Pretty Girl of the Day, October 6, 2014

Today’s pretty girl is wearing a lovely sweater. Even though she’s smiling, she feels a little awkward, because she’s just a freshman, and she’s not used to wearing such short tops without anything underneath. This morning, when she got dressed, she thought maybe she would cheat, just this once, and wear panties. But then, once she got outside, she saw all the other girls–some wearing even shorter tops than hers–and none of them were wearing panties, so she felt a little silly and took them off.


She feels that breezy feeling between her legs, and she knows her top is a little too short to completely cover her butt, but it’s a pretty top, isn’t it? And it covers most of her butt, so she feels a little more comfortable, especially as she sees other girls with even less of their pretty butts covered!


But then, when she least expects it, an Inspector asks her to prove she’s not wearing a bra!

A bra?! She lifts her top to show her tits are unencumbered by an overtheshoulderboulderholder.


Do you see what a good girl I am? But she forgot she was still carrying her panties.

Uh oh! But this was a kind Inspector, so after she agreed to relinquish all her clothing and swore a solemn oath not to wear any clothes for at least 24 more hours, he let her go without citing her for indecency.

Whew! What a lucky girl!

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