Pubic Hair (archives)

Pubic Hair
Natalie writes,

All my girlfriends say I should shave, but when I do, I feel naked all under. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy that naked feeling I get from a brazillian wax. But the problem is that I feel the need to cover myself with panties or by wearing a long skirt in public. My girlfriends think I’m a prude, and Wanda totally disagrees with me. But I want to lay out my case for keeping just a little pubic hair, as a cover-up instead of panties. Then I want you to make up your own mind — who’s right, my girlfriends? or me?

At the beach, I like to wear a thin cotton shirt as a bathing suit. Quite a few of the girls go topless at the beach, so I don’t mind if my tits poke out a little bit from my shirt.


But none of the other girls at the beach are bottomless, so I’m a little shy about showing my bottom.


Well, truthfully, I have to tell you, it’s not my bottom I’m shy about. Everyone has a bottom, after all, just like they have nipples.


But the thing I’m shy about is my pussy. I think I’m a little crazy — I love to be naked, and show my tits and ass in public, but I don’t want to put my pussy on display. But there aren’t too many kinds of clothes that cover just my pussy, and not also my ass or tits. I guess a loincloth is the closest thing I can think of, and how many days can you go out wearing only a loincloth before you start repeating outfits?


So that’s why I leave a little patch of pubic hair. It covers my pussy, and lets me be naked without exposing myself. This way, I can whip off my shirt, and go topless like so many other girls on the beach, but I’m still covered where it counts.


I feel free without any clothes to worry about, and at the same time, my pussy is modestly covered. It’s really the best of both worlds. I don’t need to worry about clothing, the way some girls need to, because I know my pussy is well hidden.


I can stride confidently from the water’s edge up to the dry sand, and watch the little children build sandcastles, or even join my bikini-clad friends in a friendly game of beach volleyball.


After a long day at the beach, while some other girls with shaved pussies are busy worrying about their bikini bottoms, I can just go up to the boardwalk, and enjoy life, confident in my permanent article of clothing.



Natalie, shaving or not shaving is a personal choice, but one that ought to be independent on whether you wear a bikini bottom or not. While pubic hair does hide your pussy better, shaving only reveals the skin outside your pussy. While you do not shave, you are still exposing skin around your pelvic region. Exposing a little more skin is nothing to be embarrassed about doing.

You should at least try shaving once and enjoy the beach and boardwalk. Maybe you feel more confident with pubic hair, maybe not. You should never be embarrassed either way.

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  1. someone

    It is soothing to see a girl stride confidently. This is exactly the positive effect the college code aims for. The dresscode lets girls choose weather they want to shave or grow a bush. And realy they can decide what suits them best and what lets them feel more comfortable.


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