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Feminist Transfer Student’s First Day – Part Two (no longer image-free!)

Genevieve lay dazed, naked, and cum-covered on the grass. Suddenly a boy (without his dick out for a change!) appeared over her. “Hi, sweetie. What’s your name?” he said with a wink. Genevieve mustered her scattered thoughts for a reply. “Uh… Genevieve.” Before she could react he used a large camera to snap a photo of her lying there. “Thanks!” he said as he took off. Genevieve sighed, her pretty breasts moving interestingly as she did. Well, it’s hardly like he’s the first guy today to photograph me naked, she thought resignedly.

Slowly, Genevieve mustered the energy to first sit up, then hoist herself to her feet. She still had to make it to her dorm room, though apparently she wouldn’t be making any use of the clothes she’d had sent ahead for a while given the Inspector’s injunction. Genevieve squared her shoulders and set off, determined to cling to as much of her dignity as she could manage. Of course, this effort was slightly undermined by her cumsplattered body, her total nudity, the way her cute tits bounced and jiggled with every step as she walked sans bra, and the way other students pointed and giggled or laughed at her very apparently very well-fucked form. But though her cheeks and pussy flushed red with humiliation (which she was NOT REALLY AROUSED BY, she told herself unconvincingly), Genevieve carried on resolutely.

As she walked Genevieve noticed something interesting. Another female student (this one a cute brunette, also naked as the day she was born – but much better looking than then) who had evidently recently received a facial…

…was cleaning herself up by scooping or scraping the cum off herself and swallowing it. Genevieve paused as a mental battle raged in her mind. On the one hand, that hardly looked dignified. On the other hand, neither was walking around resembling a bukkake model. And, it’s not exactly like I haven’t swallowed plenty of cum already today… Genevieve’s mind was made up. It was time to get clean. Albeit in a very dirty way. Determinedly, trying womanfully to ignore the ever-present audience of other students, she began to scrape up the copious cum deposited on her face, tits, stomach… well, you get the idea… and suck it off her fingers to gulp it down. By the time she was done a number of minutes later, her body was finally (comparatively – there was only so much she could manage that way, after all) free of cum at last. Well, with all these cum-calories, maybe I can skip lunch she thought irreverently, a giggle escaping from her lips. Feeling cheered by her ability to still laugh after the crazy day she’d had, she strode on more confidently towards her dorm hall.

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