Spring Break Tanning

Most of the girls on campus enjoy their Spring Breaks in sunny destinations where they can relax and work on reclaiming their all-over tans. Cooler winter temperatures kept many from sunbathing nude on campus, and let’s face it, fake tans do not look as good. Tanning booths are harmful to the skin, and the tan-in-bottle can give a girl a crazy orange color. Some spray-on tans look nice in moderation, but they quickly disappear. So what’s a girl to do?

Spring Break! Enjoy the sun au naturale. Many Spring Break destinations do not allow nude sunbathing, but many do. Besides, all you need is a small piece of sun ray each day to get a healthy looking tan.

Back on campus, many girls want to show off their new tans without tanlines. It is a clear reminder to those that did tan wearing a bikini that the inspectors will be stripping them thinking that paler skin tone underneath sheer material might be undergarments at a glance. Far better to get a full tan and show it off.

See how lovely these girls look in nothing but a golden tan? Why not show how they spent their Spring Break?

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3 thoughts on “Spring Break Tanning

  1. Atrium

    Girls having conspicuous tanlines, often looks like as they are wearing a (white) bikini. Much better is, that a girl abstain of getting tanlines, but enjoy the sun in the nude only. Showing tanlines could cause serious disproportions. An inspector could erroneously suspect a girl having significant tanlines is wearing a bikini and when not completely naked, she is violating against the dress-code. To prevent this unavoidable errors, girls should always take care not to have visible tanlines. The dress-code and the college-rules should be modified, that (visible) tanlines should be banned or be equal as clothing. A girl than may decide herself either to tan and enjoy the sun in the nude only, or to relinquish wearing clothes when at the campus or where ever the clothing-rules apply.


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