board on our student ID vibrators and see if I couldn’t enhance the experience somehow… maybe more of a full-body thing… but eventually I fell asleep.

21 thoughts on “The Calculus Test

  1. Anonymous

    Thank you for this informative run-down of your university’s measures to defend the Code despite the ongoing situation! Hopefully some of this technology can be preserved afterwards, they certainly seem useful for incentivizing student behavior.

    I’m curious what processes boys had to go through. Do they get full body scans, do they have vibrator IDs, and how did they take the calculus test?

  2. Anonymous

    Sounds like Crysta & Donna’s school isn’t the only one with a strict dress code and penetrative conduct rule — seems every university in this world is like this (since I don’t think the school is called “[something] Institute of Technology”)

    1. Tanager

      I’m surprised Greg didn’t name his school something like Thatcher Institute of Technology or even better, Cedar Lake Institute of Technology.

    2. Greg Gaylord Post author

      There are enough stories of high schools and things that it seems unlikely everything is in support of a single college’s rules… but I’d be wary of generalizing to the entire world.

      1. Anonymous

        “Obviously we follow the national model and have public outdoor showers for girls, because of how much easier that makes cleaning.”

        Sounds like it is national at least

  3. Tina

    The college I attend, has a similar system to make sure every student participates in lessons, test and does his homework without cheating, but not that advaced. There is still a camera monitoring every student in his home office. The camera is mounted on a flexible telescope arm, has its own powersupply and intranet connection and can be pointed remotely. It even has a bit of A.I. programmed into it. If you puch the camera away, it will swing back to its previous position. The software recognizes human bodies and when you lean back in your chair, will align itselft to keep you in frame. Obstructing the camera in any way, is considered cheating and staying away from class, which will be punished. Classes and tests have fixed schedules but outside from that you may do your homework whenever you want. Therefore the camera has to be on at all times, making sure YOU do the homework. Having others help you is okay. The good thing of home schooling is the motivation to keep my bedroom clean. Since my desk happens to be in my bedroom and I don’t want to embarrass myself with it being all messy. Also I found out, that my parents are not the only ones to enforce a “clothes are not necessary at home” – rule.

  4. someone

    Okay let’s do the math here. Sarah Colson wrote she answered Problem 1,2,3,5,6,7,8 and one other correctly and let’s assume each problem was wighted equally. If those 8 correct answers only contributed to only 8% total, than there were at least 100 problems. That means at least 92 wrong answers, each resultet in a trusting rod. The first of which was strong enough to make her orgasm. Each after that was longer and harder, the vibrations more intense, than the one befor. Not bad, I’d say. Not bad.

  5. Anonymous

    “it’s not really college without a lot of random boys cumming in you every week, you know?” definitely agree! I’m glad the university made sure that students were able to maintain this piece of normalcy despite everything going on. A change our dorms have made is changing roommates so they’re all different-gender, and requiring every student to ejaculate ten times a week. This encourages observance of the dress code and consensual rape rules, and has resulted in a lot of good behavior!

  6. Anonymous

    I’m glad this school understands the importance of girls getting creampied frequently. They should have quizzes in class to where they need to use that machine, and the artificial cum at the end should fire no matter how many or how few answers they got wrong!

  7. Anonymous

    How does the artificial cum work? Does it ejaculate in girls if they fail, or it just does it regardless at the end of the test?

    I’m not really sure what the educational justification is, but I’m in favor! They should extend it to regular classes as well.

  8. Jennifer

    They’ve rolled this amazing technology out to all tests taken across the school, and it’s been incredible. After tuning the machine to pump on correct answers instead of incorrect ones, female test performance has increased a lot!

    It’s a bit of a mess if you have multiple tests on the same day, the machine always ejaculates in you at the end, and it’s way more than inspectors do, so afterwards there’s just a big puddle on your seat and the floor. But nobody really expects girls to have clean rooms so it’s not a big deal, and the creampie protects you against most rape!

    1. Anonymous

      How much cum do girls get in them on non-test days then? It must be a lot if people never think girls can have clean rooms.

      Is there a way to use the test equipment to masturbate when there isn’t a test?

    2. Amanda

      I am a student at the school and I would like to report a problem I had with one of the new in-class test taking machines. Everything started out okay, I sat down slowly and adjusted myself on the rod and the the lights and camera came on like normal. Then I guess on these new machines you have to strap yourself in before it let’s you start the test, which is fine. Except you can’t unstrap yourself until the test is done. So I started the test. When I answered the first question the rod started thrusting which is still normal. The machine stopped and I went to the next question. I must’ve gotten it wrong because the machine started thrusting again with greater intensity like it normally does, only this time the test froze up with the machine still going. The machine started pumping the artificial cum and I couldn’t unbuckle. And then the intensity kept increasing and the test was still frozen! The machine fucked me really hard for a whole hour before help could arrive. I must have orgasmed doezens of times while the rest of the class stared at me. When help did finally arrive they had to use scissors to cut the restraints and they accidentally cut my dress off in the process. They had to lift me off the machine and set me down. I hope they were able to fix it because the teacher let me reschedule my test, but I have to use the same machine.

      1. *IT Staff

        Hello Amanda, as a representative of *IT I wanted to address this event that happened on the testing machine. First of all, you should not be wearing a dress or any clothes on the testing machine. Fabric tends to disrupt the machine’s sensors. Second, we are grateful for the countless videos floating around the internet which have allowed us to study the situation from all angles. I also want to state that the risk of this is insignificant considering the improvements in test scores and academic integrity we have seen. Finally, based on the video, it seems that you really enjoyed the experience. Therefore we have sent a command through the test network for ALL of your tests to end in 1 hour of intense thrusting and artificial cum as punishment for indecent behaviour in a class room. Please allow for extra time on test days.

        Thank You,

        1. Sarah

          Um, hi.

          I’m not Amanda but I noticed this issue board and after you said this, for all my tests I started getting the extra hour of thrusting and cum as punishment too. Did I do something wrong? I’m always naked for the whole day on test days so I’m not being indecent. I do orgasm a lot but it’s a big use of my time, and I prefer being raped by the boys instead. At least some other students get orgasms instead of a machine. Anything you can do, tech support?

          1. Anonymous

            Don’t worry Sarah. As I am sure you already know, after a stressful exam most of the students go outside and just lay down on the grass to rest. As the boys all know the cum is artificial, it does not count as any protection against concentual rape. This allows the boys to get over the stress of exams, while helping the girls get over their own stress. To achieve this mutually beneficial outcome, on exiting the exam the boys normally remove all clothing below the waist and leave them on the little wall by the grass. They can then freely move between the girls raping any and all girls that are visibly excited, as the code requires. The new exam method means all girls are at this point visibly sexually excited, so the boys have a lot of work to do. Especially as there are always more girls than boys in any exam. Luckily after a short time and especially after some of the louder girls have been fucked. Other students including boys are attracted to the grass area, and the other boys start helping out by fucking any and all girls they decide they need to punish, no matter how many boys have already fucked her. This leads to a massive release of stress for the girls.

            After 1 hour of additional thrusting, I am sure your level of excitement will be so obvious that it will take a lot more then one guy raping you to be considered adequate punishment. So you don’t need to worry about some other students missing out on orgasms. Because plenty of boys will be orgasming inside your pussy. I think conservatively you can expect a gang rape from atleast 10 boys after each exam.

            But if you’re still worried about students missing out on orgasms, then I suggest you do this. As a guy, does not matter if it’s the first guy after the exam or the twentieth, is mercilessly fuckin your pussy as if your nothing but a disposable peace of meat that only exists for his pleasure. Call out loudly, “I’m such a bad girl for getting so wet, I will never be punished enough by guys fucking my pussy. Please I’m begging all boys here, take turns with my pussy ass and mouth. I also have both hands free which I will use to jerk off any guys that offer me there hard cocks or use to get any soft cocks hard ready to fuck me again. Don’t worry about if I am already punished enough or if I pass out from exhaustion. Just keep fucking me mercilessly until every boy is fully spent. And please I beg you to invite any boys who pass by and to message any male friends you can to come and fuck me. Please make sure all the male teachers you see also know just how badly my tight young body needs to be punished so they will have a turn fucking me as well”.

            I remember a 4ft 9inch petite blonde girl in our freshman year had to do this as part of her punishment for something. She had pale white skin, a tiny waist, small but firm little ass, A cup breasts, hair almost to her waist, a perfectly shaved smooth pussy, and she was very beautiful. I never did know what she did to get punished. But for a whole week she had to walk around naked and every time she saw 3 or more boys she had to start mastibating and loudly say that bit. She must have been fucked by at least 50 boys every day for several months. Most boys taking her in multiple holes. It was supposed to be 1 week but she kept missing all her classes because she was being fucked non stop for hours every day. So for each class she missed the teachers added a day. As she was gaining 3 to 5 days on her punishment every day and she had proven so popular with male teachers that liked fucking her. In the end it was decided her punishment would end if she agreed to be naked for the rest of her 4 years at the college, having only been there 3 months, and reported to the teachers staff room every lunch brake to be fucked by all staff that wanted her. But she did get free lunch from the staff canteen so she could eat while being fucked. Otherwise she would have gone hungry.

            Sorry I went way off topic there, but if you say that I am sure no boys will miss out on orgasms with you.

  9. Anonymous

    I’m glad they have the best kind of condom. Clearly any equipment covering a boy’s penis should auto-release on ejaculation to ensure all his semen ends up inside the girl.


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