Tammy’s awful day

(This is the story of a quiet girl named Tammy, whose mom thought it would be a good idea for her to take Donna’s CP class. Tammy is very pretty, with straight light brown hair, blue eyes, a pretty smile, small breasts, flat belly, extra cute butt, and thin legs. CP class is challenging for any girl. Often, girls are required to come to school topless or bottomless, and some girls find that really difficult. Especially bottomless, because it’s not like the regular “bottomless day” celebrated by the rest of the school, in which girls wear just a top and panties, all very innocent. The CP version of bottomless requires girls to be completely naked from mid-butt down, which some of the shyer girls find a little embarrassing. Worse, the CP girls compete against each other, so even if they’re following the rules, the girl wearing the longest top can be severely punished. So, you see, even though they’re required to wear a top that comes down to mid-butt or shorter, sometimes a girl feel safer wearing a top several inches shorter, barely covering her butt at all. A typical punishment is to tie the girl with her hands high over her head, in the center of the cafeteria, wearing just her short little t-shirt. Sometimes a girl become aroused while tied up this way, which only adds to their embarrassment as her classmates “check under the hood” so to speak, to see how she’s doing.)

Tammy’s second day of school didn’t go so well. She wore a really cute top to school, along with a pair of panties. Like a good girl, she took off her panties to show the boys how cute she looked in just the top, and, yes, she did look cute. A little too cute, I guess, because she ended up winning the competition, and as her prize, she ended up stripping naked in order to let the other girls wear clothes. Honestly, it wasn’t so great for the other girls, either, because they were only allowed to wear their panties.

Although it’s not uncommon for a girl to come to school topless, usually she would wear a regular bottom, like a skirt, for example, and not just a pair of panties as her bottom. So most of the time, when we see a girl wearing just her panties, we figure she’s being punished for something. Teachers are allowed to strip girls down to their underwear, and lots of girls don’t wear bras, so, well, sometimes a girl is just unlucky, and finds herself wearing nothing but her panties. Most teachers take it in stride. But some take it out on the girl. They might make her kneel on her seat, for example, so her tits hang down, and her butt is in the air. Then, they might look the other way if a boy should happen to slide her panties down a bit. So, by the end of the period, the girl usually has her panties down around her knees, but it’s all in good fun.

So Tammy comes home naked, and her dad goes ballistic. “What the fuck did you do to get punished so bad on your second day of school?” he wanted to know.

“Honey, let me handle it, okay?” mom said.

“Thanks, mom,” said Tammy.

“Don’t you thanks mom me, I’m still mad at you. What did you do?”

“Nothing, I swear. I just stood there wearing my little t-shirt, you know, the one from this morning, with my back to the class, without any panties under it. That’s it.”

“I bet you looked cute.”

“Exactly. I won the competition. I was the cutest girl.”

“And for this, you got punished?”

“No, mom, it wasn’t a punishment. I stripped voluntarily, so that the other girls could wear panties, at least. I did it for them.”

“Whose idea was it for you to strip naked?”

“Donna, the CP teacher.”

“And you don’t think Donna was punishing you?”

“No, mom, Donna stripped, too. That was my idea.” Tammy giggled.

Mom sighed, and slapped her hands against her hips. “No wonder she punished you, honey, you can’t go stripping your teachers, even your CP teacher.”

Tammy giggled. “But she looked adorable naked, mom, you should have seen her.”

“I bet she did, honey, but right now, we need to rehabilitate your image. You need to be playing by the rules from now on.”

“What does that mean, mom?”

“For starters, it means no more panties in school. In fact no more panties, period.”

“But I’m going on a date tonight with Brad. He’s in my CP class.”

“Fine. Wear a skirt and a top. Still no panties. You need to learn a lesson, young lady.”

“But Brad asked me if I could wear just a t-shirt, and I asked him if it was okay if I wore panties, too, and he said sure.”

“No panties.”

“Please, mom.”

“I want you to wear a skirt, but I can’t force you. I know you would just take it off when I’m not looking. So to encourage you to keep your skirt on, I’m making two rules: first, like I said, no panties, and second: your top has to show off your adorable belly. You know that white halter top, the one that shows off your side-boobs? You look adorable in that.”

“Yeah, I do, don’t I… But I’m still mad at you, mom.”

Tammy got dressed for her date in the adorable white halter top that barely covers her little tits, and her shortest miniskirt. Maybe if she looked cute enough, Brad would forgive her. Then, to spite her mom, she rolled the waistband, not once or twice, but three times. She would ask her mom if she looks cute enough for Brad, and her mom would have the good sense to ask her to unroll the waistband at least once.

“How do I look, mom?”

“Cute,” mom replied.

Oh, shit. Ding dong! Brad is at the door. Shit Shit. No time. She answers the door. Mom hangs out in the background, giggling at her adorable silly little girl.

“Hi, Brad!” She wraps her arms around him, standing on tippy toe, then lifts one leg as she kisses him.

“I thought I said ‘no bottom'”, Brad said as Tammy closed the front door behind them.

“I know, Braddy pooh, but can’t we talk about that?”

He opened the door for her like a perfect gentleman.

He started the car. “No.”

“Please let me wear it just until we get into the movie theater, okay? Please?”

“Take it off in the car, and I’ll think about it.”

“Okay, thanks, honey,” she said, hugging him, and nuzzling his neck sweetly. She gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, then slipped out of her skirt. She put it on the seat between them, then rested her hand gently in his lap.

She turned her head suddenly when she saw the exit whizzing by. “Hey, that was the exit for the movie theater.”

“Don’t you want to eat first?”

“Oh, wow, a deluxe first date,” She giggled.

He rested his hand in her lap, and stroked her inner thighs, but she kept her legs pressed together. “We’ve got plenty of time, honey,” she said as they pulled into the parking lot.

“Whatever you say, sweetie,” mocking her tone.

“Hey, where’s my skirt?”

Brad started looking around. “Gosh, honey, I don’t know. It was right here on the seat.”

“Come on, Brad, this isn’t funny. I can’t go into the restaurant like this! I’m naked from the belly button on down!”

“If I recall, you agreed to wear just a top on our date.”

“Yes, it’s true. But I was going to wear a longer top than this.”

“Well why didn’t you then? Surely that’s not my fault.”


“Well, darling, I’m going into the restaurant, and I’m going to have a lovely dinner. You can either sit here like a mope, or come inside. Your choice.”

Brad lingered a while with the door open, but Tammy didn’t move.

He closed the door, and left her in the car. He went inside, and checked in with the hostess. A 20 minute wait. Plenty long enough for his date to come to her senses, and join him. He took a seat.

“Smith, party of 2, Smith, party of 2.”

A young man and his even younger date appeared. He was nicely dressed. She was, let’s say, a little underdressed, in a cheeky little black dress. Very nice.

“Jones, party of 4, Jones, party of 4.”

Four giggly girls got up, looking like they stripped a businessman, and were now sharing his clothes. One was wearing just a suit jacket, which barely closed around her ample breasts. Another was wearing nothing but a man’s shirt which was apparently missing all its buttons. A third was wearing a pair of boxer shorts so big she had to hold them up with one hand, and the fourth was wearing just a tie, which she was wearing as a belt, letting the end hang down between her legs for the barest semblance of decency.

“What the heck?”

“Oh, Tammy, you made it! I’m so happy you could come.” She had been sitting in the car for 10 minutes, fuming. It seemed like an hour. She really expected Brad to come back and tell her it was all a joke, and everything would be fine. But that didn’t happen, so she covered her pussy with one hand and went inside.

She was shocked to see so many half-naked girls inside. “What’s going on?”

“It’s a promotion. Girls eat free if they’re half naked.”

“Or less,” said the hostess. She was one of the few girls in the place who looked fully dressed. “Follow me,” she said, at which time we saw she was wearing just an apron.

Tammy stopped covering her pussy, and just enjoyed the ambiance.

The hostess led Brad and Tammy to a long row of tables with a bench seat on one side, and no chairs on the other side. “I guess all the couples like to snuggle,” Brad said.

“Sure,” Tammy agreed, “I’ll snuggle with you. But don’t you think you would be more comfortable if you take off your pants?”

“I’ll take them for you, sir,” offered the hostess.

Brad whispered, “I would, honey, but I’m not wearing any…”

Tammy tousled his hair, and gently kissed his ear, “that makes two of us. You’ll be fine without your pants for a little while, I promise.”

Against his better judgment, Brad took off his pants, and handed them to the hostess. He was fully erect by the time he sat down. He feigned interest in the menu while Tammy gently stroked his shaft.

The waitresses all wore little white tank-tops that some people call “wife beaters”. They were thin enough to clearly see their nipples and belly buttons, and that all of the waitresses were clean shaven. Before coming to our table, our waitress pulled the stretchy fabric down far enough for her to feel decent while chatting with us, but as Tammy watched her walk away, it slowly returned to its normal position about her waist. Very cute!

We had a wonderful dinner, and before we knew it, the check came. “My pants,” said Brad. My wallet, my keys.

Tammy held up the two items, grinning from ear to ear. “Your pants are gone, honey, I’m awfully sorry. But I saved your precious possessions.”

The couple walked out of the restaurant, Brad holding his hand in front of his flaccid dick, and Tammy laughing uproariously. “I forgive you for throwing my skirt out the window,” Tammy said.

“The sunroof”

“You jerk!” Tammy hit him, but not too hard, because he was so adorable without his pants on.


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