Preventive Medicine Health Project

One Sunday evening, 10 memos from the Dean arrived at the girls’ dorm. The College, in an attempt to further the goal of graduating only the smartest and fittest students, had introduced a new Health Class to be taught in conjunction with the Physical Education Department. The Dean’s staff chose, seemingly at random, ten girls to participate in order to fine-tune the program.
The girls, Donna, Crysta, Audrey, Melissa, Becca, Ashley, Jen, Nikki, Mika and Beth, all met in the common area Monday morning to go to the gym together. Chatting like young girls do, they discovered that Mika and Beth were new to the College and had never been inspected.
“Wow!” gushed Melissa “How have you managed that?”
“I’ve memorized the Code and am very careful to dress and behave in a way to avoid attention. My hometown has a communal spa, so I am used to being in public in scanty clothing. Acting naturally and confidently comes easy,” answered Mika.
Beth admitted nervously that she must be lucky. Beth came from a family focused on academic excellence above all else. When her high school advisor told the parents about the College, they jumped on it. The advisor quickly explained the Dress Code and penalties, but the excitement over the chance to give their little girl a world-class education seemed to override their attention span.
“Beth is a good girl and will follow the rules totally, I see nothing to worry about”, her mom said. Dad was quiet. He thought only about his baby graduating with a great degree and living a successful life.
The group arrived at the gym and was sent to the indoor volleyball court. The Chairman of the Student Health department met them to explain the new program. She was wearing a long tee-shirt, appearing to be ready for a normal gym workout.
“We, meaning the College as a whole, want to make sure the students maintain a top level of fitness,” she stated, adding that “fitness” involves the entire person. “Today’s session will concentrate on the lower torso and thighs. You girls learned this semester of the importance of the Kegel exercises to keep your systems in good shape.”
“We are going to combine the Kegel routine with resistance isometrics to test our new cross training health regimen.” She then went to a chest in the corner and pulled out 5 items that looked like jump ropes.
Coming back to the group, the chairman told them to fold and stack their clothes in the corner beside the equipment chest. Each of the girls knew that being topless and bottomless happened every so often in PE class, they did as directed and returned to the court.
The gym temperature was always a bit cooler than normal because of the heat produced by the volleyball players. Several girls were afraid their nipples’ reaction might be mistaken for arousal but since there were no boys to see the signs, there was no problem. Several girls’ “perkiness” could not be blamed on the temperature.
‘Really,’ thought Donna (and Crysta, Ashley and Jen), ‘You cannot be around so many beautiful, naked girls and not feel an appreciation,’ remembering the times they had comforted each other in the past.
Holding one of the jump ropes the Chairman got their attention. “As you can see, each rope ends in a ball instead of a handle. You will pair off and each will push a ball into your vagina. Each pair will then face their attached partner and back slowly apart. When the jump rope is fully extended, you girls should tighten your inner muscles and try to pull the ball out of the other girl while keeping yours inside. The College has decided that the benefits of the program might be enhanced by encouraging the natural competition all girls feel.”
Mika and Beth were shocked, not to mention somewhat worried. “Ma’am, how can that be fair? We must be different down there because we are different heights. All the balls are the same size!” Mika whispered.
“It won’t be easy for the taller girls to squeeze enough to play. The smaller girls might not be able to stretch enough to fit the ball in at all.” Beth added.
“You’re right. This is why we are having this introductory class, to iron out the details. Let me talk to the PE teacher and work this out. Thank you Beth and Mika for the feedback.” Off she went.
The girls got into a huddle and talked it over. “This is not what I expected,” Jen said.
“Me neither” came from Ashley and Nikki together, giggling at their stereo answers.
This broke the ice and they began to compare their experience with toys and boys. It was better than trying to compare pussy sizes since that was kind of subjective and personal. Most had used fingers while comforting another girl after a stressful day on campus. That always worked and helped the girls bond. But somehow it didn’t seem adequate to describe today’s situation. The balls at the end of the ropes were way bigger than their fingers.
The girls never decided what to suggest to Ms Martin.
(Megan Martin, herself, graduated from the College last year, was amazed that the College had hired her as Chairman. The Dean told her that her grades were among the highest ever recorded. Plus, even though her Dress Code compliance had been questioned frequently, seldom had she been found at fault. The few times Megan failed inspection, she took the penalty with good cheer. More than once Megan actually enjoyed the punishment, but she could not admit it out loud. Nor would she confess to “asking for it” on days she felt frisky. ‘Girls gotta what a girls gotta do.’ She smiled a lot those days.)
Megan came back from her conference, carrying a gym bag, telling the students that a solution was found. She put down the bag and pulled out several ropes. Megan poured the rest of the contents on the floor. “Jump rope ends.” She shouted as they rolled everywhere, “Catch the balls before they roll under the bleachers.” The girls started to chase down the various sized balls before they rolled too far.
“Ashley. Go look in the chest and bring the blue shopping bag back.” Ashley obeyed and handed the blue bag to Chairman Martin. Megan took out five tubes of KY jelly.
“Girls. Each of you now must massage the lubricant into another girl. This will assure that you are properly prepared to insert the ball into your vaginas.” All quickly leapt to the task. None were strangers to contact with other girls. And most were a bit excited a little being around such sweet naked friends. The three with little or no experience were turned on by the sheer naughtiness of the situation. Neither Mika nor Beth had ever touched another girl quite so intimately but since this was an Official College class, they both knew this to be a chance to ‘push the envelope’, without concern for external opinion.
“Ms Martin, we know we will be ready for the tug ‘o war now, but how will we know what size to use?” Becca asked. “Which ball will we chose to keep the game fair?”
“The PE teacher and I found the perfect way. You all know that your vagina size determination is subjective. The teacher and I discovered an objective method of judgment. I went to the boys’ showers and picked four boys to make the decision for us. While telling them of our dilemma, they became quite erect. The teacher and I then pulled aside four boys who had erections of various sizes, girth-wise. All four exhibited length very much above average. The PE teacher, Mr. Eddie Wilson by the way, if you did not know, assured me that all four of the boys showed great athletic stamina and would serve our purpose in style.” Megan, pleased with the looks of concern from the class, knew that they would comply, each wanting to keep their grades up.
Crysta, Donna, Audrey, Nikki, Melissa, Jen, Ashley, Becca, Nikki, Mika and Beth looked at each other in complete astonished understanding. This class was being held on the volleyball court, considered to be public space. And it was impossible to hide the fact that they were all very aroused by the application of the KY. All of them were left “hanging” by the abrupt arrival of Ms Martin after her conference. They were obligated to accept the plan, whatever it might be.

Unknown at the time to the girls and Megan, Eddie Wilson watched his gym video monitor (installed on his side of his deck) throughout the conference and knew the exact time to send her back, precisely when the students would be forced to accept the clever “subjective vs. objective” solution to the size issue. After all, they must comply with the College Code of Conduct with respect to the display of arousal in public. Wilson graduated two years before Megan, also with an outstanding academic track record. Eddie really impressed the Dean by being one of the best Code Inspectors ever. He had been one of the very few who had “inspected” Megan successfully. A genuinely fine bunch of memories.
Ms Martin instructed the girls to form two lines of five, facing each other. She told them to lean forward, placing their hands on their knees. Mika, opposite Beth, stared a question across the gap. Beth just shook her head, not having an answer to the unspoken question. All waited.
Everyone heard the doors to the changing room open. In strolled Mr. Wilson, leading four naked boys wearing Zorro-style masks and clearly ready for the coming judgment.
Ten girls looked at the four boys and became a little more excited, aware that their pussies and asses were exposed for the boys to see. And they were not allowed to cover up. As they had to stay in position as told, they wondered how the judgment might proceed.
Megan stepped up to resolve the mystery. “OK, ladies. Size determination will go as follows. The boys will be given a list with your names. They will then rate your relative tightness on a scale of one to ten, ten being the tightest. Because the four boys have different diameter penises, each will come to a different conclusion. Mr. Wilson and I will meet afterwards with the judges to tabulate the results.”
“The judges will line up, thinnest to widest, entering each girl stroking enough times to make a fair call as to size. After each boy has been in each girl and the final tally is made, we will then chose a jump rope ball appropriate to the individual student. Then the Kegel competition may continue in an atmosphere of fairness.” Mr. Wilson went on to say.
“Now, while we explained the criteria, some of you may have been distracted. So, Mr. Wilson and I will check you students to make sure you are lubricated sufficiently to help the judges with their duties.” Megan smiled when saying this. The Chairman remembered her own days in the dorms. Two obvious points appeared on her tee-shirt in response to the fond memory.
Eddie started on one row. Megan began with. the other. They fondled the girls’ twats softly and gently, applying more KY as necessary. They were considerate, taking enough time to do a through job.
The ten girls, now aware of the methods, appreciated the extra effort. Megan and Eddie did not mind taking the added time to be sure.
Megan called for the boys to form a line behind the first girl. The thinnest boy, we’ll call him #1, eased up to the first girl, Donna, gripped her hips and entered her. Both moaned quietly. Fighting temptation, he moved on to the next girl, Crysta, and slowly started to fuck her.
Boy #2, entered his first pussy and repeated the action of #1. He noticed that she was still tight, even after having been recently judged. Each boy proceeded in order to each girl.
None of the boys thought to think that each girl would seem tight to them because the boys were lined up in order of increasing width. None of the girls thought that their fucks were anything but great since each dick was larger then the last.
Except for Beth and Mika. Never in their wildest fantasies did either imagine that their first ever sex would be in public, in class with their girlfriends, with four different, very well hung boys. With a male and female teacher directing the event. By the time the boys got to them, they were as nervous as they had ever been, and as hotter than either could remember. Both had lost their maidenheads, at least partially, to sports.
Both girls were thinking about girlfriends back home telling about their “first times”. What would the girls at home think of this! Mika and Beth knew that their stories would be told and their friends would be amazed. And both girls knew that the stories would be told over and aver. Girlfriends eventually tell girlfriends everything.
Beth felt Boy #1 grip her hips, and felt him touch her pussy lips. She was on the verge of a very public explosion. Soon #1 pushed in slowly, marveling at the tightness. He suspected that this was a rare-to-the-College virgin. His “inner gentleman” insisted that he make it as great as possible for her. #1 took extra time, stroking her pussy more than he did the other girls. The effort was not entirely needed. Beth was so primed that she had her very own dick-induced orgasm in seconds. Her moan was quite loud. Beth did not know whether to be embarrassed or thrilled. She did not know how her knees would hold her up if this happened while the other three boys make their judgments!
When Boy #! turned the corner and touched Mika, he hardly expected to repeat the previous experience. Mika, meanwhile had been watching Beth with wide-open eyes. She could not believe how wet her vagina was. OMG, Mika almost was coming in anticipation.
Boy #1 started to push into her pussy and she felt herself stretch to accommodate her first penis. There was a slight twinge as the last vestige of her hymen gave way to the welcomed invader. That sensation merely heightened and completed the sensation of her first fuck. The combination of the wait and the actuality caused Mika to come continually all through Boy #1’s strokes. Mika wondered how she had even lasted this long. Mama must have lied about chastity. She thought about all the wasted time!
Beth, getting her second fuck, had a massive orgasm watching her friend get her first boy. College life was going to be legendary!!
Boy #1 realized that she was the second virgin in this group and could not believe his luck. It was all he could do not to come on the spot! But duty calls and he had move on. It’s a tough life.
By this point in the judging process, all the girls had at least one orgasm by the time Boy #3 fucked them. Most had had several. Most of the boys had come, too. But, true to the teacher’s claim, they had the stamina to continue. The girls stopped seeing this as some impartial comparison and saw it as sanctioned orgy. The reality of College life, the purpose of the Code of Conduct notwithstanding, made the girls surprised yet not too shocked by the turn the Health Class had taken. After all, it was part of an official College project, and they knew the consensual rape rules. Ms Martin and Mr. Wilson did make sure that they were aroused, after all. Everything was by the book. But it did not seem like a penalty, really.
Megan observing carefully, making sure that all the students were in compliance with the rules established for the judging process, leaned over and braced herself on her knees. She forgot that, purely out of habit, that she was wearing nothing but the tee-shirt. The double coverage rule, forbidding panties when the shirt might cover her vagina, was second nature now. Last year’s graduation did not erase four years of Code training. Her shaven pussy peaked out behind.
She noticed the sudden cool breeze and thought nothing of it. Habits die hard. Anyway, she was getting very excited watching the girls being judged for the jump rope fitting. Maybe even beyond just “excited”. Her wetness began to drip down her thighs, visible to any who cared to look
Eddie cared to look. A lot and closely. He too remembered his undergraduate days and Megan’s rare inspections especially. Like magic his gym shorts disappeared when Megan passed in front of him with her hands on her knees as she watched the girls. Had anyone been paying attention to anything but their own activities, they would have noticed that Mr. Wilson was substantially more endowed than even the widest and longest of the boys. That is the characteristic that made the Dean think of him as one of the finest of the Dress Code enforcers. Even the most nonchalant girls remembered their consensual rapes at the end of his tool.
Megan hardly noticed when Eddie put his hands on her hips. She did notice when he started to push into her. Old memories flooded back as she stood there and let Eddie have his way with her. Then she remembered that because of her position on staff, the consensual rape rule did not apply to her. But as the monster orgasm that had been building became very close, Megan decided simply to go with the moment. Not likely that the students would even see, they were too caught up in their own fucks or hanging their heads down attempting to recover their balance. Eddie, experienced ex-inspector that he was, kept up through his orgasm and through quite a few of hers. Nostalgia felt good today.
By now, all had finished the judging section of the class and the boys went over to the bleachers to enter their opinions and to tabulate the result. They discussed it for 30 minutes, but could not agree. The four boys went back to Ms Martin and Mr. Wilson, admitting to arriving as a hung jury. What to do?
Eddie and Megan needed to come up with an alternative method of insuring that the Kegel tug ’o war was fair to all the girls. One look at the hot sweaty mass of flesh calling itself ten separate girls told them that the students barely had the strength to get dressed for the next class, much less engage in a tug ‘o war competition. They owed it to the College to evaluate the Pilot Program so that it would pass peer review in the future. They wanted to protect the school’s excellent academic record. This was paramount.
Megan and Eddie wrote passes for all fourteen of their students, told them to take whatever time needed to sort themselves out, then went together to the PE teacher’s office to further discuss the day’s progress. They locked the outside access doors to the volleyball court before they left.
The fourteen girls and boys, dragged out the exercise mats and spent the remainder of that Monday sorting themselves out. To the satisfaction of all, especially Mika and Beth. Several times.
The skies were dark when they staggered to the showers to get presentable. They took turns drying one another, with varying degrees of success until all were decent enough to make it back to the dorm.

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