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Anatomy Lesson – The Vagina

Seems some of our male students are unfamiliar with female anatomy, and a few females as well. So, in effort to further the basic education here on campus, we’ve asked one lovely student to pose for this article. Sophia did make one request that she not be shown in full frontal nudity. We promised to honor that reasonable request, but we knew just disembodied images were not proper either. Those anyone could find in a biology textbook. Sophia agreed we could show her face, just not full frontal; otherwise, some boys on campus might get the idea she runs around naked. Of course, Sophia was selected because she is a good student and willing participant in this educational article.

So, here’s Sophia. While we planned to introduce her not topless, our photographer noticed the lighting was really poor at the first location. That happened after Sophia undressed for the educational images. So, to present a good image of Sophia, we regret we must introduce her to the student body topless. We hope you do not mind such an introduction.

Met-Art Sophia

Please ignore her breasts. We are certain all student understand the female breasts. Nipples are present on both male and females; however, male nipples often have hair, and a few females as well. The fatty tissue under the breast happens to be more pronounced on females, as demonstrated her on Sophia. But please do not dwell on the image of her breasts. The photographer just forgot to frame her portrait tighter once we moved to a better location for the light.

What this article is trying to present is the unique female feature of her vagina. Sophia has neatly trimmed and shaved her pubic hair. Other female students would be wise to keep their pubic hair as well groomed.

Notice how her skin rolls neatly into her vagina. Sophia has taken care to keep those skin rolls clean. For the biology majors, those skin rolls are called labia majora. For the rest, outer lips. Females should not be shy about showing their labia majora. It is simply skin, epidermis, no different than the skin on the back of a woman’s hand or back.

What does separate the labia majora skin from the rest of her body is what lays next to it – the labia minora. Notice how the gentle folds are similar to the leaves and plants near her. While the leaves have a rough feel and edge, the labia minora, aka inner lips, are soft and often moist.

Students should keep in mind a healthy vagina is moist. Moist differs from wet. Wetness comes when the female, well, comes – gets sexually aroused. Only a close inspection of the vagina will distinguish dampness from wetness. Please take note, Sophia’s vagina is damp, not wet.

And here we also can see the advantage of having a friend help shave your pubic hair. As good as job as Sophia has done for herself, we can see a few follicles she has missed.

Next week we will explore the anus, or asshole. Sophia is thinking of also posing for that article. But like this article she would prefer her face not be shown in the same image as her anus lest the boys get the idea she is inviting them to probe her anus.

Of course, we will honor her request, and wish to extend an open invitation for Sophia to pose for these anatomy articles. While we could have used some images that show her face and full frontal nudity like the following image:

We agreed not to do so. So we will not. Instead, we offer this lovely image of Sophia where she is allowed to keep some things private and personal to herself. The disembodied images of her vagina could easily be anyone’s vagina. So, it is only the mind’s eye that tie the images of her face to her vagina – such as the previous image we decided not publish and show the student body her full body.

Lastly, Sophia has asked us to include a request to whomever picked up her clothing last Tuesday at out original photoshoot location. We left her clothes unattended when we moved to better light. And it seem someone was trying to keep the campus clean and picked up her clothes. In the time it took looking for Sophia’s clothing, she was almost late to her classes. But she did manage to just make it to her full day of classes before the bell rung. Returning her clothes may make her more willing to pose for the anus series. Help us to help you. Thank-you.

Photos by Met-Art.com