Pretty Girl of the Day, October 1, 2015

A message from the Dean of Students…

As you know, at the College, we have a Dress Code, which encourages girls to dress decently at all times. We here at the College are rightly proud of the freedom we offer girls to dress as they please, within the guidelines of the Dress Code. That means girls may wear long dresses, short dresses, or even a t-shirt and panties if they like. Yes, I said “panties”. There’s an unfounded rumor going around that girls aren’t allowed to wear panties at the College.

The misconception that girls are prohibited from wearing panties stems from a basic misunderstanding of the Dress Code. Of course girls may wear panties. The only restriction in the Dress Code is that you can’t wear panties under other clothing. But panties, worn as shorts are perfectly cromulent. Here’s a girl wearing a top and panties, for example, an outfit in full compliance with the Dress Code.


I would prefer girls not wear sheer panties, but, of course they may wear any style they like. One possible reason some girls wear sheer panties is to reduce the need for Inspection. This, again, is based on a misunderstanding of the role of Inspections at the College. Only clean-shaven girls are allowed to wear panties, or any bottom at all, in fact. Girls should be proud of following the Dress Code, and happy to remove their panties when asked. Yes, I know some girls find it slightly embarrassing to remove their clothing in public, but it’s a small price to pay for the assurance that all girls are following the Dress Code, don’t you think?

My point is that there’s no reason for girls to go completely bottomless, and yet, as I walk around the campus, I often see girls wearing little or nothing covering their pretty butts. This is disgraceful!

Listen, girls. If you don’t want to wear panties, that’s your choice. But don’t go around saying you’re not allowed to wear panties. That’s simply not true. And, please, if you’re not wearing panties, please wear a dress or skirt that’s long enough for you to feel truly decent. As a rule of thumb, your butt should be at least half covered, and your pussy should be almost completely covered when you’re standing. Of course, when you’re sitting, there’s no way to be completely covered, I understand that. The important thing is that you present yourself as a decent girl.

Am I telling you not to wear just a t-shirt with nothing under it? Of course not! Many t-shirts are plenty long enough to wear as a dress. For example, this picture shows a girl wearing a t-shirt as a dress, and it’s clearly long enough for her to feel completely decent:


On the other hand, I would encourage you not to wear a top like this because it’s just too short to be completely decent:


Yes, I understand you can’t wear panties with this top, because of the “overlap” rule that prohibits any outer clothing from overlapping your underwear. Frankly, I’m not very happy about that rule, but I understand the reason for it. If girls were allowed to overlap their top and panties, then pretty soon they would start wearing panties under their dresses, and this would give them carte blanche to wear shorter dresses, as their modesty would be protected by their panties. I get that. And I can live with the trade-off. Some girls will be a little less modest not wearing panties due to the overlap rule, but the majority of girls will choose a longer top or dress to feel even more modest than they would if they were allowed to wear panties under an overlapping top or dress. That said, if you really love this top, who am I to tell you that you can’t wear it. Of course you can, but only if you truly feel modest and comfortable wearing it. If you feel the least bit shy or embarrassed, it’s much better to cover yourself up a bit more.

I’m glad we’ve had this little talk.


Richard Hertz, Dean of Students

2 thoughts on “Pretty Girl of the Day, October 1, 2015

  1. base

    “cromulent”? Impressive Simpson’s language skills. I wonder if our Dean audited the course “The Life and Times of Homer Simpson: A Case Study in Middle Class Americana.” The course has caused many formerly wild Frat Houses to become study halls playing Simpson Marathon. Co-eds attending these marathons play a game called “DOH!” where they drink a shot at each Homer’s “DOH!” and lose an item of clothing every time Mr. Burns utters the famous line “Excellent Smithers.” Several mornings a week, it is good seeing so many naked girls walking back to the dorms and sororities, knowing they put in a full night of studying.


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