The Beach (archives)

The Beach

Donna is ambivalent. On one hand she wants to be a decent girl, and stay covered up, but on the other hand she craves the excitement of partial nudity — the thing that turns her on the most is being “naked under her clothes”, especially in the most public place possible. It’s not just the excitement of knowing someone might see her, although that’s part of it. It’s also the thrill of getting “stuck” in a situation where she has no choice but to be nude. It’s really hard to explain, she admits, but it’s like this: she will purposely go to a place where she knows someone will forceably remove her top, for example, leaving her little titties exposed to all. Then it’s not her fault, you see, that she’s topless. She’s a pure, sweet, innocent victim of someone else’s evil plot to strip cute little girls.

One variation on this theme is the “skimpy clothing game”. Donna will wear the skimpiest possible clothing, that just barely covers her (and from some angles, doesn’t cover her at all). For example, she’ll wear a “drape” top, that just lays over her breasts. Then, whenever she leans forward, her top hangs uselessly from her neck, fully uncovering her tits. Then, her reasoning works this way: the drape top isn’t really hiding anything, so it serves no real purpose. So there’s no harm in removing it; it’s not stripping to her, because she’s not uncovering any body part that isn’t already exposed.



Donna feels the same way about her Wicked Weasel bikini. She lifts it up to verify that it covers nothing but her lips, leaving all the surrounding skin exposed. What is the pussy other than skin? I mean the only part of my pussy that anyone can see when I’m naked is skin, anyway, and since all my skin is already on display there’s no real reason for the bikini. In fact the bright stripes actually draw attention to my pussy, which would otherwise go unnoticed. With this reasoning, Donna takes off her bikini bottom, knowing in her cute little heart that she didn’t really strip in public, and that she’s as fully dressed, naked, as she was wearing her bikini bottom.

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