Santa’s Little Helper (archives)

I stood in line for hours to get the job. All the jobs around campus seem to require nudity, or just end up that you are nude. So when I read the want ads for Santa Helpers at the mall, I figured, put up with some screaming brats and get paid. At least I’d keep my clothes on. Well, that’s what I thought standing in that long line waiting to be interviewed.

The interview? Well, it was simple. The man said, “Here, try on this suit.”

Well, the suit was really no more tan a red jacket with white fur trim. “Here?”

The man said, “No, take it home, come back in about four hours while everyone still outside the office waits.”

I said, “I was just asking.” Now, one look at the outfit told me it was going to be small and quite tight. I asked, “Do you have a uniform a size up from this? I don’t think it’ll fit over my clothes.”

He looked over the top of his glasses without raising his head from the crossword. “One size fits the winner. And it is meant to be your whole outfit. Some girls wear green hose, but you aren’t so just try on the damn suit and we’ll see if it fits or not.”

I wasn’t happy about it, but I went ahead and slipped off my dress. Of curse with the campus rules, I was not wearing undergarments. Fortunately, the man was busy with his crossword puzzle as I pulled the jacket tight over my body.  There was no way I could close the clasps above my bustline. And trying to pull the hem down was difficult to grab the fur.

As I played with the outfit he glanced up and smiled. “Great! Finally someone not too fat or too thin. Looks like a fit to me. If you want the job, it’s yours and I’ll tell the rest to head home.”

It sure didn’t feel like it fit, but I figured I could make adjustments.

Wrong. He opened the door and yelled, “The position has been filled. Thanks, and a Merry Christmas to you all!” I heard many girls scream insults to him before he shut the door and explained my job in detail, “I need you here every day before 6pm. As a student, I know you will not have the excuse of a night class. Be here on time, ready to work. that means arriving early enough to change into your uniform.”

I said, “I can’t just take the outfit home?”

He laughed. “Then what happens when you are a no show? Or simply never return? Nope the outfit stays here. You can get dressed now, but be ready to work promptly at 6pm tomorrow.”

Undressing in front of him again, but this time with him watching, was a little unsettling. I quickly removed the jacket and slipped on my dress. Next stop? Find green hose.

You’d think a mall of this size would have one shop with green hose. No such luck. Not even green tights. The mall was closing, and I still had not found anything close. I spent the day in between classes calling all around town for green hose. No one had any! Some had Christmas hose and every other color, but green. I took a chance and bought red hose on my way to the mall.

Not only did the cheap things get a run as I slipped them on, but the salesgirl did not tell me these were garter hose. A mock garter bet with suspenders to the legs. Extreme crotchlessness, if that is a word. Even as upset as I was, I decided it was better than nothing. Wrong.

My new boss said, “Green hose. Are you color blind?”

I explained the town does not have green hose.

He said, “Well, order some, but until then, take those off. I mean really. It is like you are framing your pussy!”

I pulled them down and threw them in the trash due to the run.

My job? Take a scared little kid up to Santa. Place the kid on Santa’s lap. Tell Santa the kid’s name. Run back to the camera, get the kid to smile, snap a photo, get the kid from Santa, return the kid to his parent, sell the photo, and grab the next kid. Well, not quite. In between each step was tug my jacket back down and squeeze my boobs back inside.

That lasted 2-3 hours, non-stop. The Mall closes at 10pm, but the place dies down after 9pm. That’s when the adults without kids come shopping. Lots of girls wanted their photo with Santa, and many did not seem to mind flashing their pussy to the camera, either! They even loved having their photo on display while they continued to shop.

Then it happened. Santa went for restroom break, and one guy wanted his photo taken. Not with Santa, but with me! He sat in Santa’s chair as I set the timer and raced to sit down on his lap. I should have known better! I mean, I saw up enough girl’s skirts to know the camera angle would be seeing up my abbreviated jacket. All I had to do was think about leaning to expose myself. And in the rush back, the camera caught me just sitting down before any adjustments could be made. What was even worse was how long he left his photo on the rack before claiming it! Others saw it and wanted their photo taken, too. Even when Santa returned, customers, male and female, were requesting me! And believe me, the girls were more grab happy than the guys!

The last photo of the night snapped with me trying to scape a couples’ combined effort to strip me. I was standing up, but the jacket was remaining behind!

I managed to recover myself with the jacket and bent clasp.

I was ready to quit, but then as people claimed their photos, they were handing me tips! Instant, tax-free tips! I made more in tips than wages that night. I knew a good thing when I had one.

The next evening, I arrived at 6pm ready to go. I was told, “Santa called in sick. We’ll cancel the photo booth.”

I said, “Don’t you dare! I need that money. I’ll keep it going.”

I finally mastered the timer on the camera. This time, I made sure the parent was also in the photo. On the ones with Dad, I snapped an extra one with perhaps my hem raised a little too high. Or me bending over – looking forward or back depending on the father’s stares. They always bought both photos with generous tips.

Santa never got over his cold, and a replacement so late in the year was impossible. Still, I was told I was bringing in more sales than the previous year.

Christmas Eve in the mall is quite different. The place gets real quite, and the few shoppers are in a panic. Still, I managed to convince many guys to stop and take the time for a photo. Those guys got an early Christmas present. I just left the jacket front open.

One guy decided I was the perfect solution to his shopping list. He had me pose by myself (no jacket) for five photos. Four brothers and one dad – perfect gift. With his generous tip, I added a free photo… with my cell phone number. At 10 pm, it rang. He invited me to his house, and since I wasn’t leaving town until the morning, I accepted. I turned in my red jacket, but rather than claim my clothes from the locker, I rushed out to the parking lot where he was waiting for me.

It was a Very Merry Christmas Eve at their house, and to all a Good Night!

Love the story. Good to see a new entry up on the site. As the last line goes, hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Comment By keith At 12/22/2009 2:21 PM

And what a great way to start off the holiday. With the gift of a story. And after reading this, who would really need Santa anyway?
Comment By Dragavan At 12/24/2009 2:30 PM

Anybody know of any other, similar blogs out there?
Comment By b At 1/4/2010 8:28 PM

A lovely story!
Comment By Richard Hertz At 1/10/2010 9:43 PM

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