Pretty Girl of the Day, November 18th 2015

I just want to say to all you boys that I’m really starting to get annoyed by all the “private Inspections” I’m subjected to every time I wear these shorts. Look. See? No panties. I’m a good girl. I follow the Dress Code.

PrettyGirl2015-11-18aIt’s getting to the point that I’m seriously thinking of leaving my shorts at home, and just going to class bottomless. Is that what you boys want? I didn’t think so.

Listen, I know it’s important for girls to follow the Dress Code. I get it. And I know it’s not always easy. I get that, too. So I understand the need for Inspections. Believe me, I like to know the other girls are following the Dress Code, too. When I see a girl in a tight top whose tits look just a little too perfect, I’m tempted to ask her to take it off, and prove she’s not wearing a bra.

I’m glad when I see a girl fail a public Inspection, because I know she’ll be properly punished for her wrongdoing. Not that I wish ill upon any of my fellow girls, but sometimes a girl needs to be taught  a lesson, you know? Sometimes it’s necessary for a girl to be stripped naked in public, and forced to bend over, spread her legs, and try not to become sexually aroused. The freshmen girls sometimes cry when this happens, so I try to sooth them by gently stroking their inner thighs.

Public Inspections are fine. I’m all for them. It’s good to keep girls in line. But the “private Inspections” that the Dean has recently authorized bug me. Now, any boy can ask a girl to disrobe at any time, and she has to do it. Technically, the boy has to have “probable cause” to believe the girl is violating the Dress Code, but there’s no provision for verifying this aspect of it.

My girlfriends tell me I should just stop wearing shorts. Too suspicious, they say. I’m starting to think they’re right. I mean what good is it to wear a pair of shorts just to take them off again and again. In public, I might add. So, honestly, the next time a boy asks me to take them off, I think I’ll just hand them to him, and be done with it. It’s just not worth it.


2 thoughts on “Pretty Girl of the Day, November 18th 2015

  1. Lola Dean

    Shorts can be a bit of a minefield, my recommendation just go with a towel there so versatile, so many ways to wear em’ (personal fan of the cape method)


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