The Art of Detraction – Valerina (archives)


“Val, How do you get away with it?” asked Fran.

Valerina was puzzled, “With what?”

Fran pointed to Val bush neatly trimmed around her pussy. “Everyone else I know that starts early for Muff Day gets caught, You never do. I want to know your secret.”

Valerina laughed. “It is not a secret. Anyone paying attention knows. It is not like I wear long skirts and have inspectors chasing me down.”

Fran was not satisfied. “Exactly. You wear some really short skirts, and I’ve not noticed your growing bush. I pay attention to these things, you know?”

Val leaned over and kissed Fran. “I do know you pay attention, and it is appreciated. But sometimes you think too much like a guy.”

Fran giggled, “Occupational hazard for us dykes with all the pretty girls running around naked.”

Valerina said, “Now according to the Dress Code, I am not naked. My bush is a covering.”

Fran said, “Which leads me back to, how do you do it? How can you get away with having a pretty bush and wear short skirts?”

Val said, “The Art of Distraction. If you want people to not look at your pussy, you go topless. If you think some inspector will still give you an issue, distract him. Guys are easy. Put something shiny on below, and their eyes go there, not elsewhere. By the time they stop ogling the pretty shiny things, you are on your way.”

Val opened her book bag, and slipped on what she was talking about. She whirled for Fran, but now Fran was centered on Val’s pussy.

Just then Janey walked up, “Hi Fran, Val. My, Val, that’s a pretty little skirt you are wearing. You have some of the nicest outfits.”

Val said, “thanks Janey. I like they way you fill out your clothes, too.” The girls giggled.

Janey said, “Seriously though. Did you guys realize next Friday is Muff Day? How can I go a decent pubic patch for a Friday? A girl would have to go bottomless all week. They should make Muff Days on Mondays when I might be able to get a two day growth going over the weekend. Well, gotta go to class. That is a pretty little skirt Val!”

Fran was is total disbelief. “She never even noticed your bush, did she?”

Take a moment and see if you can spot Valerina’s bush? Are you inspector material? Or are you distracted by shiny things, too?


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