The Bridesmaid (archives)

No one could understand why Penelope wanted to get married on campus. She had to explain it all the time. “Richard and I first met on campus. Richard and I kissed the first on campus. Richard and I made love the first time on campus. Richard and I got engaged on campus.”  The campus meant a lot to both of them.

So when the big day finally arrived, the bride and her bridesmaid got dressed in a classroom just off of the common grounds that everyone help decorate. It was to be a simple ceremony. Family and a few friends. Quick exchange of vows. No one needed to sit down. As planned, while the guests waited for the bride, they mingled as the common ground area was also double duty for the reception. The party just started earlier than most weddings.

As the women exited Harrison Hall near the common grounds, an inspector stopped them. The girls all laughed. Then seeing his stern face realized he was serious! They thought about pushing through, but seeing a few other inspectors coming over to help, they decided to think twice.

The maid of honor attempted to argue with the inspector. They had the college’s permission for the wedding. They were holding the wedding on the weekend AFTER finals. Classes were not even in session. They had all the right reasons to avoid an inspection, but one. The Dress Code did not have an expiration date.

Out of view of the guests to the wedding, the bride said, “Okay, let’s do this fast.” She started the unfastening the long row of tiny buttons on her dress. The bridesmaid dresses were simple cocktail dresses with a zipped in the back. As soon as the maid of honor was naked, she helped the bride. The other bridesmaid soon were naked as well, except for one. She stared in disbelief.

As soon as the bride was naked and the inspector generally happy, some girls started to dress again. But the inspector pointed to the one girl not yet stripped. “Sorry, but everyone needs to be inspected. I know you are all wearing the same dresses, but I have to be fair about this. I need you to strip as well.”

She complained. She thought this was a special day. The other girls started telling her to strip as well. The more she delayed the inspection, the later they all would be for the wedding. When the maid of honor had the bride back into her dress, she stood naked and unhappy glaring at the lone bridesmaid yet to be inspected. “You had better get out of that dress before I get into mine, or I swear I’ll rip that dress off of you. You will not ruin this wedding! You know the score with the inspections. There’s no getting out of it.”

She felt defeated. She unzipped the back, and two girls grabbed the dress and pulled it down to the grass.

Everyone gasped!

There she stood wearing a g-string. Lace straps and waistband. A sheer panel in front. It really covered nothing, but there it was covering her.

Everyone stared at the g-string, and in unison, their heads and eyes raised to the girls face. She was blushing crimson red. What was she thinking? Was she thinking?

The inspector said, “Your panties please.”

As she bent over removing the tiny sheer g-string, the inspector picked up her dress. As she handed him the g-string with one hand, she tugged on the dress with the other. The inspector did not let go. He said, “Evidence. Sorry, but the rules are for you to remain as you are now until we have a hearing when I will present your clothing as evidence.” He jotted a note on a piece of paper and handed the small ticket to the nude girl. It read: Hearing June 29, 7pm.

“June 29th? That’s four weeks away! What am I to do for the wedding?”

The inspector was already walking away. He looked over his shoulder and said, “Classes are out until June 29th. That’s the next hearing date when the judge will return.”

Everyone looked at the naked girl is disbelief.  Then they turned to the bride. She was still stunned. The maid of honor said, “I guess we’ll have to go with one less bridesmaid.”

The bride shook her head. “No. We can’t. There’s an even number of groomsmen. Someone will be left out. She’s the second in line. It’ll screw up the whole thing!”

The naked girl said, “I’m really, really, sorry. I had no idea they would be doing inspection before the wedding.” She looked at the angry faces of her friends, and the complete disappointment of the bride.  Hoping to bluff, she said, “If you want. I’ll still stand up with you like I am. There’s nothing else I can do.”

It was a tall order. Standing naked in line was tolerable, but all the wedding pictures. She gulped hoping the bride would refuse. And she did. “I can’t have one naked girl in the bridesmaid line. The photos will be all about the one naked girl, not me!”

One of the girls hoping to break the tension said, “Well, you could get naked, too.”

Then the maid of honor said, “She’s the bride. She is suppose to be in her wedding dress!” She looked around and said, “Okay girls, off with the bridesmaid dresses. One naked girl stands out, but four won’t.”

One of the girls said, “Then make that an even five.”

The maid of honor was about to argue that five is an odd number not even when she saw the desperation in her friend’s face through the bridal veil. “Okay, an even five.”

They all stripped down, once again, but still the bride pouted. The bride started unfastening all those tiny buttons once again. She said, “This campus is where Richard first saw me naked, too. I guess it is right that I get married naked.”

As the girls walked around the corner of the building, the guests saw the precession of naked ladies leading one wearing just a veil. The crowd soon parted as the girls walked to the makeshift alter. The wedding was beautiful. Not a dry eye in sight.

At the reception, many of the family and friends had to be told about the inspections on campus. Richard’s bestman explained the Dress Code in his toast to the newlyweds. He thought it was fitting the bride was naked for the ceremony, as that is how Richard first met her – during an inspection. It grew into love as Richard would stop her each day and demand another inspection. She never complained. She was happy to strip for Richard. To them, no one else on campus mattered. Every day throughout their courtship, Richard stripped her, and he found excuses to cite her with violations. The bride’s mother blushed when the toast included Richard testing to see if sexual excitement was present – as it would be each day, too. Richard always doing the honors of “punishing” his soon-to-be bride for such behavior.

It was during the garter  removal for the toss to the eligible bachelors that Richard noticed his bride once again violating the decency of the College Code of Conduct. The marital bed had to wait. Richard knew his duty was called for right then.

The groomsmen soon realized their escorts were also exhibiting signs of sexual arousal. And each being an inspector, they knew what had to be done, now.

Now technically, the guests all had their visitor identification cards saving them from their own inspections. But soon you would not know who was a guest and who attended college here. About an hour later, the bride’s mother rising from the ground with grass stains on her bare ass, said, “Where’s everyone’s clothes?”

A groundskeeper said, “Ought not have tossed them about. My job is to keep the campus clean and tidy, and that is just what I’ve done. I had to use four different donation boxes for all the clothing you had littered on the common grounds.”

Love the story! Both touching and arousing at the same time!
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