Scarf skirt (archives)

Scarf skirt
A scarf can be very versatile. It can be tied as a skirt if you like:


And then when you get tired of it, you can untie it, and make something else out of it.


When you’re out walking about, you can use the scarf to cover your bottom. Then, when you’re sitting in class, or in a restaurant, you might feel your boobs are too exposed, so you can re-position the scarf as a top.

A scarf is the perfect wardrobe addition. We carry a line of scarves that are very light weight. The knitted scarves have an open weave for better air flow on these days of Global Warming. The silk scarves are perfect on breezy days. They move with the wind, not against it. Our most popular style is a sheer fabric scarf. Some girls tie the scarf in a knot with the end dangling in front for modesty, but that is completely unnecessary since they are completely cover no matter the wear they desire to wear the scarf – as a skirt, top, or to hold their hair in place.
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