Shyness (archives)


“Crysta, get some clothes on, we’re going off campus for dinner!” Donna threw her books on her desk, and tossed her hair. She looked ravishing in a baby blue micro-minidress, her cute little cheeks visible beneath its scant hemline.

“Where are we going? Someplace fancy enough for my new blouse?” She held up a white silk blouse with pearl buttons..

“That’s perfect! Put it on.” As Crysta donned her new blouse, Donna explained the sudden dinner plans: “Karen wants to go downtown with us. She said she needs our help.”

“Our help?” Crysta was intrigued. She undid the top button, and looked at herself in the mirror, moving from side to side.

“Yes, she said she wants help to get over her shyness.”

Crysta undid one more button, letting her boobs tumble out of her shirt. “Oh, like you”

Donna blushed. She had made great progress toward overcoming her own shyness, but she knew she had much more to learn. A few months ago, she would have never dared to wear a microminidress, but here she was, wearing a dress that covered only half of her cute little butt. It was still hard for her to go out in public, and climb stairs knowing anyone who looks up at her butt will see her naked pussy. But she was doing it every day. And every day it got a bit easier than the day before. “Yes, like me,” she said.

Crysta tucked her boobs into her shirt as best she could, and made for the door. “I’m ready to go,” she said.

Donna gaped at her. She was about to say, Aren’t you going to put something else on besides the blouse, but then she remembered who she was dealing with. Crysta had become much more brazen since coming to college. She liked to cover her boobs, but she has started to make a habit of leaving everything south of her navel au natural. But all she said was, “Let’s stop by and get Karen now.”

Karen’s room was on the second floor. The door was closed. Donna was about to knock on it when it opened. Karen pushed her way past the girls. “Let’s go now before I lose my nerve!” Donna could see why she might lose her nerve. She was wearing only a skimpy little pair of panties.


“It’s OK, Karen,” Donna stroked her hair. “Relax. Everything will be ok. I’ll help you.” She couldn’t help looking Karen up and down. She was gorgeous!

Karen took a deep breath, and walked with Crysta and Donna out of the dormatory, into the dusky evening light. She resisted the temptation to hide her sexy boobs. The girls helped make her feel at ease by stroking her naked body. Donna put a hand in Karen’s panties, and gently rubbed her cute cheeks. Karen responded by putting her arms around her two friends. It was hard, but she pretended not to notice that Donna lowered her panties just a bit.

Crysta asked, “Where do you girls want to eat?”

Donna shrugged.

Karen spoke tentatively. “Maybe we could go to The Dungeon?”

Both girls looked at Karen’s panties. Did Karen know about the bottomless salad bar at the Dungeon? That’s the only reason girls go there — it’s the best salad bar in the whole city, but they have a crazy rule there — all girls have to be bottomless to visit the salad bar. When they recovered from the shock of Karen’s suggestion, both girls said, “Yeah, yeah, that’s a good idea. Let’s get the bus.”

The campus bus went directly to College Avenue, a short block from the Dungeon. The bus came right away, but it was full. There were only two seats on opposite sides of the aisle, near the middle of the bus. Crysta volunteered to stand between the girls. Donna whispered to Karen, “Let’s see if we can make her cum before we get there.” Donna stroked Crysta’s naked butt. This was a game Crysta knew well. She wasn’t always successful resisting Donna, but she would try. She spread her legs apart, and waited patiently while Donna stroked between her legs, dipped her fingers in her moist pussy, and spread the slippery wetness between her cheeks and down her legs.

Karen watched this, smiling from ear to ear. Her nipples were hard as she joined in the fun, stroking Crysta’s tender thighs. Crysta was a bit surprised to feel four gentle hands on her lower body, but she stood her ground. Was she breathing faster? It was hard to tell. As we rounded the last turn, Crysta did look a bit flushed. She unbuttoned the last button of her shirt, and let it open up. Crysta’s nipples were as hard as the other girls’. Donna smiled when she saw Karen’s panties were soaked. She rubbed Karen’s wet pussy through her panties, and then Karen surprised her by kissing her as the bus lurched to a stop. It felt good. The girls got out, and started walking to the restaurant, Crysta in the middle. “You can stop fondling me now, girls. I came three times!”

“You did?!” Karen was amazed. Then she confided in a whisper to Donna, “I came, too!”

The girls entered the restaurant, where the hostess looked them over. The hostess wore a fitted t-shirt bearing the name of the restaurant. It covered her belly button, but stopped short of her shapely hips. She was completely shaven. “Follow me,” she said, as she took the girls down the stairs to a big booth. They all sat together, Crysta against the wall, then Karen in the middle, then Donna. “Your waitress will be right with you,” she said. The girls watched the hostess go back up the stairs before resuming their conversation.

“No menus?” said Karen.

Crysta and Donna looked at each other. “Didn’t you want the salad bar?” Donna asked.

“Oh, sure,” said Karen, just as the waitress showed up, wearing a skin-tight top, high heel shoes, and nothing else.

“We’ll all be getting the salad bar,” said Karen.

The waitress did a double-take. “I’ll take your panties when you’re ready,” she said. Then she left.

“My panties?” Karen asked, crossing her legs.

Donna and Crysta looked at each other again. Crysta explained, “Yes, Karen. When you’re ready, you should hand your panties to the waitress.”

“You’re kidding, right?” Karen said.

Donna gave it a try: “The bottomless salad bar is a play on words: it’s bottomless in the sense that you can keep getting seconds, and it’s bottomless in the sense that girls who get salad have to have bare bottoms.”

Karen gulped. “Are you going to take off your dress, then, Donna?”

Donna laughed. “No, a micro-minidress is bottomless enough for this place.” She put her hand on Karen’s pussy, and patted it gently through her panties.

Karen couldn’t believe this. She mustered all the courage she could to wear just panties in public. She thought it was plenty corageous of her to parade her boobs in public. She wanted to leave, and go to a different restaurant, but then she would seem like a wimp to her friends. As Karen became aware of Donna’s touch, she returned the gesture, stroking the soft space between Donna’s lips. Donna lifted her dress a bit, so Karen’s hand could rest more comfortably on Donna’s lap. “Should I go to the ladies’ room to take off my panties?” she asked, looking back and forth at her two friends.

Donna put her arms around Karen and spoke softly into her ear. “Sometimes it’s a lot easier to take off your panties while you’re seated,” she said. “Let me help you.” She started lowering Karen’s panties, pushing them down off her hips.


Karen took the hint, and coyly sat back in her seat, and slid the panties down her long legs. “Do I have to give them to the waitress? Can’t I just keep them next to me?”

“That would be cheating,” Crysta said.

“You would be tempted to put them on again,” Donna added.

“But…” Karen blushed. “they’re wet.”

The girls laughed, and stroked Karen’s naked thighs. “It’s OK, Karen, lots of girls cream in their panties,” said Crysta.

As Karen was enjoying the fondling from her two friends, the waitress showed up. She gave her the soaking panties, and relaxed, letting her legs part slightly. “Let’s get our salad,” she said.


Ah yes, The Dungeon. I know this place. At firstly, I did not want to go there. In mother country, dungeons are no good place for young women to be. then my friend she explained. I was filled with joy to be going to there. You see me now. I no wear clothes. All clothes sended back to mother country. I no want to violate rules here.

I eats at The Dungeon all the time. Bottomless people working and bottomless customers make me forget I too bottomless. I not forget I topless, too. Boobs feel cold air of ice at salad bar.

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