Public Nudity (archives)

Imagine that I’m wearing clothes. Imagine that I’m wearing clothes. Donna kept thinking that to herself as she walked through the busy downtown streets. At least I have this purse to cover me. She tried to hide behind it, covering as much of her sexy body with it as she could.


At first she tried to keep her legs together, so the eyes that seem to follow her everywhere would not pry between them, and see her little pussy, or her tightly puckered asshole. But soon she realized that trying to cover up just drew more attention. Her new idea was to do exactly what Crysta had recommended: pretend she wasn’t naked at all. When she caught people looking at her, she just smiled in her sexy, endearing way.

After an hour or so of shopping, she started to take the upper hand. She delighted in making people avert their eyes, and as she now had more practice at it, she was better than those she met at pretending she wasn’t naked. Her favorite stores were those that sold accessories, such as shoes. Watching the salesman squirm as she sat down naked in front of him, and put one of her legs up for him to try on “these, in a size 4” was just priceless.

But the piece de resistance came when she went to the jewelry department, and picked out a nice stud. “May I try it on?” Donna asked. Before the sales girl had a chance to even gasp, she inserted it in her pierced inner pussy lip, and admired herself using the mirror. She spread her legs for a better view, and a few other customers crowded around to see, too. After a minute or two, she said, “I don’t think it suits me,” and took it out, handing it back to the clerk. As she turned to leave the store, all the men who had been watching suddenly averted their attention at the same time.

Donna smiled.


I wish you would have entered our jewelry shop. We do offer a free earring with a labia piercing. It may not have been a diamond earring, but few would be able to tell the difference – are you going to let someone with a jewelry loop inspect it there?

We’ve had several girls get multiple labia piercings in order to feel more covered. Our own sales girl has a row of rings on each labia lip. She laces different colored ribbon through the rings for a complete pussy covering. The benefit is the boys cannot insert anything unless they take the time to unlace her.

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