Preventive Medicine Health Project Part 5.9¾

(Resurrection of the abused previous storyline is possible, but not preferable. Awaiting the opinion of the original author.)

Sunday morning found them in a heap of emotionally exhausted people parts, mostly of the young girl variety. Eddie, as usual, woke up before the teenagers. The first thing he noticed was a warm weight on his chest. A very comfortable and not-very-heavy weight, which was breathing softly.

His morning wood had been awake all night. It was in a warm and tight place. Eddie flexed his cock, enjoying the sensation. He had not come during the initiation of Sue into the family. He began to move in her slowly. Her body responded on autopilot. Eddie just watched the top of her head. He could feel her breathing and heartbeat increase.

Her head popped up, face flushed, eyes wide open. “We’re not finished yet? You’re still in me!”

Eddie sped up his thrusts. “No dear, we’re just staring. How are you this morning?”

“Good. Getting better. Sensitive, but not sore. Very full.” She seemed to have trouble with whole sentences. Sue reached between them and touched his dick. “You have some left. Will it all fit in?” Her hip action matched his pace. She was drippy wet.

“Don’t know yet. It’s up to you to find out how much you can take. It won’t be easy.”

She pushed her tiny hands against his chest and sat up. “I am liking this complete girl thing. You are touching places in me I didn’t know were there. I can feel you going in and out. Can we go faster?”

“Absolutely, thought you would never ask.” He thrust up harder and faster, meeting her down strokes. Her little bouncing boobies forced his fingers to play with her hard nipples. Her pussy went into another gear, moving with abandon.

Sue discovered that she could move up/down, back/forth and side/side at the same time. Every new motion brought new thrills from new places. She could feel him bump against her cervix. Sue decided to find out just how much of his dick would fit. Her thrusts got stronger.

While she was thinking those thoughts, a pressure was building in her body. Her movements became erratic and she lost conscious control. Sue was being swept away.

Eddie was riding her tide. He felt her cervix open a little more on each plunge. When her pussy started to flutter and squeeze, he pinched her nipples firmly. Sue pushed down as hard as she could with what strength she could muster. He passed her inner gate. Her clit came in contact with his pubis. Then the lightening struck, as her orgasm became her whole world.

Coach’s long delayed orgasm exploded out as he felt himself slip into her womb. He shot hard enough to blow her off. Sue, knowing that she made him cum that hard, came even harder, falling to his chest.

As the mutual earthquakes subsided, they lay still. The only sound was heavy breathing. Not just theirs. The others, awakened by the noise, were quietly watching the couple finish what they started last night. Megan whispered in Sue’s ear, “So, how was it? Do you enjoy being a girl?”

“I thought I was a girl before. Now I’m complete. What comes next, besides me, lots more times?” Sue giggled.

“Darn. Another showoff like Franny.” Donna hooted.

“What comes next are showers. Girls, lets see if we can unplug the Coach from her little twat and get our horny selves cleaned up. It’ll be a busy morning and a lazy afternoon.” Megan urged. They separated Sue from her new obsession and trooped to the showers before she could leak all over the bedding.

Mika insisted that Sue practice her blowjob skills in the shower while the teens watched and gave pointers. Eddie enjoyed her efforts but Sue didn’t make him cum. Her mouth was too small. He was forced to fuck Nikki against the wall. Hard. She wore out before he even came close. He stepped away, letting her fall to the floor. He pushed Melissa to her knees and took her as hard and fast as he could, doggie style. He pulled out and entered her ass. She moaned but did not resist. Finally, he filled her up. Sue stared at the wasted little girls, lying on the tiles, smiling.

“Welcome to our little family. Fun, isn’t it?” Melissa panted, not the least bit put out by having Coach use her like that. “Don’t worry, there’s enough of him to go around.”

‘Wait until he wakes up!” enthused Nikki.

Sue shook her head in amazement. This new life was going to take some getting used to. Being a girl is very complicated.

The showers done, clean little tight bodies dried and fluffed, they started the morning chores. Breakfast, bedding and laundry all performed naked. Sue still felt very exposed in the huge room and realized that she wasn’t the only one. Most of the perky titties surrounding her were sporting pointy little nipples. The exposure excited her more than she thought it would. That realization about herself embarrassed her even more and made her voluntary nakedness even more taboo. Sue had a touch of exhibitionism, too.

Thea saw the shape Sue was in and reached down and thumped her clit. Sue came on the spot. “Yeah, she’s one of us, for sure. If she cums like that just being naked, wonder what will happen when Coach Wilson sends her to get the paper naked with a vibrator on high?”

“The nipple clamps will probably make her crazy.” Megan promised. Eddie heard the whole exchange and filed it away for future fun. He went to the dressing room and put on a pair of silk boxers and a tee shirt.

Roxanne called, reminding Eddie about setting up the Coach Zone. Roxy was compelled to gloat a little at how much the Sunday overtime was costing the sleazoid contractor. “I’m making enough in my spare time to get a new car!” She was on her way.

“OK, you naked little hotties. Parade rest front and center! Morning inspection.” They lined up as ordered, guessing. He paced slowly along the line, fondling pussies and tweaking teenaged titties.

“The Roxy Crew will be here soon. They are bringing my furniture from the old apartment and Sue’s things from her dorm. Today’s dress will be your thinnest panties and nipple clamps only. Get dressed they will be here soon. Ms Martin, Thea and Sue. You three will accompany me, as you are, to the newsstand to get the morning edition. Lisa, you come with us, too. We need a photographer so we can see strangers watch the naked girls expose their titties in public.” He stuffed a buzzer in all four trembling asses and pushed them to the door, not giving them time to think.

Lisa got the camera and out the door they went. Coach insisted that they clasp their hands behind their backs, forcing their tits out. Sue was too humiliated to resist. She could not believe she was doing this with a faculty member, another embarrassed girl and a photographer to witness her public exposure. Why was she getting so wet thinking about all those people staring at her tits? Did she want them to see her be so bad? Her nipples were so hard.

About halfway there, Eddie thumbed the remote to medium. All four squealed and attracted the attention of anyone who hadn’t seen the parade of naked, blushing girls. Three topless girls pulled out their picture phones, saying, “Wait until we put this on our Facebook page. Now the kids back home will believe the rumors about life at Central.” Lisa took their picture. The three had nipples as hard as her own. “Come with us and see the entire show.” She told them.

Of course, they followed.

Two boys commented on the hard nipples, “Those little twats must be hot as hell. It ain’t that cold out here. I’d bet their cunts are soaked, too. They must enjoy being out like that.” They noticed the bracelets and hurried away.

Thea and Sue were about to faint and come at the same time, for the same reason. Lisa wondered if an orgasm would make the pictures look better. Megan was embarrassed at her exposure but loved it all the more.

Coach Wilson sent Sue up to the newsstand alone to get ten copies. She came back flustered. “I have no money. She won’t let me have any.”

“She is playing with you. The campus paper is free to students.” He pinched her nipple and sent her back. He grinned and thumbed the buzzers to high. Sue tried to jump out of her skin. It was all she could to walk.

He turned to Megan. “I need a blowjob.” She smiled at him, “You are really something, aren’t you?” He agreed and she sucked him deep, right there in front of a gathering crowd.

Eddie pulled out of her mouth, turned and picked Thea up by her thighs. Wrapping her legs around his waist, he dropped her onto his dick, plunging to the hilt in one stroke. Between the suddenness, the public exposure and the buzzer in her ass, Thea came like crazy. Her wide-open eyes could see the strangers gawk at her bouncing teenaged boobs, lewdly exposed for everyone to see. She came again, even more forcefully.

Sue was back and just stood there paralyzed. “Ms Martin, place Sue on her hands and knees. I am going to fuck her from the rear.” Megan laughed and did as she was told. Eddie put Thea on the ground. “Parade rest. Be proud.”

Sue was ready to be taken. She did not understand why, but she wanted people to see him want her. He did and hard. She let him have his rough way with her body. She was coming at the sheer nastiness of it. The Coach gripped her tits from behind, pulling her upright. “People can see my dick in your slutty, drippy cunt. They think you’re a cheap whore to let yourself be used like this in public. Does that make you hot? The girls wish they were you. But I’m fucking you now. I just fucked Thea and I might do Ms Martin next. You would like that, wouldn’t you?”

His dirty talk was making her nuts. “Ms Martin, will you come over here and play with this girl’s clit. She wants the strangers to see her come.” She laughed and reached for the squirming girl.

Sue began to shake out of control at what was happening to her. The orgasm snuck up on her again. Megan pinched Sue’s clit as Eddie shot into her pulsing pussy. He left her on the ground. “Clean her up, Ms Martin.” He said, pointing to the little oozing teen. “Thea, make sure no one gets close enough to touch. Your bracelet and attitude will do the job.”

He looked at the crowd Most of the girls were being screwed by the boys. The girls were more than willing targets. One of the three girls was unoccupied. Juices were dripping through her panties. “She is begging for it. I’ll have to oblige.” He announced to whoever was listening. He gripped her nipples and pulled her to him. “Miss, I am going to try to fuck you into next week. I’m wet for both of us. See my dick. Those are the juices of three cunts. You are the fourth.” Eddie lowered her to the ground, pulling her barely-there panties past her feet. “You will need these later.”

She was shocked at the filthy words coming from his mouth. If anyone else said that to her, she would be insulted. From him, it just seemed like the truth. ‘And the truth shall set you free’ she thought as she spread he legs.

“Lisa, are you getting this for posterity?” He glanced over at Thea. She looked like a Fearless Naked Ninja Warrior. “Thea, you make me so proud. You can take out an Army, and have time to get ass-fucked any day of the week. Bullets would bounce off those rock hard nipples. You are one very pretty girl!” Thea’s smile lit the world.

“Master. I got it all. I’m going to do two edits. ‘The Definitive How-To Guide for Code Inspectors’ should be mandatory. The other will be titled, ‘Getting The Bejeezus Fucked Out Of You By The Best Instructor Ever In A Crowd.’ That will be a best seller. We’ll be rich. I tell you, rich!” Lisa was giggling so hard she could barely stand.

Eddie pushed his slippery cock in the steaming hot cunt. “What is your name, girl? Sometimes, I forget to ask. Sometimes, I don’t care. Even if you don’t tell me, I’m still going to fuck you hard.”

“Now that I’m being fucked, I think the name is ‘Nell’, but I’m not sure of anything right now. If another name comes to mind, I’ll get back to you.”

“Pretty chatty for a slut with a fat cock in her pussy. Damn, Nell. You are tight! You haven’t used that cunt much, have you?”

“I’m not a virgin, but the two other boys were pencil dicks. You are my first consensual rapist. And I consent. Big time.” She must have been primed to blow from the scenery and the nasty talk. Nell started to blast off within a minute.

Eddie simply went to town on that girl. As she was coming for what she imagined to be the last possible time, Eddie lifted her legs and pressed them into her tits. Without a word, he entered her ass, wet from the cunt juice dripping down her crack. Once in, he continued the pace.

“Wow! Master, you took her ass cherry. Look at her face. That is our cover girl for sure. Slutty Nell is coming again with your dick up her ass!” Lisa informed everyone.

Megan, with Thea and Sue, started to play with Nell’s sweating body. Their attentions made Nell come one last time. Her clinching ass milked one more out of him. Eddie stood up, leaving another girl lying where he had used her. Lisa snatched the panties from the weak cunt’s hands and wiped her master clean. “Here. Coach said you would need these. You might want to put this rag on unless you want to be gangbanged. You look like a happy two dollar whore.”

Eddie pulled Nell to her feet and told her. “Get fucked by anyone you want. Or not. I advise you to get your sexy hot naked self back to your room and get some rest. If you attract unwelcome attention, tell them that Coach Wilson already inspected the living hell out of you and they had best let you go.”

“Nell, you are a pretty, strong young girl.” He told her tenderly, fondling her boobs and pussy the whole time he spoke, “Your firm, girlish tits and tight low-mileage cunt are a good package for a great girl like you. You can be proud to know that you are an excellent fuck. Your ass could give lessons to a milking machine. Those nipples can cut glass. I will be happy to use you as a hot little slutty fuck toy whenever I can find time, an enthusiastic, talented and fun fuck toy. But to be honest, you may have to take a number and wait. But I hate sloppy seconds. If you want this again, I will be your only one. I do not share my things well at all.”

He teased another sweet little orgasm out of her, pinching her pink nipples rather hard in the process. “Now, stand proud, thrust out those fine tits and show these people what kind of girl you are.”

Nell straightened her spine, pushed her boobs forward and strolled confidently to her dorm, feeling the cool air on her nipples, daring any mere boy to look twice. She wondered why Coach Wilson’s candid, yet really dirty, description of her made her heart burst with pride. He wanted to use her again. He made her feel more feminine than ever. He knew she was a good, pretty and extremely sexy girl. She felt alive all over. For him, and only him, she vowed to be the best fuck toy ever.

Megan, Thea, Sue and Lisa mobbed Eddie, kissing him all over. “We are so proud of you, you can’t believe.” Megan gushed, “What you did to that girl and for that girl was beautiful. You used her hard, taking what you wanted, and made her want more. The more you took, the prouder she was that you wanted her and what she had to offer. Nell thinks she is the most pretty, desirable and most feminine girl on campus.”

“Look at her ass twitch and sway as she walks. I’ll bet she is not aware of how much her sexy femininity is showing. Master, you have released a force of nature.” Lisa added.

Thea and Sue told him that it was the same with them. He made them proud to be girls. “But we’re still weirded out by you making us walk around naked in public.” Thea admitted.

“But even more weirded out because the embarrassment makes us both hotter and secretly need to do it more. Like there is more after getting fucked into a coma at the newsstand inciting a fuckfest orgy.” Sue blushed madly as she whispered. Thea nodded.

“Coach, you are the sweetest kindest and evilly creative devil incarnate ever.” Mega chuckled.

“I do have nineteen smoking hot Muses to inspire me and to arouse my artistic side.” Eddie laughed, “I’m doing some of my best work.”

“Well my sweet little hotties, lets get those wet pussies back home. Tits out and walk proud. We have papers to deliver and a Roxy Crew to meet.” He turned the buzzers back to high just because he loved the way the little vibrators made the girls walk.

Eddie got them home and into the showers, buzzers stowed away and back to the living area in short order. He didn’t even extract a blowjob. Soon the others joined them, lounging around like a bunch of teenaged girls at a slumber party.

The family caught each other up on the morning so far. The dorm was spotless; everything was in its place, now that there were enough places to go around. A few girls were reading, some studying next week’s assignments.

Georgette tossed her book in disgust. “I used to read these bodice ripper romance novels as a secret thrill. ‘Garth embraced Heather and she swooned in his arms. They consummated their eternal love in the castle tower, protected by the red featherbed.’ Total swill after I have been fucked royally on the conference room table in the middle of an important University meeting, letting the world see me give up my virginity! My life makes this look like a first grade reader.”

“‘See Georgette fuck. Fuck dick, fuck.’ I might have to go into Education. Elementary school will never be the same.” Ashley couldn’t stop laughing.

Lisa told them to get the popcorn and snacks ready. She had a great documentary to show. A bunch of wiggling girls split for the kitchen to grab some munchies. Lisa plugged the camera output into the wide screen TV.

“You better take off the nipple clamps now or this movie is going to be even more torture than you can imagine.” Eddie advised. The girls took them off to moans and sighs. The four movie stars soothed and caressed them gently until the pain was transformed.

Lisa started the playback complete with sound. They laughed at their friends’ antics. Then they were envious at the way Eddie used them. Especially the way Sue reacted to her first real public sex. Sue was amazed at herself. Proud of how sexy she looked and embarrassed at how good getting fucked like a whore at the newsstand made her feel.

Lisa paused the playback. “You better go pee or refresh your snacks now. This next part is gonna blow you away. The girls scurried about the room for a few minutes and got themselves resettled. Megan and Lisa got real close to the Coach.

Lisa said, “And now girls and more girls. I give you Little Nell!” The show went on. They were astounded at the way the Coach told her up front what he was going to do and how he was going to do it. The more he took from her, the more she wanted to give.

When he spoke to her afterwards and she grew ten feet tall, there were tears in every girl’s eyes. Donna said, “I hope I look half that pretty when I come.”

Eddie assured that they all did. They glowed with an incandescent radiance that made him proud.

Claire asked the big question, “What do you think the people who know the truth behind these doors really think?”

“Especially Roxanne.” Becca wanted to know.

Megan began, “One thing you need to know is that Roxanne is one very smart person. When she helped set up this room, she was solving a jigsaw puzzle. The pieces were the furnishings, the room was the board, and your needs and personalities were the rules. Roxanne visualized the optimum solution and moved you and her crew in that direction. No wasted motion, no wasted time. And she worked as hard as anyone.”

Eddie continued, “You can never guess what personal sacrifices she made to get through school. Roxanne made almost perfect grades in class, while giving everything to her sport. You do not get to that rarefied level overnight. Roxanne pushed herself to the breaking point, mentally and physically every day. And she moved that breaking point further and further away.”

Megan told them, “You could not pick a better role model. I bet if you ask her she will tell you that the only person you have to be better than is yourself.”

Eddie said, “Roxanne seems to have adopted you all as her nieces. You might have noticed that the only times she lets anyone know just how powerful she can be is when you girls are threatened. She used guile and the implied threat of violence to take that contractor down. She made him glad to pay for putting you in danger. At the game, she made a whole mob back down like sheep. She works during her downtime to insure that you have the best home she can build.”

“What about the things you make Ms Martin and us do?” Jen wanted to know.

“I tell you what to do. You make yourselves do it, because you want to. She knows that I will never cause you pain unnecessarily and never more than you can take. She knows that everything I do is for your benefit, to push you to your limit and beyond. Every girl needs to face her fears and doubts in order to overcome them You would never have done any of the stuff that brought you such pleasure if we had not pushed so hard.”

“And I really love to watch pretty, sexy girls run around naked, waiting to see when and how hard I will fuck them.” He gave the exaggerated Groucho Marx eyebrows again, “And I was an only child who never learned to share his toys.”

“Roxanne knows more than anyone the value of sacrifice and the joy it can bring. I have the highest respect for her. She might be the strongest, smartest person I know.  Trust me, if she thought for a second you were being hurt, she would go Mama Bear big time. Her disapproval would be very clear.”

“To me and probably to Ms Martin, too, Roxanne is a talented and smart sister, helping us make you girls be as strong and proudly feminine as we can. And she can see how proud you are when you take one more step.”

Roxy scared the crap out of them when she stepped through the door. “You got in one, Coach. This may be a crash course in Girls 301, but this is the best place to learn to grow. You drive these teenagers nuts, but they look forward to each day a little apprehensive, maybe a little afraid of the unknown but each day you make them get through the strangest, most exciting challenges ever. Never have they shied away from anything you ask of them. Every one of these wild girls knows she can walk away. None have ever considered it.”

Roxanne had more to say. “Ms Martin, you show them it can be done. You lead by example. You are the most joyous when Coach has you naked doing something outrageous. Coach Wilson has some odd magnetism that makes girls need to make him happy. He in turn wants them to enjoy every second of their lives. Coach needs to give them pleasure and has a knack for getting straight to the goal. Of course it is an especially twisted and demented knack. You must admire success.”

“So, yes, I do approve. This whole situation is about way more than the Health Project. You young girls are the happiest, most satisfied girls I’ve ever seen. Your glows never fade, they just get brighter. Now get off your cute little butts and help us fix up a Coach Zone. You sluts are gonna ‘girly’ him to pieces.”

Nikki had to respond; “We don’t have the strength to girly him after he ‘coaches’ us boneless. We’re the ones in pieces.”

The Facilities crew started trucking in Eddie’s things. The room Roxy had picked out was across the gym from the girls’ dining room, opening into the main area. All of his furniture fit with space to spare. No extra frills to clutter it up.

It was all brushed stainless steel, chrome, glass and black enamel. Clean, simple and elegant. Seat cushions and the sofa were upholstered in black leather. His ‘home’ clothes were quite different than his ‘coach’ attire. Classic rather than trendy, he would never be mistaken for a ‘playa’ because people would know he was the real deal. Eddie did not play.

The teenagers made these observations as they watched Roxanne solve her puzzle, putting everything where it belonged. Quicker than expected, the Crew was ready to pack it in.

After the last trip returning their equipment to the truck, Roxanne came back in with a nervous, but determined little teen, naked and carrying a small overnight bag. “I found her coming in the door, asking for the Coach. Isn’t she the girl Lisa filmed at the newsstand? The girl you ‘used like a cheap fuck toy’? Looks like she is ready to take a number. Treat Nell right, Coach. She is putting herself in your hands. Ms Martin, you might as well find room for her in the Project. You will never get rid of her.”

Roxy said, “You might want to make sure the delivery door stays closed. I came in without a key and so did this stray.”

Ms Martin said to Roxanne, “I suspected as much when she walked away. Coach spoiled another one. This time ‘catch and release’ didn’t work. We’ll keep her. Nell, what’s your story?”

Audrey interrupted, “We know her. She hangs with Norma and Nancy. The Three Ns lived in our dorm before it closed. You saw them in the movie with Nell. She was always the shy one while those other two twats were pretty bold, always failing inspection and getting raped on purpose.”

Ashley agreed, “I think Nell revealed enough to pass, despite the embarrassment of being mostly naked all the time. They probably teased her into going out topless the same way Crysta and Donna do each other all the time.”

“Audrey and Ashley are mostly right. Nancy and Norma shamed me into doing terribly humiliating and embarrassing stuff all the time. They thought it was funny exposing me to other people. I didn’t. But if you act like you worry too much, some boys take advantage. I tried to act confident, hoping no one saw how scared I was inside.”

“I used to think I knew what sex was all about. I had been with two boys before, once each. It didn’t hurt much but it wasn’t any fun.”

“This morning smashed any illusions about sex I had. Thea, Sue, Lisa and Ms Martin showed me what being a girl really was. Coach hypnotized me with one look. Ya’ll made me so wet my panties we sliding off by gravity. Coach looked me in the eyes, telling me exactly what he was going to do to me, how he was going to do it and how hard. I started to come right then.”

“He proceeded to do all that and more. I realized that I was still a virgin as far as real fucking was involved. When he just took my ass cherry, it may have hurt. I was too far gone to notice, too helpless to resist if I wanted to. Every touch, every sensation, the four girls fondling me and the Coach taking his pleasure like I was his personal fuck toy made me come harder than I thought possible. I was never more alive, never more proud to be a girl.”

“I had to find my way back to that feeling. So I’m here. If you don’t let me stay, I’m lost.” Nell started to cry, loud sobs echoing in the silence.

“Coach. We broke her and now we have to fix this poor girl. I vote to keep her.” Megan said as she wrapped the trembling teenager in her arms.

Roxanne almost shouted, “Megan Martin you are wrong about that. Coach did not break Nell. He opened her eyes to her life and she did not like what she saw. Nell desperately needed to get out of where she was and being with the coach and the other girls is the only way.”

“Like Donna says, she’s one of us. Welcome to the family, Nell. Marti, get her a bracelet.” Eddie wrapped Nell and Megan in his arms “You are in a good place now, Nell. We will keep you safe. I promise.” Nell beamed.

Marti returned with the bracelet and waited as Eddie put it on her wrist. “Come with me, Nell. We girls need to explain what this jewelry really means. You have traded a known threat for the weirdest, most scary and exciting reality ever.” Marti dragged her to the group of naked teens and they enveloped her in a giant giggling, wiggling hug.

Roxanne hugged Megan and Eddie. “You did the right thing. You have another girl who needs this safe haven to change her life and I’ve adopted another lost refugee. We are giving these girls a place where they no longer have to hide who they are. And lock the damn door or you will be buried in strays.” Roxanne actually giggled. She left; making sure the door was locked.

Twenty-one naked bodies settled on the bed, taking up as little space as possible. Megan and Eddie were spooned, listening to the teenagers recall their adventures and experiences to the newest members. Being tied to the wall, powerless, losing their maidenheads while people stared. Getting fucked at the sex shop, on the lawn, in a meeting, on the wall, standing up, cowgirl, doggie, nipple clamps, tits leashed together, the list went on and on.

Soon you could smell the wet pussies. Eddie was as hard as ever. As surely as eleven plus ten equals twenty-one, the horny people dissolved into a mass of hot titties, cunts, tight asses and a big cock. Eddie was fucking someone constantly, sometimes he didn’t know who. Every body else was getting fucked by fingers or tongues, several at a time. Girls were eating or being eaten. The only dick available was kept busy pounding any cunt within reach. Eddie had long arms.

Every one gave of themselves freely and as often as they were able. Eddie finished off the orgy inside Georgette, filling her pussy to overflowing and coaxing a last long squeal, punctuating the fuck fest. They napped for a few hours, piled up so tightly you could not tell where one teen ended and the next one started. Eddie and Megan went to sleep, spooned, as they were when the orgy started. Except Megan had a hard dick up her twitching ass.

Megan awakened first, trying to milk Eddie’s dick once again. His happy moan woke the others. Twenty-one wet sweaty people decided that they needed food, now. Megan had them in the shower first. “Good girls don’t go around dripping cunt juice on the nice clean carpets. Now, be good and clean those sexy twats.” The little hotties did such a thorough job washing twats that Eddie was forced to get Franny’s twat dirty again, standing under the warm water, puppet fucking the tiny redhead as the other cunts cheered her on. Eddie finished her off and dropped her to the tiles. She bounced up and took a bow, grinning like a well-fucked fool.

“Encore, Bravo, Encore!” shouted Melissa, “That’s what I’m talking about!”

“Later. Eat now” Megan insisted, “Feed the beast.” Nineteen naked girls recoiled in mock horror and ran from the beast to dry off and make beast food.

Eddie watched in amusement. “They are so much fun to watch be little playful girls. Every last one of them is so beautiful it’s stunning. I could watch them for the rest of my life and it wouldn’t be enough.”

“You know they get prettier each time you tell them. They want you to want them. I do too. You were the missing piece of our puzzle. Don’t change.” And she kissed him sweetly.

The girls were still in the locker room and heard every word. “Ms Martin is telling the truth, isn’t she?” whispered Mika.

No answer was necessary. They hugged each other and got ready to make dinner for their new family.

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      Hummer: I keep your comments close to heart. The traditions of this site are fragile. You do help me stay tamer than I could be. It makes the story more appealing even to me.

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