Risks of the Codes (archives)

Risks of the Codes

The highly unusual style of these Codes carries a certain measure of risks, which are outlined here. They include the risk of selective enforcement by the Inspectors, which might influence, over the long term, the styles of clothing girls wear; the risk that artificial boundaries encourage girls to tread right up to them; the risk that the groping rule or the consensual rape rule can be used as leverage against the girls; the risk that games might be designed by the students to purposely put girls at risk of violating the Codes; the risk that teachers might impose their own Dress Codes with rules that contradict one or more provisions of the official Codes. Each of these risks has been carefully assessed by the College, and it has been determined to be low, and not in need of correction at this time.

Risk 1: Selective enforcement

Selective Enforcement by the Inspectors. Girls have alleged that Inspectors tend to target girls wearing pants over those wearing dresses or skirts, and that they tend to prefer to inspect girls wearing long skirts over those wearing short skirts. The result of this perception, whether it has a basis in fact or not, is that girls feel they should wear very short dresses or skirts to minimize the risk, and the associated embarrassment, of being inspected. This perception illustrates two main points, both of which can be addressed by better education of the girls. The first point is that there is no shame in being inspected. Yes, you will almost certainly be forced to remove some of your clothing, perhaps even all of it. And it’s true that you will be made to stand in a public place, but only for five minutes or less, while the Inspector looks you over to ensure no violation has taken place. And yes, a crowd is likely to gather to watch you squirm with humiliation as you are made to spread your legs, bend over, and the like. But this is the sort of thing that all girls need to accept gracefully as part of our effort to assure uniform modesty and decorum across the campus. The second point is a very practical one. It is absolutely true that girls wearing very short skirts are inspected less often, because it is frankly not as necessary to inspect such girls. Despite the fact that the Codes encourage modesty, some girls exercise their right under the Codes to wear micro-miniskirts (or micro-minidresses), which are so short they don’t fully cover the buttocks, leaving a good portion of their “cheeks” exposed. Although a girl’s front can be fully covered by such a dress while she is standing, her crotch may be fully visible while she is seated in such a skirt, and in many other positions. The most common violation, the wearing of excess clothing, is so easy to detect on the part of girls wearing micro-miniskirts, that an inspection is simply not necessary. This encourages some girls to wear very short skirts; however these girls run a great risk that they may become sexually excited and thus subject to consensual rape, so they must also learn to refrain from becoming excited, a skill that isn’t always possible to realize in practice.

Risk 2: The “speed limit” effect

Artificial boundaries encourage girls to tread right up to them. When you are driving, if the speed limit is 65 MPH, you will typically go at least 65, even if your natural inclination is to go slower. With Dress Codes, the same is true. If you tell a girl to wear a dress that covers her bare bottom, she will be tempted to wear one that just barely covers her bottom. Similarly, if you tell her she can’t wear a bra under her shirt, she may wear the shirt unbuttoned so that her breasts aren’t even covered as a way of saying “so there!” to the authorities. This kind of rebelling against authority can’t be stopped completely; however it is expected that the four layers of enforcement will eventually make these girls come around and respect the Codes.

Risk 3: Exploitation of the groping and consensual rape rules by boys

The Groping rule or the Consensual Rape rule can be used as leverage against the girls who skirt the edge of proper dress. Consider the girl who is wearing a micro-minidress, waiting in line at the cafeteria. A boy, standing behind her, may not be able to resist her beauty, and so he might smooth his palm over the lower part of her buttocks that aren’t covered by her dress, which is his right. The girl now feels like a deer in the headlights. She’s not allowed to move away from the boy, or even clench her cheeks against his advances. In fact, she is required to spreads her legs apart slightly to allow him full access. She dreads what will come next: the boy will fondle her until she becomes visibly excited, and then he will rape her, as sure as night follows day. But this time the boy stops touching her, and offers her a deal instead: she can turn over her dress to him, and he’ll leave her alone. This puts the girl in a terrible dilema. She knows she can avoid being raped right now by stripping naked, and finishing her lunch in the nude. Or she can say no to the boy’s deal, and be raped. Many girls would chose nudity over rape, even though they still run the risk of being raped later in the day.

Risk 4: “Naked games”

Games might be designed by the students to purposely put girls at risk of violating the Codes. In particular, sororities sometimes haze their freshman recruits by forcing them to wear unnecessarily sexy clothing. For example, one sorority, known as the “pink girls” force their pledges to remain naked inside their house, and they supply pink minidresses to be worn outside. But the minidresses are cut to all different lengths, so that the first girls who finish their chores can pick the longest ones, while the last few girls are left with dresses so short they don’t even cover their bellies, much less their pussies. At the point they need to pick up their dresses and exit the house, they know they have two choices: wear the dress even though it’s way too short, or quit the sorority. Some girls quit at that point, but most stick it out. Most of the other students understand their predicament, and try not to stare at their naked bottoms. On the other hand, the girls who are forced to dress this way understand that a certain amount of ogling (and fondling) comes with the territory, so they withstand it stoically. Another game that has become quite popular among the freshman girls is called “spirit day”, in which girls are given particular ways to dress, such as bottomless or backless, and whichever girl shows the least “spirit” (as judged by her peers) is forceably stripped and made to stay nude the whole day. On spirit days, the boys don’t even bother to fondle the naked girls to get them excited, they just rape them, again and again. This, of course, has the effect of strongly motivating the girls to show a lot of “spirit” by dressing in as sexy a way as possible, so the general effect of Spirit Days on campus is pandemonium: a few naked girls getting fucked again and again and a whole lot of very skimpily clad girls breathing a sigh of relief that they were spared the repeated rapes. The College views these games as insignificant in the overall scheme of things. After all, kids will be kids, and it’s best to let them have their fun from time to time, knowing that, on the whole, the effect of the Codes is modesty and decorum.

Risk 5: Conflicting rules imposed by teachers

Teachers may impose their classroom rules that contradict one or more provisions of the official Codes. In some cases, teachers who disagree with the official Codes may impose their own codes as an alternative. In other cases, teachers use forced nudity as an incentive for learning.

Alternative dress codes

A popular alternative dress code is the so-called “four item code”. Under this rule, all girls should be wearing four items: A top, with a bra under it, and a bottom, with panties under it. For this code, a dress counts as a single item which is a top, but it also covers the girl’s bottom. To demonstrate compliance with the code, girls will be asked to remove two items, and show that they are still covered. If, after removing two items, her bottom is still covered, she may replace her bottom, and if her breasts are still covered, she may replace her top (or dress). But if after removing two items, the girl is left indecent, she forfeits her clothing, and must take her seat. This is a fun dress code for both the boys and the girls. The boys like it, of course, because they get to watch the girls strip to prove compliance. The girls like it, because it gives them a chance to “dress up” — to wear panties under their clothing. Note that a girl wearing a dress should take off her dress first, and then as her second item, she must choose either her panties or her bra. Neither choice is perfect for her, although it is generally considered better for her to remove her panties. The drawback, of course, is that she must bare her bottom to the class, wearing only her bra, while the teacher guages her compliance with the dress code. But then, since she isn’t topless, and a dress counts as a top, she is permitted to put her dress back on. However, she forfeits her panties in this test. Her other choice, of course, would have been to remove her bra, in which case she would forfeit both her bra and her dress. The benefit is that she never has to expose her bottom to the class, and she can go back to her seat still wearing her panties. In either case, a second test of the “four item code” would leave her naked.

Spelling bee

A popular learning incentive uses the “spelling bee” format. Two teams are formed: boys and girls. Members of each team line up at the front of the room. Starting from the front of the line, a boy and a girl are chosen. Questions are asked alternately until either the boy or the girl gets a question wrong. If the boy gets the question wrong, he must sit down — he’s out of the game. If the girl gets the question wrong, she has the choice of sitting down or, if she isn’t already naked, she may remove an article of clothing and go to the back of her line. Play continues until all students of one sex have taken their seats. If the boys win, they are typically given a reward, such as letting each boy rape one of the girls, for example. This sort of reward also serves as a strong incentive for the girls to do well. Teachers using this format find that their students of both sexes are strongly motivated to succeed.


You know, some think these rules are stacked against the girls. ‘Four Item Code’ usually means getting stripped by an inspector before you reach class. ‘Spirit Day’ can also fall on ‘Four Item’ days. You are going to get stripped either way. Once stripped, the boys have their way. ‘Spelling Bee’ – gosh, I thought I was at college, not grade school. One professor made it totally unfair. Boys were given words like ‘dog’ and ‘cat’ while the girls had words like ‘zygomaticofacial’, ‘metacarpophalangeæ’, and ‘tarsometatarseæ’ (and you have to know it’s not a-e but ash. The professor said we needed to learn life is not fair.
Comment By Sandi At 10/30/2007 2:02 AM

Our teacher often use the spelling bee to motivate the students. Each time we´ve wroted a test, he ask the girls, if someone will take part voluntary to the game. Normaly, no one answers, so he select two of them. After this he ask the boys. Most of us will attend. So that 10 or 12 boys and two girls will participate. alternate he asks questions to the girls and the boys. anybody of them may answer. Whenever one of the answers is worng, the boy or the girl who gave the answer, has to strip one item. If no one answers, the whole group, boys or girls, must strip one item. When a boy is naked and gives a wrong answer, he is out and has to
Comment By lover_mystery At 9/26/2008 12:31 PM

When a boy is naked and gives a wrong answer, he is out and has to remain naked for the rest of the day. When a naked girl gives the wrong answer, she gets the choice to be raped consensually, or to carry on and be naked for the rest of the day. Normally the girls vote for nakedness. But when she give a wrong answer again, she is raped at once by the boy who answers the next question. After that she must remain naked. I never got the experience, that the boys lost. I think it is strong motivation for the girls to learn the subject matters and for the boys too.
Comment By lover_mystery At 9/26/2008 12:33 PM

Our mathematics teacher use the spelling after every test. He select every girl worser then B and every boy better then C. He asks a question to one girl and one boy. Is the answer answer of the girl okay, the opponent must strip one item and the girl is out. Is the boys answer wrong, he must strip one item, but continues. Is the answer wrong, the whole group (boys or girls) must strip on item. Naked boys are out. A naked girl has to continue until she gives the right answer. When she lost, her opponent has to rape her at once. The game continues until all boys are naked, or all girls gave a right answer.
Comment By Jenna At 11/19/2008 12:23 PM

At the first time, he made this match, i lost three times. That means, that three boys had raped me. From that time, i always try to make a good test. But unfortunately, from time to time, i get a C and have to participate. The boys works hard to become a B or an A, so they can participate in this game. Whenever a boy participates, he has a great chance to be the winner against a girl and be allowed to rape her.
Comment By Jenna At 11/19/2008 12:28 PM

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