Punishment (archives)


“Look at Carol,” Crysta said, pointing to the girl hog-tied in the courtyard outside the Student Center.

“Oh, the poor thing,” Donna said. “Let’s see if she’s OK.” They walked over to her.

Crysta stroked her hair, and then smoothed the skin of her chest and belly, raising her little nips. She noticed her tits seemed smaller because she was stretched by being hog-tied. “What happened?” she asked.

Carol said simply, “I was indecent.”

“Panties, huh?” Donna asked. Carol nodded. Then she remembered to spread her legs apart. To be properly humiliated, Carol was required to stay spread. Donna noticed this, and stroked her inner thighs, gently moving her hands toward Carol’s pussy.

“Mmmm,” she said, as Donna stroked her wet pussy. Encouraged by her reaction, Donna continued stroking, while Crysta continued rubbing her chest, until Carol shuddered. She was so sexy, Donna wanted to kiss her, but she didn’t know if that would be right, since Carol was tied up, and really had no way to resist. While she debated, Crysta took the advantage, and kissed her hard while she came.

“Mmmmmmm” was all Carol could say, her mouth so full of Crysta, and her pussy so full of Donna’s slender fingers, moving in and out in a way that only a girl can do so well. Oh, that felt good.


“Thanks,” said Carol, remembering again to spread her legs apart. “I needed that.”

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