Preventive Medicine Health Project, Third Session

Note: It is strongly advised that you read Parts one and Two.

The next Sunday evening found our ten girls sitting around the dorm, chatting about the Health class coming up in the morning. They were in Chrysta and Donna’s room. Even though the University was an excellent, modern establishment, the room was designed for two normal women, under normal circumstances.

The Preventive Medicine Health Project had rapidly defined a new normal for the ten girls.

Normally, that many girls congregated in the Student Lounge. But they had signed the Non-Disclosure Agreement as required by the rules of the study. The girls could not take a chance someone might overhear, so all ten shoehorned themselves into the one room.

Normally, wearing at least one item of clothing around the dorm was usual. Tonight was different. The girls has gotten used to being nude together in the Project class. The room was smallish, given the current population. There was barely enough space for the girls. There was no room for clothes. The air conditioners could only work so hard.

Normally, a few cute, naked girls, together in the dorm, was nothing to get excited about. Ten seriously cute naked girls wedged into one room was a different story. A very different story. The air conditioner, if it could talk, could not have decided if additional clothing was worse, heat-wise, than ten naked girls piled up on one another. (But, if it could talk, it would have babbled and drooled and wished for a movie camera.)

Normally, they would have been hitting the books on a Sunday night. However, they had every reason to suspect that they wouldn’t be anywhere except the volleyball gym and the dorm come Monday. Instead, chatting about the class, being good friends, and being all piled up together conspired to distract them a little bit causing the heat to go up considerably. Eventually they practiced their vaginal grips on fingers and tongues in order to be as ready for class as possible. The dehumidifier was working overtime. Sometimes homework comes in different forms. If only the Math Department would take a lesson from the Health Department, the Campus would be bursting with Einsteins and Hawkings. But that is another story for another day.

There was a new normal emerging.

When the girls awakened Monday morning, they realized that all ten had crashed in Donna and Crysta’s room. They trooped down to they showers to wash away the traces of their study session. Somehow this delightful chore took a lot longer than they expected. But all ten were shiny clean in the afterglow of the shower.

Now they were scrambling around the dorm looking for appropriate clothes to wear on the way to class. Audrey remembered where the gym suits were. In the gym where they left them last week, on the other side of Campus. Now they found themselves in a quandary. What to do? Finding a solution took precious time.

Though they were exempt from Code inspection, there was no reason to attract attention to themselves. Inspectors have long memories, among other things. Becca realized that they could not just stay naked because of the exemption. Being naked in public, without a inspection violation on record, while fun sometimes, was a clear Dress Code no-no. People would notice, inspectors would remember, crowds would form and they would be even later to class. This could end badly.

Besides, they were good girls and generally followed the rules. Their collective self-image could take a huge hit if they willingly strayed form the rules. Dean’s List girls needed to set an example for the other students. Truthfully, the list kept by the Dean got them included in the Preventive Medicine Health Project. Perhaps, this particular Dean’s List considered more than grade point averages. None-the- less, they didn’t want to disappoint the Dean.

Donna said that they were in a real Catch 22 situation. Nikki said that it was actually a Catch 10 thing. Both girls were attacked by eight tickle monsters who insisted that it was too early for serious literary references and way too early for arithmetic jokes.

Jen suddenly had a great idea: just wrap their sweet little bodies in the same towels they wore when they walked home from the volleyball court after the last class. The towels were Code compliant. Just long enough to wrap nearly once around their torsos, just barely wide enough to cover their nipples and the upper half of their curvy buns, the towels were perfect traveling-across-campus wear.

Melissa and Audrey loved the whole thing. Both girls liked to wear broaches and pins. Nice decorations helped to direct boys’ vision to places the girls wanted instead of where the boys naturally wanted to look. Appropriate day-to-day apparel never had enough substance to tolerate a piece of jewelry. Even the lightest sorority pins tended to pull the clothing in such a way that their lovely girly parts often were exposed. The prettiness of the jewelry was lost on the boys, since they paid more attention to the effect than the cause.

Audrey and Melissa did see the up side however. The little costume malfunctions clearly showed their Dress Code compliance. For the good College students that they were, how could this be a bad thing?

This was a wonderful opportunity to use the broaches for a good cause. The ten wrapped the towels, helping each other pin the edges together. Some opened in the front, some on the side. Putting on the exemption bracelets, they dashed out the door, headed to the gym. They had to hurry. The clock was ticking and they must not be late.

They were jogging into a slight headwind. The Code compliant towels were a voyeur’s wet dream. They ones pinned in the front flew open wide, flashing tight, bare pussies to the entire student body. Those pinned on the side flapped back, revealing some astonishingly gorgeous asses in all their glorious glory.

Pedestrian traffic came to a halt. Some pedestrians came, halted or not. Towel sales skyrocketed in the shops in town for the rest of the month. Lots of students, both boys and girls, decided that a nice towel would make either a sweet, thoughtful gift for that “special” person or would be the perfect outfit for day-to-day wear.

For busy students, the time saved was a fine bonus. Get up in the morning, jump into the shower, wrap and pin the towel in whatever style you wished, and then dash off to class, drying your cuteness as you strolled on your way. Functional, Code compliant, comfortable, quick and swell for rainy days. Even better for the tall girls. Well, the boys thought so.

What’s not to like?

New Town was having a sales boom unprecedented. These ten girls were good for business!

Ten sprinting girls flew into the volleyball gym, flung the towels toward the corner where last week’s clothes were still folded, and lined up as the bell pealed out the start of class. They were flushed and still panting softly when the instructors entered from the office.

Ms Megan Martin, recent University graduate and newly minted Health Project Director looked over the students, pleased to see what she interpreted as enthusiastic anticipation for the jump rope tug ‘o war competition.

Mr. Eddie Wilson, also recently graduated and now the chief Physical Education teacher, watched the same girls. He saw ten drop dead fine young girls who appeared to have just finished a light cardio workout. His own enthusiastic anticipation grew in his silk boxers.

Eddie’s sense of anticipation was hurt not at all as he checked out Megan. She was dressed in a sleeveless tee-shirt as she was last week. But this tee-shirt appeared to be a holdover from her days in middle school! It was tight to the point of being nearly transparent and ended about four inches below her enticing little belly button. That was all Megan had on. He could plainly see evidence of her enthusiastic anticipation.

Megan rationalized that she had gotten comfortable dressed this way during her College days. Also, she wanted to make sure that the ten girls felt at ease in class and that any necessary nudity was normal in this situation. Megan further rationalized that her own “enthusiastic anticipation” simply came from the joy found in being Director of such an important project.

Rationalizing nothing, Eddie, while taking his position as PE teacher quite seriously and professionally, still sincerely thanked his parents and High School advisors for convincing him to become a teacher. That was the extent of his ability to be rational this Monday morning.

Megan got the class’s attention and read the vagina size test results: Mika and Beth were the smallest and were to be fitted with the extra small ball ends. Melissa and Jen were the largest, but not by enough to distinguish themselves from the other six students who were determined to be small.

Mr. Wilson stepped up to read the final competitive pairings:

Chrysta vs. Becca
Donna vs. Audrey
Mika vs. Beth
Melissa vs. Jen
Nikki vs. Ashley

Finally, the Kegel strength test could begin.

At the Dean’s insistence, a video recording would be kept of the entire event. He firmly believed that this record would give credence to the Project, while making the peer review approval easier for future academics. The Dean, never a fan of dry technical manuals, had faith that video manuals were the next thing in teacher training. The Dean felt sure that this innovation would keep the University on the cutting edge of the vanguard of research. Or some such obfuscation to dazzle and amaze his College administration friends.

Megan and Eddie began to prepare the jump rope handles. The pairs of girls prepared themselves for insertion. No artificial lubrication would be used. They must excite each other sufficiently to insert the jump rope handles with relative ease. No more. This was a test of the girls’ vaginal musculature, proving the health benefits of exercise.

The playful girls, though best friends as a group, were as competitive as any young girls were anywhere. This being the case, collaboration was not necessary. Each concluded independently that the best way to win was to get her opponent as aroused as possible, hence as wet as possible. Of course this made the jump rope slippery, making grip that much more difficult.

The group intimacy, gained by many throughout their brief college careers, and especially sharpened to a razor’s edge in the past few weeks, made the excessive excitement quite easy to attain. It was hard to concentrate on preparing her opponent as her opponent was preparing her. Each girl found herself in the same dilemma: knowing the other girl’s “weak” spots and gently fondling them did not gain an advantage. Every girl knew every other girl’s “weak” spot. Advantage cancelled.

But it was fun not gaining an advantage. And it made the initial jump rope insertion much more easier and a lot more pleasant. Oh, well. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Just another life lesson learned at school. The faculty would be proud.

Especially when the Dean debuted the video prior to the Peer Review committee.

No one could stand prouder than Eddie Wilson as he watched the girls get prepped. Meanwhile, he and Ms Martin had readied the jump rope handle ball grips. The moment had arrived. The test subjects were set and the camera was in position. Lights! Camera! Action!

Megan lined the girls up, each girl facing her opponent. Eddie walked the rows, carefully checking everyone for adequate natural lubrication. His storied history as a crack inspector uniquely qualified him for this task. He was very thorough. When he announced confirmation of each student test subject, Megan followed, assisting each girl to insert the ball deeply enough. As the ball was seated, she gave it several gentle pulls to insure that the apparatus was in place.

Donna, purely in the interest of accuracy, suggested that the instructors demonstrate the proper gripping technique. Crysta voiced agreement, saying that scientific efficiency required rehearsal of correct methodology. Becca, noting that there were no spare jump ropes and no time to have Ms Martin fairly fitted for the handle size if there was a spare, suggested that she use Mr. Wilson as a crash test dummy. Realizing that those words might hurt his feelings, she stammered that she did not mean to question his intelligence but really meant that he was more than equipped to evaluate pussy grips. Every girl blushed sweetly at the memory of his qualifications.

They sure were cute when they blushed.

Eddie was not insulted at all. He and Megan placed a chair at the end of the rows, centered the chair so that it faced the camera at the other end, between the rows of contestants. Megan retrieved the remote control as she told the pairs to turn slightly so that they could watch the gripping demonstration.

Mr. Wilson removed his silk boxers and sat in the chair. Ms Martin sat in his lap with her back to his chest so she could make eye contact with the girls as the procedure was described in detail.

Megan slowly zoomed the video camera in between the double rows of beautiful butts, until she could see the demonstration pair framed perfectly in the reversed LCD screen. She was glad she had taken the documentary filmmaking course at this very university. It made this part of the class so much easier to complete. Preparation was automatic. That was a good thing because steps might have been overlooked or even forgotten due to her eagerness to begin the pussy gripping demo.

Giving Eddie the remote, she lifted slightly and placed her hand on Mr. Wilson’s penis. She faced the extremely attentive class and described her next actions so that the microphone on the camera could pick up her voice.

Again Ms Martin’s college education came in handy. That public speaking elective gave her the poise to keep her demeanor professional as Eddie, being very professional himself, made certain that Ms Wilson’s vagina was ready for the demonstration.

This was a public speaking challenge Megan barely passed. Her voice cracked and rose, but not enough to break the academic mood. It was fortunate that the course included real-time arousal inspections while the female students were speaking at the front of the class. At the time, it seemed like stage fright from hell. Even the male students were required to give an arousal inspection as they mock lectured on such topics as foreign policy or string theory. I mean, string theory is crazy on its own without that delicious distraction being applied to the inspector or the inspected. Oddly, this was one class with perfect attendance.

Megan never suspected that those lessons would be used in a job situation. It just proved the wisdom of the University curriculum. No wonder the Dean was admired by all his fellow deans the nation over. You can’t beat success.

Ms Martin discovered with surprise that Mr. Wilson’s crash test dummy was too firmly erect to move into place with one hand, so she grabbed it with both hands only to find out that her needed to lift her hips higher. Wiggling into position she slowly sank down, taking in Eddie’s dick a little bit at a time. With her legs spread out, Megan was able to tell and show the squirming girls exactly what was happening to her. Eddie kept quiet and soldiered on.

Somewhere during this pussy gripping demonstration, Ms Martin’s tiny tee-shirt disappeared. They would have to view the tape later to determine the exact time. It might become important.

In any case, it revealed a set of perky, firm titties. The attached rock hard nipples, softy being pinched by Mr. Wilson guaranteed that Ms Martin remained enthused about the demonstration. The girls were enthralled as Megan squeezed Eddie’s dick tightly and lifted her hips slowly. She was able to lift him an inch or so before he started to slide out of her pussy. Megan moved nearly to the top of Eddie’s penis and repeated the motion.

They repeated the demo many times for the girls. Megan got better at gripping. Eddie marveled at her dedication. Eventually, the demonstration came to an explosive end when both instructors came explosively. Mr. Wilson never became flaccid. Ms. Martin could barely stand. The girls, tethered in pairs, were in five little heaps on the floor.

But duty called. They gathered each other together sufficiently to line up. Megan re-inspected the rope tension. Now satisfied that everything was up to spec, she had the competitors back slowly apart until the jump rope, which was attached via the properly inserted ball handle to each girl’s pussy, became taut. She leaned forward to observe the test.

Mr. Wilson, observing from his position behind Ms Martin, decided that she might be in danger of losing her balance. Being the consummate professional, stepped up to lend a helping hand. That helping hand took the form of a helping dick. Quickly he pushed into her asshole, the rigid dick gave Megan a hard pivot point, allowing her to swivel freely about as she proctored the test.

Ms Martin immediately took in the situation as she took in Mr. Wilson’s dick. As quickly as he had entered her ass, she realized the numerous advantages his insertion yielded. Her fine fundament found out how to put the fun back into the foundations of Higher Education with the aid of Mr. Wilson’s fabulous phallus.

That English Comp course taken Sophomore year turned out to be invaluable. Props to the University curriculum once again.

Megan told the girls to clinch their pussies as tightly as they could. They squeezed and attempted to pull the balls from their opposite’s vaginas. The best pull two times out of three decided the winners. The game continued apace. Giggling filled the air.

The girls with the strongest Kegel muscles were:


A flaw in planning was revealed. How do you pair up an odd number of girls? And they thought string theory was complicated!! Where is Solomon when you need him?

They eliminated girls came up with the solution. They would allow Mr. Wilson to determine the strongest three twats of the five using the same method he used during the pussy gripping demonstration with Ms Martin. That would bring the total up to eight girls, thus making four pairs. They always watched the NCAA basketball tournament so the math was obvious.

The idea seemed fair and equitable to all. Mr. Wilson was thrilled that he could play an important part in saving the experiment and, in fact, the whole Project. Eddie rushed to the chair, but the five girls wanted to conserve their lower body stamina. Megan suggested the girls do the new section missionary style. That meant that they could grip with their Kegel muscles as Mr. Wilson, once fucking each girl, did all the heavy lifting. The girls could save their leg strength, resting on their backs, as they attempted to keep Eddie inside their respective pussies. Eddie could get his rest as he served as Megan’s pivot/balance point as the tournament continued later. After all, she did all of the swiveling while he stood firm and held on for the ride.

Mr. Wilson zipped off to the showers to clean his dick completely. He had trouble finding a dry towel. Several seemed to be missing. No matter. Volleyball was not in season so maybe the team manager cut back on the available supply. But still, Eddie thought there should be at least a few more on hand. He would solve that mystery later. The smoking hot teenaged girls beckoned. His penis lead they way back to the gym.

Becca, Jen, Mika, Ashley and Nikki had arranged the exercise mats on the floor and assumed the classic missionary pose. Those college girls were the very picture of efficiency. They mothers would be proud. They were the very picture every boy would give up a fortune to see. Mr. Wilson, was flabbergasted. He could drive ten penny nails through cement with his resulting erection. He loved his job like never before.

In order, he had Becca, Ashley, Jen, Nikki and Mika. The girls were so primed for the chance to stay in the competition they had monster orgasms well into the test. While fucking Ashley, he got dangerously close to coming. He lasted until she got her reward. It was a close call.

Eddie leapt up, almost pulling the swooning girl up by her pulsing pussy. Her hold relented finally. He was able to hug Megan, then bend her over the back of the demo chair. Without warning, he stuffed his dick into her tight twat. Ms Martin, also primed and willing, shouted in pleasure. God, she loved her job!

Mr. Wilson blasted within seconds of Ms Martin’s orgasm. All the girls were happy for him. He managed to avoid unfairly coming in one of them, there by giving someone additional lubrication to overcome. In addition, Eddie, by shooting in Megan, kept the floor from becoming slick. He was considerate enough to make sure the playing surface was safe for competition. He had seen places where other volleyball coaches failed to keep the floor dry from mere sweat. Injuries almost always resulted, putting the athlete’s future at risk.

Nothing of the sort was going to happen on his watch! Megan’s pussy was the perfect place to put his semen. Close, ready and willing to help. What more could a conscientious coach ask for?

Eddie resumed the judging by fucking Nikki. She was quite strong as the five original winners cheered her on. He could barely keep a steady fucking motion as her orgasm slammed into her. He finally pulled out. She was good.

Next came Mika. It took about five minutes to get all the way into her pussy. Mika immediately locked up. Eddie attempted to fuck her. It may have been her tiny stature, it might have been her exemplary grip. It was probably because her pussy seized up in the most incredible orgasm of her life. She had lost her cherry during the first class session, so her sexual life was just beginning. So far, she had been had by the four original masked boys, and by Mr. Wilson several times. What little processing power remained in her brain determined that she had a good enough knowledge base to make such a judgment. Best. Orgasm. Ever. Her emotional side knew deeply that if it got better than this, she needed to have her will in order because le petite morte would become le gran morte. And she would be transported directly to Fucking Heaven. What a way to go!!

Eddie was amazed. No matter how hard he plunged. There was no in and out. Only In. No Out. Her tiny body was glued to his dick and followed it wherever it went. He took the only option open.

He stood up. Her pussy, and the tiny pulsing body to which it was attached, stood up with him. Eddie looked at the others in supplication. What to do?

The quick witted group, as soon as they had their wits back, rushed the coupled pair. Two girls leaned her back slightly, pulling her perky tits away from where they were plastered to Mr. Wilson’s chest. Two more supported her by her cute ass, pulling her up and down on his dick. Two more began to gently fondle and twist her pink, diamond-hard nipples. Another slowly probed her asshole, slipping in to the second knuckle, twisting and fucking in and out slowly. Yet another, insinuated a hand between the fucking pair, trying to stimulate Mika’s clit and his dick at the same time.

Megan and the recently recovered Nikki concentrated their attention on Eddie. They played with his nipples, balls and went so far as to give him a sweet prostrate exam. One or the other had to come soon or who knows what might happen. All hands not working on Mr. Wilson or Mika were busy fondling whatever bit of tasty girl flesh was available. All twelve entered a zone none had ever experienced. This must be the way legends were created.

Suddenly, Mika flung her head back, eyes wide open and unblinking. Her nipples were ready to burst. Her cunt was on fire. Her luscious little lips drew back in a primal, silent scream. Then the silent scream was not so silent. So not silent that both instructors were glad that the Athletic Department had installed Kevlar reinforced Plexiglas windows. Mika’s voice would have smashed mere safety glass to dust.

Mika’s orgasm, if sung about by troubadours, would have become epic. Her petite body flushed pink all over. She spasmed for more than two minutes. Then fainted. Eddie, meanwhile started to come as Mika began her final flutters. She had enough awareness left to register his first few sperm deliveries. She felt like the spurts would travel all the way out her ass. But her tight sphincter was currently being plugged by Audrey. That thought used all the intellect she had in reserve. Then, curtains for her, her little body still shuttering all over.

Eddie, somewhat released between Mika’s orgasmic contractions, instinctively started to make some motions with his dick a careful observer might call fucking. At first there was too little motion to tell. Soon, Eddie began to move in earnest. Actually, he was moving in Mika. But you know what I mean. He came like a supernova. Huge and hot. He figured that he would have blasted Mika off the end of his dick if her grip had not been so strong. Mika was not going anywhere. Her twat held on for dear life.

As Mika passed out Eddie pulled her to his chest. He began to basically puppet-fuck her, moving her up and down his still iron hard shaft. The end of his orgasm signaled the end of his ability to stay upright. Still deep inside Mika’s award-winning pussy, he sank to the mats.

The ten other girls, in some sort of psychic-sexual-sympathetic connection, had simultaneous orgasms that left them boneless. There was no way possible for them to have helped support Mr. Wilson to the floor, much less with the added mass of Mika stuck to him. They fell victim to gravity, collapsing in a delightful heap of girly parts on and around the joined pair.

Fortunately, Eddie had landed on his butt, the sudden drop and even more sudden stop driving his still hard dick deeper into Mika’s tight twat. The sensation caused the tiny girl to wake up abruptly. Her brain, re-engaged, churned furiously.

Since she was a little preteen, her parents taught her the Golden Rule. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” The Beatles sung that “the love you give is equal to the love you make, or give, or something similar.” Whatever. She was still a bit woozie, from the past hour or so. Mika was galvanized into action. Her pussy knew just what to do.

Mr. Wilson was still hard as stone. This was perceived as a debt left unpaid. This would not do. Mika pushed Eddie back until his head was resting on Donna’s pussy which had landed conveniently in that very spot. Even better, it was attached to Donna. Mika sat up with that epic dick still deeply embedded in her very wet pussy and started a fucking motion like never before. Eddie could only moan quietly in approval. She continued the action through her next orgasm, building up to a biggie.

Eddie felt his own build up. His penis swelled and started coming like a bandit. The feeling of being so intimately filled triggered Mika into her orgasm. Its true: Turnabout is fair play.

As for the others, Donna had a nice cum from Eddie’s head massaging her clit while he was being fucked by Mika. The other girls, exhausted, found the stamina to fondle each other to the point of cumming more or less at the same time.. Must have been that psychic sex connection again.

One of them would have to do more research and write a treatise. No shortage of willing study subjects here!

Eventually they all slipped into dreamland, accompanied by the sweetest dreams ever. Soon, dinnertime came and, and after waking up and showering, they voted to have many pizzas and drinks delivered to the gym. Eddie was elected to put on his boxers and meet the delivery person at the door. The others went to the office, still gloriously naked, to give Megan their class schedules so that she could email passes directly, requesting that homework assignments be emailed straight to each girl involved. Megan further advised the professors that the girls were enrolled in an important University Project that would continue on most Mondays until the end of the semester. The Project had the express approval of the Dean.

None of the professors had a problem and were quite proud of the girls’ dedication to the school.

By unanimous acclaim, the entire group decided to delay the “grip strength during orgasm” segment of the Project evaluation until next time. Nobody had the strength to even discuss it.

The food came and they chowed down. Some time later the girls, dressed in last week’s clothes, and paraded back to the dorm for some much needed rest. They had school work to do and classes on Tuesday to get ready for. No matter what, they were college girls.

Before going to bed they agreed that the video part of the project needed more discussion.

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