Summer Message from the Admin Office

I had hoped this summer might have been different here on campus, but I find the need to write this op-ed piece in the student paper for all the students to read and understand.

The Dress Code does not give any student license to run around campus naked all summer.

Yes, inspections will still occur to enforce decency in dress. So from time to time, some females will be stripped naked. We hope this is a brief and infrequent occurrence. I’m not talking about this necessary brief nudity. Even if the hopefully rare situation where a female is in violation of the dress and must be punished for her infraction, we understand a brief period of nudity might follow as her agreed to sentence for the infraction. Again, this is not what I am referring to about the rampant nudity being displayed on campus.



I even understand those heading to the Rec Center for a swim needing to go naked since no females bathing suits are allowed there. For those skinny dipping and having to rush off to their summer classes, I do understand them remaining naked for their brief time on campus. It is much the same as the outdoor showers use. Of course, you would shower naked and if just prior to class, you might need to hurry off to class rather than race back to your dorm room. So, I am not counting the females that are clearly wet from the pool or showers, or both.



I even acknowledge the desire, some claim it is a need, to sunbathe in the Common Grounds naked. Sun tanlines can be confusing under garments less than opaque. This may cause needless inspections, so yes, you may continue to sunbathe naked.


What I am talking about is the clear violation against purposely going naked. When I see so many females going topless or bottomless, to some, they are half naked, but I give them credit for being half clothed. I’m referring to those females who are trying to remain naked all summer for the simple pleasure and purpose of claiming to have done so.




To identify these individuals, I am making each Tuesday afternoon, from 2-4pm, a “No Topless” period. This allows each student the time to get back to her dorm room to dress after a morning swim, shower, classes, and sunbathing session. Any female student baring their breasts during this period must have a dress code summons or a signed punishment ticket with her, exceptions for those actively sun bathing, showering or skinny dipping.




The inspectors will be enforcing this summer rule once this op-ed piece is published. Those found in violation will have all their confiscated until the remainder of the summer sessions. Such an extreme punishment should keep those wanting to go nudist this summer to think twice about doing so.

[Note from the Student Paper Editor: We do apologize to the Administrator for the delay in publishing this op-ed piece. Our summer publishing schedule is less frequent, and still so many other topics to cover in limited space. I’m sure the returning students in a couple of weeks will enjoy knowing the Dress Code rules were being enforced during their absence. If only for a brief time. We also illustrated the piece with photos taken around campus this summer.]

5 thoughts on “Summer Message from the Admin Office

  1. Julia

    I’ll admit… I’m a bit of an exhibitionist and on the first Tuesday after the announcement, I walked up naked to an inspector and said I didn’t have a ticket for being topless. I was cited and made to be naked all summer! They took away all my clothes but I loved it. I’ve never been naked so much before, but now I want to be a nudist full time.

    1. Xavier

      If you started to live a nudist lifestyle, wouldn’t that make getting groped and consensually raped a lot more common for you?

      1. Julia

        Absolutely. Girls already get groped a ton, but naked girls are singled out for even more. But I love it, always being touched!

        But this also means I get turned on more and raped. It is what it is, can’t help it.

        1. Anonymous

          Psychology, since you’d get used to it, you’d not get turned on more, preventing the thing.


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