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Welcome Back

As we observed in the last post, many girls returning to campus were delighted and eager to show inspectors they were adhering to the College Code of Conduct’s Dress Code by not wearing panties under their skirts and they have maintain a fresh shaven look as well.

Well, many other girls coming back back to campus were equally happy to show inspectors they would never dare wear a bra under their clothes. Simply was no need to wear one these days.

Some girls freely gave the inspectors a two titty salute as the passed by. Others loved the game of a little tease. They preferred the inspectors to ask.

Here on an overpass, she decided one bare breast should suffice to avoid causing an accident with the cars below. In time, the drivers might get re-acquainted to seeing pretty girls flashing along the streets.

For now, some girls prefer the flashing off the street for everyone’s safety.

As there are breasts of every shape and size, so are the attitudes of the girls behind the breasts. Some will walk all day along the sidewalks with their breasts exposed. As this young lady demonstrates, “We fought to free the nipple. Shame if we go hiding them now.”

Some girls were at home, and different local rules applied there. Some were free to go topless whenever they cared to do so, so returning to campus, they were able to just keep doing what they had been doing for months.

Sure, she lives at a seaside resort town, and she hasn’t owned a bikini top ever. So coming back to campus, she wanted to be reminded of home by wearing her little bikini bottom. Why get an unsightly tanline now?

Yes, wearing just a bikini bottom is trendy more places than just this campus. However, this girl appreciates that she can go shopping topless without anyone making a fuss. Others enjoy returning to the college town where local merchants give discounts to topless shoppers… she admitted she doesn’t even own a turntable, but still enjoys browsing here.

And a girl with beautiful breasts often can get free desserts from the local cafes. Flashing is not just for the inspectors these days.

She said she is willing to risk the car accidents for her personal freedom, yet she did avoid directly flashing the motorists while still showing the inspector she knew the Dress Code.

Like the girls in the bikini bottoms, she decided to go topfree, outside the police station no less, not campus security, but off campus. Why? As she read the Dress Code, technically, on campus she was not allowed to go topless unless cited and punished to do so. The loophole was that the town long ago stopped issuing tickets for being in states of undress. The prosecutor just did not wish to waste the court’s time on such trivia matters.

She’s found the loophole within a loophole. She claims she is not topless. She has a top, right there in her hand. She cannot be cited for going topless if she has a top, right?

Another girl found the perfect outfit. Wardrobe malfunctions are not considered a violation of being topless without a citation. This dress allows her to show any inspector they are wasting their time stopping her for an inspection.

When one novice inspector stopped her about only wearing panties when she was not issued a citation, she complained, “It is not like I can find a matching bra and panty in my size: petite panties and DDD+ cups.”

Others girls do not have that problem, yet prefer to keep their smaller breasts cover until requested to show they are not wearing a bra. She shows her breasts, and informed the inspector, “When breasts this small, a bra would be stupid.”

We would like to thank all the girls returning campus for their cooperation to demonstrating their adherence to following the Dress Code. We’ve noticed a huge drop in citations being issued since students have return to campus. We think everyone is trying to make in-person learning work for all. Thank-you!

And here’s a little gallery of some fine breasts, titties, boobs, knockers, jugs, whatever you might call them.

oops! Technically, she is topless. Her pubic hair counts as a bottom, but this was posted by accident. The author wishes to apologies for any inconvenience this image might have had on you. Perhaps a future story will arise of the girls on campus who are proud to keep their bushes and let everyone see. Bush Day doesn’t stand a chance with this girl competing.