Preventive Medicine Health Project Part 5.9½

(Wherein an old story line is severely abused.)

Saturday morning was nearly over before anyone stirred from their sleep. Coach Wilson awakened first and carefully disentangled himself from the pile of teenaged body parts. The clock on the scoreboard read 10.13. He looked up at the skylight. It wasn’t dark. ‘I guess that it’s 10:13 AM. I better call Roxanne.’ He mused.

Eddie made as little noise as possible going to the office. He dialed and Roxy answered. She sounded sleepy. “Good morning. Hope I didn’t wake you.”

“Hi, Coach. I was just dragging my carcass out of bed. We told your girls we would be there early with the extra kitchen equipment. Not going to happen. The girls and I celebrated a little late last night. The crew crashed here with Martine from the newspaper.”

“We partied until dawn ourselves. That was quite the show, wasn’t it?” Eddie laughed.

Roxanne managed to yawn and talk at the same time, “The Barbies deserved to have a humiliating comeuppance and they got it in spades. They did not deserve that horrible treatment from their coach.”

“I agree. She turned the fan’s sympathy into contempt I think she might have endangered them by whipping the crowd in the wrong direction.”

“I have to apologize to the girls. Please tell them we’ll try to be there at 2:00. We drank wine and watched every sports or news show we could find. The bad behavior in our conference went worldwide. Martine was writing like fiend when we went to sleep. There is a good chance she got the story to her office in time to make this morning’s edition. I’ll tell you about it when we get there.”

That ‘good chance’ is a certainty, Martine is the one who sets the deadlines. And there’s no reason to apologize. I have nineteen comatose girls here. They may or may not be human enough by 2:00 to meet you. See you then.” Eddie added and hung up. He took a shower and made coffee. Grabbing a pastry, he returned to the office to check the email and surf the ‘net for news. He was shocked.

To say that the news of last night was widespread would be understatement. The melee at St. Mary’s was the lead. It turned out the ‘offensive’ comment was something like ‘Ya Mama,’ which precipitated the wholesale fight. Commentators speculated that a simmering hatred between two opposing players simply exploded into stupidity for everyone there.

The two teams’ silly ultimatum about ‘Strip Volleyball’ in the tournament was an attempt by teams whose records were terrible. Their coaches wanted to muddy the waters.

The comments concerning the Central vs. Southwick were mixed. The standing challenge bet was well known and accepted as a social component of the rivalry between schools. Some conservative types weren’t ecstatic about it but didn’t push for condemnation either, as long as the players, coaches and administrators approved. Maybe it was a little outside the norm, but it did enhance fan attendance and school spirit.

The talking heads were mostly concerned with the coach’s deplorable treatment of her team and the danger in which she placed them. Every one agreed that it was an obscene show of bad sportsmanship. “She challenged Central on her terms not theirs. Her cockiness and vanity blinded her to the fact that the team might lose.” “The Vixens even spotted them one item of clothing.” “Emotionally, she did not handle it well.” “Central, to their credit, did not stick around to ‘rub it in’ but left the arena immediately.” “The Central Vixens could have easily have had the Barbies naked after the first game, forcing them to play two more games totally exposed to the fans. They showed admirable mercy and let them keep their shoes and panties.” “The near riot resulting from the guards’ prevention of what appeared to be attempted sexual assault on the unfortunate naked Barbies is a sad commentary on the fans of an otherwise reputable school.” The talking heads could have talked their heads off for days.

The Principle Administrator’s decision to withdraw from the tournament seemed hasty but understandable given the heated emotions at the time. With five of eight conference members eliminated and two others in the basement, the Commissioners were left with no real choice except to award both trophies to the Vixens. People agreed that they would have won it anyway.

The videos on the Internet were as enlightening as they were revealing.

That reminded Eddie to contact the Dean to find out his plans for the victory celebration and to get lots of copies of the campus newspaper. He was going to wake up the tangled mass of girl flesh at noon if they weren’t up by then.

Coach Wilson refreshed his coffee and began the tedious paperwork associated with closing out the volleyball season. Game reports, equipment condition reports, transportation reports, scholarship reports, recruiting reports, attendance reports and reports about reports had his head spinning when a very lovely and quite naked Megan eased into the office just before noon.

She sat on the desk, striking a ‘Veronica Lake’ pose and grinned at Eddie. “Some night.”

“I was up and at ’em by 10:20, showered, shaved, coffee-ed and at work. Wait until you see the brouhaha about last night’s excitement. He displayed the videos and handed over the printouts.

Megan read them for a few minutes. “Wow. We looked like the most conservative folks there. Not to mention that we were not naked,” she giggled.

“‘Wow’ is correct. By the way, you are beautiful when you laugh naked.” He teased.

“Thank you, Sir. Your comments make my heart go pitter-pat,” She wiggled her bare boobies at him, “You like?”

‘More than I can say.” Eddie stood, stripped and sat down. “Come to poppa.” Megan straddled his lap and positioned his extremely hard dick and sat down.

“A very nice way to begin the day,” she sighed happily as she rocked her slim hips slowly. “The little hotties have monopolized you the last few mornings. I missed this.”

Ms Martin did not finish ‘missing this’ until 12:30. Eddie finished at the same time. As she began her final orgasm, Eddie buzzed all the vibrators, pushing Megan to the moon. Somehow she had forgotten that it was still inside. “You really are the devil.” She giggled again.

“You don’t know the half of it.” He lifted her off his still hard cock and led her to the door. Eddie cracked it open and they saw eighteen squealing and jumping naked teenaged girls acting like popcorn on amphetamines.

He thumbed the remote, turning off the intimate stimulation. “How you like the new alarm clock?” he asked with an almost straight face.

“It sure as the dickens works!” Franny said. Beth wanted to use the snooze alarm.

Melissa told her that she “was too small to survive the experience.”

Ashley giggled, “But what a way to go!”

“Let’s hit the showers and put the new toys away. We gotta get respectable for what might be a busy day.” Megan ushered them to the locker room to take out the buzzers and get ready to face the world. “We should treat the Coach’s wonderful little surprise gifts as we do the pink vibrators. Soapy water and an alcohol wipe will take care of nicely.”

Megan asked the teens what they thought of the buzzers. All had an incredibly exciting time, after the initial shock at the first stimulation. Knowing what everyone around them did not know, trying to disguise their reaction, being unable to guess when and how intense the next buzz was going to be, about drove them into a fog.

“We just got hotter and wetter. Never knowing, and never expecting when, made it all the more exciting. The number of orgasms is not countable. After the second game and all through the third, we came constantly either in anticipation or when the pulse hit. And the thing moved when we were on the bus. Losing our blouses and imagining that people in cars were watching our titties bounce made it worse and better at the same time,” the group of teens reported, nipples hardening at the memory.

“Coach served up an ace when he made us come so hard bowing to the cheerleaders. That was pure torture. We loved every minute!” admitted Claire and Janie.

Audrey nudged Jen and asked, “Think he might be up for a little fun this morning?”

Ms Martin said, “The Coach is always up for a little fun. Several times. But we have to keep it to a tease for a while. There is a lot to do today. We gotta get moving.”

“It’s not nice to tease. We’re nice girls. It’s not right!” they chorused, running to the shower room. They washed, depilated, and generally made their sweet bodies more desirable.

Prancing out to find the coach, wiggling and bouncing nicely, they assumed parade rest and awaited the orders of the day. “Sexy Squadron, reporting for duty.” Megan spoke. The teasing had already started. Nineteen naked girls can put a lot of pressure on a guy like the coach.

“It’s definite. You have seen way too many movies! Stay dressed as you are. Skin looks good on you.” You could have hung a Volkswagen for his dick. “You’re killing me here but we have to get fed and be ready for the Roxy bunch to deliver the shelving and icebox.” Eddie moaned tragically.

“I’m thinking we should move the study hall and office stuff to the new annex and convert the conference room to a permanent dining room. The old office space can be a communal dressing area if we have company. We can put some of the dressers in there. Some mirrors and a vanity or two. Linen storage can be in the laundry room. Anything else we’ll work out as we go. Dress of the day is sturdy and protective as before. I do not want to see one bruised tittie, nor one blemished butt. Squad dismissed!” He ordered with a salute.

The teens and Megan snapped to attention and returned the gesture, adding a boob bobbling shimmy that cracked everyone up. Eddie had to shoo them to work before he screwed the first one he could catch, right then.

Some got to work on brunch, some sorted out the sleeping area and some went with Eddie to check out the annex. It was big. “This is good. We can use these movable partitions to section off one end for Ms Martin’s and my office spaces and use the rest for a library and study area. Lots of room for desks, shelves and tables.” He was with Thea, Becca and Crysta. “You cuties start to bring over the things you can handle and we can ask Roxanne’s All-Girl Staff to help with the big stuff.”

He followed their sweet butts to the conference room where Donna, Ashley, Georgette and Beth were moving things out to convert it to a dining room. The girls moved laptops and books out and moved tableware in. He left them to it and visited Megan, with Audrey, Kate, Lisa and Janie, in the soon-to-be pantry. They were sorting the dry goods and cans so they could stock and inventory supplies as soon as Roxy did her magic. Megan spent time on her cell phone, coordinating details with Roxanne.

Eddie knew when he was in the way, so hurried out to the sleeping zone. Franny, Marti and Jen were rearranging dressers and mysterious girly things, deciding what went to the dressing room and what needed to be near the bed.

Nikki, Melissa and Mika had already attacked the bedding and were in the process of putting on fresh linen and making up the bed.

Eddie again found himself in the way. So he went to help the girls move into the annex. Thea, Crysta and Becca had been busy. The desk in the old office was cleared and the contents moved over. They wrestled the desk into the annex. It was not easy. They decided to wait for the professionals.

The coach was still sporting some serious wood. Chrysta looked at him and smiled. He did not say a word. He picked her up, bent her over the desk and slid right into her wet pussy. “I guess we are ‘christening’ the annex earlier than we figured,” giggled Becca. Chrysta was coming already. Something about having the Coach just fuck her as if she had no say in the matter, and do such a good job of it, made it hotter than hell. ‘Having Thea and Becca watch him rape me makes it even more hot.’ Chrysta stopped thinking as a sweet orgasm rolled over her. The Coach had not unloaded yet.

He sat Chrysta on the floor and picked up Becca next. He sat her on the desk’s edge, spread her legs and put his dick in all the way it one long stroke. Again, he did not ask. He just took her as if she was a fuck toy. Becca reacted like Crysta. She just enjoyed being suddenly fucked, not of her own choice, but not against her will. He might have stopped if she asked him but it never occurred to her. Becca was as full of the moment as she was full of him. Coach pushed her to her back on the desktop, gripped her tits, and tried to pound through her. The sheer weird nastiness of the rough fuck caused her to peak quickly and hard. Eddie left her on the desk panting.

Thea saw it coming and waited. Not for long. He spread the teenager on the floor, taking what was his missionary style. She wanted him to take possession. Thea did want to be asked. She needed him to make her do what she wanted to have done to her.

He did rough and hard. Long strokes like a trip hammer, without regard to the person under him. His casual disregard of the other girls watching, the fact that he could have chosen anyone for his outlet, made her proud that he had chosen her, that he wanted her. He had taken so many girls, pretty young girls. But he had found value in her, now, today. She was wanted. She came so hard she fainted.

Eddie pulled out and left her limp on the floor. Stepping over her body to the door, he opened and called out, “Marti, come here.”

Marti came running. When she entered, she saw Thea on the floor, Becca moaning on the desk and Crysta sitting in the corner, stunned. Coach pinched her nipples and forced her to her knees. “Suck my cock now. Swallow every drop” Master ordered.

“Yes, sir.” She did as commanded, immediately and joyfully. Pleasing her Master pleased her. Marti fingered her throbbing clit as she sucked Master’s cock. She came with a loud moan. The vibrations in her tight throat pulled his orgasm out of his balls. He gave her everything.

Finally, his dick softened enough to droop to a slight angle. Coach pulled Marti to her feet. He did the same to Crysta and Becca. All three of them roused Thea. Now that the over heated teens were stable and vertical, Eddie hugged and kissed each girl sweetly and sent her to shower.

He stepped through the door, only to have Roxanne say, “Now can we move the rest of the furniture in?” The assembled teens fell to the floor, laughing pretty little asses off.

With exaggerated dignity, Coach Wilson said, “We had to christen the room. What can I say?”

“After seeing the condition of those poor, abused and happily satisfied girls, I wonder if there are enough of us to christen the dining room, the pantry, the dressing room or the breezeway? Do we have to call in reinforcements?” Megan asked. Again the room fell out.

“A boy can’t get no respect around here. Where’s my pants, you hussies?”

Roxy said, “OK Coach Wilson, get some rest. You may need it later. We need to get moving on the next room.”

Mika countered, “He doesn’t need rest. He’s good to go now!” Roxy and her crew stared too hard at him. Cutting his losses, he headed for the dressing room. Mika shouted after him, “Second dresser, and top right drawer. Shorts.”

He did not recognize the old office. From the door, he saw the opposite wall was lined with chests of drawers, tall ones. A dressing table ran the length of the wall on either side, complete with mirrors and lights. There were garment racks on both sides of the door. There was even a small table for him in the center near the drawer wall. Eddie never realized how large the office had been. A theatrical dressing room had been transported into the gym.

He found a pair of gym shorts and a tee-shirt, looked around the place and went back out. “You guys will have to fine tune the layout until it’s comfortable, but the office study hall is ready to use.” Roxanne announced.

“The dressing room is fantastic. It looks like you transplanted a Broadway backstage dressing room to the office!” Eddie praised.

Roxy grinned, “We did. Last tear the University upgraded the cast areas in the performance center. Some corporation gave us a truckload of money to name part of the facility after their CEO. We kept the old furnishings. A little tweak and it fit perfectly. Even the lighted mirrors were plug and play.”

Megan added, “The dining room is great and the pantry will hold enough food for a siege. The ‘Roxy Crew’ did a four star job. We could not be more grateful. Thank you a thousand times.”

“You are welcome. Helping you people get settled in is way more rewarding than repairing the damage from some failed experiment in the Chemistry Department. And as far as we are concerned, you are displaced refugees from the dorms. It’s either us, or the Red Cross. We have a bigger budget and react quicker.” Roxanne laughed, “Actually, that rat bastard contractor has the budget. Not only is he bankrolling this but he will pay an ‘early completion’ bonus!” The crew found that hilarious.

Roxanne’s crew said their goodbyes and departed to the cheers of the girls. Twenty people spent the next hour poking into corners, opening drawers, checking out the study hall and generally admiring the new quarters.

“This either the coolest dorm room in the world or the fanciest volleyball court ever.” Melissa declared, with typical teen enthusiasm.

‘”It’s both and it’s the most thorough teen testing and educational laboratory never heard of.” Megan said. “And there might be ESP involved, too.”

“ESP? How so?” Jen inquired.

“A certain coach, who shall remain un-named, seems to know just what we need instead of what we think we want.” Ms Martin answered.

“Well, the coach with no name says we need to get cleaned and buffed. There is a victory celebration we have to attend. I have to call the Dean and find out what’s happening. I have to contact the team next. Now get your selves to the laundry room and lose the dirty clothes. I’ll meet you in the showers shortly. Shoo!” Eddie patted butts and got them moving. He headed for the phone in the dining room, formerly the conference room.

Megan held back and asked, “What is the dress code at the rally?”

“Exactly what we wore at the game. Anything else will disappoint the fans.” He grinned,

“First we talk to the Dean. If he does it outside, things may change,” he said while dialing the Dean.

The Dean answered, “I’m glad you called. We told Martine to announce the rally for 6:00. We had to push it back to 7:00 pm. Gives an extra hour for all who want to attend to get ready. Some of the faculty and the faculty wives are planning to dress like your special pep squad.”

“No disrespect, Dean, but you gotta be kidding. Like the girls in the Project?” Eddie was very surprised.

“Don’t worry about any perceived disrespect, Coach. Your reaction was precisely the same as Robert Parsons’ and mine. Not that the ladies’ plan is bad. We rather expect to enjoy it. But it was a surprise.”

“I’ll bet you Arlene at the fabric shop is working like a mad woman about now.” Eddie guessed.

“Arlene started last night when Betty Parsons placed the first order. By the way, Arlene plans to be here, too, with her hubby.” The Dean was laughing out loud now. “See you around 6:30 so we can have everything in place when the curtain goes up.”

“Curtain? Where are we doing this thing?”

“On the stage in the big auditorium at the Performance Center.” The Dean told him.

“I love show business. See you there.” Eddie said as the conversation ended. He called Bridget and Monica, asking them to spread the news. “If you managed to launder the game uniforms you wore last night, that will be perfect to wear. Otherwise plan something among yourselves befitting athletes at Central University, Conference Champions. Be backstage at 6:30.”

Megan was laughing her sweet ass off, “We have ignited a fashion revolution. There are going to be some frozen titties tonight!”

“There must be something wrong with me. I just can’t see the down side from my point of view.” Eddie squeezed her nipples through her tee-shirt and they went to the showers together to see the naked teenagers.

By 6:00, every girl was still naked but clean, coifed and ready to dress, even Megan. Eddie wore new coach’s shorts, polo shirt, and a letter jacket.

You will wear exactly what you wore to the game. Keep the blouses. You were, and are, beautiful girls, I’m proud of you all. We need to be moving in fifteen minutes. Get those boobs in motion!”

Nineteen young girls flew to the dressing room. Eddie stood in the door watching the organized chaos. Not every girl could sit at the mirrors, but there was plenty room for nineteen little bodies to put on their strappy suits. He could never get used to how pretty they were nor how much fun they were to watch being girls.

Everyone assembled back in the gym in ten minutes. “Now for the last piece. Step up, one at a time, to get your little buzzer. I’ve mixed them up.” He had Megan standing by with a tube of KY, but the hotties were excited enough in anticipation of the coming rally. No KY necessary, tonight.

Megan was soaking. “Are we looking forward to the evening, dear?” Eddie chuckled.

“This is going to be memorable. Girls, are we ready to show them what we’re made of?” Megan asked the teens.

“Ready as we ever are.” Donna said.

Eddie thumbed the remote control, giving them all a medium jolt. “Make sure your nipple clamps are tight enough. Between the excitement and the chilly weather, they might pop off. If they come off, they stay off in front of an auditorium full of people watching your wiggle.”

“Let’s roll. Gotta be there by 6:30.” Megan ushered them out the door. Eddie followed, locking the door. The girls walked two wide, falling into step naturally. Mika said, “Do you see what I see?”

The teens’ heads swiveled like bobble heads. At least half of the girls on campus were wearing some variation of the strappy suits or towels, wrapped and pinned, MuskeTit style.

“Are we fashion trendsetters or what?’ Becca giggled.

“If they only knew what we went through to get where we are now.” Thea sighed.

“Better not tell ’em. Just make them jealous!” Marti smirked.

“Or the sissies would try to run away, but the Coach would make everyone want to stay,” Claire said, “and they would stay for more.” She received affirmative noises from all.

There was a commotion just outside the auditorium. The girls pushed through the small crowd to see the cause. Eddie saw a tiny Japanese girl shaking in terror being help by a very large boy.

“What’s going on here?” He demanded.

“Just a routine inspection,” the boy sneered, “and now she’s naked and I want to find out if she is aroused enough to consensually rape.”

Coach Wilson gripped the boy’s wrist and gripped it hard until her let the girl go. Eddie pulled the girl into his arms. He whispered into her perfect ear, “Just follow my lead. I’ll take care of everything.” She nodded. He reached down and ever so gently caressed her pussy. She was dry, cold and a virgin. ‘Oh, My, God. Just in time.’ he thought. He made sure the remote control was off. This was no time for games. Eddie was on the verge of going feral. He believed in the Code, but applied fairly and by the book.

Eddie got in the erstwhile ‘inspector’s’ face. “You began this ‘inspection’ intending to rape her whether or not she asked for it? Show me your Inspector’s Credentials this instant.” He demanded. “This instant!”

Idiot boy attempted to hold his ground. “And who’s asking? I’m doing my duty as a student. She was questionable. I had to be sure.”

“Give me her towel, I want to see what you saw. And as for who I am, I’m your worst fucking nightmare.” Coach Wilson ordered.

“I confiscated it fair and square. I’m holding it as evidence.” Idiot boy snarled at Coach. The teens with Eddie stepped back. He needed room.

“You have no right to hold it. You are not an Inspector.” Eddie snatched the towel from the jerk’s hands and tossed it to Megan, “Ms Martin, please wrap the girl and tell me what you see.” He held on to the boy tightly.

Megan gave her observations.” The towel, when pulled tightly, leaves a 2-inch gap from the bottom to the neck. Placement of the safety pins indicates that the gap runs from just beside her pubic mound up to a position through her cleavage. Clearly there no way she could be concealing panties or a bra. Her nipples are visible through the thin towel. They are erect because of the cold.”

“You had better be able to justify your actions. You have ten seconds to talk. Start now.” Eddie snarled in the boy’s face.

“Who are you to talk to me like that? Who is that bitch to question my actions? The Government guy told us what to do. He said to take her to his office for judgment if I could get her wet.” Surly Boy answered.

“I am Coach Eddie Wilson of the Athletic Department. I am also Senior Code Inspector for the entire campus. I inspect people like you. I can and will break you.” Idiot Boy struggled and tried to swing at Coach Wilson. “That was your last mistake, asshole.” Coach slammed him to the ground and pressed his foot into Idiot’s head, hard. He called 911. “And ‘that bitch’ is a senior member of the faculty in the research branch of the Student Health Department. She gets to fix the girls you and your kind try to break.”

The police dispatcher answered, “What is your emergency?”

“I am Coach Eddie Wilson of Central. I am located in front of the Performance Center I have captured a person I want charged with attempted rape. We have witnesses. No ma’am. Not the college kind. Real rape. In addition, he should be charged with first-degree sexual assault, conspiracy to commit rape, stalking and rape squad gang activity. Yes, will I will gladly restrain him until units arrive.”

“Ms Martin, will you escort this poor girl into the auditorium with our girls. Please ask the Dean and any other University officials to come out for a moment. Thank you.”

Idiot Boy squirmed and tried to get up. Eddie ground his foot harder into the guy’s head. “You better be very still. You have no idea how much trouble bad advice has gotten you into, do you? I have heard rumors about the meetings your ‘Government Inspector’ has been holding. This episode confirms it. His self-serving plan violates every spirit of boys’ behavior expected by the Code. He has been holding these rape-squad training sessions behind the Dean’s back. The Dean is a firm but honorable administrator and had he known the depth of this man’s deception, would have thrown him off campus. Believing in the purpose of the code and using it as a tool for your own and his sexual gratification, at the expense and detriment of our coed population, are two very different things.”

The dean, had heard the commotion and been listening in the background from the minute Eddie arrived on the scene. He had already called Campus Security. The Captain was there as part of the detail assigned to the victory rally. The Dean was pleased and emboldened by the faith and trust Coach Wilson had in him. He vowed not to disappoint.

“Coach Wilson, your actions are completely justified. Captain Johnson, would you take custody of this person under the coach’s foot. We wouldn’t want him to sprain an ankle. We will all wait here for the town police to arrive. In the meantime, will you send a team of your finest to seize that ‘government’ man’s office and take him in for serious questioning if you lay eyes on him?”

Eddie addressed the Dean, “Sir, I owe you an apology for not coming to you sooner. I was trying to be absolutely sure before I kicked over a hornet’s nest. Making an accusation of this gravity without proof positive could have stung this University deeply. This incident was all I needed. And I apologize for spoiling this rally to celebrate the community spirit at the College.”

“Coach Wilson, the University is lucky to have people of your caliber on staff. I personally thank you for your defense of that poor girl. Given your past history of firm, but fair, enforcement of the code. I’m not the least surprised by your actions tonight. I would have expected no less. That girl was innocent. Period. You did the right thing and I am proud to be associated with you.”

The police had arrived at that point. Detective Sergeant Millis and Security Captain Johnson were old friends. The discussion was brief. Seems that Sergeant Millis’ daughter was to enter the college at the beginning of the next semester as a transfer student. The Detective knew the score at the University but he also knew his daughter. In a fair and equitable atmosphere, she had nothing to fear.

But under the conditions described to him by Captain Johnson, she had no chance. He was happy that the contrived threat was over. He was furious that it had been created artificially and selfishly. “I sure hope this bozo resists arrest.” He hissed as the Idiot Boy was tossed into the back seat. “Try to phone in your statements by sometime Monday or so.”

With that, the prowl cars sped away.

Megan had passed the Dean on the way into the hall. She started to speak. He held up his hand, “Take care of your girls. They look a little shaken up. I’ve heard everything and intend to let Coach Wilson handle it his way. From what I’ve witnessed, he is doing the best job anyone could do. I’m proud of him. He’s tough as they come but no one could be fairer. I’ll back him up all the way. Don’t worry. Vera has clued the M.C. The show is on hold until we get back.” He shoo-ed them inside.

Vera, Betty, Irene, Roxanne, Mona and Arlene descended on the girls like a pack of enraged mother hens. Betty sent her minions to the Student Stores, “Bring back the biggest Central Univ. sweat shirts you can find. I want 26 of them yesterday. If they object, they need to look for another damn job. Send me a freaking bill. If the door is locked break it down.”

Vera told them, “We know the score. How the Coach treats you now, and has treated you in our presence, is quite different than this situation. He has never ever hurt you. He never will. At any time you can leave. You have never, for a minute, resisted and we firmly believe you have experienced things, which have made you better and stronger girls. Some things you might not have chosen but you probably don’t regret. And, if you were honest with yourselves, you wouldn’t have missed any of it for the world. After all, you are here tonight, most likely looking forward to whatever he had planned. Probably nervous as hell and probably very excited. Am I right?”

The girls looked at each other and nodded. Megan also nodded in agreement, “You are right. He has a way of giving girls what they need, not necessarily what they want.”

(Megan, suddenly paying better attention, noticed that the Admin ladies, plus Arlene and Mona, were wearing strappy suits just like the Project girls, except they had added really short miniskirts in matching colors. They looked good, too. She did the math: her nineteen plus the Admin ladies plus the tiny girl in a towel equaled 26 sweatshirts. The largest would come down below the small girls’ knees. With Eddie on the warpath, no one would be self destructive enough to say a word.)

Betty’s voice interrupted her reverie. “What we witnessed tonight was so very different. This was purely hateful assault. This was calculated violence against an innocent girl. By the way, what is your name?”

The tiny girl whispered, barely audible, “Sumiko. People call me Sue. I like that.”

Betty continued, “Sue, you are a very lucky girl. No one on campus could have stood up for you like Coach Wilson. If that scumbag had hurt you more, the Coach would have taken him apart. You could see his eyes go icy cold when he looked at that boy and soften instantly when he faced you girls. And the school would have backed him all the way if he turned the boy into pizza topping.”

Mona spoke, ” I was taking graduate courses when the Coach entered as a freshman. Nobody seems to remember that he was the undefeated Martial Arts Champion, all disciplines, in the conference throughout his years as a student. We have watched him compete. When he gets in his zone, he is truly frightening. He is focused, relentless and driven. He is dangerous. He is in complete control.”

“But when it is over, it is over. He comes out of the zone quickly, and is gentle as a lamb afterwards.” Megan said, “The Coach has pushed all of us girls well past what we saw as our limits. We found that the limits we set on ourselves were holding us back. Sue, you need to hang with us for a while until you can come to grips with what nearly happened. If you are under Coach Wilson’s protection, the devil himself will cross the street if he sees you coming. He will read your mind and make you crazy. And make you crazy happy. But he will neither hurt you nor allow anyone else to hurt you. But remember, if you hang with us, your world view will never be the same.”

Irene broke in, “She is right, Sue. All of us are Central alumnae. Some of us have experienced something akin to what you went through tonight. Not nearly so coldly brutal, but not pleasant. For some it was shocking but not bad. For others, it was enlightening. We did not have a Coach Wilson. You girls do. I envy you.”

“Ok. The sweatshirts are here. Did you have any problems?” Betty asked her minions.

The chief minion responded, “The clerk hesitated. I told her that Mrs. Parsons wanted them for Coach Wilson’s girls, yesterday. I thought she was going to pee her panties. The sweatshirts flew into the bags. She even threw in some merely extra larges for the little people. Such excellent customer service! It really is who you know.” She could not hold back a laugh. “I couldn’t tell if it was the Mrs. Parsons or the Coach Wilson mention that motivated her. Guess it doesn’t matter. We got sweatshirts in record time. She would have knitted them herself if they were out of stock.”

“Good work, Lynn. Help me pass them out. It’s cold out and the playfulness we were looking forward to has been dampened tonight.’

“Sad but true,” said Vera, “We’ll have to plan another time to get into mischief. You girls are never boring”

Betty slyly added, “By the way, Claire, I was a witness to the doings the night you joined the group. And for the rest of you loonies, your marching songs were a hoot! To top it off, you were proudly marching in the cold, naked except for nipple jewelry and daring anybody to say a word.”

“We all fondly remember Kate, Thea and Georgette’s initiation. That was quite impressive.” Vera teased “And we had best not let Arlene get started. She had us in stitches telling how she got Franny out of stitches. Something about ‘less than 15 seconds’ as I recall”

“I’ll never forget it. And Roxanne tells interesting things at the morning staff meetings. We got a heads up about pending tales of a ‘christening’ of the annex. Like Vera said, you are never boring.” The ones not blushing new shades of scarlet were laughing their girly asses off, as Irene jumped in on the mirth.

Eddie and the Dean were entering the back stage area just then. Their mood was improving. “Let me cut to the chase. Miss, your assailant has been taken into custody. The Campus police seized the ringleader and his records. He had a list of his potential targets; the dates he expected his stooges to make delivery and which girls would be given as reward after he had used them. He will not make bail. The agency he allegedly represented has distanced itself. Detective Sergeant Millis believes he was going rogue. We are rounding up the stooges now.”

The Dean, Mr. Parsons and Coach Wilson talked with the ladies. They decided to continue the Rally with a more subdued tone. They signaled the Master of Ceremonies to ready the audience.

The house lights went down. The curtains lifted revealing the Admin people, the volleyball team, the real cheerleaders, the nineteen sweatshirt-clad teens, in their natural grouping, spread across the dark stage Eddie was with the team, Megan with the teens. Roxanne, Mona and Arlene were together at the side of the teenagers.

A single spotlight came up as the Dean approached the podium. “We are assembled here to welcome our Championship Volleyball Team!’ he shouted. The applause was strong, whistles and cheers loud. He raised his hand for silence. “But first I need to explain the incident and it’s effect on the college.”

With the help of Coach Wilson, the Campus Security people and the New Town Police Department, we have broken the back of a corrupt and dangerous conspiracy, misusing the Code of Conduct for cruel purposes. The perpetrators are in custody.”

“I want to reassure you people that the codes will be enforced as described in the manual. However, the code enforcement will be monitored more closely and those guilty of gross excesses will be punished. There will always be those who stretch the rules, boys and girls. That is why we have a grievance procedure and hearings. There will always be instructors who exercise their right to alter the code within their classroom.”

“You will see little evidence of the changes we will be making. But rest assured we wholeheartedly support the goals and the spirit of the Code of Conduct. We will continue to enjoy special holidays such as Spirit Day, Topless and/or Bottomless Days. Charity Day is always popular. They are part of our campus DNA.”

” A serious threat to our University experience was eliminated tonight. Now help the cheerleaders welcome Coach Eddie Wilson and the Victorious Vixens of our Girl’s Volleyball team!”

As rehearsed, the Cheerleaders formed a double row; jumping, twirling and back flipping as Eddie lead the team to the front of the stage through the corridor of girls. He went to the podium and the team spread out on either side. Eddie shook hands with the Dean who stepped aside.

The crowd went wild. Bridget, Monica and the rest of the team raised their arms like they had won the heavyweight crown. Coach Wilson spread his hands toward the girls and bowed to the audience. The girls held hands and bowed as one to the applauding crowd. The ovation got even louder.

As the noise abated, a screen came down from the light rail. Excerpts of the match appeared. Eddie recounted the bet and the team’s offer to spot the Barbies one piece. He described the progress of the game, how he had to hold back the subs to delay the Barbies ultimate humiliation.

The screen showed a few shots of the Project girls, but did not linger. Even in the brief shots, the girls looked radiant.

The disgust dripped from Eddie’s voice at the horrid behavior of the Southwick coach was played out and the rapid exit of the Central contingent when the post-game debacle devolved into a near riot. He gestured to the cheerleaders, saying that they had expressed sorrow at not being able to accompany the team, but were still able to pull body and soul together to meet the returning team late and in the cold. Their efforts embodied their school spirit. The crowd cheered the cheerleaders.

He pointed to the Health Project girls, telling the assembly how they stepped in as an impromptu pep squad to make some Central noise in the heavily partisan Southwick arena. The girls waved but did not come forward. Eddie thanked the Administration for attending and Roxanne’s Crew for the escort service as they left the scene of the crime. The crowd laughed and cheered as the Roxy crew made silly body builder poses.

Coach Wilson ended with, “We want to thank the students who braved the distance and the cold to see us take the trophy and we especially thank you here tonight for this warm welcome.”

The people stood and cheered for several minutes before the Dean closed out the assembly. Megan and the teens surrounded the incredulous Sue and informed her that she was to go home with them tonight. Roxanne told Eddie that her crew was so proud of his defense of Sue they could hug him to pieces. Roxy told him that they wanted the keys to his old apartment. His stuff was going into a room on the visiting team’s area that was currently empty. They were setting up a Coach Zone. Not to mention getting his apartment ready to sublet. They would bring Sue’s things to the gym/dorm tomorrow morning.

And with many sincere hugs and handshakes, the various groups went home. The girls were much warmer but missed the thrill of being exposed in public. Sherlock Holmes would not have been able to find an inspector with bloodhounds.

Tiny little Sue thought about what she had seen and heard tonight, about the things her new friends had done and about her new temporary home. She mostly wondered about the conquering hero who had snatched her from sure pain and humiliation. He seemed like some sort of modest, everyday Superman, except his secret identity was no meek, mild mannered Clark Kent, but a dangerous Ninja Assassin. Yet, the largish group of extremely pretty girls adored him and followed him wherever he took them.

What was she getting in to and why was she not worried in the least? Sue was happy to feel safe and wanted.

She began to think of them as a girlish playful traveling circus watching them poke and tease each other and many of the girls they passed as they strolled home. Sue noticed with curiosity that lots of girls were dressed similar to her companions, but not quite so ‘put together’ looking. No other girls had the nipple clamps or the broaches or the bracelets like the teens and Ms Martin wore. ‘That’s another weird item. A member of the faculty is acting like a member of the circus and going home with them.’

And if that wasn’t strange enough, the women at the auditorium were dressed the same. The Dean’s wife, The Manager of the Facilities Department, and the Director of Foundations Grants treated the teenagers and Ms Martin like concerned family. The three faculty women and the two business owners were obviously old friends and shared a history with the teenagers which was hilarious to the ladies yet caused the girls to laugh and blush simultaneously.

The traveling circus finally arrived at the volleyball gym. ‘This is home?” Sue thought out loud.

“The best dorm on the planet!” Bragged Lisa. “We’ll give you the tour.” Eddie unlocked the door and let them lead the way in. Sue followed.

Sue was astonished. Lisa was not wrong. Calling this gigantic space the ‘best dorm room on the planet’ didn’t scratch the surface. The eager teens wanted to show off their quarters. They dragged the suddenly mute Sue around the palace. First was the bed space where they stripped out of the sweatshirts, which were left, folded in the dressers, then to the laundry room where they removed the strappy suits and tossed them into the washer, along with Sue’s towel.

We will keep the nipple clamps for now. Coach likes to take them off personally. It really hurts at first, but Coach makes the pain go away so sweetly. We like that part a lot,” said Nikki, “a whole lot.”

They pulled her back to the gym and were headed to show her the other rooms before Sue realized she was totally naked in a well-lit room with nowhere to hide. She started to become extremely embarrassed.

Donna tugged her into the dining room. “This room was the conference room but Roxanne helped us convert in a dining room. It seats twenty-five around the table. And we use real dinnerware.”

“The kitchen is next door,” Becca kept up the tour. “The pantry and refrigerators are back in the main storage area.”

Janie said, “Girls, we have got to show her the dressing room that used to be the Coaches office!”
Sue was very aware of the air rushing around her naked body, but was powerless to resist the infectious enthusiasm of the giggling teens. She actually ran into a very naked Ms Martin who had Coach’s penis in her mouth. Coach’s very hard and very large penis.

Sue froze in place. Her body refused to function. She did not think to cover herself. The Coach looked her over as Ms Martin continued to suck. “Lisa, Marti. Please get me the KY and a new little buzzer. They scurried away.

“Claire, Janie. Please bring Sue closer. I want to look her over.” The naked teens urged a confused Sue to Eddie. He softly caressed her cheek and let his hands wander to her titties. Her nipples were diamond hard and she was over heating. It was just like the girls had said. She was embarrassed and scared beyond words, but she had to stay.

His hand was cupping her pussy when Marti and Lisa returned. “I don’t think we will need the KY. She is ready now.” Eddie took the little buzzer and easily slipped it in past her maidenhead. He picked her up like a doll and kissed both her nipples.

“Now go with the other hotties. I think they want to show the new study hall,” he said as if the last few minute happened everyday. Sue was sure she had left the Twilight Zone in the distance and was firmly in Upside Down Bizarro World. She didn’t bother to look for the exit.

The others corralled her and went to the next stop on the tour. As they approached the door, Eddie thumbed the buzzers on medium for a second or two. There were surprised gasps from everyone. The girls turned back, forgetting about the tour. Sue forgot her own name.

All nineteen crowded around Eddie and Megan. Megan pleaded, “More please. I’m almost there.”

Eddie not knowing who was on which frequency, hit them all with ‘high’ until Ms Martin had an impressive orgasm. She, when her whole body began to shudder, deep throated the Coach and he moaned, firing about a gallon directly down her throat.

Sue was transfixed. The forbidden sights, the writhing and moaning girls, Ms Martin having a huge orgasm sucking the Coach, her own nakedness and the incredible feeling in her vagina, (no, my pussy), these things were taking her to a place she couldn’t even imagine.

Eddie let Megan catch her breath, before he pulled her to her feet by the chain between her breasts. She followed the titties up. He motioned the other soaking teens over and began removing their clamps. He caressed their throbbing boobs and their cunts until they came, then he sent each young girl to the bed with a kiss “Ms Martin, would you help these hot little cunts take out the buzzers. Leave them on the edge of the bed. Thank you.” The dirty talk from him sounded endearing.

Megan started on the girls as Eddie continued. No girl was neglected. Sue had been saved until last. The post orgasmic teenagers watched quietly. Lisa had a camera. The girlfriends softly touched the nearest girl, keeping the fires burning bright.

Eddie knelt in front and played with her nipples and clit until she came hard enough to fall into his arms. He gently took the buzzer out of her steaming pussy, taking his time to make the experience as pleasant as he could. He put it and the controller in one hand while turning all of them off.

He picked her up and cradled her tiny body to his chest with the other hand. “Are you ready to take the next step? Once you decide, there is no turning back. You will have crossed a line in your life. It might hurt as small as you are. But I promise you that I will turn the pain to pleasure as quickly as possible. Every girl faces that pain when she leaves her childhood behind. Are you ready?”

“I want whatever comes next, at whatever cost. I trust you like the others do. You will protect me.”

He carried her to the bed and lay on his back. She was on top. He slowly pushed her down his body until his dick stuck up between her spread legs. Sue could feel the heat on her pussy. Automatically her hips started to move, feeling the sweet friction.

Coach felt her wetness. Sue was dripping ‘She’s almost ready. Just a little longer.’ He thought.

Sue was starting to moan and whimper. “Please, Coach, I cannot stand it. I need to know what’s next.”

Eddie reached around to squeeze her cheeks, slipping in the buzzer he had palmed. Turning the speed to medium, he pulled her up until his dick notched at her entry. She did not question him. The feeling was amazing and added to the overload short circuiting her world. He pushed her back down, feeling her pussy lops part to accept hid cock. They had to stretch a lot.

Eddie pushed Sue up by her titties until she was perched on her pussy atop his cock. Her knees were no longer touching the floor. Megan, watching, whispered, “Like cowgirl style, except she is riding on top the saddle horn!”

Eddie felt her elastic cunt open to admit the invader as she slowly slipped down. She was incredibly tight but soaking wet. He did not try to move. Coach let her take what she needed. She had to surpass her own limits. Only Sue knew what they were.

Sue let the Coach fill her up. Now she knew what was next. It hurt like nothing before but it was not pain. It felt better than anything could and it stretched her until she might shatter. She felt him come to the end and touch her cervix. There was more of him than there was of her.

Coach let her fall forward on his chest, rolling her hips slightly, her erect nipples boring holes. Sue rubbed her clit against his fur. That stimulation put her over the edge. Her last thought was of supreme satisfaction. She knew what the other girls knew. She was girl enough to cross the line and leave childhood behind. The Coach who could and did have any girl he wanted, wanted her. She was at peace. Eddie thumbed the buzzer off.

Eddie let her sleep on top of him, impaled. Before he took off for Dreamland, he had Megan get him a bracelet. Attaching it to her tiny wrist, he whispered, “Welcome to our family.”

She might have smiled.

Eddie remembered that Monday morning marked the Sixth Session of what was turning out to be a long journey of discovery for a great group of brave young girls. ‘And Megan Martin and I may be the co-pilots driving this train, but we are paying full fare, too.’

‘I wonder what Sunday will bring?’

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