Preventive Medicine Health Project, Part 5.1

After Mr. Wilson had finished in Ms Martin’s pert bottom, he so very gently eased her to the floor, helping her to sit Indian-style facing the girls on the wall. Quickly going to Lisa, he picked her up and carried her to Megan’s side, sitting her on the floor, also. But instead of Indian-style, he put her legs straight out and spread them apart. The Coach did the same for Marti, placing her between Lisa’s spread legs, the two girls facing one another, their bodies about a foot apart.

Clearly concerned for their comfort, he loosened the nipple clamps enough to restore some circulation. The pain in their nipples was breath taking. Coach Wilson explained that he knew that it hurt but, as he softly rolled the sensitive little buds with his fingers, the pain would fade to a memory. He put Lisa’s left leg over Marti’s right leg, and her right under Marti’s left. Next, he attached a six-inch chain to the middle of Marti’s nipple chain, the other end crimped to Lisa’s.

To the approval of all, Eddie unbound their arms, allowing them to hug their partner. “To show your appreciation for having your arms freed, you must do as I say. You may caress each other’s pussy. You may not touch your own. You may not touch either your own nor the other’s tits. If you feel the need for stimulation, use the chains. Keep in mind that you will be using your titties to pull your partner’s nipples. You will receive the same effect, at the same time. After this little break, the clamps will be tightened again. You may, however rub your cunts together at any time. Remember, you may never touch your own. Learn to love and trust your partner. Learn to love and trust me. I will teach you well.” He kissed both the teens on the forehead, them turned to face the girls bound, immobile, on the wall.

“For you pretty teens, I’m going to release your arms only. You are allowed to touch yourself anywhere above your cute little belly buttons. You must do exactly as told. The vibrators must remain in your pussies”

“Ms Martin, Would you be a sweetie and get some water and Gatorade from the cooler? I believe our lovely girls need a drink.” She said that she would like nothing better than to help him comfort the coeds.

As she prepared the drinks, Eddie untied the girls, one by one, playing with their neglected titties and turning up the pink vibrators. Pulling each lightly as he twisted the butt plugs in their cunts.

After the girls were tended, the Coach and the Director walked away for a quick conference. Ms Martin was satisfied with the day’s progress. “If we continue to advance at this pace, we will have no problem completing the analysis and presenting our finding to the University.” she added.

Coach Wilson voiced a serious concern related to the integrity of the controls. “We must convince our esteemed Dean to widen the scope of our Participant’s Inspection Exceptions to include Consensual Rape. We must not allow the girls’ vaginas to loose tension or change sizes outside the confines of the Testing Area. We might want to continue to allow the teenagers to be fondled when their inviting parts are exposed in public. We still support the intent of the Code. The coeds must understand and accept that the Code guides their behavior on Campus. Ms Martin. You were guided by the Code of Conduct, ant if I may be so bold, I think that you turned out to be quite fine young lady.”

A blushing Ms Martin said, “Thank you for the compliment. And, yes, you have been just bold enough, so far. Let’s call the Dean now. He should be in the office. We’ll ask for a total exemption, fondling included, for all twelve subjects. If he balks, we will concede the fondling. It will allow him to maintain the sense of control over the details of the Project. The Dean will feel good that we trust him to make decisions.”

Ms Martin called the Dean and presented the potential issues involved, the dangers to the integrity of the Project and, by extension, the University’s reputation. She went on to suggest the best way to prevent data corruption was to extend the inspection exception to include fondling and consensual rape. She asked for his opinion as related to the total University community.

The Dean was very pleased by the young Director’s concern for the University’s image and her Project. He asked for best guess for presentation. She replied that it would be a wrap by semester’s end and that was no guess.

Her confidence in the team’s performance her concern for their safety encouraged him to grant the additional term, except the fondling. She hesitated then said she might be willing to concede the public fondling but asked fro a ban on any penetration for the exact reasons applying to consensual rape. He agreed. He liked the give and take with a sensible faculty member. She yielded something, as did he. The Dean ordered the new bracelets to be readied immediately, feeling great about his administration.

Eddie had been listening to both sides of the debate, telling Megan that her had this campus politics deal down cold. She was a natural.

Megan hugged him, laughing all over her body. She told him to put on some big boy pants and get his ass to the Dean’s offices and get those bracelets. The teens would need them tonight. She would stay here and keep the girls calm.

Less than 20 minutes later, Eddie returned with twelve shiny new bracelets. He went to each girl to fasten the bracelets to their wrists permanently. The Dean insisted on that to prevent loss of duplication. The bracelets were well designed, very feminine but also very strong, just like the girls. They loved them. Wearing the bracelets all the time was no problem.

Ms Martin asked the teens if they needed to take a potty break the coach would untie the girls in pairs long enough for the Director to escort them to the locker room. They were not allowed to touch the pussy plugs. Ms Martin would remove and rinse the appliance. When the teens finished, Ms Martin would reinsert the apparatus, after checking the batteries.

When they were rebound securely to the wall, powerlessness proven, the next pair would be released to get relief. The process repeated until all the schoolgirls were secured, helpless, to the wall. Eddie described them as precious jewels displayed for the world to admire. He took a series of group shots so the teens could see how sexy they looked all in a row. His sweet compliments caused them to remember his gentle caring treatment given to Lisa, Marti and Ms Martin. Even after roughly fucking and using the three like cheap whores, he showed that he really deeply cared about them. Coach Wilson forced each girl to take exactly what she needed, not what they thought they wanted. The ten helpless teenagers, tied to the wall in the brightly lighted volleyball gym, naked, pink vibrating cunt plugs in their pussies and on display to the world. Their nipples hardened, their twats dripped thinking of what would come next.

Would they look as good as Ms Martin when the coach brutally fucked their firm teenaged bodies in all three holes? They were getting wetter in anticipation of finding the answer to that question. The Project was turning into an exciting and bumpy road to self-discovery.

The coach removed the connection chain, retied the two assistants’ hands and arms. He pulled the two fucktoys to the locker room by the nipple chains. He made them relieve themselves while he watched, to their total embarrassment. As they blushed new shades of crimson, he bent the girls over the sink and fucked them both to almost instant orgasms. He pulled out before he came inside Marti’s cunt, pushed both to the floor where he ordered them to alternate sucking his dick, then share the load. With a warm, wet cloth, he wiped their little pussies clean.

After the schoolgirls swallowed, he tightened the clamps and used the nipple leash to lead them back to the rack of moaning girls.

“Ms Martin, what do you have in store for us next?” Coach Wilson asked the Director.

“Coach, Jen and Crysta asked us to demonstrate the method by which the measuring would be done and how we would account for the differing levels of arousal from girl to girl. It was your idea originally. Will you elaborate?”

“I would be delighted. Since the girls on the wall obviously cannot help, I will need for you and the two lovely assistants to work with me. Do we have more KY jelly?” He looked at the Director.

With raised brows, Director Martin asked, “Me. Both assistants and the lubricant? What do you have in mind?”

“It will be easier and quicker to show you than tell you. Don’t worry. You have been an excellent ‘crash test dummy’ so far. Now, follow me. This won’t hurt at all.” He said, giving a brief Evil Overlord laugh.

He lead Marti and Lisa to the center of the Line of test subjects, moving away from the wall so that every girl, from Ashley on the left to Nikki on the right, had a good view.

“’This won’t at all?’ Like my doctor says as she tries to re-enact the Spanish Inquisition?” Megan wondered aloud.

“Not so bad. You will just feel a little pressure. Trust me. You may enjoy it”

He positioned her between the assistants and went to the equipment bag, taking out a pink butt plug, a length of rope with a hook, a set of scales and the KY. Returning to the trio, He started talking in his Gym teacher voice.

“First I will prepare the Director for the demo.” He began to massage her pussy, rolling her clit as he continued. “When the subject begins to lubricate, I will insert the vibrator into her vagina, exactly as we have done for you girls lashed to the wall.”

He tied a short rope with a hook to the vibrator plug and hung it from Lisa’s nipple chain; “Lisa will hold the testing apparatus while I get the lubricant. It is important that it stay clean” He got the KY, put a glob on one hand. Using the dry hand to hold the plug base, he spread the jelly on the bulb and shaft. Coach Wilson turned toward the wall, showing the teens the vibrator, pulling it away from Lisa, pulling her chain.

Letting the plug drop to Lisa’s tummy, Eddie went to the locker room, washed the excess lube away and returned to the waiting group.

“If the Director will brace herself on our assistants and spread her very nice legs, I will let you watch as I put the device in. First I need to get all the supplies.” Leaving Megan standing there with her legs spread, feeling the cool air on her exposed cunt lips, he retrieved and hung the clipboard on Marti’s chain, then tied another rope and hook assembly to the scales. The scales replaced the vibrator on Lisa’s chain, maintaining a constant pressure on her nipples. She whispered to him, “I was hoping you would turn on the vibrator. I think it would feel very nice.

“Maybe next time, Sweety.”

Speaking to the schoolgirls tied to the wall, watching them stare at their Director’s wet pussy, he said “ Now I turn on the vibrator and gently touch the tip to our Director’s clit, stimulating her vagina to prepare her for insertion. I can gauge her degree of readiness by observing her lower lips and nipples. When her breasts begin to display a slight blush and the nipples are hard, I will touch her vagina, going slightly inside with a finger. Once sufficient moisture is achieved, I will insert the plug.” He demonstrated each step as it was described. “I will maximize the vibration rate so that the subject may rapidly match the arousal level of you girls tied to the wall. Megan smiled the entire time. Marti began to pant and Lisa was soaking wet.

Eddie picked up the camera and took several pictures of the trio “I will need to obtain photographic evidence documenting this stage of the Project. We may need to include the pictures to illustrate our report to the University.”

The aroused girls bound to the wall paid rapt attention to their Director and their two girlfriends, as the three girls experienced major orgasms at the thought of their lewd nakedness being exposed to the University Administration, wearing nipple clamps and girly pink vibrators.

Eddie faithfully recorded every moment.

“After our Director recovers from her orgasm, which was to be expected of any young girl under these exceptional circumstances, we will continue. And if you will allow me to be more personal, you looked great when you came. Your inner spirit is beautiful. As for our assistants, you did a good job staying steady and strong as you supported the Director during her rather impressive orgasmic performance. Especially, as you experienced equally memorable orgasms of your own. They must have been very good, because I, and the girls tied to the wall, can clearly see the liquid running down your legs. Please continue to stand still while I document the aftermath, proving that you were able to stay composed enough to execute your duties under quite distracting circumstances. I’m sure the Review Committee will agree when they see the pictures.”

Megan experienced emotions ranging from humiliation at being used as an object to be manipulated for public view, though extreme embarrassment at having my picture seen by the faculty naked, legs spread with pink pussy plug stuffed into my throbbing, gushing cunt, and my nipples hard enough to drive nails. My exposure, humiliation and embarrassment making my hot twat even hotter, hot enough to melt steel. The soft little titties pressed into her my by the two naked bound little girls holding me upright. Feeling their sexy nipple clamps. Coach Wilson’s hard dick trying to escape his silk shorts. She wished it would escape and hide in my pussy. Maybe let him put the butt plug in its namesake hole, cranked up to the max, while he fucks me like the whore she is.

“OK, Madame Director, I can do that.”

“Oh. My. God. Was I thinking out loud? I’m so ashamed.”

“Your shame is meaningless. I’m going to grant your wish and grant it now. Untie Marti and Lisa. You will need their hands.”

Megan untied the assistants. She was so hot she had trouble with the knots. Her vibrator was still on “high”. He pulled his shorts off and tossed them aside.

Eddie pulled a new bundle from his toybag and took it to the wall of helpless schoolgirls. Starting with Nikki, he set her plug on “high”, wiggled it a bit in her pussy, and showed the crazed little teen what he had taken from the bag. She shivered all over, making her titties shake and sway most delightfully. He clasped her tit and put an alligator clip on her nipple. Speaking loud enough for everyone in the room to hear, Coach Wilson announced, “It’s going to be all right soon. You need to get used to the pain. The teeth are rounded and the spring is weak, so it will not be as tight as Marti and Lisa’s. But to compensate for that, you will wear them until I finish using your young Director.” He proceeded along from girl to girl, max-ing out the vibrators, playing with their titties, giving them alligator clip.

Turning to the three girls waiting, Eddie bound Megan’s arms and hands as he had bound the two assistants. Eddie stared straight into her eyes and placed a pair of chained nipples clamps on her tits. Testing the grip he decided to tighten them a lot more. Admiring his work, Eddie took more pictures, several of the three girls in front, many of the girls on the wall.

Eddie handed the camera to Lisa ordering her to “take lots of pictures of our pretty Director being taken in every hole. Make sure you get close ups of the ropes and vibrator so everybody who sees will know that she let herself be put in a position to let anyone use her sluttish naked body like a cheap whore. Marti. Get on your hands and knees while I bend this cunt of a Director over you and fuck the hell out of her dripping pussy.”

Marti became a human ottoman. Eddie bent Megan over the wet teenager, pulled the plug out of her pussy and stuffed it her ass. Ramming his cock in her cunt, he thrust as hard as he could, in and out.

Lisa took pictures as he pulled the young teacher up by her hair until everyone could see her clamped tits shaking like maracas, could see her cunt clinch his prick driving in and out. Megan screamed as her second orgasm crashed. Eddie pulled his dick out, spun her around and, standing up, plunged in her cunt again. He gripped her ass cheeks, keeping her impaled, and walked over to the wall, giving the helpless a visual taste of what was in their future. Megan was coming almost constantly now, so he pulled her off his cock, dropped the stunned girl to her knees and stuck his dick into her mouth, deep-dicking her throat until his orgasm dumped a load of his juice directly into her belly.

He ordered Marti to get him a clean butt plug. NOW! She was there in seconds. He jerked the plug out of Megan’s ass, replacing it with his prick, then forced the new butt plug, set on high, into the suddenly whorish Director’s cunt.

“Damn. That feels great. You got a tight ass, a cunt like a velvet vise and a mouth that won’t quit. I love the vibrator in your pussy. How does it feel to be fucked in both holes at the same time? How do you like being used as sex toy, like a cum dump? Like a bitch in heat? You begged me for it; now take it like a good little slut. Is that what you are? Is that what all little nasty girls are? Lisa ‘s pictures will look hot in the report”

His words drove Megan over the edge one more time, taking Eddie with her. They came screaming their pleasure to the world.

Eddie pulled the Director to her unsteady feet by her nipple clamp chain and snatched the plug from her tight snatch. “I want Lisa to photograph the Project Director, with cum dripping down her legs from both her cunt and her asshole. That will look good on the faculty page in the Yearbook.” She looked hot with her arms still bound behind her, thrusting her tits forward, nipples bursting on the clamps.”

Eddie just had to fuck her one more time. He put her on the floor and used her missionary style until he came, albeit weakly, in her cunt. He stood up but made the assistants help Megan stand. More pictures of the trio. He then put all three on their knees, in front of the girls tied to the wall. He backed them against the vertical posts, legs open, guaranteeing great full body, full-face shots of all thirteen girls.

“Group photos are always a favorite in the newspaper” he told them. All thirteen over heated girls came again at such a hideous image.

He said to Megan, “Ms Director. I suggest a break before we continue. OK?”

“Coach Wilson. That is an excellent suggestion. The girls might want a smack..I meant to say SNACK.” The room cracked up.

“Ms Martin!! Are you thinking out loud, again?” Donna asked, trying to keep a straight face, but failing miserably.

From Jen: “We saw what happens when girls think out loud”

Melissa: “Most of us wish we were you. Did I say that out loud?”

Ashley: “My Psych professor calls that a ‘Freudian Slip.’”

Mika: “Freud was a cross-dresser? He wore slips?”

Audrey: “I don’t even have a slip anymore. I cut it half and wear it as a skirt and top set.”

Donna: “I saw Becca in a tutu on Topless Day. Does that count?”

Becca: “When I sat down, it flipped up and exposed my bare pussy. When I stood, it flattened out and you could play with boobs. All day long, someone was playing with some part. I was ready to consensually rape a boy! Seriously!”

Donna: “But Chrysta and I kept the boys away until we got to the dorm.”

Crysta: “That’s when we blew her fuses, ourselves.”

Becca: “You starred in my diary for weeks. You and your bad girl accomplices are tied to the wall. Reckon this is karmic revenge. Ha!”

Nikki: “Hey, Karma can’t take the rap. We walked in eyes wide open!”

Beth: “Did you watch Marti? There for a minute, a Frisbee would not have covered hers!”

Mika: “I heard that revenge is a dish best served cold. Karmic revenge must be different. I’m so hot I might melt this vibrator.”

Ms Martin cut in, “This place is like a comedy club. You crazy little teases crack me up.”

Coach Wilson started laughing. “Ms Director!! Teases? Cracks? Do we want to get home tonight? Don’t get me started.”

“Coach. It’s 4:30. Let’s break and stretch for a while. I’ll order a whole Japanese menu. That might be enough to feel this mob.”

Lisa quietly asked, “Do you want us to ask Coach if he will let us untie your arms?”

“That’s OK. The ropes are soft and not too tight. Just tight enough. It’s weird, but it feels good and makes me feel good.”

Marti blushed furiously, as the little coed confessed, ”Ms Martin, it is OK. I understand. I was a virgin before Master took me. It’s not weird one bit. It’s just right.”

Eddie called Marti and Lisa. He asked them to come over to where he stood in front of the wall of squirmy teens. In an incredible show of sisterhood, each girl hooked the other’s nipple chain as they pulled each other to Eddie, their faces beaming.

Eddie and the girls on the wall saw their pretty teenaged titties lifted and stretched ever so gently as the girlfriends neared. Coach Wilson started clapping. The girls on the wall did not applaud, because their hands were busy. Actually, their hands couldn’t have been unbusier, being tied to the wall. So they began to shout, “Clap. Clap. Clap!” over and over.

Eddie hugged them in a three-way, feeling their soft boobs pressed into his body. “I’m going to loosen your clamps. You know already that it will hurt a lot but it can’t be helped. Later, when your nipples are not so hard, I am telling you to make the clamps just tight enough to stay attached. I love seeing them on such wonderful titties on such cute little hotties. Don’t wear them to bed and don’t wear them around campus unless to order you. When I have you wear your clamps in public, be absolutely certain that you follow the Code of Conduct.”

Coach released the pressure quickly, watching their eyes as the pain blossomed. He massaged both firm pairs until the pain turned to pleasure. He kissed them on the nose.

“Go help wipe and clean the mats, put the equipment in the carry bags, and then you can play with Ms Martin.” Swatting their leaky little cunts, he set the schoolgirls to work.

“Mr. Wilson, will you let us have a taste of the gift you gave to them? We want to feel like they do.”

Eddie heard those words, or a variation, echoed down the line. He mentally sent a “shout out” to his ancestors. Those folks left me some fine DNA, he chuckled, as his soldier came to attention.

“Madame Director, if you can spare the time, would you be able to get some the of the black towels from that stack by the mats.”

“I will do what I can.” Megan trotted to the towels. Feeling playful, she spread her legs as wide as she could and bent over, grinning back at the Coach from between her knees. She intended to pick up the towel with her teeth.

“Lisa, get the camera and take some pictures. We might have to show our Director hard at work.” The teenager hopped right to it. Megan, still playful, sucked the coach’s prick for a few strokes after delivering each towel. Eddie let Megan keep bringing towels until three were piled at his feet. He was tempted collect the whole set.

Nikki and Becca, about to hyperventilate, breathed sigh if relief. They were the only MuskeTits who knew where Marti’s camera was hidden: under the fourth towel. How in the name of Ken Burns were they going to get it back to the dorm?

“Marti, as soon as you stow the tools, I’ll need your naked young body over here. Hop to it. In fact, hop to me now. We want to see your schoolgirl tits bounce. Wish we had video, don’t you, Marti?”

“Tools stowed now, Master. Hopping to it.” She hopped, bopping bubble-butt below and behind B-cup boobs, both bouncing beautifully, begging to be bitten, as she stuffed the last of the testing apparatus in the bag, wondering if Sister Mary Margaret would get aroused if she saw the video of the naughty schoolgirl’s drippy cunt getting a hymenectomy on her Master’s hard dick.

In short order, the three awesome ambulatory asses arrived and stood at parade rest awaiting further instruction. Coach Wilson, back in Master mode, not so gently, pulled Megan by her nipple chain to where Beth was tied to the wall, bouncing her tits with the chain. Eddie did the same to the two assistants. Le ordered Lisa to get the camera, switch it to HD video mode, and record what came next so he could show it on the public access cable channel. The camera had a good microphone.

He turned to Beth and twisted the alligator clips on her nipples and pressed the pink pussy plug tight against her pussy. The look in his eyes excited and scared the coed. Then Eddie really shocked the panting teen.

He suddenly reached to his left, grabbed Becca’s plug and jerked it out. Before she fully grasped what was happening, he jammed his cock all the way into her empty cunt. As his dick hit bottom, Eddie removed her nipple clips causing a burst of pain in her titties. He then proceeded to power fuck her against the wall until the little slut truly understood just how powerless the girls on the wall were. Her orgasm was legendary. Every muscle in her body rippled, her brain nearly shut down.

Coach Wilson pulled his prick from her twat He stared into her bulging eyes and hissed, “Sometimes, little girl, you get what you ask for. Is this what you wanted?”

He ordered Megan and Marti to release the cunt’s bindings and put her on the mats. “Don’t drop her. She get hurt and I might want her tight slutty ass later.” Eddie knew there was no way in hell he would last that long but the girls didn’t.

Coach Wilson went up and down the line giving each girl a variation on the theme. But every girl got fucked hard while tied to the wall. Eventually, nine thoroughly screwed and enlightened schoolgirls were heaped on the mats. He had saved Mika for last. She was dripping like Niagara Falls, ready for a honeymoon.

Eddie looked into her eyes, moving closer making her look up. He twisted her tits and removed the alligator clips, one at a time, dropping them to the floor. Then rolled the throbbing tips with his fingers. He was not gentle. Mika never made a sound. He pulled her cunt plug out slowly, pressed the end into her mouth and rammed his into her pussy. Lifting her up slightly with his dick, Eddie took the weight off her feet, mashing her to the wall.

“Marti. Untie this useless fucktoy. Hurry.” Marti started at Mika’s ankles and worked her way up. She watched the only cock that had ever been in her own pussy drive in and out of her girlfriend’s cunt, stretching it open, scraping against her clit. She saw her girlfriend’s little titties with their hard red nipples flatten against her Master’s chest. She pushed her titties into her Master’s back, feeling him stroke him plunge his shaft into her girlfriend, following the motion with her entire body as if she was fucking Mika herself. She saw Mika in constant orgasm Heard herself become aware that she was describing what she was seeing and feeling out loud. Heard Lisa gasp that the voyeur camera was catching every sound and every detail of Mika’s brutal debauchery. Marti watched Mika take Master’s cock deep in her tight pussy on every hard thrust, over and over as Master fucked his newest toy into the wall.

Mika finally broke her silence. She screamed, as her hips became a blur, fucking Master back, until her cunt seized in her final spasm, feeling her cervix open to welcome the dick delivering hot seed directly to her soul. As Master’s cock softened and her body relaxed, Mika smiled like an angel, went to her knees and slowly licked Eddie clean.

She stood up, kissed Master on the nose like a little girl and put her nipple clips back on. Mika gathered the towels and wiggled her little ass on the way to the mats. Looking over her shoulder at Eddie, she giggled. “You can have this next.” She said, giving her sweet butt one more wiggle, and went to help clean up sisters.

Lisa caught every second of the incredible encounter in color. Marti said, “we fucked her good, didn’t we, Master?”

When everyone recovered a little, Coach Wilson sent the Twelve MuskeTits to the showers, telling them to take the butt plugs along and clean them with soapy water, “Wipe them down with the alcohol towelettes in the cabinet under the sink. I’ll order Japanese for all.”

He went to his office and made the call, paying by credit card with a generous tip included to encourage prompt service. The feast would be there in about 30 minutes.

He hastened to the showers where the schoolgirls cleaned him up. They also cleaned Ms Martin who insisted on keeping her restraints. Eddie did loosen the clamps. She moaned as Crysta rinsed her red nipples with a shower massager. She told the girls that the sensation, although painful, was a reminder of what she had been strong enough to take. The pain would recede, but the pride in her femininity and inner strength would remain. That made her happy. The journey was long and hard, but the end was worth it.

Audrey said it was like the Coach’s dick. Ms Martin agreed. “Now, your Director joins the All Girl Naked Comedy Revue. Should we take the show on the road? First appearance is booked in the conference room. The curtain goes up in five minutes. OK. Let’s dry off and get ready for dinner. Towels in the cabinet by the door.” Megan hip bumped them into action.

Soon they were gathered in the conference room, lounging about talking about the Project and the day in general. Nikki and Becca were trying to figure a way to keep their camera hidden.

Eddie heard the door buzzer. Pointing to Beth, Becca and Nikki, he said,” You all go to the door and get the food. I’ve taken care of the bill and the tip.”

“We’re naked!” Beth said, “Open the door and flash the delivery guy?”

“Don’t be a sissy. You have been naked for all to see, tied to a wall, teased to no end, and got fucked to pieces against that same wall. With everyone watching and a camera recording every detail. Now put your nip clips on and go get the food.” Director said. “While they are gone I want nipple clips on every tittie here. Coach, will you do the honors? I’m a bit tied up at the moment.”

“With great pleasure, Ms Director. Marti, go get the clips. Lisa, take pictures of the naked girls and the delivery guy.” The five blushing teens ran out the door. “And no covering the girly parts. You’re pretty when you blush. Show it. Be proud of your tits and pussies. I am!!” Eddie shouted at their asses. He hoped the delivery could hear him.

Marti grabbed the alligator clip and ran back, giving them to her Master one at a time.

Quickly, Nikki got some white velvet binding strips and bundled the towels into a square bundle to hold and conceal their contraband camera that she had, at least, remembered to shut down.

The four nervous naked teenagers went to the door, cracked it open a few inches and Beth peeped out. She saw a petite redhead stand beside a pile of food. It’s not a boy, she thought. The relieved girl opened the door more, and motioned the girl in

The redhead said she needed help. “There are two more bags in the car. It’s cold tonight. Could you girls carry some?” Then she realized she was looking at naked teenagers and lost her voice. Nikki pushed Beth and Becca out the door before they could resist. “Knock when you get back.” She giggled as she almost closed the door, leaving it open enough to peep. The breeze through the little opening made her nipples harden immediately.

Lisa looked at Nikki’s titties in the LCD screen and commented, “Becca and Beth are gonna be so frozen. Wanna talk the cute redhead into warming them up?” Both naked girls dissolved in laughter. They heard a soft bump at the door. “Open up. If I push it with my ass, I’ll stick. Hurry up, it’s cold as a witch’s tit out here.” Becca called through the door.

Nikki held the door open, accidentally exposing her boobs and pussy to the world. Her pink nipples got harder. Beth and the redhead added the pile on the sidewalk to the bags they brought from the car in the parking lot and rushed in behind Becca, Lisa shooting all the while.

The redhead handed over some bags for Nikki to carry. “Hi. The name is Janie. The owner told me to get Coach Wilson to check the order. She wants to make sure it was packed complete. Where is he?”

“Follow me.”

Janie followed one naked teen as the other naked girl. It dawned on her that the girl in front was wearing alligator clips on her it is and the one taking pictures had real nipple clamps with a nice gold chain swinging between her boobs.

She was speechless, simply speechless.

Lisa rushed into the conference room and turned to catch the look on Janie’s face when she first walked into the room. Janie’s eyes became saucers as she scanned the room. Each detail caused her whole face to get redder. She saw about a dozen very cute, very naked girls, seventeen to nineteen years old. Naked.

She saw Coach Wilson putting an alligator clip on a naked girl’s erect nipples. He appeared to have been at the task for a while, but he had several yet to go.

She saw two with proper nipple clamps, with a gold chain swinging as their titties swayed.

Janie finally noticed that one of the girls with proper clamps had her arms tied behind her at the wrists and elbows, pushing her nice boobs out and up. She acted as everything was normal

Then her eyes locked on Coach Wilson’s rather impressive dick. “I’ve only seen naked guys on the internet, never in person. Has Coach Wilson fucked every girl here? I wonder what that thing would feel like inside my virgin pussy? Would it even fit?”

Nikki leaned and whispered Janie’s ear, “Yes he has. It feels better than you can imagine. If you ask, I’m sure he will let you find out.”

Janie whipped her head around and stared at Nikki. From the far end of the room, a girl said, “You were thinking out loud. We’re used to it.”

“Hello. We haven’t been properly introduced. Nikki, tell us about your new friend, “said the girl with the bound arms.

Nikki answered sweetly, “We met her 2 minutes ago and have become inseparable ever since. Crowd of naked people, I present you Janie, bringer of Japanese delicacies.”

The naked, tits thrust, nipple-clamped, gold chained, arm bound girl said, “And I am Megan Martin, Director of the Health Project in which we are involved. You seem to know Coach Eddie Wilson. Shall I introduce the rest of these naked teenagers? Should I hang name tags from their boobs, reading ‘Hello, my name is ‘Megan’?”

“That’s not necessary. I have what the head shrinks call an eidetic memory. Once I hear it or see it, I have it forever. Actually, I haven’t lived forever yet, but so far, so good.”

“Whoa, I’m Ashley, not Megan!” squealed another naked teenager with her boobs in Coach Wilson’s hand.

Reaching out automatically to shake Ms Martin’s hand, them realizing how dumb that looked, Janie thought ‘What the hell” and shook her chain maybe for a couple of seconds too long and said to Megan’s bouncing titties, “Pleasure to meet ya.”

Another naked girl laughed,” I’m Mika. And I’m sure you’re pleased to meet Ms Martin, too. You seem to be getting along with her tits already.”

Janie nodded once more to Ms Martin’s actual face, shook the chain one more time and let it go. The redhead looked at Coach Wilson’s cock, Uncle Van and Auntie Sue told me to get you check the order and make sure you approved. They want to take care of their regular customers.”

“Audrey. Hang the menu I marked as I placed the order on Director Martin’s chain. It’s on my desk in the office. Get a pen.” He continued to adorn firm little boobs and said, ”Jen, Melissa and Crysta. Will you go to the kitchenette next to my office? We have plates, bowls, silverware, glasses, napkins, ice, and basically the works. Set the table for a feast.” They went about their chores, leaving as Audrey trotted back in.

“Audrey, darling. Hang the clipboard. Mika, help unload the bags as Janie names each dish. Audrey can mark my list. By the time you finish, the girls will have set the table.” Eddie put clips on the last little girl, Ashley.

Coach Wilson put a chair near the girls checking in the order. He could see Audrey and Megan. Audrey held the bottom oh the clipboard, pulling Megan’s red nipples down every time Janie named a dish. Megan’s face was flushed and her eyes were closed as the brave and proud girl smiled.

Jamie called the last items, “Three Cokes, three Sprites and two Dr. Peppers, 2 liters each. And a pot of green tea, still hot, not on the list, it’s a freebie.”

Audrey marked the list as she answered, “Check. Check. Check .2 liters. Check.” Looking up at her shaking Director, She wrote a as she said, “one pot, green tea, still hot, freebie.” Audrey playfully reached down and pinched her Director’s swollen clit. Megan came instantly.

Audrey caught her as she slumped, gently guiding her to a chair. “Eddie said, “Audrey, she needs for you to loosen her nipples clips. See that little knob? Turn it slowly.” Megan squealed. “The other way. Both at the same time.”

The intense agony of returning circulation in her abused nipples made Megan come, again making the pain her pleasure. Crysta sat down beside her. The teen, with Audrey, kissed and soothed Megan’s pointy breasts.

Marti was beside herself. She straddled Eddie’s lap. Facing Janie, called the astonished girl, “Janie. This is how Coach Wilson took my cherry while all my new sisters watched. It hurt a little but the hurt became passion, then beautiful sweet ecstasy. I want you to watch how I made him my Master.”

Eddie reached around her, taking a soft tittie in one hand, then played with Marti’s clit with the other. He waited, looking at Janie’s blushing cheeks. He tightened Marti’s nipple clamps more than ever.

Marti lifted her hips, delicately held Her Master’s dick, and positioned it at the entrance to pussy. “Watch me lower my girly cunt, see me impale my hot pussy on my Master’s prick. Look how slowly his cock is filling my dirty little girl.” She started rocking her hips up and down, side to side. Marti leaned back into her Master’s chest and moaned.

Donna and Crysta moved to either side of Janie and began to undress her. Janie stood there and let them move her around like a hypnotized mannequin. Her eyes never left Marti. Her jacket off, they discovered a semi-transparent tank top, ending just below her B+ cup titties, her rosy nipples hard as marble. “She’s one of us!” whispered Crysta. Donna unfastened Janie’s pants and pulled them down with her pink thong. “Nice legs, wet pussy.” Crysta kept the inventory of charms going. Donna gently each leg and removed her jeans and thong. Janie did not appear to notice.

“Janie. Can you imagine how wonderful it feels as his hard dick rubs my g-spot, my secret pleasure place? I’m going to cum soon. I want you to see what you can feel if you want.” Marti whispered her Siren’s plea. Janie was lost, never to return, never looking back.

Chrysta lifted the tank top. Janie lifted her own arms letting Crysta take her last covering. Janie was finally naked and reveled in her nakedness. She was proud.

Donna knelt in front, licking her virgin pussy. Crysta caressed the redhead’s breasts from behind. Donna looked up between Janie’s alabaster white titties at Crysta. “Let’s make her cum with Marti.”

Marti’s hips went into overdrive. Eddie matched her stroke for stroke pushing her higher. As her cunt began to spasm. Eddie released the tension on her nipples as he pumped his hot semen into her locked pussy. She screamed her joy to the world, triggering Janie’s howl. She leaned into her Master’s chest, slowly moving her hips. “I feel so good afterwards. I can feel you deep inside me. I know that you could still pound me to heaven. I could not and would stop you.”

“Let’s give our new sister her turn. Look at her. She’s ready. It makes me proud that my Master is so powerful.” Marti lifted herself up and off of Eddie’s prong, kneeled between his legs and licked his cock.

Janie’s knees buckled, forcing her twat into Donna’s tongue. Crysta pressed her own boobs into Janie’s, arms holding her up by her titties. When Janie became aware of her rapt audience, she whimpered, but let Donna and Crysta lead her to womanhood.

The two girlfriends left Janie standing before her future. He touched her softly all over her young body He caressed her pretty face, kissing her soft lips lightly. He cupped her titties gently, rolling her nipples ever more firmly. He moved his hands to her hips, one behind, clasping her cheeks, one rubbing her bare mound, reaching down to her wet lips, brushing her clit, feeling her heart beat.

She was shaking like a leaf in the wind. Eddie signaled Becca to bring two clips. Handing the nipple clips to the teen, he growled softly in her ear, ”You know what I want. You know what you have to do.” He slowly twisted her titties as he sat back down.

Janie turned to face the rest of the girls, smiling. Lifting one breast she put the alligator clip on her nipple and moaned. She did the other nipple, moaning again. Constantly smiling, Janie shimmied her boobs slowly. She turned back to Coach Wilson and straddled his lap, looking him in the eyes. She nodded.

As Eddie lifted her by her hips Janie rubbed her chest against his, the clips creating amazing sensations. Marti knelt behind Janie and spread her virgin lips, placing her Master’s cock at the entrance. Marti stood up, placed her hands on her Master’s on the virgin’s hips. She pushed down, and then moved aside so her sisters take another girl to the moon. Marti was proud Master had claimed her first.

Janie felt Coach Wilson’s heart beat. She felt his dick at her gate. She pressed down, letting her lips part around the invader. Janie looked at Eddie, smiled like a redheaded angle and dropped herself. Letting the invader take and destroy her maidenhead. Giving her most precious gift. She stretched around this hard cock inside her most private place.

In a move the watching teens talked about for days. She lifted her leg over Coach’s head and turned completely around to face the girls. They watched in envy as Eddie drilled her to oblivion and back. Janie leaned back as Eddie played with her nipple-clipped tits. Ms Martin came around the table and licked the redhead’s pussy until she came again.

Janie let Eddie lift her off his dick put her on her knees, He simply pointed to his prick and waited. Janie pulled dick down to her mouth and gave her first blowjob ever. She pulled his cock out, looking it over. “I must be a natural. He looks like he’s having a good time,” she thought.

She heard Jen shout, “You are and he is. Stop thinking out loud and blow the man.” Janie redoubled her efforts, swallowing a load after about 10 minutes. She stood up, took a bow and announced, ”Two down. One to go! Now let’s eat.”

Pussies, tits and asses (and one very hard dick) everywhere. They served up. Even Megan let herself be untied. There was room at the table for everyone, but they were one chair short. In a flash of girly genius, Janie asked Coach Wilson to turn his chair sideways to the table, sat on his lap impaled her ass on Eddie’s cock. That hurts a little, but it will get better. Three down, none to go.”

Lisa grinned hugely, saying, “If you need a recount, I’ve been filming since you came in.”

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