Pretty Girl of the Day, November 18, 2013

I was just getting a bite to eat when the Pretty Girl team took my picture. Naturally, I was delighted, but what’s so special about me? I’m just one of hundreds of girls on campus, wearing a very decent little dress.


They wanted me to pose for them, doing the kinds of things I normally do every day. I said sure. I got up from the table, and started to adjust my dress, but they told me not to. They wanted me to just act natural, as if there were no camera. But when I sit down, my dress rides up, I told them. And so I naturally pull it back down whenever I stand up.¬†Your dress hardly rode up at all, they assured me. I didn’t really believe them, but I followed their instruction, because they know best.

What about some sexy poses, they suggested. They told me how cute my butt was, and what a shame to cover it up. So I lifted my dress a little, so they could take a picture of my cute little butt, ha ha!


I so desperately wanted to pull my dress down, but they insisted I was way cuter if I just left the dress as it was, so I reluctantly agreed.


They said the posing was all very cute, but they wanted a picture of me playing.

Playing? I asked. Like the way kids play?

Exactly, they said. Well, I was a little embarrassed to tell them how much fun it is for me to play at the local playground, but they assured me it wasn’t embarrassing at all. They said it was “cute”. Well, I’m always ready to be cute, that’s for sure. But I begged them, can I please pull my dress down over my butt? In a few minutes, they promised. But first, let’s get some pictures! To be honest, I was flattered they thought my butt was too cute to cover, so I let it go.


But I put my foot down when it came to sliding my bare butt down the slide. Have you ever tried that? Even if your butt is completely dry, it doesn’t slide very well. And my butt was, shall we say, a little moist, after taking all these sexy pictures. So I insisted on pulling my dress down to cover my butt, and finally they agreed. Even though my butt is covered, the picture came out pretty well, don’t you agree?


I thought that was a really great end to the picture shoot, and I was happy to sign the releases, as long as they didn’t publish the “squatting” picture. Oh, I didn’t tell you about the “squatting” picture? Well, it’s funny, actually. Did you notice that my dress was hiked up almost to my waist in some of the pictures? After the first picture at the restaurant, the photographers made me promise not to adjust my dress until the photo shoot was over. Well, when I stood up and saw my dress was only slightly out of place, I agreed. But they didn’t tell me they were going to make me squat with my legs spread apart. That forced my dress way up off my butt! And then, they paraded me off campus to this playground where I wasn’t allowed to cover myself up! It was so embarrassing! But in the end, I think the pictures came out really nice. All except for the “squatting” picture, that is. I’m glad they promised not to use that one!


2 thoughts on “Pretty Girl of the Day, November 18, 2013

  1. base

    Just lucky it was the Pretty Girl squad and not some inspector. You managed to divert the Pretty Girl squad’s attention to your pretty butt and pussy; however, a seasoned inspector would have seen your bra straps straight away. Then more than your butt would have been exposed.


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