Registration Woes (archives)

On her last day of college, Donna received a letter from the college, stating, in part:

“Due to overwhelming demand for summer school, we will be forced to limit registration to girls willing to appear in person without panties, pants, skirt, or any other article of clothing that fastens about the waist. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause, and we understand fully (and, frankly, expect) that some girls my prefer not to register for classes given these restrictions.”

She laughed when she read the letter. She wasn’t worried at all about going bottomless to register for classes. After all, she spent half her days at the college bottomless during her first year there, and even a few days stark naked. This would be a cake walk.

Normally, Donna liked to wear a t-shirt and panties, because the t-shirt didn’t quite cover her bottom, but rules are rules, so she left her panties at home. On her way out the door, she checked the mirror, and made sure her t-shirt almost covered her — that would have to do, she thought. She tugged on the bottom of the t-shirt as she walked in an effort to cover as much as possible of her really really rediculously cute ass. As she got into her car, she noticed some boys looking at her, so she was careful to keep her legs together as she sat down. No sense making it easy for them, she thought.

When she arrived at the administration building, she was surprised to see a guard at the gate, directing traffic into one of two parking lots. The larger parking lot was for topless girls, the guard explained. If you are not topless, you will need to park in the smaller lot over there. He pointed to a tiny lot far from the admin building. Donna explained that all she had was the t-shirt, which barely covered her as it was. The guard looked down at her lap, and so Donna looked too, and was embarrassed to notice that her pussy wasn’t covered. She quickly covered it with the bottom of her t-shrt, and the guard pretended not to notice she was bottomless. In fact, he said he didn’t believe her. She said lots of girls pretend to be bottomless, making crazy claims that their shirt is all that stands between them and total nudity, and he’s tired of it. Donna insisted, but the guard wanted proof. Lift your shirt, he said. So she did, revealing her pussy, which was bright pink from the excitement of being forced to strip for the guard. Lift it up over your tits, he ordered. Reluctantly, Donna did so, revealing her cute little boobs.

Now, you’re nearly naked, said the guard. Why don’t you just take off your shirt? What’s the difference? But Donna really didn’t want to have to go through the registration process stark naked. She was really looking forward to being mostly covered by her little t-shirt. I’m sorry, said the guard. But if you keep your top on, you’ll have to park in the little lot over there. In a huff, Donna drove off, not even bothering to pull her shirt down over her boobs, and went toward the little parking lot. She went up and down its two aisles, but there weren’t any parking spots. She drove back to the guard with her boobs and pussy still out in the open, but he wasn’t sympathetic. You have two choices, he said. You can wait for a spot to open up in that lot, or you can hand over your shirt.

What if I promise to keep my shirt up like this until I get inside the building? She asked. The guard hesitated, making Donna smile. I’ve got him interested, she thought. Spread your legs for me, while I think about it, said the guard. Donna spread her legs, revealing her pussy was very juicy. She was so excited, she was almost ready to cum. The guard waited a long time, before agreeing to Donna’s terms. I’ll be watching you, he said. I’ll bet, Donna thought. And if you pull your shirt down, I’ll come after you and strip you naked, you have my promise on that. OK, Donna said, you have my word.

Donna parked, and watched all the other topless girls get out of their cars. All of them had skirts or at least panties on. She was jealous, because their pussies were covered, and hers was fully on view, and noticeably excited, too. But she tried to act normal, and pretended that no one would notice, even though in reality they were all staring at her. She looked forward to getting into the building and pulling down her shirt. At the entrance there was a big sign: NO PANTS, NO PANTIES, NO SKIRTS BEYOND THIS POINT, and a huge bin for clothing donations. All the topless girls were stripping naked. Donna paused to watch them. One girl after another would read the sign. Twice. She would finger her panties. Donna watched one girl for a long time. She had beautiful blond hair, which was arranged carefully covering her little boobs. Her panties were wet because she was so excited to be topless, but the idea of taking off her panties to get in the building was too much for her. Donna came up behind her, and stroked her hair. It’s OK, she said. The girl practically melted in Donna’s arms, so grateful was she that someone understood her plight. I’ll help you with your panties, Donna offered. OK, said the girl. Donna gently slipped her hand in the girl’s panties, and stroked her soft skin, feeling the warmth of her hot, hairless pussy. As she eased the girl’s panties down, she showed her gratitude by stroking Donna’s wet pussy. Donna bent over as she gently pulled the girl’s panties down, and she continued her ministrations to Donna’s bottom, bringing her to full orgasm. The girl kept her hand around Donna’s waist as they walked into the building. Thank you, she said. I couldn’t have stripped without your help.

You’re welcome, Donna said. With all the naked girls around her, it didn’t seem quite so important to pull her shirt down now, and with the girl’s arm around her (it felt so good) she decided to stay naked just a little longer. She could pull her shirt down whenever she wanted, she reasoned. As the girls sat and waited, they showed each other some more gratitude, each seeing how juicy they could make the other, and kissing whenever either one of them came. It was a registration day Donna would remember for quite some time!


Well, if you thought registration was an ordeal, I showed up to class the first day of summer only to find the administration had overbooked the class. The professor decided to thin the class by saying, Anyone wanting to receive credit would have to attend class topless. I figured with the hot summer weather, being topless would be a benefit. I stripped my tee shirt off. Half the females left, but since all the guys stayed, there was still standing room only. The professor told the rest of us that we’d have to remove one more item of clothing to remain in class. A couple of guys left, but since most wore boxers and briefs, the rest stayed. The females knew one more item meant being nude. I didn’t like it, but I needed the credits. I stripped and so did a few others. We were then instructed to attend the rest of the classes as we were dressed today.

I did get a nice all-over tan this pass summer.

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