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Recycling Clothing

Girls, do not throw out that torn tee shirt. There’s still plenty of life still in it.

You might think that tee shirt is worthless that got torn during an inspection you thought was unfair and resisted. It is not. It can become a useful part of your wardrobe again. It’ll also help serve as a reminder about resisting an inspection saving yourself additional torn outfits.

All you need is a couple of scraps left over.

Here is JeriLee showing her “new” outfit after getting the tee shirt returned following her hearing.

JeriLee said, “Ruined? No way! I paid good money for that shirt and I intend to get my use out of it.”

Making the top is simply enough. You only need a strip wide enough to cover your nipple for complete modesty. If your top seems loose, there’s an easy trick to help keep it in place – wet it down. The wet material will cling to your nipples keeping them covered.

JeriLee’s skirt is a perfect example of re-using the material. She told us, “I have store purchased skirts shorter than this. Wearing a skirt like this is very comfortable, and the hem is actually longer than when I wore the tee shirt alone.”

The added benefit to such a large skirt is over time, it can be trimmed to make additional tops such the current one be lost.

There is a limit to how many tops you can make over time, but as JeriLee demonstrates you can make your top and skirt the same size, then just wear the skirt before ditching the outfit altogether.

JeriLee also wanted to remind the girls, “You don’t even have to pay for the original tee shirt. Billie’s Bar gives away free tee shirts on wet tee shirt nights to any girl forgetting to wear her own.”

images from Actiongirls.com