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The emergency medical facility has had an uptick in castrations. This is alarming to the college, and we ask for this to stop immediately. Males are warned not to attempt any sexual relations with girls wearing defensive heels. While part of the Code of Conduct is to punish females showing signs of sexual arousal, also part of our Code is that the female must resist the punishment, else the sex is consensual and not a punishment at all.

This makes the the male student responsible for determining who is or is not to be punished, and his decision is his alone. He must accept the consequences of his actions.

This sort of footwear is a clear sign to leave that female student alone. If the male student believes the wearer to be sexually aroused, he will drop his pants and shorts to enforce the punishment. This exposes him to the possibility of castration during aggressive resistance as demanded by the Code of Conduct. A groper will have his pants up, and has a small measure of protection against resistance; which in the case of groping, resistance is not authorized unless the groper moves to bodily parts covered in appropriate clothing. Therefore, bloody pants are not evidence of wrong doing by the female. Pants with slashes in the groin area might be evidence of taking self defense too far, unless her outfit can help determine that a groper was improperly seeking areas not exposed.

The above heels have been determined highly effective in castrating males. His genitals can become trapped between the sole and the blade. He has only a moment to beg forgiveness. The actions of the female are entirely up to her. The Code does support resistance to these sort of punishments. Males who are castrated are reminded to place their genitals on ice and hurry for medical aid. Keep in mind a male without genitals and bleeding between the legs may be confused with a female on her period. If another male student assumes this is an aroused female, the castrated male may be delayed seeking the medical attention. Re-attachment is not always possible.

Some females may choose to be less aggressive, and opt not to castrate. However, they are still allowed to resist, and might choose to gouge eyes or stab repeatedly on their punisher. Again, we cannot stress this enough. Resistance is part of the punishment when accused of sexual arousal. We request male students consider the possibility they are incorrect to claiming the female was sexually aroused. This is one reason the females are required to resist, in order to defend themselves against false accusations.

Males wishing to punish females need to think about their accusations before attempting punishment. Females are allowed to defend themselves, and some have found the means to do so. Males should be asking themselves, even in cases of female arousal, does that female deserve punishment. Is her transgression so extreme to run the risk of him carrying his genitals in a bag of ice to the medical center. Attachment is possible, but ED is a definite possibility. A couple of castrated male students elected to have sex change surgery and hormonal shots. This has had the effect of confusion on campus who is a female subject to the Dress Code and could be punished.